BP selects Tesla batteries for pilot storage project at US wind farm

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BP Wind Energy, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Rolling Thunder I Power Partners LLC, has signed a purchase agreement to install a high-storage battery at its Titan 1 Wind Farm in South Dakota. The project is the first of its kind in BP’s US-operated wind business and a potential step forward in the performance and reliability of wind energy. Situated on 7,500 acres in Hand County, Titan 1 Wind Farm is wholly owned and operated by BP Wind Energy.

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Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

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Wind and solar power generation will surge to almost 50% of world generation by 2050 (“50 by 50”), supported by precipitous reductions in cost, and the advent of cheaper and cheaper batteries that will enable electricity to be stored and discharged to meet shifts in demand and supply, according to the new annual Bloomberg NEF New Energy Outlook (NEO) 2018. trillion of that going to wind and solar and a further $1.5

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E.ON developing pilot hydrogen plant for storing wind power in the German gas grid

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is developing a pilot plant in Falkenhagen in the north east of Germany to convert power from wind energy into hydrogen which can then be stored in the country’s gas grid. said; today’s entire renewable power output could be stored in the German gas grid. We need new storage capacities so that we can further increase the share of weather-dependent wind power in our generation portfolio in coming years. is therefore investing in technology to store this excess power.

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To Store or Not to Store: That is the Question

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Baseload energy is generated (coal, gas, nuclear) at a steady state and stored when not used, supplemented by flexible energy devices (hydro, solar, wind) for shoulder peak demand and stored energy for priority peak demand. Due to the inherent capital costs and characteristics of the leading alternative energy mediums: Hydro, Wind and Solar, Solar deployment has started to emerge as the leading candidate of choice. Perspective by The Townsend Company. Figure 1.

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Ford partners with Wind Energy Corp to power 4 dealerships

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Ford Motor Company is partnering with Wind Energy Corporation to deliver a new source of clean energy to its dealers. Under a pilot program exclusive to Ford, Wind Energy will install wind sail and solar panel systems at four Ford dealerships, a nearly $750,000 investment, to help power dealer facilities. Each Windy System includeswind sail technology that harvests wind energy and an integrated 7 kW solar array. The Ford Store, Morgan Hill, California.

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Japanese public-private partnership to test end-to-end H2 supply chain using wind power to begin this fall; 2nd-life hybrid batteries for ESS

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Electricity generated at the Yokohama City Wind Power Plant (Hama Wing) will power the electrolytic production of hydrogen, which will then be compressed, stored, and then transported in a hydrogen fueling truck to four sites: a factory, a vegetable and fruit market, and two warehouses.

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Wind Explorer EV crosses Australia for less than $15 of electricity; kite-assisted

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Evonik Corporation is featuring the Wind Explorer—a lightweight, electric vehicle that crossed Australia on less than $15 of electricity—at its administrative center in Parsippany, N.J.

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E.ON Power-to-Gas facility begins commercial operations; wind-to-H2

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The plant uses wind power and Hydrogenics’ electrolysis equipment to transform water into hydrogen, which is then injected into the existing regional natural gas transmission system. has inaugurated commercial operations at its Power-to-Gas (P2G) facility in Falkenhagen, Germany. Earlier post.)

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Energiepark Mainz comes online; hydrogen from wind power; Siemens 6MW electrolysis system

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The energy park will produce hydrogen using electricity from neighboring wind parks. In the project, Linde is responsible for purifying, compressing, storing and distributing the hydrogen. It is also linked to four neighboring wind parks that belong to the Stadtwerke group.

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New discovery of how carbon is stored in the Southern Ocean

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Winds, currents and massive whirlpools that carry warm and cold water around the ocean—eddies—create localized pathways or funnels for carbon to be stored. Until now we didn’t know exactly the physical processes of how carbon ends up being stored deep in the ocean.

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Researchers work on process to store renewable electricity

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Austria and Germany have combined their intellect to develop a process to store renewable electricity. The process has been developed by the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology. They believe it is possible to store the renewable electricity as synthetic natural [.].

