Volvo Trucks presents new electric axle for extended range

Green Car Congress

The new e-axle integrates the electric motors and the transmission into the rear axle, thereby freeing up space for more batteries. More batteries mean longer range, which creates opportunities for long distance transports to also be electrified.

“Very fast:” UNSW researchers develop high speed motor that could boost EV range

The Driven EV News

UNSW researchers take inspiration from South Korean bridge to develop “very-high-speed” motor that could increase range of EVs and use fewer rare earth materials. Electric Cars EV News driving range electric motor

Range 74

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MAHLE says it has developed the most durable electric motor; new cooling concept

Green Car Congress

The automotive supplier MAHLE has developed what it says is the most durable electric motor available: the superior continuous torque (SCT) E-motor. The traction motor can run indefinitely with high performance due to its new cooling concept. Our new SCT E-motor is the solution.

Motor 363

Mahle showcasing new SCT motor at IAA Transportation

Green Car Congress

At the upcoming IAA Transportation trade fair in Hanover, Germany, MAHLE will premiere its new SCT electric motor (Superior Continuous Torque), which provides extremely high continuous power and is therefore especially suited to commercial vehicles.

Polestar releases LCA reports for long-range and standard-range single-motor versions of Polestar 2 EV

Green Car Congress

Polestar has released the LCA reports for the new Polestar 2 versions (Long-range Single-motor and Standard-range Single-motor), including all emissions from cradle to grave. e for the “Long-range Dual-motor”, 46-26 tonne CO?e

Vitesco presents externally excited synchronous electric motor for future EV drive systems

Green Car Congress

This is due to the high efficiency of these electric motors in city traffic or at medium ranges. Permanent magnets based on rare earths are installed in the rotor of PSM motors. Electric (Battery) Motors

Motor 311

Polestar 2 Single Motor achieves 270-mile range, performance upgrade coming for Dual Motor

Green Car Reports

The EPA has confirmed a 270-mile range for the 2022 Polestar 2 Single Motor, while Polestar prepares a performance upgrade for the Dual Motor version. The official EPA range rating comes with efficiency ratings of 107 MPGe combined (113 MPGe city, 100 MPGe highway).

EPA 128

Hyundai Motor unveils SEVEN concept electric SUV

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company revealed SEVEN, the new sport utility electric vehicle (SUEV) concept at AutoMobility LA. SEVEN concept is built upon Hyundai Motor Group’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), a dedicated BEV architecture.

SUV 377

Atlis Motor Vehicles and ArcelorMittal collaborate to accelerate development of electric pick-up truck

Green Car Congress

Atlis Motor Vehicles (Atlis), a vertically integrated start-up EV company developing an electric work truck and the batteries and motors to drive it, signed a collaborative agreement with ArcelorMittal, the leading producer of automotive steels, to help speed its product development.

Motor 353

Lucid Motors releases details about its electric drivetrain technology

Green Car Congress

Lucid Motors provided some details about it proprietary, in-house developed electric drivetrain that will power the forthcoming pure-electric luxury Lucid Air. For their power, the motors are two and a half times more volumetrically compact than the closest competitor.

2020 396

ExOne collaborates with Maxxwell Motors on development of 3D-printed copper windings for axial flux electric motors

Green Car Congress

ExOne and Maxxwell Motors have successfully binder jet 3D printed a high-efficiency copper e-winding design for an electric motor without rare-earth magnets. 3D printing Electric (Battery) Motors

Wind 238

Renault Group inaugurates new production line for electric motors at Cléon plant

Green Car Congress

The Renault Group inaugurated the new “ePT-160kW” electric motor production line at its plant in Cléon. Renault Group has invested €620 million since 2018 at the Cléon site to industrialize the group’s motors for 100% electric and hybrid vehicles.

Motor 238

UNSW team develops new very-high-speed IPMSM motor with improved power density for EVs; new rotor topology

Green Car Congress

Engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, have built a new high-speed motor which has the potential to increase the range of electric vehicles. An IPMSM type motor has magnets embedded within its rotors to create strong torque for an extended speed range.

Motor 195

McMaster switched reluctance motor spinout Enedym closes $15M funding round

Green Car Congress

Enedym, a switched reluctance motor (SRM) spinout from McMaster University, closed a $15-million financing round from an international group of strategic investors within the US, Canada, Europe, and India, including P&A Paletta Giving Inc., The new investment will be used to accelerate Enedym’s patented motor development technology and increase its footprint within the electric motor market. Enedym Switched Reluctance Motors (SRMs) remove the need for these costly magnets.

