New BMW 330e PHEV features 50% boost in all-electric range to 41 miles; XtraBoost debuts

Green Car Congress

The all-electric range is more than 50% greater than that of its predecessor—66 kilometers (41 miles) (WLTP) is possible with zero tailpipe emissions. The combined-cycle electric power consumption of the new BMW 330e Sedan is 15.4 – 14.8 The plug-in hybrid system pools the abilities of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and output of 135 kW/184 hp with an electric motor which generates peak output of 83 kW/113 hp.

2019 195

BMW’s “CO2 Champion” Performance Concept is a Plug-in Diesel Hybrid; 50 km/31 mile All-Electric Range; Thermo-electric Generator for Waste Heat Recovery

Green Car Congress

BMW has provided more details on the concept car it will unveil at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show—a concept that Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, called a “ CO 2 champion ” that will demonstrate “ a whole new dimension of driving pleasure with regards to efficiency with performance ” during a press conference late in July. Motors. A second electric motor acts on the front axle.

2009 225

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Volvo Cars to work with Northvolt to boost energy density in battery cells up to 50% compared to today in near-term; seeking 1000 Wh/l this decade

Green Car Congress

Later this decade, Volvo Cars also looks to break the 1000 Wh/l energy density milestone, in order to achieve 1000 km (621 miles) of real driving range. Already with the successor to the XC90, the company will offer bi-directional charging, allowing customers to offload excess electricity in their car battery to the power grid.

Volvo 228

Audi unveils e-gas project: synthetic methane from the methanation of green hydrogen; series production of CNG models in 2013 powered by e-gas

Green Car Congress

Starting in 2013, Audi will begin series production of TCNG models whose engines—derived from TFSI units—will be powered by e-gas: synthetic methane produced via the methanation of hydrogen produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity. The e-gas project consists of two main components: Audi is contributing to the construction of offshore North Sea wind turbines which will generate clean power,that is then fed into the public power grid. g/mile).

2011 295

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

Green Car Congress

The new ARPA-E selections focus on accelerating innovations in clean technology while increasing US competitiveness in rare earth alternatives and breakthroughs in biofuels, thermal storage, grid controls, and solar power electronics. Solar ADEPT: Solar Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology ($14.7 contains no rare earths, in a prototype electric motor. Research, TECO Westinghouse Motor. Motors Research and. QM Power. power applications.

2011 242

MIT study concludes V2G-enabled electric commercial trucks could offer lower total operating cost than conventional diesel fleet

Green Car Congress

A new study by researchers at MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL), concludes that electric commercial vehicles can cost 9 to 12% less to operate than trucks powered by diesel engines when used to make deliveries on an everyday basis in big cities and when V2G (vehicle-to-grid) revenue is incorporated. miles per gallon, compared to 11.56 miles per gallon for hybrid trucks, while the electric-only trucks averaged 0.8 kilowatt-hours per mile.

2012 238

Nissan unveils IMx fully autonomous electric crossover concept at Tokyo show

Green Car Congress

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan unveiled the Nissan IMx, an all-electric crossover concept vehicle offering fully autonomous operation and a driving range of more than 600 kilometers (373 miles). The IMx is propelled by a pair of high-output electric motors at the front and rear, giving it all-wheel-drive capability. Nissan Intelligent Power. Smooth yet powerful acceleration, plus a linear response, delivering both comfort and an exhilarating experience.

2017 174

Nissan displays 3 light commercial truck models using Nissan LEAF systems and components

Green Car Congress

Nissan Motor Co., exhibited five models from its Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) lineup, including three trucks all based on the Atlas 24 model equipped with Nissan LEAF components and other EV-related technologies at the 2011 Tokyo Truck Show: the e-NT400 Atlas Concept; the Atlas F24 Refrigerator Van by Li-ion Battery; and the Atlas F24 Power Supply Truck. The vehicle offers a cruising range of 100 km (62 miles) in JC08 mode. Atlas F24 Power Supply Truck.

2011 207

Volkswagen intends sales of 150K e-cars by 2020; 100K ID, ID SUV; >1M in 2025; more on MEB

Green Car Congress

The zero-emissions drivetrain in the ID family primarily consists of an electric motor integrated into the rear axle with power electronics and a transmission, a high-voltage flat battery pack installed in the vehicle floor to save space, and auxiliary powertrains integrated into the front end of the vehicle. The power electronics are effectively a link that controls the flow of high-voltage energy between the motor and the battery.

