UW researchers discover major lithium resource in Wyoming; potential integrated brine production/CO2 storage system

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Researchers at the University of Wyoming Carbon Management Institute (CMI) discovered a major new lithium resource near Rock Springs during a geological carbon dioxide storage site characterization project sponsored by the US Department of Energy. We’re excited about this discovery and the prospect of creating a completely new industry in Wyoming.

DKRW Advanced Fuels secures EPC contract with Sinopec Engineering for Medicine Bow coal-to-liquids project in Wyoming

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Using bituminous coal from southern Wyoming, the Medicine Bow facility will produce 11,600 barrels per day of very low sulfur gasoline using GE gasification technology and methanol?to?gasoline key engineering, procurement and construction services for the DKRW industrial gasification and liquefaction facility located at Medicine Bow in Carbon County, Wyoming. enhanced oil recovery in the United States, has agreed to purchase all of the carbon dioxide captured by the plant.

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DOE to award up to $12.4M to 11 projects focused on shale gas and enhanced oil recovery

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The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) has selected 11 research projects that will help find ways to extract more energy from unconventional oil and gas resources while reducing environmental risks for awards totalling $12.4 million for three projects investigating innovative processes for extracting additional oil from mature domestic oil fields including Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Natural Gas Oil Oil Shale

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DOE-sponsored drilling projects demonstrate significant CO2 storage at three sites

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Evaluation-related test drilling at geologic sites in three states that could store a combined 64 million metric tons of CO 2 emissions—an important component of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology development—has been completed in projects supported by the US Department of Energy (DOE). Rock Springs Uplift: Led by the University of Wyoming’s Carbon Management Institute, the project team—including industry partners Baker Hughes, Geokinectics Inc.;

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MSU moves forward with DOE-backed CO2 storage project in northern Montana

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The team includes four other universities, three national laboratories and five private sector companies and has experience with carbon storage projects in Washington, Wyoming, Canada, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and internationally. Three companies, Vecta Oil and Gas, SR2020 Inc.

Alaska Senators Introduce Legislation Permitting Advanced Directional Drilling for ANWR

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Mark Begich, D-Alaska, would allow access to the coastal plain’s oil and natural gas resources through the use of underground directional drilling from state-owned lands to the west of the refuge and state waters from the north. million acre coastal plain while still tapping into ANWR to increase domestic production of oil and gas. Directional drilling would allow energy companies to reach oil deposits up to eight miles away with no surface occupancy in the refuge.

DOE Selects 15 Projects Aimed at Secure CO2 Underground Storage

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The US Department of Energy has selected 15 projects to develop technologies aimed at safely and economically storing carbon dioxide in geologic formations. Geologic storage is currently focused on five types of formations:(1) depleted oil and gas reservoirs, (2) deep saline formations, (3) unmineable coal seams, (4) oil- and gas-rich organic shales, and (5) basalts.

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