Green Deals: Hover-1 Origin Hoverboard has a built-in Bluetooth speaker at low of $130, more


This unique hoverboard lets you cruise around the neighborhood at up to 7 MPH for 6 miles before it’s time to recharge. Amazon is offering the Hover-1 Origin Electric Hoverboard for $129.99 shipped in select colors. Matched at Best Buy as part of its Deals of the Day.

Green Deals: Cruise around town this spring on a Segway electric scooter at $470, more


With a maximum speed of 15.5MPH, and a range of 15 miles before you need to recharge, the Segway Ninebot ES2-N is a great choice for both cruising around the neighborhood as well as running to the store for quick errands.


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Study: Four of five new-car buyers can charge EVs at home


“Approximately 22 percent [of] vehicles currently have access to a dedicated home parking space within reach of an outlet sufficient to recharge a small plug-in vehicle battery pack overnight.” Power study, still don’t know they’ll charge the bulk of their EV miles at home.

Electrify America announces $200M additional investment for ZEV infrastructure and education in California

Green Car Congress

Additionally, the company will direct $25 million of the $200 million investment for an initiative in the City of Long Beach and the Wilmington neighborhood of Los Angeles (Long Beach-Wilmington), for a “Green City” program.

Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

Green Car Congress

At launch, 200 connected eScooters will be available in the Berlin neighborhoods of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg. The eScooters have a range of around 100 kilometers (62 miles). Coup handles recharging. Bosch is launching its new Coup eScooter sharing service in Berlin. Coup, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch, now provides Berlin residents with a new mobility option featuring a simple pricing model.

2016 239

Road Trip: 2021 Volkswagen ID4

Clean Fleet Report

985 Miles in VW’s All-new Electric Crossover. They want it to be seen as modern in its design and features, while offering electric efficiency with an estimated 250 miles of driving range. Dana Point to Santa Clarita (120 miles). Santa Clarita to Shell Beach (166 miles).

Miles 81

Top 10 Reasons To Buy An E-Bike

Get Electric Vehicle

They use rechargeable batteries to ride at speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, much faster than most people would cycle, taking you to your destination faster and in better condition.

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Are You Plugged In?

Revenge of the Electric Car

Plug-in hybrids differ from hybrids on the road today in that they can go longer distances on battery power and can be recharged via electrical outlets. Coda popped onto the electric-vehicle stage in June 2009 as an offshoot of Miles Electric Vehicles, a maker of electric light trucks in China. The Whip is a two-seater that can travel at a top speed of 35 mph for 40 miles per charge; it sells for around $19,000. The Wall Street Journal assesses your EV readiness.

2010 126

BMW X5 eDrive Concept SUV

Hybrid SUV Blog

So many automakers are starting to offer people the ‘next-best-thing’: A familiar gas-electric hybrid with rechargeable batteries. Unlike a traditional hybrid, the battery pack in Plug-in Hybrid vehicles can be recharged using a standard 110v plug, or a dedicated 240v charging station. This allows a PHEV to be driven at highway speeds for 10-30 miles, using just electricity.

2013 55

Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

Green Car Congress

In this paper PHEV refers solely to the long-range PHEV of 60 miles (100 km) electric-only range.) The pure electric vehicles, for reserve, must carry heavy and expensive batteries—which add expense as well as weight—and must have access to high-powered recharging stations [ 1 ]. Furthermore, even the older version PHEV can recharge at a slow rate using local solar, wind, water-derived or other net zero CO 2 fuel. These PHEV Volts have a 35 mile (56 km) AER.

2015 300

Coming Soon – The Electric City

Revenge of the Electric Car

And at the headquarters of Pacific Gas and Electric, utility executives are preparing “heat maps” of neighborhoods that they fear may overload the power grid in their exuberance for electric cars.&#. And at the headquarters of Pacific Gas and Electric, utility executives are preparing “heat maps” of neighborhoods that they fear may overload the power grid in their exuberance for electric cars. Photo by Jim Wilson, New York Times.

