Nearly 76 GWh of battery cell capacity was produced for US plug-in vehicle market from 2010 to 2020

Green Car Congress

Nearly 76 GWh of battery cell capacity was produced for the US plug-in vehicle market from 2010 to 2020, according to a recent analysis of the Li-ion battery supply chain by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Plug-ins

2010 222

Here’s what happened when a Tesla owner built a robot to plug in his car


A Tesla owner built a robot to automatically plug his electric car for overnight charging — something that Tesla has previously announced that it is working on.


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Why Nothing Competes With Tesla Today, Plug-In Hybrids Included

Green Car Reports

Two years ago, the launch of the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid produced the first ostensible large luxury plug-in sedan competitor to the Tesla Model S electric car. The Porsche is a plug-in hybrid, with an electric range of 15 or 16 miles; the Tesla is all-electric, with ranges of 208 to 275 miles. Green Mercedes Plug-In Hybrids Tesla Motors plug-in cars

2015 130

Tesla Model 3 sells 4x more than its closest rival in Europe’s plug-in market


Tesla sold four times more Tesla Model 3 sedans than its closest competitor in Europe last month, hinting at its rising dominance in the region. EV Sales Blog broke down Tesla’s Model 3 sales numbers in certain European countries. .

UK: Plug-In Car Sales Surge To Over 17% Market Share In June 2021


Plug-in sales more than doubled and the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car of any kind

Tesla 101

Tesla Model 3 owns the EV market, outsells all other plug-ins combined in the fourth quarter race

Green Car Reports

Last year, Tesla changed the game for plug-in and electric-car sales as it ramped up production of its relatively affordable Model 3 to almost 5,000 cars a week. Starting in October, Green Car. sales Plug-In HybridsAs we noted early this month, the Model 3 by itself outsold most whole luxury brands and some entire mainstream makes. Are you listening, Volkswagen?)

2019 114

Do BMW, Mercedes, Volvo Plug-In Hybrid SUVs Compete With Tesla Model X?

Green Car Reports

We've known they were coming more for than a year, and now they're within weeks or months of landing in dealerships. In this case, "they" are the first plug-in hybrid SUV models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and other luxury makers. Large, luxurious, plug-in. almost sounds like a description of the Tesla Model X, doesn't it? DON'T MISS: Tesla. Plug-In Hybrids Elon Musk Tesla Motors Tesla Model X

2015 116

Who sold 10,000 plug-in vehicles last month? (Not Tesla, Nissan, or Chevy)

Green Car Reports

When consumers think of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, most likely conjure thoughts of Tesla, or perhaps Nissan with its Leaf and Chevrolet with its Volt and Bolt EV. However, none of those three brands managed to sell 10,000 plug-in cars during the month of September. sales Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2017 91

Navigant Research: plug-in electric vehicles close to becoming leading alternative fuel platform, best positioned to lead future

Green Car Congress

From 2017 to 2018, PEV sales doubled in North America, and sales in Europe and China increased 39% and 77%, respectively, according to a new report from Navigant Research. In 2019, multiple deployments of long-range battery EVs (BEVs) in crossover classes, as well as Tesla reaching full-scale production on the Model 3 and expanding its vehicle shipments to markets abroad, are setting the stage for continued market growth, Navigant says.

2019 184

ZSW: more than 400,000 plug-in cars on road worldwide at beginning of 2014; 2x 2013

Green Car Congress

Accumulated number of xEVs in leading global markets. At the beginning of 2014, there were more than 400,000 electric cars—battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and range-extended electric vehicles—on the road worldwide, according to an analysis by Zentrums für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) in Germany. Japanese and US automotive groups are the leading providers, assisted by strong market incentive programs in countries.

