ZENN to acquire 51% of EEStor; most recent 3rd-party testing of EESU problematic

Green Car Congress

Canada-based ZENN Motor Company Inc. ZENN has advanced EEStor $50,000 of the purchase price on the signing of the Investment Agreement which will be converted to EEStor shares if closing occurs. In 2009, Canada-based ZENN, formerly a seller of lead-acid-battery-powered low-speed electric vehicles, switched its business strategy from selling EVs to distributing an electric drivetrain powered by EEStor units, once the EEstor EESU units became available.

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Ian Clifford resigns as CEO of ZENN

Green Car Congress

Ian Clifford has resigned from his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ZENN Motor Company Inc (ZMC) and has assumed the role of Founder and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of ZMC. Clifford, who founded ZMC in 2001, will continue to play a key role in defining ZENN’s future vision and strategic plans, the company said. The purpose of this transition is twofold.

ZENN 170

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Effects of Controller Mods on Zenn's AC Motors

Electric Cars are for Girls

I'm considering buying an '08 Zenn that has an AC motor. My understanding is that the controller (Curtis?) can be modified to


ZENN Motor Changes Strategy to Sell EEstor-based Electric Drive Rather Than Its Own EVs

Green Car Congress

ZENN Motor Company Inc. Ian Clifford, Chief Executive Officer of ZENN Motor Company. ZMC) has decided to switch its business strategy from selling electric vehicles to distributing an electric drivetrain powered by EEStor, once the EEstor EESU units are available.

ZENN 191

ZENN Motor Increases Stake in EEStor to 10.7%; EESU Production Prototype Promised by End of 2009

Green Car Congress

Earlier in July, ZENN Motor Company Inc. ZMC) increased its equity investment in energy storage developer, EEStor, Inc. with an additional US $5.0 million investment. The additional equity investment option was triggered by EEStor’s successful completion of permittivity testing on their Composition Modified Barium-Titanate powders ( earlier post ), a key milestone under the Technology Agreement between ZMC and EEStor. ZMC now owns approximately 10.7% of the equity of EEStor, Inc.,

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Zenn Motors Remains Confident of EESU Delivery by Year End

All Cars Electric

The saga of the Zenn Motors and EEStor continues to wind on. Zenn is a Canadian company, and 10.7% For those that don't know, EEStor is a Texas-startup reportedly secretly building a powerful new energy storage medium that is far lighter, faster-charging, cheaper and longer-lived than lithium ion cells. owner, that is waiting for delivery of


Zenn Motors Remains Confident of ESU Delivery by Year End

All Cars Electric

The saga of the Zenn Motors and EEStor continues to wind on. Zenn is a Canadian company, and 10.7% For those that don't know, EEStor is a Texas-startup reportedly secretly building a powerful new energy storage medium that is far lighter, faster-charging, cheaper and longer-lived than lithium ion cells. owner, that is waiting for delivery of


Zenn Motors Announces it no Longer Plans to Sell cityZenn Electric Car, Just EESU-Powered Drivetrains

All Cars Electric

Ian Clifford is the CEO of Zenn Motors. Zenn Motors has been selling low volumes of low His company has a 10.7% ownership stake in EEStor, the US based company supposedly secretly building a breakthrough battery that is ultralight, low-cost, and long-lived that doesn't require lithium and can be created using-screen printing techniques.


ZENN Motors Requests DOE Grant to Build US-based EEStor-Powered Electric Car Facility

All Cars Electric

Zenn Motors of Canada ( ZNN.V ) holds exclusive rights to build small electric cars using EEStor's forthcoming groundbreaking barium-based batteries. They also hold a 10% ownsership stake in EEStor, Inc. Though these EESUs have yet to be publicly demonstrated, EEStor has previously indicated it will present lab certification data and deliver


