GE unit invests with KGAL in 50-Mw Spanish concentrated solar power plant featuring molten salt energy storage

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million in a 50-megawatt parabolic trough concentrated solar power plant using molten salt energy storage in Torre de Miguel Sesmero, Badajoz, Spain. The GE unit and KGAL agreed to invest structured equity in Extresol II, developed by Spain-based ACS, Europe’s largest developer, builder and operator of solar thermal power plants. ACS has built more than €2 billion worth of concentrated solar power facilities with molten salt storage in Spain.

New $30M ARPA-E program to develop new solar conversion and storage technologies; targeting higher solar penetration in mix

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The primary goal of this funding opportunity ( DE-FOA-0000949 ) is to provide disruptive new solar conversion and storage technology options to enable a much higher penetration of solar energy generation into the US energy mix. a) Hybrid solar converter (award Categories 1A and 1B).

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ARPA-E awarding $30M to 12 hybrid solar projects; conversion and storage

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) is awarding $30 million in funding to 12 projects through its Full-Spectrum Optimized Conversion and Utilization of Sunlight (FOCUS) program, which is aimed at developing new hybrid solar energy converters and hybrid energy storage systems that can deliver low-cost, high-efficiency solar energy on demand. Schematics of technology areas addressed by FOCUS a) Hybrid solar converter.

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Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Receives $10.2M Contract for Concentrated Solar Power Tower with Thermal Storage Technology

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million from the Department of Energy to design and develop technologies aimed at significantly lowering electricity costs using a Concentrated Solar Power Tower with Thermal Storage (CSP Power Tower). Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has developed designs for CSP Power Tower technology that use thousands of articulating mirrors, or heliostats, to track the sun and reflect solar energy onto a receiver mounted atop a 600-foot-tall tower.

ARPA-E announces $12M for five projects in nuclear materials science; first OPEN+ cohort

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Accelerated Materials Design for Molten Salt Technologies Using Innovative High-Throughput Methods, University of Wisconsin-Madison, $1,861,820. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is developing new materials that are resistant to molten salt corrosion to enable promising molten salt technologies used in advanced nuclear reactors, concentrated solar power, and thermal storage.

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GWU team uses one-pot process to co-generate H2 and solid carbon from water and CO2; solar fuels

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The work is a further development of their work with STEP (solar thermal electrochemical process)—an efficient solar chemical process, based on a synergy of solar thermal and endothermic electrolyses, introduced by Licht and his colleagues in 2009.

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ARPA-E awarding up to $24M to 10 projects to support advanced nuclear power plants

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A quantitative assessment will be done on the continuous load following capability of the proposed system that would be capable of sharing the grid with substantial renewable resources such as wind and solar. Terrestrial Energy USA: Magnetically Suspended Canned Rotor Pumps for the Integral Molten Salt Reactor – $3,150,000.

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Researchers Propose Solar-Driven Biomass Gasification Pathway for Synthetic Fuel Production

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Schema of synfuel synthesis through solar-driven biomass gasification. Solar energy produces both heat for gasification and H 2 via electrolysis. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) are proposing a new process for producing synfuel from biomass using concentrating solar energy as its main energy source. High temperature heat for biomass gasification is obtained from a molten-salt system in a solar concentrating tower.

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US DOE Awarding Up To $62M for Concentrating Solar Power Research and Development

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The US Department of Energy has selected 13 projects for investment of up to $62 million over five years to research, develop, and demonstrate Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems capable of providing low-cost electrical power. The thirteen award selections announced today fall into two areas: Concentrating Solar Power Systems Studies. These selections include: Abengoa Solar, Inc. Using reflective mirrors, the sun’s radiation will heat a liquid salt within each receiver.

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DOE awarding >$24M to 77 projects through Technology Commercialization Fund

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Advanced Inorganic Fluors in the Scintillation Hydro-Gel for Isotopic Neutron Emitters (SHINE) Neutron Detection Material for Nuclear Reactor Monitoring Systems, $37,500 Advanced Manufacturing of Electrochemical Sensors for Molten Salt Applications, $75,000 INFlex Labs LLC, Boise, Idaho Application of advanced preprocessing technologies for biopower and biobased products, $300,000 Lignetics Inc., Austin, Texas First Solar Inc., The Solar Foundation, Washington, D.C.

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German researchers improve catalyst for steam reforming of methanol with salt coating; enabler for renewable energy storage systems

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This is a temperature level too low for operating the MeOH steam reforming reaction with high hydrogen yields.Herein, we report that Pt on alumina catalysts exhibit an exceedingly enhanced activity and selectivity after surface modification with a thin-film coating of hygroscopic and basic inorganic salts. Liquid salts have very low vapor pressures so that even under the conditions used for a continuous reaction in the gas phase, they remain on the surface of the catalyst.

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DOE requesting information on critical energy materials, including fuel cell platinum group metal catalysts

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Solid oxide solid acid Phosphoric acid molten carbonate Polymer electrolyte membrane. Solar photvoltaics. Concentrated solar power. Mirrors Molten salts. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released a Request for Information (RFI) on critical materials in the energy sector, including fuel cell platinum group metal catalysts.

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ARPA-E Selects 6 Projects for $9.6M in Funding, Including Improving Efficiency and Power Density of Electric Machines

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The latest funding is going to projects that could improve energy efficiency in buildings by reducing loads on air conditioners; reduce costs associated with generating electricity from solar power; and improve efficiency and power density of electric machines. Two-tank molten salt is currently the preferred state-of-the-art thermal energy storage for solar thermal power plants. Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC (Thousand Oaks, CA): Optofluidic Solar Concentrators.

Solartaxi visits AeroVironment

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The Solartaxi is a realization of one of Louis’ childhood dreams : to drive a zero emissions solar powered electric car around the world. The Q-Cell solar panels mounted on the trailer towed behind the Solartaxi provide 50% of the electricity required for the journey. They’re mainly along for the ride to demonstrate that photovoltaic solar technology is real and available today. Solar trailer mounted 14kWhr Zebra battery pack.

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California Energy Commission awards more than $5.5M for green transportation projects and $1.8M for 20 energy research projects

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Funds for these projects—which span areas as diverse as a new crossover valve for the split-cycle Tour Engine ( earlier post ) to a new solar thermal storage device capable of integration with utility scale solar thermal power plants—come from Commission’s Energy Innovations Small Grant (EISG) program. The device would also capture a wide range of solar temperatures, including those too high to be captured by current state-of-the-art molten-salt heat storage devices.

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Ceramic pump moves molten metal at a record 1,400 ?C; new avenues for energy storage and hydrogen production

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A ceramic-based mechanical pump able to operate at record temperatures of more than 1,400 ˚C (1,673 K) can transfer high-temperature liquids such as molten tin, enabling a new generation of energy conversion and storage systems.

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MIT team improves liquid metal batteries for grid-scale storage; lower operating temperature, cost

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Professor Donald Sadoway and colleagues have already started a company, Ambri (initially Liquid Metal Battery Corporation), to produce electrical-grid-scale liquid batteries, which comprise layers of molten material which automatically separate due to their differing densities. Such systems can be used to match the intermittent production of power from irregular sources, such as wind and solar power, with variations in demand.

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DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

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The new ARPA-E selections focus on accelerating innovations in clean technology while increasing US competitiveness in rare earth alternatives and breakthroughs in biofuels, thermal storage, grid controls, and solar power electronics. Solar ADEPT: Solar Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology ($14.7 Concentrating Solar Power/Nuclear: Novel Tuning of Critical. solar and nuclear applications that will improve thermal. Abengoa Solar Inc. Solar Inc).

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