Startup licenses ORNL technology for converting organic waste to hydrogen

Green Car Congress

The technologies work as a system that converts organic waste into renewable hydrogen gas for use as a biofuel. The system combines biology and electrochemistry to degrade organic waste—such as plant biomass or food waste—to produce hydrogen. During the microbial electrolysis process, a diverse microbial community first breaks down organic material.

2019 98

Michelin Vision concept wheel/tire: airless, connected, rechargeable, organic

Green Car Congress

The concept tire—which combines the functions of wheel and tire—is airless, connected, rechargeable, customizable and organic, is both a wheel and a tire. The Vision tire combines 4 innovations: an organic tire, developed from bio-sourced, biodegradable materials; a rechargeable tire printed in 3D, according to the level of wear and mobility needs; an airless tire enabled by its alveolar interior architecture; and a connected tire. Organic tire. Renew.

2017 97

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Light-powered nano-bio hybrid organisms consume CO2, create plastics and fuels

Green Car Congress

University of Colorado Boulder researchers have developed nanobio-hybrid organisms capable of using airborne carbon dioxide and nitrogen to produce a variety of plastics and fuels, a promising first step toward low-cost carbon sequestration and eco-friendly manufacturing for chemicals. When illuminated by light, these QDs drive the renewable production of different biofuels and chemicals using carbon-dioxide (CO 2 ), water, and nitrogen (from air) as substrates.

2019 109

Give Me A #BreakFreeLA & Then Give Me 100% Renewables RIGHT NOW

Creative Greenius

” Actual reality tells us we already have all the renewable energy and storage products ready to take their place RIGHT NOW, not in some Star Wars Death Star future. I’ve been working on the local 100% renewable energy solution nonstop for the last two years personally, so I know we can get all of L.A. County powered by renewables by 2026. Joe Galliani has been the Organizer of South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group since 2009.

2016 157

Brookhaven team develops energy-dense sulfur-based organic cathode material for Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have designed a new, sulfur-based organic cathode material for lithium batteries. This study was supported by DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The material is more energy-dense, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly than traditional cathode materials in lithium batteries. The research is published in Advanced Energy Materials.

2019 78

Wendy Greuel Our Best Bet To Get To 100% Renewable Energy In Time

Creative Greenius

And what I myself need from our next Representative in the House is the person who will most effectively help me drive the South Bay to 100% renewable energy as we transition off of fossil fuels in the next decade. I need someone who can break the current logjam with the unions like the AFL-CIO and IBEW and get them on board to organize and build the clean energy fossil free future that they will profit from and their children will get the chance to survive in.

2014 179

Biofuel trade organizations form Biofuel Producers Coordinating Council

Green Car Congress

Eight biofuel industry organizations have formed the Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council to advocate jointly for a US-wide policy for increased energy security through domestic biofuel production. The members of the Council jointly pledged support for maintaining the Renewable Fuel Standard and continuing to achieve its goals. Since adoption of the Renewable Fuel Standard, US production of biofuels has tripled.

2012 80

NSF to award $13M to projects focused on electrochemical and organic photovoltaic systems

Green Car Congress

Processes for sustainable energy production must be environmentally benign, reduce greenhouse gas production, and utilize renewable resources. The focus of this funding opportunity ( PD-17-7644 ) is on electrochemical energy systems and organic photovoltaics. The interest in electrochemical energy storage is on high-energy density and high-power density batteries suitable for transportation and renewable energy storage applications.

2017 65

Zero Waste Energy breaks ground on organic waste to CNG fuel facility

Green Car Congress

Zero Waste Energy, LLC (ZWE) broke ground on an anaerobic digestion facility in South San Francisco, CA that will convert organic waste into compressed natural gas (CNG) and compost. The company estimates that each collection vehicle will gather enough organic waste during just one route to fuel it for an entire day, creating a closed-loop system. The project addresses numerous AB 32 requirements, diverting almost 95% of the organic waste feedstock from landfills.

2013 99

Audi organizes all rail transport in Germany to be CO2-free; DBeco plus

Green Car Congress

Audi says it is the first company in Germany to organize its logistics operations by rail to be completely CO 2 -neutral. For the actual rail transport, DB Cargo then completely replaces the required amount of energy with green electricity, which is obtained solely from renewable energy sources in Germany. As of now, all rail transport for Audi AG in Germany is CO 2 -free.

2017 60

Harvard team demonstrates new metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery; potential breakthrough for low-cost grid-scale storage

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Harvard have demonstrated a metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery—a quinone–bromide flow battery (QBFB)—as an example of a class of energy storage materials that exploits the favorable chemical and electrochemical properties of a family of molecules known as quinones. Quinones are naturally abundant, inexpensive, small organic molecules, and similar to molecules that store energy in plants and animals. Cell schematic.

