BMW revealed 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV

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BMW revealed 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV. BMW has revealed an all-new 2 Series Active Tourer, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) the most popular second generation of a model in Europe. BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV specifications .


Ener1 enters supply and distribution agreement with Lightning Motorcycles

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has entered into a supply and distribution agreement with Lightning Motorcycles, the maker of the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle. As part of the agreement, Ener1 will supply Lightning Motorcycles with its automotive-grade, lithium-ion battery cells—designed for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles—for use in its Lightning SuperBike. —Richard Hatfield, founder of Lightning Motorcycles. Ener1, Inc.

2011 190

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Updated Gen7 BMW 5 Series sedan introduces new 48V MHEV system, more powerful PHEV

Green Car Congress

288 hp 530e and 530e xDrive PHEV Sedans. BMW announced the updated, 2021 7 th generation 5 Series Sedan.

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Analysis: What’s the Best Way to Market EVs?

Clean Fleet Report

Harley-Davidson, the legendary and revered American manufacturer of motorcycles, announced that it is establishing LiveWire as a separate electric motorcycle brand on July 8,2021, just in time for the first of nine outdoor International Motorcycle Shows.

BMW has sold more than 100,000 EVs and PHEVs worldwide over three years

Green Car Congress

In 2015, the BMW Group sold approximately 2.247 million cars and nearly 137,000 motorcycles worldwide. The BMW Group has now delivered more than 100,000 purely electric-powered cars and plug-in hybrids to customers worldwide since the launch of BMW i in November 2013. The BMW i3 alone has reached a figure of more than 60,000 units, making it the most successful electric vehicle in the premium compact segment. More than 80% of BMW i3 customers worldwide are new to BMW.

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Profiling purchases of clean vehicles in California by rebates; PHEVs surge

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account for 14,199 rebates, comprising rebates for battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles (ZEVs); plug-in hybrids (PHEVs); commercial ZEVs (CZEVs); zero emission motorcycles (ZEMs); and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs). Of those, ZEVs account for 7,404 (52%) and PHEVs for 6,542 (46%). For that group, ZEVs account for 6,713 rebates (51%) and PHEVs account for 6,351 (48%).

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Honda targeting 2/3 of unit sales from PHEVs, HEVs and ZEVs by ~2030; PHEVs the core of electrification

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On the motorcycle front, Honda will introduce the EV-CUB, a mass-production model developed based on the EV-CUB Concept electric motorcycle ( earlier post ), to the Japanese market about 2 years from now, and then subsequently in main ASEAN countries, which has been the largest market for the Honda Cub Series.

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BMW shows future drive technoliges; 2 Series PHEV prototype, direct water injection in 3-cyl. engine, and fuel cell eDrive

Green Car Congress

This application of BMW eDrive technologies features the first PHEV system with a front/transverse-mounted. Designed by BMW M GmbH—on the basis of the M4—for use in the world’s top motorcycle racing series, it is powered by a modified version of the high-revving M TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line engine that already develops maximum output of 317 kW/431 hp and peak torque of 550 N·m/405 lb-ft (combined fuel consumption: 8.8–8.3

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Forecast: 3.2M Plug-in Electric Vehicles to be Sold Worldwide between 2010 and 2015; More Than 1M PEVs in 2015

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Pike forecasts that PHEV and BEV sales will reach just over 1 million units in five years (1,081,294 vehicles in 2015), with PHEVs accounting for 44% of that amount. According to a new report from Pike Research, worldwide adoption of plug-in hybrid (PHEVs) and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) will grow quickly over the next five years, with sales totaling 3.2 PHEVs and BEVs will complement, rather than displacing, the market for conventional hybrid electric vehicles.

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Kawasaki, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, and Yamaha partner on producing, transporting, and using carbon-neutral fuels, including hydrogen

Green Car Congress

To do so, the company plans to expand its powertrain offerings by adding plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models to its current model lineup, which includes conventional hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), diesel engine, and battery electric vehicle (BEV) models.