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Daimler & enercity storing new replacement EV batteries in working 15 MWh grid storage system; “living storage”

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In the event of increasing fluctuations in electricity feed-in from renewable energies such as wind and solar energy, such storage facilities help to ensure optimum settling of a mains frequency that has to be kept constant.

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German power-to-gas facility opens green methanation plant; €28M STORE&GO project

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This stored energy is then available as backup whenever there is an insufficient supply of solar and wind power. The wind-to-gas pilot plant “WindGas Falkenhagen” was constructed in 2013 to store wind energy in the natural gas grid.

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IBM introduces new wind and solar forecasting system for utilities; big data analytics and weather modeling to predict output

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The solution combines weather prediction and big data analytics to forecast accurately the availability of wind power and solar energy. The solution, named “Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting” (HyRef) uses weather modeling capabilities, advanced cloud imaging technology and sky-facing cameras to track cloud movements, while sensors on the turbines monitor wind speed, temperature and direction.

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Austria-Germany Research Collaboration Developing Process to Store Renewable Electricity as Synthetic Natural Gas

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Researchers in Austria and Germany are developing a process to store renewable electricity as synthetic natural through a combination of electrolysis to produce hydrogen combined with methanation using CO 2. The process was developed by the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES.

Will Old Chevy Volt Batteries (Eventually) Store Solar Energy From Your Roof?

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The problem is that wind usually blows at night--often sporadically, at that--and solar power is unpredictable. Pretty much everyone loves renewable energy. Suppose the secret to harnessing their potential was. used electric-car batteries? GM said today that it would work with ABB Group to develop and implement pilot projects that would test

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Xcel Terms First Phase of Sodium-Sulfur Battery Wind Energy Storage Test Project Successful

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Xcel Energy has released the preliminary results from its wind-to-battery (W2B) storage project in Minnesota, and termed the technology successful. In October 2008, Xcel began testing a one-megawatt sodium-sulfur (NaS) battery ( earlier post ) to demonstrate its ability to store wind energy and move it to the electricity grid when needed. Reduce the need to compensate for the variability and limited predictability of wind generation resources.

Toyota and partners begin full-scale operation of showcase project to supply low-carbon H2 to fuel cell forklifts

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A system has been created for using electricity generated at the Yokohama City Wind Power Plant (Hama Wing) to electrolyze water to create low-carbon hydrogen, which is then compressed and stored. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Power-to-Gas Wind

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Harvard team demonstrates new metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery; potential breakthrough for low-cost grid-scale storage

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Quinones are naturally abundant, inexpensive, small organic molecules, and similar to molecules that store energy in plants and animals. Solid-electrode batteries maintain discharge at peak power for far too short a time to fully regulate wind or solar power output. Cell schematic.

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Toyota and public and private partners in Japan to trial renewable CO2-free hydrogen supply chain

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Major corporate and public sector partners in Japan are launching an effort to test a full carbon-neutral hydrogen supply chain powered by renewable wind energy. Under this trial project, wind power will be used to turn water into oxygen and hydrogen, with the latter stored for use locally.

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Mitsubishi and Tokyo Institute of Technology Developing EV Smart Charging from Wind Turbines

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and the Tokyo Institute of Technology are developing a smart charging system to exploit wind power produced at night to charge electric vehicles. In order to store electricity generated at night, windmill operators need to install sodium-sulfur battery systems, which are as costly as power generators. The technology developed by the alliance is expected to help reduce this investment burden, which has prevented a wider adoption of wind power generation. Nikkei.

Audi unveils e-gas project: synthetic methane from the methanation of green hydrogen; series production of CNG models in 2013 powered by e-gas

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The e-gas project consists of two main components: Audi is contributing to the construction of offshore North Sea wind turbines which will generate clean power,that is then fed into the public power grid. Wind turbines are the first significant component of the Audi e-gas project.