2014 285

Lexus NX plug-in, Model S yoke, Maserati EV, California charging infrastructure: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Lexus rolled out a 36-mile plug-in hybrid that’s a luxurious cousin of the Toyota RAV4 Prime. The Tesla Model S arrived with an aircraft-style yoke, even though safety officials continue to send mixed signals. Today in Car News

Lexus 97

SFU researchers find promise for plug-in vehicles in Canada, but need for increased supply and policy support

Green Car Congress

New work by a team at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada has found that more than one-third of Canadian buyers want a plug-in vehicle (PEV), with the majority of those (89—93%) wanting a plug-in hybrid rather than a pure electric vehicle. However, less than 1% of vehicle sales in Canada are electric because of low consumer awareness and limited vehicle choice. Impact of constraints on PEV sales in British Columbia, 2020.

2015 271

Mercedes plug-in hybrids, BMW 330e mpg, Porsche and Tesla: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Porsche says Tesla isn’t a rival. Mercedes-Benz is ramping up its family of plug-in hybrids. And the range, gas mileage, and performance for the latest BMW 3-Series plug-in hybrid sport sedan could add up to narrow appeal for spec-smart shoppers.

2020 99

Europe: Plug-In Car Sales Almost Quadrupled In May 2021


Tesla Model 3 surged last month and strengthened its year-to-date lead

Tesla 87

Lux: plug-in vehicle battery market to hit $10B in 2020; 6 carmakers = 90% of demand; VW to show most growth

Green Car Congress

Led by Tesla, China’s BYD, and Volkswagen, the battery market for plug-in vehicles will rise to $10 billion in 2020, with electric vehicles (EV) emerging as the drivetrain of choice, according to a new forecast by Lux Research. Volkswagen will show the most growth as it focuses on plug-ins following its emissions scandal, while Toyota will continue to lag in plug-in sales as it focuses more on hybrids and fuel cells.

2016 217

Will FCA’s electrified Ram pickup be a plug-in hybrid or fully electric?

Green Car Reports

And that’s before picking up the wildcard of the bunch, the Tesla Cybertruck. Plug-In HybridsBetween the GMC Hummer EV, the Ford F-150 Electric, the Lordstown Endurance, and the Rivian R1T, there’s a whole lot of excitement about American-made electric pickups. Amid this hive of battery-electric truck activity, one other longtime American truck.

2020 71

BMW's plug-in car sales rise, keeping it in same class as Tesla, Nissan, GM

Green Car Reports

Tesla may garner much of the buzz surrounding electric cars, but BMW has quietly become a significant challenger in the electric-vehicle sales race. Nissan, General Motors, and Tesla have all 100,000 to 300,000 plug-in vehicles globally, but this year, BMW and its Mini brand are on track to deliver its own 200,000th plug-in vehicle later this. sales Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars

2017 75

Nothing comes close to Tesla: 2018 Q3 plug-in sales

Green Car Reports

Even with solid increases, other electric-car sales paled in comparison with numbers from Tesla in September and for the third quarter of 2018. By comparison, Tesla announced it sold 55,843. The next highest sellers, were the Chevrolet Bolt EV, with 3,949 sales from July to September, and the Nissan Leaf just behind with 3,767 for the quarter. sales

2018 112

Forget the F-150, XL Hybrids offers a plug-in F-250 to do real work

Green Car Reports

Ford has announced it is developing a plug-in hybrid F150, and Ford, GMC, Tesla, and startup automaker Rivian are all working on electric light--duty pickups. Pickups Plug-in TruckAs both established and startup automakers rush to build electric pickups, many seem to have forgotten a fundamental principle of pickup design: Trucks were meant to work.

2019 95

Plug In America study projects Tesla Roadster packs will retain 80-85% capacity after 100K miles

Green Car Congress

Capacity of Tesla Roadster batteries versus miles driven using the three types of capacity measurement: range mode (blue diamonds), standard mode (red squares), and calculated Ah capacity (green triangles). A study of Tesla Roadster user data published by plug-in vehicle advocacy organization Plug In America (PIA) projects that the battery packs in the Roadsters will retain 80-85% of capacity after 100,000 miles (160,934 km) driven.

2013 299

Tesla drivers are the most satisfied EV owners in Norway


Tesla owners are some of the most enthusiastic automotive enthusiasts in a sector full of brand loyalty, and it doesn’t just apply to owners within the United States. The Tesla Model S, X, and Model 3. ” The Model 3 was followed by the Kia e-Niro in the survey.