2018 237

REV delivers 1st of 4 battery-electric vehicles with V2G capability to TARDEC

Green Car Congress

has delivered the first of what it calls “Ancillary Power Vehicles” (APVs)—batter-electric vehicles with a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capability—to the US Army Tank Automotive Research Center (TARDEC) in Hawaii this week in partnership with Honeywell Aerospace. The vehicles will make use of REV’s bi-directional charging capabilities as part of TARDEC’s micro-grid demonstration. Range is up to 120 miles (200 km) combined city/highway.

2010 207

SCAQMD awards AC Propulsion $300K grant for 3 electric service van conversions

Green Car Congress

The converted vans will run on electricity only and will charge directly from the power grid. With that AC Propulsion and AutoPort solution, the current USPS LLV design is stripped of the gasoline engine, transmission and other components and refitted with the AC Propulsion AC-150 drive system, an integrated power system that includes an AC. induction motor, inverter, charger and 12V power supply.

2010 210

Audi presenting plug-in hybrid Sport quattro concept show car at Frankfurt; 700 hp and 94 mpg

Green Car Congress

liters per 100 kilometers (94 mpg US )—a CO 2 equivalent of 59 grams per kilometer (95 g/mile). Power flows through a modified eight-speed Tiptronic to the quattro powertrain, which features a sport differential on the rear axle. TFSI and the transmission is a disc-shaped electric motor producing 110 kW and 400 N·m (295 lb-ft). The Audi Sport quattro concept can cover up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) on electric power alone.

2013 218

Best EV To Own To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

My Energi

Finally the vehicles special unique power. Elon Musk’s, The Tesla Model S boasts the furthest range of our 5 vehicles with an incredible 405 miles on one charge, meaning it can drive the furthest away from any infested areas during a zombie apocalypse.

Audi and Partners Launch Plug-in Fleet Pilot Project in Munich Region with A1 e-tron

Green Car Congress

It will address a number of issues from the data transfer between the driver, vehicle and electric filling station to the power grid. The Audi A1 e-tron is a range-extended electric city concept vehicle featuring a 75 kW (102 hp) peak power electric traction motor and a single-rotor Wankel engine coupled with an electrical generator with a charge rating of up to 15 kW. miles). miles) of range. g/mile), Audi says. Drivetrain of the Audi A1 e-tron.

2010 185

Renault makes public its lifecycle study of Fluence ICE vs Fluence EV

Green Car Congress

is shown with both UK and French grid mixes. The study used the series production versions launched in 2011, with the assumption of operation for 150,000 km (93,205 miles). Since the BEV version has a shorter range, Renault noted, the way in which the miles are accumulated could differ from that of the ICE vehicles.). 22 kWh pack, 70 kW motor). Renault’s comparison of the carbon footprint of EV and ICE vehicles over production, operation and end of life.

2013 291

GETRAG to Exhibit Boosted Range Extender at METAV; Electric and Mechanical Drive

Green Car Congress

The Boosted Range Extender combines a two-cylinder combustion engine with an electric motor, alternator and power-shiftable two-speed transmission. The electric motor provides continuous output of 30-45 kW, depending upon vehicle platform, with maximum output of 45-80 kW. The power shift transmission is actuated via a compact integrated control module/hydraulics unit. The increased wheel torque provides very good acceleration values and strong climbing power.

2010 192

Porsche introducing new plug-in Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUV; third plug-in from Porsche

Green Car Congress

kWh, which enables an all-electric driving range of 18 to 36 km (11 to 22 miles), depending on the style of driving and route topography. The power of the electric motor was more than doubled from the previous Cayenne S Hybrid—from 47 hp (34 kW) to 95 hp (70 kW)—resulting in an all-electric top speed of 125 km/h (78 mph). The traction battery can be charged from the electric power grid or while driving.

2014 191

Siemens Highlights Prototypes of New Drive Systems for Electric Cars

Green Car Congress

Siemens Corporate Technology , Siemens’ research organization, supplied the drive systems for the prototypes of two electric cars shown at the Geneva Motor Show. For each of two automotive firms—the Swiss concept car manufacturer Rinspeed and the German company RUF Automobile GmbH—the Siemens research team developed an integrated system consisting of a motor/generator, power electronics and an interface with a battery connection. The powertrain components for the eRUF.

2009 150

New Plug-In

Plug In Partners

AFS Trinity and Richardo to Develop Plug-In Source: AFS Trinity Jan 25, 2006 SEATTLE and LONDON An Extreme Hybrid™ car -- which plugs into house current from the power grid for most of its power and is expected to give the average driver more than 250 miles per gallon of gasoline -- moved closer to reality today according to news from AFS Trinity Power Corporation and the leading global automotive engineering firm, Ricardo.

