Scrappage scheme could be popular than expected

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The scrappage scheme announced as part of the Budget last week, could be more popular than the government expects according to the Insistute of Fiscal Studies (IFS). However with 10 million or so eligible cars on the road, demand for the scrappage incentive could soon outstrip supply while the sudden boost in sales would lead to a lull again after the money is spent. As fiscal stimulus, this measure benefits one industry. Tags: Green cars Budget IFS scheme scrappage

ITF study finds limited environmental and safety impacts of car fleet renewal schemes in US, France and Germany

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The report does not address the employment or stimulus-related impacts of fleet renewal schemes which are arguably their primary objectives. While scrappage schemes have the potential to deliver on objectives such as reducing pollutant emissions, these have not done so as well.

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Can green cars solve automotive crisis? The Green Piece

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Late last week it raised its full-year profit forecast on the hope that green stimulus efforts around the world will push consumers to offload older vehicles in favour of newer, more eco-friendly alternatives.

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Has the cash for clunkers scheme failed? The Green Piece

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The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS for short, or ‘cash for clunkers’ as it is more commonly known) was the US’s answer to the scrappage schemes in Germany and the UK which appeared to have revitalised their respective automotive sectors.