Norway 114

Hyundai Santa Fe plug-in hybrid, quicker BMW 530e, cheaper Teslas: Today?s Car News

Green Car Reports

BMW has revealed a quicker 530e plug-in hybrid sedan. Hyundai might have just teased the plug-in hybrid SUV that’s en route to the U.S. And Tesla has dropped prices throughout its lineup. Today in Car News

2020 87

IHS Automotive forecasts global production of plug-in vehicles to rise by 67% this year

Green Car Congress

Driven by tighter emission standards in Europe, worldwide production of plug-in electric vehicles(PEVs)—including both battery-electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models—will increase by 67% this year, according to IHS Automotive, driven by Polk. The jump in the PEV market this year contrasts with an expected 3.6% rise in global manufacturing of all motor vehicles expected in 2014.

2014 258

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales April 2021: Close To 400,000


The Tesla Model Y beats the Tesla Model 3

Tesla 97

Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, May 2015: Tesla Supreme For Six Months?

Green Car Reports

Last month, we assumed that Nissan would edge Tesla during April in Canadian plug-in electric vehicle sales. Fully 167 Tesla Model S electric luxury sedans were registered in Canada that month, outpacing the 127 Leafs Nissan delivered. Not wanting to underestimate Tesla for two months running, we'll cautiously assume the. sales Canada New car sales plug-in cars

2015 108

2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid coming to market with EPA-estimated 27-mile electric range; starts at $34,600

Green Car Congress

The 2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is arriving in select dealerships in 10 states this week with an EPA-estimated 27-mile (43.5-kilometer) All-Electric Range (AER). At the Sonata PHEV’s launch in January, Hyundai had estimated a 22-mile AER ( earlier post ), which it later bumped up to around 24 miles ( earlier post ). Sonata Plug-in Hybrid’s 9.8 coefficient of drag ties with the Tesla Model S. Hybrids Plug-ins

2015 204

Germany: Plug-In Car Sales More Than Tripled In June 2021


Tesla Model 3 was the best selling all-electric model for the month

Tesla 94

Norway: Plug-In Car Sales Nears 85% Share In June 2021


The Tesla Model 3 is on the top both for the month and for the year

Norway 101

BMW sold 100,000 plug-in cars this year: more than GM, probably Nissan too (Tesla TBD)

Green Car Reports

When the German automaker set out to eclipse last year's sales of plug-in cars by delivering 100,000 electrified vehicles globally this year, it was an ambitious goal. But as of the end of November, the automaker has achieved its goal—and in so doing has sold nearly as many electrified vehicles this year as it did. sales Plug-In Hybrids New car sales plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV You have to hand it to BMW.

2017 72

UC Davis ITS study suggests hastening consumer adoption of plug-ins will require innovation on the sales side

Green Car Congress

A study by researchers at the Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis finds that buyers of plug-in vehicles (PEVs) are substantially less satisfied with the dealer purchase experience than buyers of conventional vehicles—with the notable exception of Tesla buyers. While the diversity of the dealer community could foster innovation in retail activities, the same diversity could also hinder the quality and pace of diffusion amongst dealers.

2014 241

2020 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid gets more electric range, XtraBoost performance

Green Car Reports

Three years ago BMW positioned the 330e as the plug-in you wouldn’t have to wait for—in one very memorable ad that showed an owner skipping past empty Superchargers for a 330e and zooming off on engine power. The Tesla Model 3 did arrive, and it’s outsold all versions of the 3-Series combined for more. Plug-In Hybrids

2019 82

Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

Green Car Congress

The PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), a subset of the electric car, combines a primary electric motor with a much smaller back-up engine fueled with a hydrocarbon/biofuel mix. (In In this paper PHEV refers solely to the long-range PHEV of 60 miles (100 km) electric-only range.) It solves the storage problems faced by the electric utility companies in absorbing and adapting to the highly variable power and energy generated by solar and wind.

