Ford developing a strategy to address urban personal mobility globally; a mobility company, not just an auto company

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company is mapping out a strategy to address the requirements for personal mobility in the context of the megatrend of increasing global urbanization, both in mature economies as well as in emerging markets. The Ford chairman had already begun talking about the future of urban personal mobility in the context of ever-increasing congestion at the TED2011 conference in Long Beach. Rough map of Ford’s Blueprint for Mobility. Click to enlarge.

Bill Ford outlines “Blueprint for Mobility”, calls for automotive and telecommunications industries to collaborate to address coming personal mobility crisis

Green Car Congress

Public and personal transportation will be fully integrated to save time, conserve resources and lower emissions. During his keynote address at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford outlined a plan for connected cars to help avoid a potential future of what he called “ global gridlock—a never-ending traffic jam that wastes time, energy and resources. ”.


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EGEB: Up to 100 US waste-to-hydrogen hubs will power heavy-duty trucks


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Hyzon Motors and Raven will build up to 100 waste-to-hydrogen hubs across the US and globally. UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates.

IBM Research Initiative Developing Adaptive Systems to Provide Personalized Travel Routes to Avoid Gridlock

Green Car Congress

IBM has launched a new research initiative to build personalized travel routes for commuters to avoid traffic gridlock. According to the Texas Transportation Institute, as cited by IBM, US traffic congestion burns enough fuel every year to fill 58 supertankers and wastes enough time to consume 105 million weeks of vacation.

2010 161

IBM releases fifth annual Next Five in Five list of near-term significant innovations; personalized routing for commuting/transportation makes the cut

Green Car Congress

Of the five, only one is directly transportation-related: Commuters will be able to quickly access personalized recommendations that help them avoid the congestion issues they routinely face and help them get where they need to go in the fastest time. The full list of five is: Your commute will be personalized. Personalized routing. In today’s transistor, energy is constantly leaking or being lost or wasted in the off-state.

2010 185

Greenius Says No to Offshore Drilling. Mr. President, You Are Following A Failed Strategy & Wasting Time

Creative Greenius

But not a single person I admire or respect doubts what is coming or doesn’t see the signs of it already starting. It’s perfectly obvious that President Obama is attempting to reach out to the right and members of Congress who are owned by the oil industry with his move this week to make offshore drilling part of his energy mix.

2010 253

ARPA-E to award $14.5M to 5 projects to reduce energy use for transportation

Green Car Congress

Many travelers’ and commuters’ transportation choices waste significant amounts of energy due to traffic complications, convenience and variability in transportation styles and preferences. TRANSNET project teams will design and test new network optimization approaches, coupled with novel transportation and mobility simulations, to improve the energy efficiency of personal transportation. ARPA-E Mobility Mobility services Personal Transit Urban mobility

2015 192

LowCVP announces winners of Low Carbon Urban Mobility Technology Challenge

Green Car Congress

WeatherVelo specializes in eco-vehicles for personal urban mobility, to bridge the gap between two-wheelers and cars. City car Electric (Battery) Personal Transit SustainabilityThe UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) has announced six winners of the Low Carbon Urban Mobility Technology Challenge —a competition to identify and promote low carbon innovations with the potential to cut carbon emissions and other environmental impacts arising from transport in cities.

2012 210

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

Green Car Congress

wasted energy in plants into energy-dense fuel molecules. The project will enable “personalized” price signals to be. ARPA-E Biomass Electric (Battery) Fuels Motors Plug-ins Power Electronics Research Smart Grid Waste Heat RecoveryThe Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has selected 60 research projects for up to a combined $156 million in funding from the Fiscal Year 2011 budget.

2011 242

Greenius Will Meet With Al Gore To Talk Climate Reality

Creative Greenius

The Climate Reality folks have set up a special Facebook page for the 1000 of us who have been selected from countries all around the warming world to share our thoughts, personal stories and enthusiastic expectations on, but I’ve been too busy working on funding environmental, education and wellness projects all across the USA for EcoMedia to have introduced myself and weighed in yet. Joe Galliani Selected As Climate Leader Just As Global Warming Reaches Tipping Points.