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Massachusetts announces additional $2M for electric vehicle rebate program

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Eligible vehicles include battery electric vehicles (BEV) plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), and zero-emission motorcycles (ZEM). An additional $2 million will be allocated to the Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) program. The electric vehicle rebate program, administered by the Department of Energy Resources’ (DOER), offers rebates of up to $2,500 to Massachusetts residents who buy or lease electric vehicles.

February 2021 – Electric Vehicle News Round-Up

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3 Earth Energy’s Electric Motorcycles are Now Open for Booking. They manufacture electric motorcycles, scooters, commercial vehicles, and autonomous vehicle drivetrains.[ It has started the pre-booking for two new electric motorcycles – EvolveR and EvolveZ.

California ARB posts discussion document on $500M FY 2016-17 spend for low carbon transportation and fuels; $230M to fund CVRP

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CVRP offers vehicle rebates on a first-come, first-served basis for light-duty ZEVs, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), zero-emission motorcycles, and neighborhood electric vehicles. Rebate amounts are $2,500 for battery electric vehicles (BEVs); $1,500 for PHEVs; $5,000 for fuel cell electric vehicles; and $900 for zero-emission motorcycles and neighborhood electric vehicles. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff has posted a discussion document.

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Navigant Research forecasts new EV global sales of > 346,000 units in 2014; 10 predictions for the year

Green Car Congress

Electric motorcycles breakout. Sales of e-motorcycles have been increasing, but the market remains a tiny fraction of the e-bicycle and e-scooter market (5.2 million e-bicycles and e-scooters compared to about 30,000 e-motorcycles were estimated to have been sold in 2013 outside of China), Navigant says. Nonetheless, 2014 may be a breakout year for e-motorcycles. The result of all the factors is that 2014 could prove to be a significant year for the e-motorcycle.

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PHEV Space Reserved for Andrew Wowk and Dale Henderson to Blog in on Meet-up on Sat, 28 March 2008

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

If interested in assisting with the EAA HS Ed Chapter and perhaps, constructing an electric motorcycle, call Dale at (505) 463-0775 to blog in about the meet-up at the Flying Star Cafe and bonding with the "Spirit" on Saturday afternoon in Albuquerque's Old Town, not too far off of Route 66. This space is reserved for: Andrew Wowk and Harry "Dale" Herderson an e-Cycle EVnthusiast and teacher at a Albuquerque Charter HS.

Ricardo Software adds new advanced electrification features to software suite with release 2019.1

Green Car Congress

release, IGNITE includes a range of new features aimed at the requirements of those developing electrified vehicles, including a new smart plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) controller enabling quick and easy out-of-the-box modelling of P0-P5parallel hybrid architectures. Further enhancements include new powertrain libraries to support motorcycle development, both conventional and electric, as well as for powertrain auxiliaries such as DC converters, starters and alternators.

2019 177

Toyota unveils i-ROAD 3-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle concept at Geneva

Green Car Congress

Toyota is paving the way for several types of eco car to co-exist in the future, by adapting its Hybrid Synergy Drive technology for use in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). i-ROAD concept showing Active Lean in action. Click to enlarge. Toyota unveiled the new i-ROAD three-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle (PMV) concept at the Geneva motor show.

Pinnacle Engine pre-production prototype opposed piston engine shows about 27% fuel consumption improvement across different scooter cycles compared to conventional engine

Green Car Congress

The obtained data was used as an input to analyze the fuel economy during three different motorcycle cycles: IDC (Indian Driving Cycle); CDC (Customer Driving Cycle); and WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Cycle). Fuel mass flow comparison shows Pinnacle engine ahead at just about all points in the map. Click to enlarge.