Motor 264

Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor long term review

EV Central

The car we’re testing is a Polestar 2 Single Motor, which comes with heated front seats, a partially powered driver’s seat, electric tailgate, auto emergency braking and speed sign recognition. Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor. Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor.

Motor 74

Lucid Air EPA-rated at 520 miles of range

Green Car Congress

Lucid Group announced that the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range has received an official EPA rating of 520 miles of range. It is the longest-range electric vehicle ever rated by the EPA, delivering at least 100+ miles of additional range over its closest competitor.

Miles 383

Toshiba develops new magnetic material that delivers improved motor energy conversion efficiency

Green Car Congress

Toshiba Corporation has developed a new magnetic material with characteristics that deliver major improvements in motor efficiency at minimum cost, and with the potential to win significant reductions in power consumption. pt (the measure for comparing motor efficiency.

2020 390

Tula Technology presents findings on its Dynamic Motor Drive at the 42nd International Vienna Motor Symposium

Green Car Congress

DMD’s application to electric vehicle motors has the potential to increase range while using less energy. These improvements increase driving range while lowering total energy consumed. Electric (Battery) Fuel Efficiency MotorsTula Technology, Inc.,

Volvo Cars introduces new single-motor C40 Recharge variant

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars is introducing a range of updates to its entire car line-up, the most prominent of which is an exterior refresh of its fully electric XC40 Recharge. The company also unveiled a single electric motor variant of the pure electric C40 Recharge.

GM details Ultium EV motor family, enabling more range without bigger batteries

Green Car Reports

General Motors on Tuesday revealed more about the motors and propulsion systems that will power a generation of Ultium-based electric vehicles.

Local Motors and Protean Electric extend strategic partnership

Green Car Congress

Autonomous vehicle company Local Motors and in-wheel motor company Protean Electric expanded their long-standing partnership, inking a further three-year deal valued at $7.3 In addition to Local Motors, Protean is currently deeply engaged with four major automotive OEMs.

Motor 238

Infinitum Electric raises $80M in Series D to scale production of PCB motors, support commercialization of new motor for EV market

Green Car Congress

Infinitum Electric , creator of the air-core motor ( earlier post ), announced $80 million in Series D funding to scale motor production to meet increasing demand. Electric (Battery) Motors

Motor 212

Dual-motor VW ID.4 AWD models earn up to 249 miles of range

Green Car Reports

Volkswagen on Tuesday revealed EPA range and efficiency estimates for the all-wheel-drive versions of its ID.4 Adding dual-motor all-wheel drive to the EV, which adds a motor/inverter to the front wheels, drops the expected range by about 10

EPA 146

Mitsubishi Motors to unveil small PHEV SUV concept with four motors and gas turbine range extender

Green Car Congress

At the Tokyo Motor Show lather this month, Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) will unveil the MI-TECH CONCEPT—a small plug-in hybrid SUV featuring a 4-motor 4WD system called Quad Motor with Dual Motor AYC (active yaw control) with 2-motors for both front and rear axle. The light and compact PHEV drive system is optimized for the small SUV; a gas turbine engine-generator serves as a range-extender instead of the usual gasoline engine-generator.

2019 188

Tata Motors has launched electric sedan ‘XPRES-T’ ranges 213km 

Electric Vehicles India

Tata Motors has launched electric sedan ‘XPRES-T’ ranges 213km . Tata Motors has launched a new brand called ‘XPRES’ especially for the fleet customers. Tata Motors has officially launched the first image of its facelifted Tigor Electric sedan.

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New EV Prototype Leaves Range Anxiety in the Dust

Cars That Think

Not long ago, a 300-mile range seemed like a healthy target for electric cars. More recently, the 520-mile (837-kilometer) Lucid Air became the world’s longest-range EV. On the cloudy April trip to southern France, with plenty of tunnel passages, the panels saved 13 kilometers of range.

Range 107

Linear Labs to begin mass production of high-torque M200 e-mobility motor in September

Green Car Congress

The company will start with an allocation of production that is distributed between itself and several Tier One sub-contractors in order to expedite the manufacturing ramp rate and delivery of motors to early customers. The motors can be made using rare-earth or ferrite magnets.

2020 364

€33.7M AgiloDrive2 project for electric motor production launches

Green Car Congress

The aim of the three-year project is to develop an agile and digitalized production system complete with modular product concept for innovative electric motors. —Thomas Pfund, President of the E-Motors Business Unit at Schaeffler. Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Motors

Motor 227

2022 single motor Polestar 2 receives impressive 270-mile EPA range


Swedish EV automaker Polestar has shared an official EPA range of 270 miles for its long-range, single motor Polestar 2 sedan, the company’s longest range to date.