It’s Time To Go To The Mattresses

Creative Greenius

They aimed more smokestacks at us and dumped toxic waste in our neighborhoods while they paid off the cops and the justice system to get away with it. Hey, it’s not personal. Dr. Hansen wrote both a personal letter to President elect Barack Obama as well as a pdf white paper that you can download and read for yourself and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.

2009 183

The Long View from SAE 2009 World Congress

Green Car Congress

Cities account for 2% of the world’s area and yet they account for 75% of the resources and 75% of the waste ,” said Cervero. He works for Systemica, who has been contracted to design the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system for the citadel of Masdar. The goal is to design a city that “ is completely sustainable, to be completely self sufficient, to be able to live on its own produced energy from the sun, the wind, of processing its own waste ” according to Guala.

2009 150

Inside The Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

For more than a year now in this blog I’ve been researching and reporting on climate change, energy and transportation issues and related environmental stories covering them on both a personal and a global perspective. Working with Heidi, cities have been gathering data from Southern California Edison, The Gas Company, waste haulers and other contractors using Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) software, which was developed for specifically compiling this diverse data.

2008 150

Neste to use May Day doughnut fat for renewable diesel feedstock

Green Car Congress

Last Christmas, Neste jointly cooperated with the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and other partners in its Christmas waste ham fat campaign. There are many new uses for waste and residues. At the same time, the companies also want to remind home doughnut makers of the correct means of final disposal of waste frying oil. The right destination for domestic waste fat is compost or mixed waste—under no circumstances should it be poured down the drain.

2017 186

Porsche updates the Taycan; more range, more connectivity, more colors

Green Car Congress

With the new Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus options, unusual and personal color choices can now be realized. In addition, the waste heat from the electrical components is used to an even greater extent for battery temperature regulation.

C40 Cities: urban consumption-based emissions must be cut by 50% by 2030, 66% for high-income areas; buildings, food, transport, clothing, electronics, appliances, aviation

Green Car Congress

Food: Mayors, business, and citizens in C40 cities could together take actions to reduce consumption-based emissions from food by an average of 31-37% by 2030, depending on the target level, by moving to a plant-based diet, eating healthy quantities and avoiding waste. This would allow a reduction in new items of clothing to as low as 3 per person, per year, and reduce waste, costs, and impact.

2019 215

Tesla vehicle reviews are pointless…Here’s why


Earlier this week, Edmunds put up a scathing review of the Model S Plaid , calling it “a waste of money” and saying it was nothing more than a marketing tool to make an aging vehicle relevant once again. This is a preview from our weekly newsletter.

Tesla 85

14 US fleets launch ACT Fleet Forum; best practices on adopting advanced, clean transportation technologies

Green Car Congress

The ACT Fleet Forum provides education via webinars, workshops, and in-person site visits to leading fleets year-round. The ACT Fleet Forum programming consists of live monthly webinars, in-person site visits to fleet facilities nationwide, and an exclusive fleet-focused discussion at ACT Expo 2020. Waste Management.

2020 163

Stora Enso to build biomass-to-sugars demo plant in Louisiana

Green Car Congress

The plant will be used for industrial validation of the newly acquired extraction and separation technology developed by Virdia that enables cellulosic biomass, such as wood or agricultural waste, to be converted into highly refined sugars. The demonstration plant will be located in the vicinity of existing sugar cane plantations and will use bagasse waste as feedstock. These sugars will be converted and upgraded for applications in, for example, food and personal care.

Tesla starts hunt for team that will work its humanoid “Tesla Bot”


With only a few months left of 2021, Tesla isn’t wasting time on the Tesla Bot prototype, and the company’s Careers page reflects that. Basically, work that a person would least like to do,” said Elon Musk during AI Day.

