Tesla China supplier CATL launches cost-effective sodium-ion battery cell


CATL) unveiled its sodium-ion battery earlier today, along with a solution that could integrate the cells with lithium-ion batteries in a single pack. The introduction of sodium-ion cells is an alternative option to the lithium-ion cells Tesla has used in its vehicles.

Study suggests lithium and cobalt for batteries may face supply risks by 2050

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Analysis by researchers at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) suggests that, given the foreseen scaling of battery demand up to 2050, each may face supply risks, albeit for different reasons. The researchers present these results in the journal Nature Reviews Materials as part of a cost and resource analysis of sodium-ion batteries. … Passerini (2018) “A cost and resource analysis of sodium-ion batteries“ Nat.

2018 233

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CMU study concludes lithium market fluctuations unlikely to impact Li-ion battery prices significantly

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A new study by a team from Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering has found that even large increases in lithium prices are unlikely to increase significantly the cost of batteries or battery packs for end users such as vehicle manufactures or consumers—although some manufacturers may see reduced profit margins. The study comes against the backdrop of a more than doubling of global lithium prices over the last 6 months.

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First Cobalt announces positive feasibility results for Canadian cobalt refinery expansion; first NA producer of battery-grade cobalt sulfate

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The feasibility study demonstrates that the First Cobalt Refinery project can become a viable, globally competitive player in the North American and European electric vehicle (EV) supply chain. This is an important milestone in our efforts to disrupt the existing cobalt supply chain.

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Tokuyama and Toyota start verification tests in Japan for stationary fuel cell generator that uses by-product hydrogen; Mirai FC system

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By using components from the Mirai FC system—the FC stack, power control unit (PCU), secondary battery, and air compressor—Toyota seeks to produce a high-performance generator at a reasonable price.

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Rio Tinto declares maiden ore reserve at Jadar; major potential source of battery-grade lithium carbonate

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Jadar, one of the largest greenfield lithium projects in development, would be capable of producing approximately 55 thousand tonnes of battery grade lithium carbonate, as well as 160 thousand tonnes of boric acid (B 2 O 3 units) and 255 thousand tonnes of sodium sulfate as by-products per annum. The campaigns successfully produced unrefined lithium carbonate, boric acid and sodium sulfate at target recoveries without the build-up of detrimental species.

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What Causes Electric Scooters to Be Expensive in India?

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New revolt RV 400 is priced around ?101,470, Ather 450X comes with a price tag above ?140,000. The price of the lithium-ion batteries used in the EVs is the main culprit for the high initial cost of any electric vehicle in any part of the world.

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Jervois to acquire SMP nickel & cobalt refinery in Brazil; concentrate from Idaho for refining, cobalt metal back to US

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Jervois intends to be capable of supplying refined nickel and cobalt products to customers across a range of industries including specialty stainless steels, nickel and cobalt superalloys, cathode precursor, lithium-ion battery and electric vehicles manufacturers.

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How clean is EV battery manufacturing?

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Meanwhile, the US Department of Energy and many automakers are developing cobalt-free batteries , and companies are investing enormous resources in the development of new battery technologies, including the use of glass , lithium metal , lithium-sulfur , sodium , graphene , and zinc air.

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Lux Research: grid storage battery cost to fall to $500/kWh by 2022, short of expectations

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Lux Research’s baseline scenarios for grid-tied systems indicate that by 2022 Li-ion batteries will reach $506/kWh; sodium nickel chloride, or ZEBRA, batteries will approach $473/kWh; and vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) will hit $783/kWh. Vertical integration and exclusive supply agreements will be key to managing the cost of vanadium pentoxide, a metal with a widely variable historical market price and uncertain future.

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WHO links 7 million premature deaths annually to air pollution; 12.5% of total global deaths

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WHO says that the new data reveal a stronger link between both indoor and outdoor air pollution exposure and cardiovascular diseases, such as strokes and ischemic heart disease (an insufficient supply of blood—and thus oxygen—to the heart), as well as between air pollution and cancer. Poor women and children pay a heavy price from indoor air pollution since they spend more time at home breathing in smoke and soot from leaky coal and wood cook stoves.

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DOE Awarding $620M for Smart Grid Demonstration and Energy Storage Projects

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Deploy and evaluate an 8 MW utility-scale lithium-ion battery technology to improve grid performance and aid in the integration of wind generation into the electric supply. Demonstrate competitively-priced, multi-megawatt, long-duration advanced flow batteries for utility grid applications. Demonstration of Sodium Ion Battery for Grid Level Applications.

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Strong Global Sales for Chevrolet Cruze Prior to US Introduction; More Details on Its New Small-Displacement Engines

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It is accomplished with a crankshaft-driven oil pump that matches the oil supply to the engine load, rather than the linear operation of a conventional, fixed-flow pump. Sodium-filled exhaust valves are designed for the higher combustion temperatures of the turbo system. Production and pricing. 2011 Ecotec 1.4L I-4 VVT Turbo (LUJ) for Chevrolet Cruze. Click to enlarge.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Price tag: about $25,000, made from 95% recyclable materials with a top speed of 65 miles per hour and range of 110 miles per charge. The electric car features three different battery options, two different Lithium-based (LI) systems – A123Systems and Enerdel as well as a Sodium-Nickel battery Zebra (Mes-Dea). If you want the car to drive you someplace, the batteries will take the price over $40,000.

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