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BMW Group and Samsung SDI expand partnership on electric drive batteries; i3, i8 and additional hybrid models

Green Car Congress

Samsung SDI has developed a complete nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) battery cell platform portfolio and is capable of mass-producing various advanced automotive prismatic battery cells including 5 Ah-Class for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV); 20 Ah-Class for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV); 60 Ah-Class for pure battery electric vehicles (EV) (used in the BMW i3); and 4.0 A total of 1,328 BMW motorcycles (+27.6%) were also delivered to customers.

2014 252

Toyota, Grenoble, EDF and Citélib launching Ha:Mo EV sharing service as part of multimodal transport solution; small EVs for the last kilometer

Green Car Congress

Sodetrel, a fully-owned subsidiary of EDF, brings its expertise in management of charging infrastructure for EVs and PHEVs, commercial management of charging services, and car-sharing service management for the public and private sectors. Very compact, it combines the exceptional handling of a motorcycle or a scooter with the comfort and stability of a car.

2014 224

VW Joke, Kia EV6 Details – EV Week in Review: March 23-30

EV Adoption

The charging stations will have Level 2 chargers, but because the Wrangler 4xe PHEV has a small 17-kWh battery pack, it can fully charge in two hours with a Level 2 charger.

Kia 52

DOE to Award Up to $2.4B for Advanced Batteries, Electric Drive Components, and Electric Drive Vehicle Demonstration/Deployment Projects

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billion in federal funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) in support of the development of advanced electric drive vehicles (EDVs) including plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), electric vehicles (EV), and fuel cell vehicles (FCV). For purposes of production volume estimation each PHEV battery must be capable of delivering at least 5 kWh of available energy (total production of 100,000 to 500,000 kWh).

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Honda announces second plug-in vehicle testing program; Japan joins US, China may follow

Green Car Congress

announced its second Electric Vehicle Testing Program, this one with Saitama Prefecture for its next-generation personal mobility products, including electric vehicles (EVs); plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs); electric scooters; and electric carts. The Saitama program will focus on motorcycles, automobiles and power products. The plug-in hybrid electric test vehicle for Japan. Click to enlarge. Honda Motor Co.,

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UK Awards 24M to 6 Low Carbon Vehicle Projects

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They must also meet minimum range and performance criteria: Vehicle Type: New cars only (‘M1’ category vehicles, this includes pre-registration conversions) i.e. excluding motorcycles, quadricycles and vans. Range: EVs minimum 70 miles, PHEVs minimum electric range 10 miles. The UK Department of Transport has awarded £24 million (US$37.5 million) to six projects to further develop the UK’s low carbon vehicle capability.

2010 204

Audi’s production electric e-tron quattro may set a new standard for vehicle handling; advanced vehicle dynamics control

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However, he started his career as a Formula 1 engineer and is a motorcycle racer, and thus embodies both an analytical and empirical appreciation of the realities of vehicle dynamics, as well as the potential inherent in certain types of electric drive. Driveline layout of the 2011 e-tron quattro PHEV demonstrator.

2015 248

Stimulus Bill Provides Major Increase in Plug-in Vehicle Purchase Credit Program

Green Car Congress

The Senate version made substantial changes, expanding the type of vehicles qualifying for a credit, adding a credit for PHEV conversions, and doubling the 250,000 vehicle limitation to 500,000. Provisions include: A maximum credit of $2,500 is available for electric drive low-speed vehicles, motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles. A 10% credit, up to a maximum of $4,000, for the cost of converting any motor vehicle into a qualified PHEV.

DOE to award up to $184M for advanced vehicle research and development in 8 areas of interest

Green Car Congress

Off-road vehicles, motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, low-speed vehicles, medium-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and other non-conventional passenger vehicles are not desired and will be deemed nonresponsive to this announcement. Electric motor efficiency targets within the FOA. Click to enlarge.

2010 204

EVndeavoring to Do a Month or Two in Review Since July, August. with "Spirit of DC" Hang'in in Phoenix and EVJerry Taking on "Power of DC".

