Singapore Company Trialing Natural Gas Econic Waste Collection Vehicle

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This is the case in Stockholm, where experience with this technology has been gained over more than six years, and the biogas is produced from waste water and to an extent also from household waste. In Singapore the methane is supplied by GPlus, the natural gas sales division of Sembcorp.

INPEX and Total launch the $34B Ichthys offshore Australia LNG Project; entire 8.5 Mt/y LNG output already sold for 15 years

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The Ichthys project consists of the development of the Ichthys gas and condensate field offshore North West Australia lying in 260 meters (853 feet) of water depth and the construction of an 889-kilometer (552-mile) gas transmission pipeline together with an onshore LNG plant near Darwin in the Northern Territory. Ichthys will provide a long-term stable supply of cleaner energy to. million tons per year of LNG from the project to supply directly its customers.


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France’s IFPEN studying industrial potential of onshore sources of natural hydrogen

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In the future, hydrogen produced through water electrolysis is expected to be used to store energy as a way of compensating for solar or wind power’s intermittent output. In addition to being a carrier of energy, hydrogen could also be a source of energy, and its combustion would emit water (H 2 O) instead of CO 2. In this environment, volcanic systems create hydrothermal circulation, bringing together sea water and peridotites at high temperatures.

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US Mapping Project Highlights Potential for Mineral Carbonation for CO2 Sequestration

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But scientists are experimenting with ways to speed the reaction up by dissolving carbon dioxide in water and injecting it into the rock, as well as capturing heat generated by the reaction to accelerate the process. In May, he and three other Lamont-Doherty scientists will join Reykjavik Energy and others to inject CO 2 -saturated water into basalt formations there.

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