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New thermally durable solid-state Li-ion battery technology from Hitachi and Tohoku University

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This technology is significant as it allows the thermally durable Li-ion battery to be used in a wider variety of applications.

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Researchers visualize lithiation of magnetite electrode in real time; hunting for new Li-ion electrode materials

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LiMn 2 O 4 , Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 , Fe 3 O 4 , Co 3 O 4 , Mn 3 O 4 —are widely used as electrode materials in lithium-ion batteries.

2016 40

Johnson Matthey and 3M complete NMC patent license agreement for automotive Li-ion batteries

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Johnson Matthey and 3M have entered into a patent license agreement that aims at further expanding the use of Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications. Johnson Matthey is well-positioned to supply lithium ion battery customers in this dynamic environment.

2016 35

CMU study concludes lithium market fluctuations unlikely to impact Li-ion battery prices significantly

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A new study by a team from Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering has found that even large increases in lithium prices are unlikely to increase significantly the cost of batteries or battery packs for end users such as vehicle manufactures or consumers—although some manufacturers may see reduced profit margins. Resources.

2016 28

Optodot and LG Chem sign patent license agreement for boehmite ceramic-coated separators for Li-ion batteries

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The license permits LG Chem to utilize boehmite separator films for lithium-ion batteries. Boehmite ceramic coating layers offer a number of distinct benefits in lithium-ion batteries, including improved thermal stability to enhance the safety of lithium-ion batteries. —Dr. Steven A. Earlier post.).

Bosch highlighting solid-state Li-ion cells; double current energy density, production-ready in 5 years

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Using solid-state technology, Bosch can manufacture the anode out of lithium metal, which considerably increases storage capacity. —Dr.

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Leclanché to provide 4.2 MWh Li-ion battery pack to Green Ferry Project electric ferryboat

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The ferry will be placed in service in June 2017 to transport vehicles and passengers between island Ærø and the mainland in Denmark. Click to enlarge.

2015 34

24M emerges from stealth mode with new semi-solid Li-ion cell; <$100/kWh by 2020

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Stealth-mode battery start-up 24M has introduced its new semi-solid lithium-ion cell. 24M cell compared to conventional Li-ion cell.

2015 30

Battelle/Concurrent Technologies Corporation technology positioning paper: Improving Li-ion battery safety without decreasing energy density

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The paper outlines the technology landscape and the opportunities that exist in the area of improved Li-ion battery safety. The two have decided that Li-ion battery safety is an area of opportunity for each. The organizations intend to pursue further efforts directed toward safety in relation to Li-ion battery technology.

2015 35

Swiss researchers devise simple procedure to enhance performance of conventional Li-ion batteries without changing chemistries

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The ions have shorter paths (below right). Battery storage capacity can be significantly extended, and charging times reduced. Click to enlarge.

2016 17

Electrovaya subsidiary Litarion receives US$16M contract for 40Ah Li-ion cells

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The purchase order is for a period of 14 months, the deliveries have started and the first payment received. Brief

New Samsung silicon anode with graphene boosts volumetric capacity of LiCoO2 Li-ion cell 1.5x after 200 cycles; gravimetric capacity the same

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times higher than those of current commercial lithium-ion batteries. and 1.5 Source: Son et al. Click to enlarge. —Son et al.

2015 42

Hanyang/BMW team develops high-energy density Li-ion battery with carbon-nanotube-Si composite anode and NCM concentration gradient cathode

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LCO: LiCoO 2 , NCM333: Li[Ni ⅓ Co ⅓ Mn ⅓ ]O 2 , NCM523: Li[Ni 0.5 Co 0.2 Mn 0.3 ]O 2 , Li[Ni 0.85 Co 0.05 Mn 0.15 ]O 2.

2016 35

AllCell and LG develop high-performance Li-ion battery for material handling market

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AllCell Technologies, LLC, a Chicago-based Lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer for smart-grid, autonomous and light electric vehicle applications, and LG Chem Ltd. have developed a high performance long lasting Li-ion battery for material handling applications. IATA/UN 38.3 —AllCell’s CEO, Said Al-Hallaj.

BMW boosts battery capacity of MY2017 i3 to 33 kWh with higher energy density Li-ion cells; up to 114 miles combined cycle range

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New Li-ion pack. The EPA range rating for the MY 2016 i3 is 81 miles (130 km). Range is ultimately dependent on a variety of factors.).