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CarboSax: new joint venture for more sustainable carbon fiber production forms in Germany

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This cost reduction is required to further enable the use of carbon fiber in mass production in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and wind power. Excess wind power will be stored locally and the energy-intensive operation of the carbon fiber line will be optimized through system optimization and improved operating strategies. Biomethane Manufacturing Materials Weight reduction Wind

“Project Volt Gas Volt” proposes long-term financing plan to support widespread implementation of power-to-gas systems

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The hydrogen is combined with CO 2 to produce methane, which is pumped into and stored in the existing natural gas grid and used like natural gas for use in power generation, transportation, or other thermal and industrial uses. Hydrogen Production Natural Gas Power Generation Solar Wind

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Topping-out ceremony for the Audi e-gas plant; synthetic methane production to begin in early 2013

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The ability to store large quantities of wind or solar energy via the dual electricity/gas principle could significantly foster the expansion of renewable energies, Audi suggests. Fuels Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Natural Gas Power Generation Vehicle Manufacturers Wind

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University of Calgary Study Finds Large-Scale Adoption of PHEVs in Alberta Could Support Wind Power; PHEV GHG Benefits Range from 40-90% in Emissions Reduction

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The study found the environmental impacts of PHEVs in Alberta would depend on factors such as vehicle battery size, charging time and wind production levels. Of the installed capacity of just above 12,000 MW, approximately 49% (5,893 MW) is coal fired, 39% (4,686 MW) is gas-fired, 7% (869 MW) is hydro, and 4% (497 MW) is wind powered. The AESO has thus been actively looking at ways to mitigate the high volatility of wind. The whole idea is to consume the wind power in the.

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Stanford study quantifies energetic costs of grid-scale energy storage over time; current batteries the worst performers; the need to improve cycle life by 3-10x

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Using a new metric—“Energy Stored on Invested, ESOI”—they concluded that batteries were the worst performers, while compressed air energy storage (CAES) performed the best, followed by pumped hydro storage (PHS). As the percentage of electricity supply from wind and solar increases, grid operators will need to employ strategies and technologies, including energy storage, to balance supply with demand given the intermittency of the renewable supply.

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Clariant supplying SNG catalyst for methanation unit in Audi’s new “Power-to-Gas” plant

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The technology can be also used to store surplus energy in the gas pipeline system and to balance energy supply against demand. Fuels Hydrogen Natural Gas Power Generation Wind Clariant, a global provider of specialty chemicals, has supplied a proprietary CO 2 -SNG (synthetic natural gas) catalyst for the methanation unit of Audi’s new power-to-gas facility in Werlte, Germany. Earlier post.).

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2017 Zero electric motorcycles: more range, more power, better options

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Autumn is here, the leaves are changing and as the riding season winds down we continue our annual tradition of discussing what’s new for the Zero Motorcycles lineup of electric motorcycles. This year Zero has a few surprises in store to broaden their bikes' appeal to new riders. There are now 14 configurations of Zero Motorcycles ranging in. electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles

German researchers improve catalyst for steam reforming of methanol with salt coating; enabler for renewable energy storage systems

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The hydrogen, in turn, is then reacted with carbon dioxide to make methanol and water, thus allowing it to be stored as a liquid. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Hydrogen Storage Methanol Power Generation Solar Wind Researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) report in the journal Angewandte Chemie their development of an enhanced platinum catalyst for the steam reforming of methanol to release hydrogen.

Energy storage batteries face biggest test in California

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By storing energy in battery packs for later use, energy storage can make intermittent renewable sources like solar and wind into more reliable forms of power. From the perspective of both renewable-energy advocates and electric utilities, grid-scale energy storage offers many potential benefits. It also helps utilities "balance" the gird by. California energy policy renewable energy energy energy storage

Risø DTU Investigating Production of Synthetic Transportation Fuel from Renewable Electricity and CO2

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The process in the electrolytic cells corresponds to part of nature’s own photosynthesis, which takes CO 2 out of the air and transforms it into a store of chemical energy in the form of sugar. Tags: Catalysts Emissions Fuels Methanol Solar Wind