Tesla 79

IoT-ize Your Old Gadgets With a Mechanical Hijacking Device

Cars That Think

But doing so is wasteful, whereas the MHD potentially gives a smart new life to many old things. Recent technological developments are introducing personal service robots into the home. Just about every device you own is probably available with Internet connectivity.

DIY 109

Why are some EV chargers more expensive than others?

Green Charging

We do not want to waste money on cheap, low-quality commodities. Therefore, each person must adapt to the technological changes to fit in. Phone number * Data processing * Yes, I give permission to use my personal data in accordance with the 50five Privacy policy.

Tesla FSD Beta V9 handles roundabouts and blind turns in first real-world tests


This was initially demonstrated in tests conducted by members of the FSD Beta program, some of whom wasted no time testing out their vehicles’ updated software capabilities.

Refugees are up-cycling their discarded life jackets and dinghies

EV Driver

The bags, which come in various forms and sizes, have so much more about them than being just a bag - they are helping our environment, helping refugees and stand for every person who has had to leave their home behind and take an unimaginably terrifying journey to foreign land.

2019 76

DOE’s Manufacturing Institute to award $35M to support R&D in recycling, reuse and remanufacturing

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Reducing EMbodied-Energy and Decreasing Emissions (REMADE) Manufacturing Institute announced approximately $35 million to support research and development (R&D) that will enable US manufacturers to increase the recovery, recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing of plastics, metals, electronic waste, and fibers.

2020 184

GM and IBM bring OnStar and Watson together for new cognitive mobility platform: OnStar Go

Green Car Congress

The platform will deliver personalized content through the dashboard and other digital channels supported by the OnStar Go ecosystem to make the most of time spent in the car. These experiences could include avoiding traffic when low on fuel, then activating a fuel pump and paying from the dash; ordering a cup of coffee on the go; or getting news and in-vehicle entertainment tailored to personality and location in real time.

2016 204

Will Poop Power Electric Cars? Sure Will At Denver Zoo

Green Car Reports

In terms of renewable energy, you have to give credit to the first person who thought of using excrement as a source of fuel. You don't need us to tell you that big animals produce large amounts of waste. At the risk of dragging things down to gutter-level, one place you'll find one heck of a lot of excrement is at a zoo. Denver Zoo realised the

Masdar running blogging contest tackling smart cities and sustainable development

Green Car Congress

Masdar, the UAE’s sustainable city, is running a blogging contest ; the 500-600 word entries must address the following question: “How can cities contribute to the advancement of sustainable development and address issues including water, energy and waste?” Limit one entry per person.

2013 200

Study: California will hit climate targets >100 years too late at current pace of reductions; transportation, wildfires & landfills

Green Car Congress

vehicles per 100 persons in 2018. vehicles per 100 persons. With a growing economy, Californians are consuming more, and waste is increasing remarkably. As the economy continues to grow, people consume more, and solid waste generation generally continues to increase. million tons of waste, up 7.4% As landfills are burdened with an increasing amount of waste, landfill emissions have gone up every single year since 2004.

2019 230

ExxonMobil: diesel will surpass gasoline as the number one global transportation fuel by 2020

Green Car Congress

By contrast, gasoline demand will be relatively flat, despite the doubling of the global personal vehicle fleet over the Outlook period from more than 800 million vehicles to more than 1.6 The push-pull between a growing vehicle fleet and improving vehicle efficiency results in effectively flattening energy demand for personal vehicles in the Outlook , although the trends vary significantly by region. buses, waste management and utility vehicles).

2013 305

Electric vehicles battery swapping types, advantages & disadvantages 

Electric Vehicles India

It is the best alternative to recharge your battery without wasting time waiting for the EV to charge. These are used for 2W and 3W battery applications, as the battery pack sizes are smaller and the weight can be handled by one or two persons.

DOE researchers develop energy-efficient, cost-effective process to extract rare earth elements from scrapped magnets

Green Car Congress

It’s an improvement over traditional processes, which require facilities with a large footprint, high capital and operating costs and a large amount of waste generated. Extracting desirable elements without co-extracting undesirable ones means less waste is created that will need downstream treatment and disposal. No commercialized process currently recycles pure rare earth elements from electronic-waste magnets.

