Pike Survey: 48% of US Consumers Interested in Purchasing a PHEV40

Green Car Congress

Expressed interest in PHEV40 purchases. According to a new survey from Pike Research, 48% of prospective US consumers would be “extremely” or “very” interested in purchasing a PHEV with a 40-mile range on a single charge (PHEV40), given electricity cost equivalent of $0.75 per gallon, home re-charging, additional charging stations being available around town, and assuming the price and other vehicle features were right.

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Ernst Young Survey Finds Roughly 60% of Chinese Consumers Would Consider Purchasing a Plug-in Vehicle

Green Car Congress

Chinese consumers led in their consideration of a plug-in vehicle purchase. According to a new survey by Ernst & Young’s Global Automotive Center, roughly 60% of respondents in China said they would consider purchasing a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. In China, Ernst & Young canvassed the views of 1,000 vehicle owners and those that plan to purchase within three years from across China. Click to enlarge.

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Opel cuts price of Ampera EREV by $10,000

Green Car Congress

The Opel Ampera can transport four people up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) on pure electric power and more than 500 kilometers (311 miles) in bi-fuel operation without making a stop to re-charge. Opel said that streamlining series production processes and leveraging savings in components purchasing contributed to its ability to reduce considerably the Ampera’s price.

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Royal Mail to buy 100 Peugeot electric vans for delivery vehicles

Green Car Congress

Royal Mail has signed an agreement with Peugeot to purchase 100 Partner L2 Electric vans, to be used as delivery vehicles. The vans will go into service from December 2017 at delivery offices around the UK, supported by a comprehensive rollout of charging infrastructure. The batteries can be re-charged to 80% capacity in 30 minutes from a dedicated rapid charge point.

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Driving my Tesla Model 3 from Denmark to Coral Bay WA

My Electric Car

I bought the Tesla Model 3 SR+ in June 2021 so this would be a real get to know the car and charging options in August/September 2021. The first thing I did was to look at the Plug Share app to see where we could charge and calculate distances.

IEA: Electric vehicles posted strong gains in 2016; 2M now in global parc

Green Car Congress

Paris, for example, has mandated that any electric car is allowed to re-charge at the re-charge stations of its car-sharing program Autolib. Amsterdam has a unique strategy of offering the installation of charging points on public parking spaces to people who make a request, ensuring that charging infrastructure is installed where it’s actually needed. London for its part encourages EV adoption by waiving its congestion charge.

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Accenture Study Finds Consumers Will Require More Than Fuel Savings From Hybrid and Electric Vehicles; Cost, Vehicle Dynamics, In-Vehicle Services

Green Car Congress

According to a new Accenture study of 1,800 consumers in Germany, France, Italy, Canada and the US, while interest in hybrid and electric vehicles may be growing, consumers do not see fuel savings as the only purchasing factor and are demanding more from automakers. About half would pay nothing more for a hybrid or electric car compared to a fuel-only vehicle, and around 75% desire a payback time for a hybrid or electric car purchase to be five years or less.

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UPS collaborating with Workhorse to deploy 50 electric trucks; rivaling acquisition cost of conventional; no subsidies

Green Car Congress

Each truck will have a range of approximately 100 miles between charges, ideal for delivery routes in and around cities. Electric vehicle technology is rapidly improving with battery, charging and smart grid advances that allow us to specify our delivery vehicles to eliminate emissions, noise and dependence on diesel and gasoline. The all electric trucks will deliver by day and re-charge overnight.

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Aixam Mega welcome electric car plan

Green Cars News

The plan, announced on Tuesday, 19 May at the C40 Climate Change Summit in Seoul, promises a range of measures to put at least 100,000 electric vehicles on London’s roads as soon as possible, from investment in re-charging infrastructure to financial incentives for consumers. The plan also guarantees that electric vehicles will remain exempt from the Congestion Charge, a benefit that the Mayor’s office says will save the average electric vehicle user £1700 per year.

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