2014 119

Global Clean Energy buys Bakersfield refinery for $40M, converting to produce renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

GCEH will immediately commence retooling the refinery to produce renewable diesel from organic feedstocks such as vegetable oils. The facility, when repurposed as a renewable fuels refinery, will vertically integrate to produce renewable diesel from various feedstocks, including GCEH’s patented proprietary fallow land crop varieties of camelina. Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc., through a subsidiary, has purchased Alon Bakersfield Properties, Inc.,

2020 99

Anglo American Platinum invests in Hydrogenious Technologies; liquid organic hydrogen carrier technology for H2 storage

Green Car Congress

South Africa-based Anglo American Platinum , the world’s leading primary producer of platinum group metals (PGMs), has invested in the first close of the Series A financing round of Hydrogenious Technologies, a company developing liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) hydrogen storage technology. Hydrogenious is developing HydroSTORE, a stationary storage system, to offer solutions to the increasing energy storage needs arising out of further expansion of renewable energy generation.

2014 83

McGill team develops simple system for reversible H2 storage using organic cyclic hydrocarbons; alternative route to solar fuels

Green Car Congress

A team at McGill University in Canada has developed a reversible hydrogen storage/release system based on the metal-catalyzed hydrogenation and photo-induced dehydrogenation of organic cyclic hydrocarbons at room temperature. The system, they suggest in a paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society , provides an alternative route to artificial photosynthesis for directly harvesting and storing solar energy in the form of chemical fuel.

2015 99

Clean Energy signs deals for more than 20M gallons of renewable natural gas in past 45 days

Green Car Congress

announced new and extended contracts for more than 20 million gallons of Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG) to accommodate the continued demand across key business segments for the ultra-low carbon fuel produced from organic waste. Tidewater Fibre in Virginia has extended its service contract renewal for 50 refuse trucks using an approximate 500,000 gallons per year. Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

2020 101

Trillium opening two California CNG stations fed by renewable natural gas in 2020

Green Car Congress

Trillium, one of the US’ leading providers of alternative fuels systems and renewable fuels, is adding two new public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations to its network of California locations. The alternative and renewable fuel provider designed and built CNG stations at two Love’s Travel Stops located in Lost Hills and Tehachapi, California. The stations will offer renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling capabilities to fleet customers.

2019 95

Japan research team reports on new organic electrodes for high-capacity batteries

Green Car Congress

A research team in Japan reports on the demonstration of high capacity, organic tailored batteries using organic molecules with degenerate molecular orbitals (MOs) as electrode active materials in a paper in the journal Nature Materials. Research on organic electrodes has been underway for more than 25 years, as the technology in theory offers the possibility of building greener and more sustainable Li-ion batteries than those built from non-renewable, inorganic materials.

2011 78

Gevo Builds Up Downstream Business Development Organization; Isobutanol to Renewable Hydrocarbons

Green Car Congress

The company is focused on the development of advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals based on isobutanol and its derivatives. Gevo’s technology enables the cost-effective, practical production of renewable hydrocarbons such as isooctene and isooctane for the gasoline market, renewable jet fuel and renewable diesel blendstocks. Gevo has already produced renewable gasoline and jet fuel that meet or exceed all ASTM specifications.

2009 60

Gevo develops process to convert isobutanol or fusel oils into renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

has developed proprietary, breakthrough processes that convert either low-carbon isobutanol or low-value fusel oils—a mixture of alcohols that are byproducts from fermentation processes such as alcohol production—into renewable diesel. Gevo expects this renewable diesel to compete head-to-head on price with natural and petroleum-based equivalents, while reducing particulates and CO 2 emissions. Gevo, Inc.

2019 83

New Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry opens in Jena; organic radical batteries, redox flow batteries and high-temperature batteries

Green Car Congress

CEEC Jena will focus on three types of batteries: organic radical batteries, redox flow batteries and high-temperature batteries (such as sodium-sulfur batteries), with applications for the latter two targeted at energy storage from renewable generation. Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems Hermsdorf / (IKTS) are launching the new Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry (CEEC) at Jena in Germany.

2012 87

Renewable natural gas flowing into SoCalGas pipelines from Calgren dairy digester pipeline cluster

Green Car Congress

SoCalGas) and biogas producer Calgren Dairy Fuels announced that renewable natural gas produced at Calgren’s dairy digester facility in Pixley, California is being injected into SoCalGas pipelines. The project marks the first time that carbon-negative renewable natural gas produced from cow manure has been injected directly into SoCalGas’ natural gas system. In August 2018, SoCalGas began receiving renewable natural gas into its system from CR&R, Inc.’s

2019 92

SunGas Renewables and Hatch partner for design and deployment of biomass gasification systems