2006 100

Calif. Energy Commission to award more than $44M for hydrogen refueling and alternative fuel vehicle projects

Green Car Congress

Approved awards include funding for new compressed natural gas fueling infrastructure; electric vehicle charging stations at grocery stores in Southern California; buy-down reservations to offset the cost of purchasing propane and natural gas vehicles, including 97 school buses; a clean vehicle rebate program; a biofuel facility that will convert organic waste into natural gas; and a US Department of Defense vehicle-to-grid demonstration project. American Honda Motor Company, Inc.,

2013 161

Opinion: Debunking the mythsWhy fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are viable for the mass market

Green Car Congress

Despite the recent progress, a number of myths around the use, power efficiency and cost of fuel cells still exist. A hydrogen-powered version of Hyundai’s Tucson sport utility vehicle has already appeared in southern California showrooms. In August 2014, Hyundai’s ix35 fuel cell model was driven a record distance for a hydrogen-powered production car on a single tank, covering 435 miles across three Scandinavian countries.

2014 235

Volkswagen’s first two production battery-electric vehicles debut at Frankfurt

Green Car Congress

A compact electric motor (60 kW / 82 PS and 210 Nm starting torque), the lithium-ion battery integrated into the floor and the power electronics form the hub of the new high-tech car’s drive system. The electric motor’s power is transferred to the front wheels via a single-speed gearbox. Motor and gearbox assembly. By way of comparison: the most powerful conventional e-up! These 204 cells add up to a rated voltage of 374 V and rated power of 18.7

2013 273

Audi introducing electric 1+1 urban concept at Frankfurt with support for wireless charging; more detail on electric A2 concept

Green Car Congress

The electric-powered show car has four wheels, combines elements of a racecar, a roadster, a fun car and a city car, and weighs just 480 kilograms (1,058.22 Four disc brakes provide the stopping power. Thanks to the vehicle’s low weight, the rack-and-pinion steering does not require any power assistance. The study’s two electric motors together produce 15 kW (20 hp) of continuous power and 47 N·m (34.67

2011 185

Cash for Volts?

Revenge of the Electric Car

Updated to attribute projection on “smart-grid&# earnings to FERC Chairman.). However, “we’re talking about heavy investment&# in cars, batteries and supporting technology, said Nissan Motor Co. By contrast, hybrid vehicles that mix traditional internal- combustion engines with electric power accounted for less than 3% of car sales in 2008, more than a decade after their introduction.

Volt 100

Coming Soon – The Electric City

Revenge of the Electric Car

And at the headquarters of Pacific Gas and Electric, utility executives are preparing “heat maps” of neighborhoods that they fear may overload the power grid in their exuberance for electric cars.&#. And at the headquarters of Pacific Gas and Electric, utility executives are preparing “heat maps” of neighborhoods that they fear may overload the power grid in their exuberance for electric cars. And local electrical grids may need reinforcement.

2010 100

Three Battery-Electric Opel Merivas to Participate in MeRegioMobil Research Project; Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

Green Car Congress

The research project has the goal of integrating electrical vehicles as mobile energy storage units in the future intelligent power grid (smart grid). The electric Meriva features electronic controls which permit high power electrical recharging using both a 230-volt single-phase household current as well as 400-volt three-phase AC. The electric Meriva has a 60 kW (82 hp) three-phase asynchronous motor with integrated power electronics and planetary gear.

2010 170

BMW to Premiere the Concept ActiveE at NAIAS 2010 in Detroit; Electric 1 Series Is The Second EV Project Under i Megacity Vehicle Initiative

Green Car Congress

The insights gathered in the process will be fed into the development of an electrically powered serial production vehicle which the BMW Group will put on the market under a sub-brand of BMW in the first half of the next decade. Motor. The motor, specially developed for the model and located in the rear axle, delivers 125 kW/170 hp and provides maximum torque of 250 N·m/ 184 lb-ft. The BMW Concept ActiveE. Click to enlarge.

2009 196

US National Research Council Report Finds Plug-in Hybrid Costs Likely to Remain High; Fleet Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions Benefits Will Be Modest for Decades

Green Car Congress

The PHEV-10, similar to the Prius Plug-In ( earlier post ) has a larger battery pack than an HEV to allow 10 miles of driving powered by electricity only and a gasoline engine that drives the wheels in parallel with the electric motor when power demand is high or the batteries are discharged. It has a 40-mile electric range, a larger electric motor, and a much larger battery than the PHEV-10. NRC projections of number of PHEVs in the US light-duty fleet.

