Stanford team develops sodium-ion battery with performance equivalent to Li-ion, but at much lower cost

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Stanford researchers have developed a sodium-ion battery (SIB) that can store the same amount of energy as a state-of-the-art lithium ion, at substantially lower cost. As reported in a paper in Nature Energy , the Stanford team achieved four-sodium storage in a Na 2 C 6 O 6 electrode with a reversible capacity of 484 mAh g −1 , an energy density of 726 Wh kg −1 cathode , an energy efficiency above 87% and a good cycle retention.

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Researchers propose new VO2 cathode material for aluminum-ion rechargeable battery

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Sodium-ion and magnesium-ion batteries, as new energy storage systems in portable devices, have attracted much attention of the investigators. Some multivalent metal elements, such as aluminium and titanium, are abundant metallic elements in the earth’s crust with low price. Schematic representation of the super-valent battery during charge/discharge process. Wang et al. Click to enlarge.

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Ningbo researchers propose mixed-ion Li/Na batteries

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Lithium-intercalation compounds and sodium-intercalation compounds are used for anode and cathode, respectively. Researchers from the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, are proposing a novel concept of Li + /Na + mixed-ion electrolytes for rechargeable batteries for large-scale energy storage. Schematics of Li + /Na + mixed-ion battery.

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Top 5 Promising Technological Developments In The Electric Vehicle Sector

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Unsurprisingly, one-third of the price of an electric car goes to batteries. Along with sodium-based alternatives, could soon supplant the seemingly obsolete lithium-ion battery. #2.

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Researchers call for integration of materials sustainability into battery research; the need for in situ monitoring

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In a review paper in the journal Nature Materials , Jean-Marie Tarascon (Professor at College de France and Director of RS2E, French Network on Electrochemical Energy Storage) and Clare Gray (Professor at the University of Cambridge), call for integrating the sustainability of battery materials into the R&D efforts to improve rechargeable batteries. Schematics of different rechargeable batteries.

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DOE Awarding $620M for Smart Grid Demonstration and Energy Storage Projects

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Demonstrate competitively-priced, multi-megawatt, long-duration advanced flow batteries for utility grid applications. This new class of advanced lithium-ion rechargeable battery will demonstrate the substantial improvements offered by solid state lithium-ion technologies for energy density, battery life, safety, and cost. Demonstration of Sodium Ion Battery for Grid Level Applications.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Price tag: about $25,000, made from 95% recyclable materials with a top speed of 65 miles per hour and range of 110 miles per charge. The electric car features three different battery options, two different Lithium-based (LI) systems – A123Systems and Enerdel as well as a Sodium-Nickel battery Zebra (Mes-Dea). If you want the car to drive you someplace, the batteries will take the price over $40,000.

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