2010 100

Bright’s Plug-In Car: Aerodynamics Are Key

Revenge of the Electric Car

Bright Automotive says it soon release an electric car with a 100 mile per gallon plus plug-in – and the company says it will keep the car economically priced. Think Tank’s Plug-In Car: Aerodynamics Are Key Bright Automotive says it soon release an electric car with a 100 mile per gallon plus plug-in – and the company says it will keep the car economically priced. million gallons of gas consumed by those white little trucks trolling your neighborhood.

2009 116

BMW unveils the production i3 in New York, London and Beijing; efficiency, dynamics and a supporting ecosystem of services

Green Car Congress

On a full lifecycle basis, with an average European electricity mix, the i3 offers approximately a 30% lower carbon footprint over 150,000 km (93,200 miles) of use than the fuel-efficient diesel-powered BMW 118d, said Dr. Julian Weber, head of Innovation Projects e-Mobility at BMW. The crossover point for the i3 vs. the 118d is at about 50,000 km (31,000 miles), Dr. Weber said. (In kWh/mile.) The battery warranty is valid for eight years or 100,000 kilometers (62,000 miles).

2013 210

DOE to Award Up to $2.4B for Advanced Batteries, Electric Drive Components, and Electric Drive Vehicle Demonstration/Deployment Projects

Green Car Congress

Technologies that are eligible for selection include PHEV and similar extended range electric vehicles (EREV), Electric Vehicles (EV), or fuel cell vehicles (FCV), and the recharging and electric support infrastructure required for each technology. Motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, and other non-conventional passenger vehicles are not desired and will be deemed non-responsive to the announcement.

2009 163

Solar Powered Greenius Producing Massive South Bay Energy

Creative Greenius

As we reported in our exclusive interview with ABC Solar’s Brad Bartz last month, he was battling the City of Torrance on behalf of a homeowner in my very own Hollywood Riviera neighborhood who was being blocked from installing solar by the City. PICC) has completed a breakthrough software upgrade to its plug-in conversion kit that for the first time will allow all-electric mode driving at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour in a converted Prius.

2009 163

Profile: Li-ion Battery and Pack Supplier Valence Technology

Green Car Congress

ton 100 miles+ range van and the Newton is 7.5-12 ton truck with 100 mile range used by local delivery services and courier services. They are usually delivery vehicles working within a neighborhood, and are on the road for 6-8 hour a day and are recharged overnight. After four years they’ll be cost neutral; these guys understand the cost of their fleets down to the pence per mile. ”. by Bill Cooke.

2009 150

Plug In America - Links and Resources

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

100K Mile Club Newsletter Vol. About Electric Cars & Plug-In Hybrids California Cars Initiative , promoting 100 MPG cars Electric Auto Association Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Development Consortium Neighborhood electric vehicle user group Plug In America's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Plug In Partners , demonstrating demand for Plug-In Hybrids Set America Free , promoting steps to energy independence Allies of Plug In America California Cars Initiative Co-op America U.S.

2009 29

Nissan plans to start selling electric car in Seattle next year

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Local Weather Transportation/Traffic Education Environment Politics Real Estate Joel Connelly Webtowns/Neighborhoods Obituaries Special Reports Corrections US/World U.S. The new plug-in vehicle will be able to exceed highway speed limits, go 100 miles on a charge and recharge in four to eight hours using a 220-volt line, similar to those for clothes dryers, said Mark Perry, director of product planning for Nissan North America.

Greenlings: Benefits of charging stations vs. battery swaps vs. home charging

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Although charging infrastructure is beginning to find its way into cities, it may be awhile until they are available in residential neighborhoods en masse. BYD , for examples, says their 60 mile range-extended vehicle can add 30 miles of range in ten minutes. Please feel free to tell us what you believe to be the benefits of some of the various recharging modes mentioned above in the comments section below. I would prefer to recharge at home, and could do so.

2009 35