2019 194

Tesla and its Supercharger Network dominate 11-way 1,000-mile EV test


Participants in the event, which were comprised of two-person teams, were given free rein to select their own route, provided that they hit checkpoints in Cincinnati; Athens, Ohio; Morgantown, West Virginia; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Ann Arbor. .

Anheuser-Busch Companies and Blue Marble Biomaterials sign MoU to begin development of bio-refinery pilot

Green Car Congress

The project will convert spent grains and biogas from the brewing process into chemicals that can be used in other applications, such as food, cosmetics, and personal care products. This project will also serve to reduce emissions and waste at each Anheuser-Busch facility where the project is implemented.

2012 214

Cargill acquires OPX Biotechnologies’ fermentation-based processes and systems

Green Car Congress

These technologies are used to produce bio-based chemicals from sugars for use in non-food applications such as lubricants, detergents, plastics, agrichemicals and personal care products. The fatty acid process starts with sugar feedstock or with hydrogen and carbon dioxide generated from biomass, solid waste, industrial off-gas, or natural gas. Cargill has acquired OPX Biotechnologies' proprietary fermentation-based processes and systems.

2015 179

Calif. Energy Commission approves energy efficiency rules for battery charger systems; automotive chargers exempted

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission approved a first-in-the-nation energy efficiency standard that will reduce wasted energy by battery chargers commonly used to power cell phones, laptop computers, power tools, and other devices. This exception does not apply to autoettes, electric personal assistive mobility devices, golf carts, or low speed vehicles.

2012 214

Resolution Copper project advances in US permitting; one of largest and deepest copper mines in US

Green Car Congress

A tailings storage facility would house the waste material left over after processing. Pipelines would be constructed to transport the tailings waste from the ore processing facility to the tailings storage facility. This includes the physical safety of persons in areas of subsidence and adjacent communities, as well as increased traffic and effects on air and water quality.

2019 250

Vitruivan crowd-sourcing funding for novel biofuel from sewage treatment bio-solids

Green Car Congress

EEB is produced from organic waste, including (and initially) sewage treatment bio-solids—the leftover, dirt-like organic material that remains after a community’s wastewater is treated. million per year at a 200,000 person WWTP when the crude product is further separated into purified chemicals, these are then sold and the chemical sales’ revenues are used to subsidize the cost of the biofuel.

2014 241

Interim assessment finds Volkswagen’s “Think Blue. Factory.” program reduced resource consumption by average 24.3% since 2011

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen foundry in Hanover uses waste heat from the cooling system in various applications such as heating offices in winter or to heat up drinking water. This year, Volkswagen also honored the personal engagement of employees who have shown outstanding commitment to the conservation of resources. Volkswagen reports that it is on track with its “Think Blue. Factory.”

2015 210

Is aviation the best application yet for hydrogen fuel cells?


It was always a personal passion, and I was already working on green transportation, so that was a natural intersection. You have waste heat, much less of it than a turbine because of higher efficiency, but still you need to get rid of it. Q&A with ZeroAvia CEO.

Tech: How Telematics Can Help You Be a Better Driver

Clean Fleet Report

Since fuel expenses account for the highest amount of operating cost waste , these benefits are especially valuable to fleets. Whether you drive for a living or just in your personal life, becoming a better driver is a goal everyone should have.

Joule and Audi partner on sustainable liquid transportation fuels

Green Car Congress

Derived directly from sunlight and waste CO 2 , these fuels align with Audi’s vision for carbon-neutral mobility, and could achieve the stable costs and scale required for global adoption without depleting vital arable land or crops. For Audi, the agreement fits with its stated objective to become a carbon-neutral personal transportation provider.

2012 224

Video Friday: Constant Gardener

Cars That Think

Astrobotic ] Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed a robotic disassembly system for used electric vehicle batteries to make the process safer, more efficient, and less costly, while supporting recycling of critical materials and reducing waste.