2015 300

Greenius On The Scene: Plug-In 2009

Creative Greenius

Here’s a few shots from yesterday first full day of the Plug-In 2009 conference in Long Beach, California. They’ll be making Leafs in Tennessee and they will be making many more batteries than cars. Here’s the Greenius with film director Chris Paine, Tesla owner, all around good guy, and the man behind “Who Killed The Electric Car.&# Chris spoke at the public panel this evening.

2009 174

Tesla stores, plug-in Jeeps, EPA fuel-economy, Colorado charging: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Tesla reversed its decision to go online only, and is keeping many stores open. Fiat Chrysler announced two new plug-in Jeeps for Europe. EPA Google plug-in cars WaymoAn annual EPA report shows rising fuel-economy standards are working—just as the EPA plans to gut them. And a new program aims to get Colorado ready for smart charging, ahead of a potential roll-out of a.

2019 64

Plug-in Subaru, Toyota hybrids, changes at the top: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

What new model gets the highest gas mileage of any SUV without a plug? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending November 23, 2018. EPA plug-in cars Tesla SuperchargerWhich electric automaker will get a new Chairman? With the Thanksgiving holiday this was a short week, with only three days of full coverage from.

2018 79

VW targets Tesla, California dispels EV myths, Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid driven: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

We check in with the Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid. And VW teases its Trinity project that could rival Tesla in performance and autonomous driving. California turns to superheroes to help dispel EV myths.

California: Plug-Ins Capture Almost 11% Of The Market In Q1 2021


Tesla increased its sales by 12.5% year-over-year

Tesla 91

Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, March 2015: Tesla On Top Again (Most Likely)

Green Car Reports

As expected, the Tesla Model S was a “three-peat” plug-in electric vehicle sales champion in Canada back in February, with its 48 sales comfortably exceeding those of the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf at 38 apiece. With the electric flagships at Chevy and Nissan again limited to double digits in March--and Tesla''s habit of delivering. Green Canada New car sales plug-in cars sales

2015 108

Researchers call for major change in US policies supporting plug-ins; failure of “mainstream consumer bias”

Green Car Congress

Although sales of plug-in vehicles (plug-in hybrid-electric and battery-electric vehicles, collectively PEVs) in the US climbed more than 80% in 2013 to more than 96,000 units (Tesla has not yet released its final figures) from 52,835 units in 2012 EDTA ), the 2013 results still reflect a meagre new light-duty vehicle market share of ~0.6% Electric (Battery) Plug-ins Policy

2014 229

Lux Research: despite cheap oil, niche plug-in vehicle sales will be resilient; conventional hybrids to be hardest hit

Green Car Congress

The current plunge in oil prices will likely negatively affect plug-in and hybrid vehicle sales in the short term; automakers such as BMW are already warning of lower sales of plug-in vehicles given the market context. However, an analysis by Lux Research suggests that despite some decrease in sales, sales of plug-in vehicles will likely be resilient, and rebound as oil prices rise back to the prior higher levels over time.

2015 213

Plug-in hybrid problem: buyers don't understand them at all

Green Car Reports

OK, so what's a plug-in hybrid? DON'T MISS: BMW 330e plug-in hybrid ads: no wait for Tesla Model 3 needed Ask average car buyers. Advertising Marketing Plug-In HybridsWhat's an electric car? It's a car powered by a battery, like your cellphone. Doesn't use gasoline. What's a hybrid car? It's a car that runs on gasoline, but gets better fuel economy (whether or not you understand how).

2016 91

France: Plug-In Car Sales Reach New Record In June 2021


The Tesla Model 3 with over 5,000 units was the eight best selling car in the country

BMW 330e plug-in hybrid ads: no wait for Tesla Model 3 needed

Green Car Reports

The Tesla Model 3 electric car, which its maker says will launch late next year with 200 miles of range and a $35,000 price, has caused a few shock waves across the car industry. All the German luxury makers now have plans for their own 200-mile battery-electric vehicles coming in 2018 or later, at various prices. Advertising Marketing Videos Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars youtube

2016 77