2009 170

Major study concludes achieving EU 2050 transport decarbonization goals will require portfolio of advanced powertrains; fuel cells, battery-electric and plug-in hybrids

Green Car Congress

more than 50% of demand—will be available for passenger cars, given the potential demand for biofuels from other sectors, such as goods vehicles, aviation, marine, power and heavy industry. Car manufacturers: BMW AG, Daimler AG, Ford, General Motors LLC, Honda R&D, Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, Nissan, Renault, Toyota Motor Corporation, Volkswagen.

2010 210

Renault Unveils Four Concept EVs and Quickdrop Battery Switch System; Commits to 100,000 EVs with Better Place

Green Car Congress

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault unveiled four Lithium-ion battery electric concept vehicles that provide a preview of Renault’s range of production electric vehicles to be released from 2011 on: Twizy ZE Concept (city car); Zoe ZE Concept (compact car); Fluence ZE Concept (5 passenger sedan); and Kangoo ZE Concept (electric van). The power electronics and electric machine unit. The EV has a top speed of 75 km/h (47 mph), and a projected range of 100 km (62 miles).

2009 241

GM Quantifies CO2 and Fuel Consumption Reductions Via E-REVs And PHEVs, As Compared To Conventional Hybrids

Green Car Congress

General Motors has released a white paper that evaluates the CO 2 reduction potential of extended-range electric vehicles (E-REVs) as well as plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), in combination with multiple vehicle charging scenarios, as compared to conventional hybrids. Charge-sustaining fuel economy for all vehicles is assumed to be 36 miles per US gallon. However, all motive power, including that from the battery pack, ultimately comes from the combustion of liquid fuel.

2009 150

SAE Hybrid Standards Committee: Works In Progress For 2009

Green Car Congress

During the SAE 2009 World Congress in Detroit, Gary Kissel of General Motors presented an update of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicle standards being revised or developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Hybrid Standards Committee. Instead, fuel usage and watt-hours per mile will be stated separately, with the baseline charging assumption being one energy storage charge per day for each vehicle being tested. J2894: Charging Power Quality.

2009 163

Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

A PHEV can provide power to an entire home in the case of an outage; A fleet of PHEVs could power critical systems during emergencies. Plug-In Hybrids Are Cleaner (Even on a Coal Grid) [ to top ] This entire section is finally obsolete -- because we now have a definitive study by the Electric Power Research Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Only PHEVs and battery EVs get cleaner as they get older - because the electric grid gets cleaner every decade.

Tennessee, Nissan and TVA forge a path for electric car | | The Tennessean

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Facebook Digg Reddit Newsvine Twitter Tennessee may be getting a jump-start on preparations for the electric car, but how quickly Americans take to it and how enthusiastically power companies support it remain key questions as the government and automakers push for more alternative-fuel vehicles. headquarters  an electric-powered version of the new Nissan Cube crossover vehicle  isnt the model the automaker will introduce here next year. 16,000 miles.

Expert panel report finds achieving 1M plug-in vehicles in US by 2015 would require concentrated action to overcome barriers

Green Car Congress

At a media dinner at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month, Ford Motor Executive Chairman Bill Ford made some observations on the prospects for electric vehicles: “ Here we are today now, embarking upon something which is very different for our industry. The chairman of the IU panel, former Ford Motor Co. Modernizing the Electric Power System. Detailed knowledge of the power grid is required to ensure that outages are avoided.

2011 191

CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Power and Associates 2004 report ]. Environmental Effects and Benefits to top Wont all these cars require us to build even more power plants? A January 2007 Pacific National Laboratory study shows that if we woke up tomorrow and all our vehicles could plug in, todays grid could support more than three-quarters of them charging at night without building a single power plant. Dont PHEVs just shift pollution from gasoline cars to power plants?

2009 34

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Price tag: about $25,000, made from 95% recyclable materials with a top speed of 65 miles per hour and range of 110 miles per charge. In addition to a recent electric car deal with NISSAN Motors ( NSANY ), Portland General Electric, the Oregon state governor and GE have also announced a joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors ( MMTOF.PK ) to develop and sell the Miev electric car with 85 mile range by 2011. gallons of gas every 1000 miles.

2009 32

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Small long-term evaluation program, including modeling of vehicle-to-grid building benefits and economics, begun with Southern California Edison, joined by EPRI, other utilities, US DOE. General Motors Chevy Volt series PHEV, which it calls "extended range electric vehicle" (EREV), part of "E-Flex" multi-fuel platform. Volvo Ford-owned company exploring PHEVs "ReCharge" flex-fuel series 60-mile concept PHEV w/wheel motors. Joint Press Release ) 4/4/07 Ford Motor Co.

2009 39