Green Car Congress

SunGas Renewables Inc., The alliance will leverage both organizations’ technical expertise, engineering capabilities and market knowledge to accelerate the deployment of SunGas’ biomass gasification systems. The technology platform generates syngas from woody biomass, the critical first step in the large-scale production of renewable, low-carbon fuels and chemicals. a supplier of proven biomass gasification systems, announced a strategic alliance with Hatch, Ltd.,

2020 65

High-density renewable jet fuel from eucalyptus

Green Car Congress

The process, known as biphasic tandem catalytic process (biTCP), synthesizes cyclic hydrocarbon compounds for jet fuel from terpenoids, the natural organic chemical compounds found in many plants. A variety of technologies have been developed to produce renewable jet fuels from biomass feedstocks. For instance, UOP/Honeywell and Neste developed the hydrogenated esters and fatty acids (HEFA) processes to upgrade vegetable oils and animal fats to renewable jet/diesel fuels.

2017 65

NREL modifies organism to produce ethylene via photosynthesis: alternative to fossil-fuel based ethylene for chemicals and transportation fuels

Green Car Congress

Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed a new photo-biological process for the sustained production of ethylene from CO 2. PCC 6803—and demonstrated that the organism remained stable through at least four generations, producing ethylene gas that could be easily captured. The organism produced ethylene at a high rate and is still being improved. And it isn’t going to be a food buffet for other organisms.

2012 85

GM commits to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Green Car Congress

General Motors plans to generate or source all electrical power for its 350 operations in 59 countries with 100% renewable energy—such as wind, sun and landfill gas—by 2050. This new renewable energy goal, along with the pursuit of electrified vehicles and efficient manufacturing, is part of the company’s overall approach to strengthening its business, improving communities and addressing climate change.

2016 92

NYC DCAS to expand use of renewable diesel in city vehicles

Green Car Congress

The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) will expand use of renewable diesel fuel, a 99% petroleum-free alternative to traditional diesel fuel. The City plans to bid a long-term contract to purchase renewable diesel following a successful six-month demonstration period in which the City tested nearly one million gallons of renewable diesel in City fleet vehicles. The use of renewable diesel builds upon the City’s success using biodiesel.

2018 87

6.8M gallons in new contracts for Redeem renewable natural gas

Green Car Congress

CLNE) announced new fuel, construction and service agreements as more fleets convert from diesel to Redeem Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), a transportation fuel made from organic waste that not only addresses short-term air quality issues caused by diesel, but is a carbon-neutral alternative that greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas produced by vehicles. Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

2019 60

Neste and Outotec introduce 100% NEXBTL-derived bio-based diluent as a new solution for base metals extraction; renewable Isoalkane

Green Car Congress

Neste and Outotec have jointly verified the viability of applying Neste MY Renewable Isoalkane as a fully bio-based diluent for extracting metals in hydrometallurgical processes. Neste MY Renewable Isoalkane is produced using Neste’s proprietary NEXBTL technology, a hydrotreatment process that can convert natural oils, such as vegetable oil and a range of industrial waste and residues, into high-purity isoparaffinic hydrocarbon oils with a low sulphur and aromatic content.

2020 65

Fortescue and ATCO to explore the deployment of hydrogen vehicle fueling infrastructure in W Australia; renewable H2

Green Car Congress

Fortescue Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Gaines said the company is committed to working with other organizations to position Australia as a leader in the global hydrogen economy. ATCO’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub has been generating and testing the use of renewable hydrogen for more than six months in gas blending and power applications.

2020 71

Finnish NGO UFF to use Neste Renewable Diesel in trucks

Green Car Congress

UFF (U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk i Finland rf), a Finnish non-profit environmental and development organization, will use Neste MY Renewable Diesel, produced entirely from waste and residues, to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced in UFF’s logistics chain. UFF is an organization that recycles clothing for non-profit purposes, and the organization’s logistics chain covers the whole of Finland.

2017 60

Synthetic Genomics and ExxonMobil renew algae biofuels research agreement

Green Car Congress

ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics have been jointly researching and developing oil from algae for use as a renewable, lower-emission alternative to traditional transportation fuels since launching the program in 2009. Vijay Swarup, vice president for research and development at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, said that renewal of the agreement underscores the importance of the research and recognition of milestones the team has achieved together over the past few years.

2017 88

China to join International Renewable Energy Agency

Green Car Congress

China has announced it will join the International Renewable Energy Agency ( IRENA ). IRENA is mandated by 159 countries and the European Union to promote the sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, and to serve as the global hub for renewable energy cooperation and information exchange. Formally established in 2011, IRENA is the first major international organization to be headquartered in the Middle East.

Swiss authorities’ decision leads to the cancellation of the Renewable Jet Fuel project in Geneva Airport

Green Car Congress

Geneva Airport announced in September 2017 that it aspired to replace 1% of the conventional jet fuel used for aircrafts with renewable jet fuel in a pilot project with Neste, the leading renewable fuels company. The authorities’ decision not to support the Renewable Jet Fuel project in Geneva Airport is a disappointment, but does not affect Neste’s plan to bring Neste MY Renewable Jet fuel to the global market.