2016 38

E.ON and Samsung SDI to cooperate in Li-ion stationary energy storage business

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The co-operation includes the development of profitable energy storage solutions and, to this end, to assess and develop a potential business model for targeting applications for Lithium-Ion batteries in selected regions and markets. E.ON and Samsung SDI Co., will run battery projects in US, Germany, UK and Czech Republic first. Brie

Arkema and Hydro-Québec set up a joint laboratory for lithium-ion batteries

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The laboratory will focus its work on the development of a new generation of materials for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, in particular new electrolytes (solvents, lithium salts, etc.) Currently, Arkema supplies its Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride resins (PVDF) for use in lithium-ion batteries. Batteries

ORNL, XALT show nanoscale alumina coating on layered oxide cathode materials substantially improves Li-ion battery performance

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The ability to mitigate degradation mechanisms for Ni-rich NMC and NCA provides insight into a method to enable the performance of high-voltage Li-ion batteries, they concluded. In order to achieve reasonable cycle life utilizing the high capacities gained via high voltage, phase instability is a key problem that must be addressed.

2016 23

6 DOE-funded applied battery research projects targeting Li-ion cells with >200 Wh/kg for PHEVs and EVs

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The FCG cathode material consists of lithium transition-metal oxide particles with the nickel concentration decreasing from the center towards the outer layer and the concentration of manganese increasing accordingly. The ion-exchange approach offers the potential for new structural and performance characteristics that address the barriers.

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NEC Energy to use 24M semi-solid Li-ion batteries in its grid storage systems

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have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) whereby 24M has agreed to supply its semi-solid lithium-ion cells ( earlier post ) for use in NEC Energy Solutions’ integrated storage systems. Battery start-up 24M and NEC Energy Solutions, Inc. —Bud Collins, CEO of NEC Energy Solutions, Inc. Brief

Caltech team uses computational topology optimization to design silicon anode structures for Li-ion batteries

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One method to improve the Li-ion battery performance is to replace the traditional graphite anode with silicon. Mitchell and Ortiz.

Anderman report sees strongest growth for full-hybrid systems; Li-ion batteries for hybrids may be in short supply

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According to the report’s baseline estimate, the global Li-ion xEV business will reach $3.8 High-voltage Li-ion batteries for hybrids.

NEC introduces 12V Li-ion battery line for stationary applications

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NEC Energy Solutions, along with NEC Corporation, has announced production availability of the Li-ion ALM 12V35 product line of 12-Volt batteries utilizing Nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4 ) technology from A123 Systems. The ALM 12V35 batteries are drop?in Compatibility with most popular lead acid battery chargers.

Novel high capacity anode material for Li-ion batteries: hydroxylamine hydrochloride

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Researchers from Ningbo University in China report the first use of hydroxylamine hydrochloride (H 3 NOHCl) as anode material for lithium-ion batteries in a paper in the Journal of Power Sources. Up to 50 cycles, H 3 NOHCl still maintains a lithium storage capacity of 368.9 can deliver an initial charge capacity of 1018.6 Brie

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Li-ion electrode company BESSTECH receives $250K investment from Eastern New York Angels

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The investment by ENYA will enable BESSTECH to expand its manufacturing partnerships to further advance market introduction of its low-cost, high-performance silicon-based anodes for lithium-ion battery applications. With the funding provided by ENYA, BESSTECH has now raised more than $1.3 Brief

BNL team develops very high capacity ternary metal fluoride cathode material for Li-ion batteries

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The team achieved three-times-higher storage capacity through the reversible redox reactions of copper and iron—breaking and reforming copper-fluorine and iron-fluorine bonds while absorbing and releasing lithium. The lithium ions then bond temporarily to the fluorine atoms. Source: BNL. Click to enlarge. —Feng Wang.

2015 24

GS Yuasa develops 12V Li-ion battery for start/stop applications

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Engineers at GS Yuasa in Japan have developed a 12V lithium-ion battery targeting the start/stop systems market. Click to enlarge. Brie

Saft Li-ion battery system to power ExoMars Rover; >€1M contract

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million) from Airbus Defence and Space Ltd (UK) to develop, to qualify and to test a specific lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery system to power the ExoMars Rover vehicle. ExoMars Rover. Click to enlarge. Saft has signed a contract worth more than €1 million (US$1.1 Battelle smart grid technology for human deep space missions.

