Suzuki Burgman electric scooter

Electric Vehicles India

Suzuki Burgman electric scooter. Suzuki is one such manufacturer which is now entering the electric scooter space of India. Yes, Suzuki Burgman electric scooter may soon hit the Indian roads. The 72 V battery pack can take up to 4 hours for a full recharge. .

Suzuki plans first electric car to enter into EV market in India

Electric Vehicles India

Suzuki plans first electric car to enter into EV market in India. The Suzuki Motor Corp will enter the electric vehicle market by 2025, its first market will be India according to the Nikkei reports. Read more to know about Suzuki plans first electric car in India by 2025.


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Air Products and Suzuki Shokan jointly to develop hydrogen fueling for Japan’s material handling market

Green Car Congress

Air Products and Suzuki Shokan, an industrial gas company based in Tokyo, will work together on the design, construction and operation of hydrogen fueling stations for use in fueling the material handling vehicle market in Japan. Air Products and Suzuki Shokan will take Air Products’ proven hydrogen fueling technology and work jointly to make any needed infrastructure modifications in order to meet Japanese laws and regulations.

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Sanyo Supplying Li-ion Batteries for Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid

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Sanyo Electric recently announced an agreement with Suzuki Motor to supply lithium-ion battery systems for the Swift Plug-in Hybrid. Suzuki has already announced its intention to start manufacturing the vehicles. The new model will serve as a demonstration experiment and the experiment will be implemented at Suzuki dealers from this autumn. Earlier post.) The plug-in is powered by a 55 kW, 180 N·m AC synchronous motor and a 2.66 kWh Li-ion battery pack.

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Panasonic Group to supply electric drive system for Suzuki Electric Scooter

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The Panasonic Group will supply its electric drive system for Suzuki Motor Corporation’s e-Let’s electric scooter, to be released in January 2012 in Japan. In September 2010, the Panasonic Group, in collaboration with Suzuki, developed an in-wheel motor with regenerative braking capabilities and a high efficiency control circuit for Suzuki’s prototype electric scooters, which have undergone on-road testing.

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Suzuki to showcase fuel cell and plug-in hybrid concepts

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Suzuki is set to exhibit two new exciting green car concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, a Swift with Plug-in Hybrid system and an SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV). Suzuki explains that the new Swift Plug-in Hybrid is likely to appeal to drivers with low daily mileage of around 20km as the vehicles is designed to be driven primarily on electric power. Further recharging when parked is by means of a domestic plug socket.

Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles

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Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles by Darren Murph , posted Apr 19th 2009 at 4:24PM Just hours after General Motors put forth a proposal for a standardized plug for electric vehicles , in flies this. Caroline Reichert, an RWE spokeswoman, noted that the idea here is to ensure that "a car can be recharged in Italy in exactly the same way as in Denmark, Germany or France."

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Toshiba making SCiB battery business an independent unit; higher energy density batteries with titanium niobium oxide anodes for EVs

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Toshiba Corporation is taking its SCiB rechargeable battery business from Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation (TISS) to make it an independent business unit within Toshiba. Toshiba has manufactured and sold SCiB, the lithium-ion rechargeable battery that features high security, long life, low-temperature operation and rapid charging since March 2008. SCiB rechargeable cells are categorized into two types: high power and high energy.

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Japan researchers propose trilithium niobate as high-energy cathode for Li-ion batteries

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A team of researchers in Japan, including colleagues from the R&D Center at batter-maker GS Yuasa, are exploring Li 3 NbO 4 -based (trilithium niobate) materials as new and promising electrode materials for high-energy rechargeable lithium batteries.

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Aluminium-Air Batteries to replace Li-Ion battery Soon?

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For example, rechargeable Li-ion batteries could offer a range of 200 miles, but aluminium-air batteries could be used for a 1000 mile range. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Lithium-ion batteries have a profound role in triggering the EV revolution going on now.

Electric vehicles sales & charging stations need in India

Electric Vehicles India

The 2018 Auto Expo in Delhi alone saw over 50 new electric vehicles being showcased by OEMs such as Tata, Mahindra, Hero Electric, Maruti Suzuki and several other new players. Electric vehicles sales & charging stations need in India.

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China puts its electric vehicles on center stage - China automotive news

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"From what we have seen so far, [Chinese electric vehicle] technology is not that advanced" in terms of things like battery life, driving range and recharging, said Nick Reilly, head of GM Asia-Pacific operations, on Monday. | ?? |

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