Pike forecasts NEV market to remain small, although with double the growth rate of light-duty vehicles to 2017

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The total number of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs)—low-speed street-legal electric vehicles—on the world’s roadways will grow from 479,000 in 2011 to 695,000 by 2017, a 45% increase, according to a new forecast by Pike Research. —“ Neighborhood Electric Vehicles ” Pike notes that the definition of NEV caries by country, with some regions not having a definition at all. Annual worldwide NEV sales by region, 2011–2017. Source: Pike Research.

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Honda announces second plug-in vehicle testing program; Japan joins US, China may follow

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Study the low noise impact of electric vehicles in residential neighborhoods. VRLA (lead-acid), Panasonic. The plug-in hybrid electric test vehicle for Japan. Click to enlarge. Honda Motor Co., announced its second Electric Vehicle Testing Program, this one with Saitama Prefecture for its next-generation personal mobility products, including electric vehicles (EVs); plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs); electric scooters; and electric carts.

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