EPA 83

Exro unveils new application for Coil Driver motor controller: optimizing charging and V2G

Green Car Congress

Coil Driver is a next-generation dynamic motor controller that expands the capabilities of electric motors by enabling multiple dynamic profiles in operation. Controls and controllers Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Motors V2X

Motor 344

Danfoss’ Editron division begins mass production of SRPM electric motor in China

Green Car Congress

Danfoss’ Editron division has successfully begun the mass production of its EM-PMI240-T180 motor at its Nanjing factory. A key product of Danfoss’ Editron division, the EM-PMI240-T180 motor is one of the most efficient on the market (96% nominal efficiency).

Motor 238

YASA spin-out Evolito launches as a business with electric motors for aviation

Green Car Congress

YASA spin-out Evolito , a new company developing and manufacturing direct- and indirect-drive electric motors and power electronics for aerospace applications, launched publicly as a privately-owned business. Direct Drive Motors. Indirect Drive Motors.

Motor 260

Hyundai Motor to expand XCIENT fuel cell truck entry into US market

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company plans to ramp up the US commercial vehicle market entry with XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks. At the 2022 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, Hyundai Motor will share the progress of the NorCAL ZERO Project.

Toyota Motor Europe invests in EODev to expand hydrogen solutions

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has become a direct shareholder in EODev ( Energy Observer Developments ). EODev’s REXH2 maritime range extender is a hydrogen power solution that can be integrated into different kinds of ships, in full compliance with environmental and regulatory constraints.

Europe 419

Hyundai Motor puts XCIENT Fuel Cell electric trucks into commercial fleet operation in California with $3.5M from EPA

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor has secured $3.5 The XCIENT Fuel Cell 6x4 tractor model participating in the demonstration is equipped with a 180 kW fuel cell system and e-motor with a maximum output of 350 kW.

Fleet 311

HET motor company Linear Labs raises $6M in new funding

Green Car Congress

The patented HET motor technology from Linear Labs produces up to twice the torque of competitor motors —or the same torque in half the size—and can also be made using rare-earth or ferrite magnets. The 200 series motors are also 1.7 Electric (Battery) Motors

2020 256

Mullen Automotive acquires controlling interest in EV truck maker Bollinger Motors

Green Car Congress

Mullen Automotive, an emerging EV manufacturer, is acquiring a controlling interest in EV truck maker Bollinger Motors. million in cash and stock for a 60% controlling interest, which gives Mullen the majority ownership of Bollinger Motors.

Motor 269

Hyundai Motor to pilot autonomous demand-responsive “RoboShuttle” service

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company will begin a test operation of its RoboShuttle service on 9 August in South Korea. Beginning in July, Hyundai Motor will recruit passengers who want to experience the RoboShuttle service within Sejong City via the Shucle app.

ORNL composite increases current capacity of copper wires; ultra-efficient, power-dense electric motors

Green Car Congress

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have created a composite that increases the electrical current capacity of copper wires, providing a new material that can be scaled for use in ultra-efficient, power-dense electric vehicle traction motors. Electric (Battery) Materials Motors

2020 371

Equipmake and HiETA developing new motor with 20kW/kg power density using additive manufacturing

Green Car Congress

UK-based electrification company, Equipmake, has teamed up with additive manufacturing organization HiETA to develop a next-generation motor as part of a project grant-funded by Innovate UK. By comparison, even the best standard permanent magnet motors in use today would offer 5kW per kg.

2020 369

Electric vehicles motors

Electric Vehicles India

Electric vehicles motors. The motor is also one of the important components. There are two types of electric motors widely used in electric vehicles to provide power to the wheels. The direct current (DC) motor and the alternating current (AC) motor. .

Lucid Motors Becomes an Automaker

The Truth About Cars

The post Lucid Motors Becomes an Automaker appeared first on The Truth About Cars. Electric Vehicles Industry News Blog Production Dream Edition Electric vehicles EVs factory news Industry News Lucid Lucid Air lucid dream edition performance lucid dream edition range Lucid Motors production

IDTechEx: despite efforts to reduces rare-earth use, percentage of permanent magnet-based EV motors rising

Green Car Congress

While there has been much publicity and technical development towards rare-earth reduction in vehicle motors, in practice the market is seeing an increase in the number of permanent magnet motors. Electric (Battery) Market Background Materials Motors

2020 329