Electra Meccanica Solo three-wheeled electric car unveiled

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Canadian firm Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corporation is the latest to try to market a small, three-wheeled commuter vehicle. Three-wheel plug-in cars ThreewheelerUnveiled today, the Electra Meccanica Solo features an all-electric powertrain, and seating for one person. The company is now taking fully-refundable deposits for the Solo, and says it expects to deliver the first vehicles.

Second All-Electric Morgan Concept Is Three-Wheeler Headed For Production

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Green Goodwood Festival of Speed Morgan Morgan Threewheeler Three-wheel plug-in carsThere are electric cars and electric motorcycles, but what we've got here fits somewhere in between. Morgan is a century-old British automaker known for its purposely anachronistic sports cars, and a few years ago it decided to revive one of its oldest models--the 3 Wheeler. Originally built to take advantage of a British tax loophole that allowed.

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Morgan EV3 electric three-wheeler: eccentric British maker's official video

Green Car Reports

Geneva Motor Show Three-wheel plug-in cars Morgan Morgan 3 WheelerFor British carmaker Morgan, tradition usually trumps technology. Morgan is known for building cars with designs and construction methods first employed before World War II, including using wood to frame the bodywork of certain models. But the company is making one important change: It plans to improve fuel efficiency by embracing hybrid and.

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Are You Plugged In?

Revenge of the Electric Car

Are You Plugged In? Some of the first plug-in electric passenger vehicles are slated to roll onto U.S. How many plug-in electric vehicles does President Barack Obama wish to see on U.S. The president is hoping to use incentives to get one million plug-in hybrid vehicles to consumers by 2015. Plug-in hybrids differ from hybrids on the road today in that they can go longer distances on battery power and can be recharged via electrical outlets.

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Plug-in hybrid price guide, 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT, Elio woes: Today's Car News

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Today, we have an updated plug-in hybrid price guide, the debut of the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback, and an update on Elio Motors and its "84 mpg" three-wheeled vehicle. All this and more on Green Car Reports. What would Nikola Tesla think of the Tesla Model S? This amateur fan video imagines what an encounter between Tesla and his namesake. Today in Car News

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Bombardier Recreational Products and Government of Canada funding C$11.3M project to develop plug-in hybrid Can-Am Spyder roadster with target of 50% reduction in fuel consumption

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Maquette of the Can-Am plug-in Hybrid Spyder. million) in financial support to develop a plug-in hybrid version of BRP’s (Bombardier Recreational Products) Can-Am Spyder roadster. Our goal is to develop completely new electric hybrid technology for a three-wheel vehicle that uses 50% less fuel and reduces CO 2 emissions by 50% while maintaining its speed, power and performance. Canada Hybrids Plug-insClick to enlarge.

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Piaggio Introduces Plug-in Hybrid Version of MP3 Scooter

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The Piaggio Group has introduced the MP3 Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid version of its MP3 three-wheeled scooter. kW, 15N·m synchronous brushless permanent magnet traction motor are mechanically and electronically linked and simultaneously supply power to the wheel. The vehicle is charged easily from the mains with a normal electrical cable, plugged into the relative socket with the panel switched off. Tags: Hybrids Personal Transit Plug-ins The MP3 hybrid.

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Peugeot Launches New Marque Plan with Downsizing, Hybrids and Plug-ins for Two-, Three- and Four-Wheeled Vehicles; Unveils SR1 Hybrid Concept

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Peugeot launched a comprehensive new Marque plan, with the objectives of moving up three places in the world car market by 2015 (it is currently in 10 th place); establishing Peugeot as a benchmark for style; and becoming the leader in mobility services. HYbrid4 Plug-in. In 2012, Peugeot will introduce plug-in HYbrid4 technology for a further reduction in emissions levels: the target is less than 50 g of CO 2 /km and 2.0

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Stimulus Bill Provides Major Increase in Plug-in Vehicle Purchase Credit Program

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It also made significant changes in the current plug-in vehicle tax credit program, including increasing the limit from a program total of 250,000 vehicles to a maximum of 200,000 plug-ins per manufacturer. Tax Credits for Plug-ins. A credit is also available for each qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle placed in service—qualified being a four-wheel, on-road vehicle equipped with a grid-chargeable battery pack of at least 4 kWh capacity.

First Plug-In Hybrid To Actually Be Sold In The U.S. Will Be Italian Scooter

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When it goes on sale in the first quarter of next year, the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid scooter will become the first mass-market plug-in hybrid vehicle to be sold in the United States. With an estimated mileage of 141 mpg, a unique, leaning three-wheel chassis which makes it easy for beginners to ride, and a low price somewhere around $9,000.00

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Honda to show 7 electromotive concept models at Tokyo show

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AC-X concept plug-in hybrid. will display a lineup of seven next-generation electromotive concept models at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, including two-, three- and four-wheeled commuter vehicles designed for future cities; mid-to-long distance commuters; and sporty models. A next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle which offers the choices of an engine drive mode for more aggressive driving or an automatic drive mode for more relaxed driving.

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Piaggio launches plug-in hybrid scooter

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Though occasionally derided here in the UK, scooters retain vast appeal throughout Europe where the Piaggio Group has now introduced the MP3 Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid version of its MP3 three-wheeled scooter. A full charge takes approximately three hours. Tags: Green cars Latest news green scooters hybrid scooters Piaggio Piaggio MP3 Piaggio MP3 Hybrid plug-in hybrid scooter

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T3 Motion Debuts GT3 3-Wheel, Four-Tire EV

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has unveiled the GT3 plug-in electric vehicle. The proprietary rear-wheel design of the GT3 features a single, wide-stance wheel with two high-performance tires sharing one wheel. The rear wheel and suspension. Due to its three-wheeled design, the GT3 is classified as a motorcycle. T3 Motion , Inc.