2018 69

IBM and Stanford University Developing New Organic Catalysts for New Types of Biodegradeable, Biocompatible Plastics

Green Car Congress

Scientists from IBM and Stanford University are developing organic molecules for use as catalysts (organocatalysis) that could lead to the development of new types of biodegradable, biocompatible plastics. In a Perspective published in the ACS journal Macromolecules , they highlight the opportunities and challenges in the use of organic molecules as catalysts for polymerization reactions.

2010 73

Neste producing renewable “Christmas diesel”; diesel from baked ham fat

Green Car Congress

Neste is producing the first “Christmas diesel” in a holiday recycling campaign inviting Finns to collect the fat from baked Christmas hams in an effort to produce enough 100% renewable fuel to drive around the world three times. By producing 100% renewable diesel from waste fat, the fuel’s carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 90% when compared with regular diesel. We are constantly on the look for new renewable raw materials that we can turn into low-emission fuels.

2016 78

Hawaii opts for EVs and renewable energy

Revenge of the Electric Car

Geothermal is particularly attractive since it’s a “forever&# renewable power source much like wind and solar - but without the intermittency of those clean energy sources. Mr. Agassi has succeeded in assembling a growing consortium of national governments, regional planning organizations and one major car company. Tags: EV News Production News Renewable Energy Inside Track Geothermal

2008 100

Clean Energy Fuels delivered 143M gallons of Redeem renewable natural gas in 2019, up 30% year-on-year

Green Car Congress

Clean Energy Fuels Corp delivered 143 million gallons of Redeem Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) last year as robust sales of the carbon-neutral transportation fuel continued in 2019, closing out the year with significant deals throughout North America. Redeem was the first commercially available RNG vehicle fuel, derived from capturing biogenic methane that is produced from the decomposition of organic waste from dairies, landfills, and wastewater treatment plants.

2020 78

UPS to expand use of renewable natural gas; liquefied renewable natural gas in Texas

Green Car Congress

UPS has expanded its agreement with Clean Energy Fuels to use up to 500,000 gallon equivalents of renewable liquefied natural gas (RLNG) annually in Texas. million gallon equivalents of renewable compressed natural gas (RCNG) annually in California where UPS operates nearly 400 CNG vehicles. Redeem by Clean Energy is a renewable natural gas program that sources RNG, also known as biomethane, using a variety of methods.

2016 60

UPS makes largest purchase of renewable natural gas yet in the US: 170M gallon equivalents over 7 years

Green Car Congress

to purchase 170 million gallon equivalents of renewable natural gas (RNG) through 2026. Renewable natural gas, produced naturally from bio sources such as landfills and dairy farms, not only turns trash to gas, but it turns it into clean gas. Also known as biomethane, RNG can be derived from many abundant and renewable sources, including decomposing organic waste in landfills, wastewater treatment and agriculture.

2019 85

Tesoro to acquire renewable fuels company Virent

Green Car Congress

Renewable fuels and chemicals company Virent and petroleum refiner and marketer Tesoro have reached an agreement for Tesoro to become Virent’s new strategic owner. The companies initiated a strategic relationship in January 2016 ( earlier post ), and have worked together to establish a forward plan to scale-up the technology and reduce deployment risks to meet the increasing demands for high quality, renewable fuels and chemicals.

2016 60

Gevo produces first cellulosic renewable jet fuel specified for use on commercial airline flights

Green Car Congress

has completed production of the world’s first cellulosic renewable jet fuel that is specified for commercial flights. Gevo successfully adapted its patented technologies to convert cellulosic sugars derived from wood waste into renewable isobutanol, which was then further converted into Gevo’s Alcohol-to-Jet fuel (ATJ) fuel. Gevo believes that this would be the first ever commercial flight flown with a cellulosic renewable jet fuel. Gevo, Inc.

2016 87

Keasling: metabolic engineering will soon rival and potentially eclipse synthetic organic chemistry; designer cells for fuels and chemicals

Green Car Congress

Examples include, among a great many other possibilities, the replacement of gasoline and other transportation fuels with renewable biofuels. One area where metabolic engineering has a sizable advantage over synthetic organic chemistry is in the production of natural products, particularly active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), some of which are too complex to be chemically synthesized and yet have a value that justifies the cost of developing a genetically engineered microorganism.

2010 83

CNG Fuels launches renewable biomethane in UK; heavy-duty fleet operators committing to use

Green Car Congress

In the UK, CNG Fuels launched its renewable biomethane fuel, the most cost-effective and lowest-carbon alternative to diesel for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The biomethane is independently verified as renewable and sustainable, and approved under the Department for Transport’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) scheme.

2016 97