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Sunday August 30, 2009, the 3 wheeled electric motorcycle was finally ready to rumble. Charlie is small enough to get behind the wheel, yes, wheel on this motorcycle. Jerry is the owner of a PHEV Prius with Plug in Supply conversion kit, plus solar panels on the roof installed by Bob Bruninga, Naval Academy engineering professor. Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVADC'rs, and EVnthusiasts, One & All - Gads! How time zips by. when NOT on the road!

2009 36

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Carmakers Say. Our PRIUS+ Project Photos PHEV Resources Global Warming Take Action News and Events Contact Us How Carmakers are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity If you ask, "have major auto-makers come around on PHEVs?", In late 2008, BYD started selling the first production PHEV in China. Daimler/Mercedes Took over Daimler/Chrysler Sprinter PHEV program.

2009 39

VIDEO: Driving a Tesla-powered Smart

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Breaking News Feed 2010 Prius starts at $21,000; one with everything* costs $32,500 REPORT: 2010 Prius PHEV to feature 12-mile-plus EV range Chryslers first EV will be the Dodge Circuit Vectrix in trouble, may be for sale REPORT: Toyota claims 40,000 pre-orders for new Prius Cadillac Converj reportedly approved for production *UPDATED New York 2009: Mitsubishi confirms i-MiEV will come to U.S.

2009 42

Chrysler unveils new electric minivan for the US Postal Service

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Breaking News Feed 2010 Prius starts at $21,000; one with everything* costs $32,500 REPORT: 2010 Prius PHEV to feature 12-mile-plus EV range Chryslers first EV will be the Dodge Circuit Vectrix in trouble, may be for sale REPORT: Toyota claims 40,000 pre-orders for new Prius Cadillac Converj reportedly approved for production *UPDATED New York 2009: Mitsubishi confirms i-MiEV will come to U.S.

Dodge Circuit EV First Drive: electric car makes grand promises on Earth Day

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Breaking News Feed 2010 Prius starts at $21,000; one with everything* costs $32,500 REPORT: 2010 Prius PHEV to feature 12-mile-plus EV range Chryslers first EV will be the Dodge Circuit Vectrix in trouble, may be for sale REPORT: Toyota claims 40,000 pre-orders for new Prius Cadillac Converj reportedly approved for production *UPDATED New York 2009: Mitsubishi confirms i-MiEV will come to U.S.

Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Millions will plug-in their electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCV) at night when electricity is cheap, then plug-in during the day when energy is expensive and sell those extra electrons at a profit. Potential benefits include lower utility bills for residents, smarter energy management, better grid reliability, improved energy efficiency, and support for EVs and PHEVs.

2009 28

Greenlings: Benefits of charging stations vs. battery swaps vs. home charging

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

New York 2009: Mercedes E250 Bluetec concept would get 28/39 city/hwy rating Breaking - Zero Motorcycles unveils the Zero S [w/Video] GM and Segways PUMA live reveal Hyundai to offer plug-in hybrid in U.S.

2009 35

Lotus and Harmon partner up to add sound to hybrids

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New York 2009: Mercedes E250 Bluetec concept would get 28/39 city/hwy rating Breaking - Zero Motorcycles unveils the Zero S [w/Video] GM and Segways PUMA live reveal Hyundai to offer plug-in hybrid in U.S.

2009 29

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Best take on all this has been that SouthPark episode with "It" You want something efficient that uses little resources and doesnt impact traffic and parking, then buy a motorcycle. Glad to see the variety & availability of electic commuter cars (vs hybrids & PHEV) is rising. Seeking Alpha Home The Macro View Stocks & Sectors Global Markets ETFs Investing Ideas Breaking News Transcripts Register | Login Email: Password: Forgot Your Password?

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China × Cleantech — March 2021


Cars Clean Transport Electric Bikes Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Hybrid Electric Cars Mass Transit / Public Transit PHEV BMW BMW iX3 BYD BYD Tang BYD Tang EV CAMS CAMS (???) Welcome to China × Cleantech — March 2021 edition.