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China March 2021

EV Sales

Plugins are a hot item in China, having scored a near-record 211,000 units last month, jumping 244% regarding the same month last year, making it the second best month ever, only behind last December. 11% share!

China 82

Global Top 20 November 2020

EV Sales

With plugin registrations going up 133%, the highest monthly growth rate in over 8 years, with both technologies running hot, with BEVs jumping 125%, to 289.000 units, while PHEVs jumped 155%, to a 125.000 units. BEV) , pulling the 2020 plugin share to 3.8% (2.6%

2020 83

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Global Top 20 - December 2020

EV Sales

Models: Tesla Model 3 three-peats in Record Year After a rough start of the year, the second half of 2020 has become a records fest, with 3 record months in the last 4, with December being one of them, with over half a million registrations. plugin share (1.9%

2020 78

Netherlands March 2021

EV Sales

Tesla Model 3 and VW ID.4 In March, the leader was the Tesla Model 3, scoring its first win since September, this time with 341 units, relegating the previous leader Volvo XC40 PHEV to the second spot, while in 3rd we have the VW ID.4,

China February 2021

EV Sales

Last month plugin share reached 9% (7.5% BEV), and considering January and February are China's weakest months, we can now safely assume that the local plugin market will cross North of the two-digits mark this year, maybe even during the first half of the year!

China 71

China April 2021

EV Sales

Plugins are a hot item in China, having scored over 175,000 units last month, jumping 173% regarding the same month last year, with BEVs in particular growing an amazing 204% rate. April was the second month in a row that the plugin share reached the two-digits mark, by hitting 10% (8.2%

BYD 52

China December 2020

EV Sales

Last month, plugin share reached a record 9.4% (7% BEV), pulling the 2020 share to 6.3% (5.1% Interestingly, in 2019 SGMW ended with just 5% share and Tesla with 3%. Expect these last two to increase their share in 2021, thanks to the Tesla Model Y and VW ID.4

2020 75

Wally Rippel drives the Mini E

Revenge of the Electric Car

This SlideShowPro photo gallery requires the Flash Player plugin and a web browser with JavaScript enabled. Wally worked for a while helping Tesla Motors launch their Roadster, and is now back at AC Propulsion working on the newest iteration of the AC-150. After pulling out onto the street, I gave it a punch to see how Tesla-like it was. The soft whine of the motor is reminiscent of the EV1, and quite pleasing to the ear.

Mini E 126

Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles by Darren Murph , posted Apr 19th 2009 at 4:24PM Just hours after General Motors put forth a proposal for a standardized plug for electric vehicles , in flies this. Reply Neutral KilgoreTrout @ Apr 19th 2009 5:14PM True, but if I havent been mislead by the documentary I have seen, the Tesla should have an even better solution: you just plug it in any normal home outlet and it doesnt require any special plug.

2009 59

Dodge Circuit EV First Drive: electric car makes grand promises on Earth Day

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Chrysler isnt the first to realize that building an EV off of a Lotus platform makes for an incredibly fast and fun experience (see also: Tesla Roadster ) We escaped from the dark confines of Cobo Hall onto a decently sunny day and cruised along the river and past the Ren Cen, gunning the Circuit whenever possible. The car is noisy, with the hum of the electric motor omnipresent when youre not at a standstill. Its no tesla but its still a fantastic little car.

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

General Motors Chevy Volt series PHEV, which it calls "extended range electric vehicle" (EREV), part of "E-Flex" multi-fuel platform. Volvo Ford-owned company exploring PHEVs "ReCharge" flex-fuel series 60-mile concept PHEV w/wheel motors. BYD also developed the motors and software for the system. New York Times ) Ford top 7/19/07 The opportunities and possibilities are huge," Mike Tamor, Ford Motor Co.s Joint Press Release ) 4/4/07 Ford Motor Co.

2009 39

Chrysler unveils new electric minivan for the US Postal Service

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

However, the electric drive portion of the vehicles, including the motor, electronics and A123 System lithium ion battery pack is identical. Motor Trend Magazine has extensive coverage of all cars online including road tests, free videos, buying guides, etc.

These 5 Plugin Vehicle Models Would Benefit Most From Proposed US EV Tax Credit Update (Chart)


As we reported recently, there’s a big cleantech bill moving through the US Congress that would revive, extend, and expand the zero-emission vehicle tax credit in various ways.

11% Plugin Vehicle Share in China!


Plugin electric vehicles are a hot item in China right now, and they scored a near-record 211,000 registrations last month. Last month’s plugin vehicle share actually reached the two-digit mark for the […].


China × Cleantech — February 2021


Of Chinese Vehicle Sales In January Were Plugin Vehicle Sales On the 25th of February, José Pontes reported on the sales numbers of the Chinese EV market for January 2020. Welcome to China × Cleantech — February 2021 edition.