Ford building new $1.6B plant in Mexico for small cars

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Vehicles produced in Mexico also serve customers in the US, Canada, China, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and South Korea. The investment is part of the company’s One Ford global product and manufacturing plan. Ford is investing US$1.6 billion in a new small car plant in Mexico, building a new manufacturing site in San Luis Potosi State. Construction begins this summer.

Shell completes acquisition of Repsol S.A. LNG portfolio

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As part of the transaction, Shell will also assume $1.6 The company’s already diverse and flexible portfolio will be boosted with LNG supply in the Atlantic from Trinidad & Tobago, and in the Pacific from Peru. Peru LNG 4.45 mtpa capacity, on a 100% basis (acquisition: 20% equity: 100% offtake); operated by Peru LNG Company. As part of this agreement, as previously disclosed, Shell has committed to supply around 0.1

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Shell to expand global LNG position with ~$6.2B deal with Repsol S.A.

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Royal Dutch Shell plc has agreed to acquire part of Repsol S.A’s s LNG (liquefied natural gas) portfolio outside of North America, including supply positions in Peru and Trinidad & Tobago, for $4.4 The acquisition will LNG capacity in the West Atlantic from Atlantic LNG (ALNG) in Trinidad & Tobago, and in the East Pacific from Peru LNG (PLNG). mtpa capacity, on a 100% basis (20-25% equity per train); Peru LNG 4.45

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First electric rally car takes on Dakar challenge

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The very first electric rally car is set to take part in the Dakar rally next year. Travelling through Argentina, Chile and, for the first time, Peru, participants will take on challenging [.]. Produced by Latvian motorsport engineering company OSC, the OSCar eO car will be the first to take on the gruelling 9000 km challenge. Electric cars Dakar electric car OSC OSCar eO rally

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GM Creates New South America Regional Organization

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GM South America includes GM’s existing sales and manufacturing operations in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela as well as sales activities in those countries and Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. As part of GM’s global product operations organization, GM South America has product design and engineering capabilities, which will allow it to continue creating local cars and trucks that complement GM’s global product architectures.

NOAA: Global temperatures in March make coolest March since 1999 even with US’ record-breaking warmth

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Warmer-than-average conditions occurred across nearly all of Canada, the contiguous United States, Mexico, Europe, Argentina, Peru, and parts of northern and central Russia, India, China, and eastern Brazil. Cooler-than-average regions included Alaska, Australia, eastern and western Russia, and parts of New Zealand.

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Maersk and IBM launch TradeLens blockchain shipping solution; 154+ million shipping events already captured on platform

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IBM and Maersk also announced that as part of the TradeLens early adopter program, 94 organizations are actively involved or have agreed to participate on the TradeLens platform built on open standards. Customs authorities in the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia and Peru are participating, along with customs brokers Ransa and Güler & Dinamik.

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Ipsos study finds US among most skeptical of Autonomous Vehicles

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The study was conducted as part of its What the Future series, which couples survey data and interviews with experts in the field to see what “big questions” companies should be asking themselves about the future of their industries.

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IHS Automotive forecasts 88.6M unit global light vehicle market in 2015; 2.4% growth

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The campaign is expected to have a long-lasting effect on premium parts/vehicle prices in China. million units—a 10% drop from 2013; with politics impairing Argentina and Venezuela, and the economic climate weighing down markets like Brazil, Chile and Peru, where it may take a few years for demand to recover to previous highs. IHS Automotive forecasts global automotive sales for 2015 to reach 88.6 million, an increase of 2.4%

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Ricardo study predicts that BRIC automotive markets will be eclipsed by the “Rising-15”

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Ricardo’s Rising-15 automotive markets include: Argentina; Egypt; Indonesia; Iran; Malaysia; Mexico; Morocco; Nigeria; Peru; the Philippines; South Africa; Thailand; Turkey; Ukraine; and Vietnam. The impending maturity and repeated hiccups in growth of the BRIC economies in the latter part of the current decade have been predicted by many industry observers. Positioning the Rising 15. Source: Ricardo Consulting. Click to enlarge.

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New RNP Flight Path Designed by GE Aviation Debuts at Bradley International

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Naverus, a part of GE Aviation, designed the path, which incorporates Required Navigation Performance technology (RNP), a core component of the FAA’s NextGen airspace modernization plan. In Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Peru and now, the United States, GE’s RNP procedures are in regular daily use.

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UOP looking to biomass catalytic pyrolysis to expand volumes of renewable hydrocarbon fuels

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The US Navy’s Great Green Fleet demonstration, currently underway as part of RIMPAC 2012, will consume 700,000 gallons of hydro-treated renewable diesel fuel (HRD76) and 200,000 gallons of hydro-treated renewable aviation fuel (HRJ5)—both fuels a 50/50 blend of traditional petroleum-based fuel and biofuel comprising of a mix of waste cooking oil and algae oil.

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