2015 20

Hybrid cellular nanosheets show promise as basis for high performance anodes for Li-ion batteries

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Researchers in S. The nanosheets consist of close-packed cubic cavity cells partitioned by carbon walls, resembling plant leaf tissue. mAh g –1.

Electrovaya introduces new long-life 40 Ah Li-ion cell

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and its wholly owned subsidiary, Litarion GmbH, introduced a new 40Ah lithium ion cell (“Litacell LC-40”) promising extraordinary cycle and calendar life (nearly 9000 cycles at 1C/1C and 100% DoD) and safety properties due to the unparalleled stability of Separion flexible ceramic separator membrane. Electrovaya Inc. —Dr. Brief

Li-ion maker Boston Power secures US$290M from two local Chinese governments for expansion

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Li-ion maker Boston Power has secured US$290 million in local government financial support for the expansion of its two facilities in China. China’s EV market is expected to reach US$35 billion by 2020, with demand for high-end lithium-ion batteries hitting 100 GWh. —Sonny Wu, chairman of Boston Power. Brief

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Stanford team develops thermoresponsive film allowing fast and reversible shutdown of Li-ion batteries to prevent thermal runaway

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The symbol (×) illustrates blocking of electron or ion transport. Zheng Chen, Po-Chun Hsu, Jeffrey Lopez, Yuzhang Li, John W. F.

2016 26

New Li-S battery shows cycle performance comparable to that of Li-ion batteries along with more than double the energy density

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Another major concern regarding the lithium?sulfur sulfur battery system is its use of a lithium?metal Batteries Li-Sulfur

Bosch, GS Yuasa, and Mitsubishi Corporation to set up JV for next generation lithium-ion batteries

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and Mitsubishi Corporation have agreed to work together on the next generation of high-performance lithium-ion batteries. In September 2012, Bosch and Samsung SDI disbanded their South Korea-based SB LiMotive JV for Li-ion batteries. Robert Bosch GmbH and the Japanese companies GS Yuasa International Ltd. Earlier post.)

Penn State team develops self-heating battery; addressing Li-ion energy loss in cold temperatures

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Researchers at Penn State, with colleagues at EC Power , a Penn State spin-off, have developed a lithium-ion battery structure—the ‘all-climate battery’ (ACB) cell—that heats itself up from below 0 degrees Celsius without requiring external heating devices or electrolyte additives. —Wang et al. —Chao-Yang Wang.

Sumitomo Chemical to more than double PERVIO Li-ion separator production capacity; supplier to Panasonic, Tesla

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Sumitomo Chemical will more than double its production capacity for lithium-ion secondary battery separators, marketed under the PERVIO brand name. PERVIO is chiefly used in automotive battery cells through its use in Panasonic’s high-capacity and high-energy density cylindrical lithium-ion secondary batteries. Batterie

Johnson Controls’ Lithium-ion batteries power Hybrid Range Rover

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Johnson Controls is supplying the Lithium-ion battery pack for the Hybrid Range Rover ( earlier post ), announced in 2013. l/100 km (36.7

Daimler to cease production of Li-ion battery cells at Li-Tec

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Daimler subsidiary Li-Tec will cease production of Li-ion battery cells in December 2015. Li-Tec will be retained as a research location; the majority of the 280 employees will be transferred to the Deutsche Accumotive—also a wholly owned Daimler subsidiary—which manufactures battery packs. KG (10%). Brief

Updated Roland Berger Li-ion study forecasts auto Li-ion battery market of more than US$9B by 2015; massive overcapacity and market consolidation

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Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has updated its global Li-ion automotive battery study ( earlier post ). The study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants examines the market for lithium-ion batteries in cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles as well as buses with hybrid and electric drive systems. Click to enlarge.

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New class of high-capacity cation-disordered oxides for Li-ion battery cathodes; up to 250 mAh/g

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In the rechargeable Li-ion battery, cathodes reversibly release and insert (de-intercalation and intercalation) lithium ions during charge and discharge, respectively. Disordered Li-excess rocksalts have considerable advantages over layered materials. —Lee et al. 2014). —Lee et al. 2014). Resources.

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