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Toyota and partners launching Cité lib by Ha:mo EV car sharing in Grenoble; ultracompact EVs complementing public transport

Green Car Congress

The Toyota i-ROAD is an innovative, fun-to-drive three-wheel personal mobility vehicle equipped with Active Lean technology that emulates the movements of a skier. Toyota is also providing 35 four-wheel COMS vehicles. A total of 120 charging points for the project and 41 for other plug-in vehicles will be added to the city’s transport infrastructure. Cité lib by Ha:mo will open to the public on 1 October 2014 for a three-year period.

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EU-Live project unveils electrified 3-wheeler; designed by Groupe PSA

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Positioned between the two-wheel and four-wheel segments, it is equipped with a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain, two electric in-wheel motors and a gasoline internal combustion engine. Its tilting mechanism offers superior handling, making the vehicle as easy to drive as a three-wheel scooter. Each in-wheel motor is able to produce 25 kW of peak power; the systems are air cooled and come with custom disk brakes.

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Bosch overview of global diesel markets; optimistic about US, China

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India is the world’s leading producer of three-wheel tractors and other three-wheel vehicles. A recent example is the Chevrolet Cruze, for which Bosch supplies the diesel fuel injection system along with the exhaust-gas treatment system, engine control system, ceramic spark plugs, and sensors. Bosch, a leading supplier of technology for diesel engines, recently provided an overview of trends it sees in the diesel engine marketplace globally.

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Toyota unveils i-ROAD 3-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle concept at Geneva

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Toyota unveiled the new i-ROAD three-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle (PMV) concept at the Geneva motor show. The all-electric powertrain uses a lithium-ion battery to power two 2 kW motors mounted in the front wheels, giving brisk acceleration and near-silent running. Driving range is around 30 miles, after which the battery can be fully recharged from a conventional domestic power supply in three hours. The minimum turning circle is just three meteres.

E-Motor Enables Chain-Free Bike-by-Wire

Cars That Think

The partners had a prototype on display in Munich (and the previous week at Eurobike) with a robust cargo three-wheel e-bike made by Bayk. Bike by wire physically de-links two kinetic systems: the turning pedals and the powering wheel on a bike.

Thursday - 1 October 2009. Reporting Out on the Tour de AZ; "Spirit of DC" Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle All Around ARIZONA -- a new PHEV3A

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Quicke sidenote: PHEV3A as an acronym now encompasses the Tour de AZ: "Spirit of DC" Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle All Around Arizona (PHEV3A) EVducational Tour (tho it could change, depending on sponsorship to AAA Tour de AZ, or even eTour de AZ). The general theme (and purpose) is: Plug-in Arizona! Plug-ins would simple be either pure EVs or PHEVs, and hopefully tapping into homegrown American electrons for the drive to have America energy independence once again.

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Oorja Protonics Introduces New Direct Methanol Fuel Cell On-Board Battery Charger

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The already released OorjaPac Model 3 is equipped with a three-gallon tank. SymPowerco has identified markets for Hybrid Electric Drive Systems including golf carts, small industrial vehicles, three-wheeled taxis in the Far East (Tuk-Tuks), motorbikes and similar small vehicles. Oorja Protonics , a developer and manufacturer of direct methanol fuel cell technology ( earlier post ), has introduced the OorjaPac Model 1 to its product line. With a 4.5

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2010 Aptera 2e First Drive and Video on Inside Line

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Featured Specs Battery-powered electric drivetrain Three wheels; 0.15 Cd 1,700 pounds 100-mile cruising range Driving the Prototype of the EV Three-Wheeler By John ODell, Senior Editor Email Date posted: 2009-03-16 21:00:00.0 She certainly is staring at us intensely as we pilot the bright-white three-wheeled craft down the street, gingerly depressing the brake pedal to make sure were under the 30-mph speed limit.

"Spirit's" Afternoon Rambling 'Round Yuma in the Sunny & Bright. Before Cruising Back to Tucson on Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

While on the road East, KYMA Channel 11 NBC was covering the "Spirit's" Plug-in Arizona Educational Tour at 5:00PM (later at 10:00PM), thanks to Reporter Carson Cherland (928) 539-7111 News@KYMA.com. In five days, the "Spirit" has taken in by design three Arizona County Seats of Government -- Pinal County, La Paz County and Yuma County. New approach for "Plug-in Arizona Educational Tour" is being entertained.

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DOE to Award Up to $2.4B for Advanced Batteries, Electric Drive Components, and Electric Drive Vehicle Demonstration/Deployment Projects

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billion in federal funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) in support of the development of advanced electric drive vehicles (EDVs) including plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), electric vehicles (EV), and fuel cell vehicles (FCV). One category of the electric drive technologies that will be emphasized in this project is Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), which is directly in support of the President’s goal to have one million PHEVs on the road by 2015.

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GM, Segway partner on two-wheel city vehicle | Green Tech - CNET News

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Credit: GM) General Motors and Segway plan to take a two-wheel concept vehicle for a spin around New York City on Tuesday. The Segway Personal Transporter , a two-wheel vehicle that allows people to stand and move around at slow speeds, was released with great fanfare several years ago, but it remains a niche form of transportation. Sure beats Detroit, same old, same old gas buggy, and anothe Purple PLUM, whoops PUMA, two wheel, or is 4wheel, kiddy car. Maybe three.

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