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KPMG survey finds majority of energy execs see oil over $121/barrel this year; shale expected to have transformative impact, investment in alternatives increasing

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Executives also cited solar (31%), wind (25%), advanced, cleaner coal technologies (17%), biodiesel (10%), and chemically stored electricity (batteries and fuel cells) (8%) as alternative energy sources that would see increased R&D investment. Previously, the executives have pointed to wind and solar as the main investment choices, but this year we have seen a shift. Biomass Natural Gas Oil Oil Shale Solar Wind

2011 78

Flow Batteries Could Back An Affordable Tesla Powerwall Rival

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Using stationary battery packs to store energy increases the effectiveness of wind and solar. As renewable-energy use becomes more widespread, energy storage could become a major business. Tesla Motors hopes to exploit this potential market with packs that use the same lithium-ion cells as its electric cars. DON'T MISS: Are Vanadium Flow Batteries. Batteries research plug-in cars energy storage

Hey Google! Lets Reinvent Detroit Together Using Our Creative Greenius Before The Opportunivors Scavenge It

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The off the grid house theatre for live performances – solar, passive solar, wind turbine, battery back up, tremendous insulation and energy conservation. Passive solar addition topped by PV and wind turbine – photo by Galliani (c).

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Report for IPCC finds renewables could supply up to 77% of global energy by 2050 under most optimistic scenario; need for enabling public policies and investments

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Wind energy, including on- and offshore systems. Despite global financial challenges, renewable energy capacity grew in 2009—wind by more than 30%; hydropower by 3%; grid-connected photovoltaics by more than 50%; geothermal by 4%; solar water/heating by more than 20% and ethanol and biodiesel production rose by 10% and 9% respectively. Geothermal Energy utilizes heat stored in the Earth’s interior directly or to generate electricity, with currently about 0.7

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The Wall Street Journals

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Roger Duncan, deputy manager of Austin Energy , the city-owned electric utility, dreamed up the scheme three years ago after the mayor ordered him to get more electricity from "green" sources, especially from wind. A few months back, a reporter from the WSJ came to our offices.

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KIT spin-off producing synthetic natural gas from green hydrogen and CO2 from sewage sludge

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The process uses energy from renewable sources and stores it in the chemical energy carrier methane. In the past four years, Spain already produced 40% of its power from renewable energy sources, mostly wind energy.

2018 90

Shanghai: Amidst the clamor, many glide by silently on two wheels

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The e-bike and scooter store near my centrally located hotel is doing a brisk business every day of the week selling the $300 electric two-wheelers. One sees them parked everywhere, but I've yet to see one charging, except at the store. Shanghai is a mind blower.

2010 130

CESifo: EVs not the best option for reduction in on-road CO2 in Germany given power mix

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Over the long term, hydrogen-methane technology offers a further advantage: it allows surplus wind and solar power generated during peaks to be stored, and these surpluses will see a sharp increase as the share of this renewable energy grows. The idea of providing the necessary storage of wind and solar energy with batteries is utopian, as the Leopoldina, Acatech and the Union of Academies of Sciences have emphasized.

2019 125

UNSW, H2Store to develop hydrogen storage for renewables; residential and commercial P2G

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materials such as magnesium hydride (MgH 2 ) and lithium borohydride (LiBH 4 ) capable of storing hydrogen. We can actually store about seven times more energy than the current systems.

2019 96

Volkswagen introduces near-series design study of the MEB-based flexible quick charging station at Geneva

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If the station is charged with renewably generated electricity – whether solar or wind energy, the new charging station allows renewable power to be temporarily stored, making electric mobility CO 2 -neutral.

2019 91

CUE at Ryerson University testing 150 kW Li-ion battery from Electrovaya

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The Center for Urban Energy (CUE) at Ryerson University in Canada is testing a 150 kW Li-ion battery provided by Electrovaya in collaboration with Toronto Hydro to prove how off-peak electricity can be stored.

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