Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

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A PHEV can provide power to an entire home in the case of an outage; A fleet of PHEVs could power critical systems during emergencies. Scientist have confirmed that unlike gasoline cars, plug-ins will get cleaner as they get older -- because our power grid is getting cleaner.

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Small long-term evaluation program, including modeling of vehicle-to-grid building benefits and economics, begun with Southern California Edison, joined by EPRI, other utilities, US DOE. And ride off into the sunset on electric power.

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Expert panel report finds achieving 1M plug-in vehicles in US by 2015 would require concentrated action to overcome barriers

Green Car Congress

So now finally we have the technology to deliver everything to customers and with things like plugins you don’t have the range anxiety so that does kind of relieve most of the tradeoffs, certainly. If customer expectations are inflated (by automakers, dealers, power companies, environmental groups, and/or government officials) relative to what is actually experienced, the reputational damage to the technology could be significant and possibly irreparable.

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