Zenn Motors Did Not Get Unsolicited DOE Funding to Build US-based R&D Facility

All Cars Electric

Zenn Motors is the Canadian electric car company which is 10.7% owner of secretive ultra-capacitor start-up EEStor. Texas-based EEStor is said to be building a new breakthrough barium-based battery that will be far lighter, smaller, cheaper, and long-lived than current lithium-ion cells. EEStor has been working on this for at least a decade


ZENN CEO Says EESU Status on Track, No Relation to Decision not to Sell cityZENN

All Cars Electric

Zenn Motors has recently indicated it no longer plans to mass produce its own highway capable electric car called the cityZENN, instead focusing on development and sale of EEStor-powered electric car drivetrains called ZENNergy Drive. Zenn is a 10% owner in Texas-bases EEStor believed to be secretly working on a breakthrough battery that


UL Has Received Request to Certify EEStor's Product

All Cars Electric

Despite these amazing attributes and the fact that Zenn Motor's ( ZNN.V ) entire future is based on selling Electric car enthusiasts are excited about the potential EEStor's as-yet-unseen product known as the EESU represents. An extremely lightweight, low-cost battery that can be charged in minutes and has a functionally unlimited lifetime.


DOE Aware of EEStor but Has Never Seen Functioning Technology

All Cars Electric

As many people are aware, the company is reportedly on the threshold of unveiling its barite-based energy storage devices for use in Zenn Motors electric car powertrains. We are following the compelling EEStor story here on All Cars Electric. These EESUs, as they are known, have been in development for over 10 years and are said to be several


Santa Monica AltFuel Expo Sets up

Plugs and Cars

Phoenix Motors AltairNano powered SUV was the other full BEV. ZENNs and Miles Motors and scaled down pickups and jeeps from companies I'd never heard of. Spent the day at the press event and setup for the Santa Monica AltFuel Expo, being held in conjunction with the LA Auto Show. One can be quite encouraged by the 30 odd alternative fuel cars of all shapes and sizes. I should feel heartened that battery electrics predominated, if you include NEVs and bikes.

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Bright’s Plug-In Car: Aerodynamics Are Key

Revenge of the Electric Car

Waters worked on the battery for the General Motors EV1 and also worked at Ener1, which makes lithium-ion batteries. Some manufacturers such as Zenn Motor broke into electric cars with limited speed vehicles that top out at 25 or 35 miles per hour.) In order to get the same performance, you have to get a much bigger electric motor,&# Frank said in an interview in August.

2009 116

Senators take green cars for a spin

Green Cars News

General Motors was among them with the line of Volt cars seen as the future for the company. One of the most impressive vehicles on display was the ZENN - which stands for Zero Emission No Noise. Capitol Hill made for a strange sight earlier this week as it was surrounded by everything from two-seat sports cars to vehicles that resembled golf carts and bucket trucks. The bizarre collection of vehicles had one thing in common, however - namely alternative energy.

MAEAA Web Links

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Groov-E-Skootz: electricscooter and bicycle retailer Midget Motors : Gizmo distributor SD Scooters : Electric Scooters SunValley Ford : They sold the Ford Ranger EV, now canceled. LTD : BrushlessDC Motors for driving Electric Vehicle AndersonPower Products : Heavy duty connectors AVCON :EV charging stations and receptacles BRUSA Electronic :AC drive systems Cafe Electric : Homeof Zilla (awesome controllers) CoherentPower, LTD. D&D Motor Systems, Inc. :DC

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

In addition to a recent electric car deal with NISSAN Motors ( NSANY ), Portland General Electric, the Oregon state governor and GE have also announced a joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors ( MMTOF.PK ) to develop and sell the Miev electric car with 85 mile range by 2011. Now popular in Europe, Think Global meets all European and US federal motor vehicle safety requirements.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

1) XEL (1) XPV Capital (1) YGE (1) YHOO (1) ZENN Motor Company (1) ZNN.V (1) Cleantech Blog Cleantechblog.com, the premier cleantech site for commentary on news and technology relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and carbon, and the environment.

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