ARPA-E to award up to $35M to develop tools to transform operations and maintenance of advanced nuclear reactors

Green Car Congress

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) announced up to $35 million in new funding for the development of tools and systems that will enable reduced expense and increased flexibility in the operation and maintenance at nuclear power plants.

2019 199

ULEMCo delivers water tanker converted to use hydrogen dual fuel

Green Car Congress

UK-based ULEMCo has worked with Yorkshire Water to produce what is believed to be the first water tanker anywhere to operate on hydrogen fuel. Maintenance and service package.

2020 227

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ARPA-E announces $11M for innovations in energy-water processing and agricultural sensing technologies; fourth, fifth OPEN+ cohorts

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) announced $11 million in funding for 7 projects in the fourth and fifth cohorts of the agency’s OPEN+ program: Energy-Water Technologies and Sensors for Bioenergy and Agriculture. Energy-Water cohort teams will develop new, energy-efficient processing technologies for industrial (particularly oil and gas) and municipal wastewater. Energy-Water Technologies cohort. ARPA-E Sensors Water

2019 163

City of Milpitas Launches Comprehensive Smart City Energy & Water Savings Program with ENGIE North America

EV Obssesion

Million Per Year in Energy, Water Costs We’re proud to partner with @MilpitasCityGov on a new smart city energy and water infrastructure program. This program is designed to improve citywide services, conserve and generate clean energy, and reduce operations and maintenance […].

DOE awarding $35M to 11 projects for hydrokinetic turbine development; ARPA-E SHARKS

Green Car Congress

Projects are encouraged to apply concurrent (as opposed to sequential) design methodologies: control co-design, co-design, and designing for operation and maintenance. It has a low maintenance cost, resulting in a lower cost of energy. ARPA-E Power Generation Water Wave and Tidal

2020 344

ABB Develops Cost-Effective Process to Clean Oily Produced Water

Green Car Congress

Oily water treatment schematics. ABB has developed a water treatment technology that cleans oily wastewater—by far the largest waste product in oil and gas production—quickly, cost-effectively and energy-efficiently. Oily wastewater, also known as produced water, is basically water that is trapped in underground formations that is brought to the surface during oil and gas production. About seven to ten barrels of produced water are generated for each barrel of oil.

Water 174

Solar-to-Hydrogen Water Splitter Outlasts Next Best Tech By 14x

Cars That Think

To split water into hydrogen on a large scale, we need technologies that are sustainable, efficient, scalable and durable. By contrast, the sustainable solar-to-hydrogen approach has concentrated on photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting.

Solar 86

Propane Autogas fueling nearly 600 Nestlé Waters’ delivery trucks; about 30% of NA fleet

Green Car Congress

Nestlé Waters North America’s is deploying more than 400 additional medium-duty beverage delivery trucks fueled by propane autogas. With propane being domestically produced, it’s proven to have a more stable cost per gallon, while the fueling and maintenance infrastructures are much more cost effective than other alternative fuel options. —Bill Ardis, national fleet manager for the ReadyRefresh business unit of Nestlé Waters.

2017 150

Nestlé Waters North America adds 155 new medium-duty propane autogas trucks to delivery fleet

Green Car Congress

Nestlé Waters North America is adding more than 150 medium-duty beverage delivery trucks fueled by propane autogas. The new medium-duty delivery trucks, added to the company’s existing autogas fleet of 30 Ford trucks of the same model, will also help the company save on maintenance and fuel costs. The Nestlé Waters North America propane trucks are used to deliver product to its customers across the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.,

2016 183

Clean water company Ostara raises $14.5M for major expansion

Green Car Congress

a clean water company that recovers phosphorus and nitrogen from industrial and municipal wastewaters to create premium fertilizers, completed a US$14.5-million private equity financing. The dissolved nutrients promote the formation of obstructive struvite—magnesium ammonium phosphate (NH 4 MgPO 4 ·6H 2 O)—scale in piping, pumps and valves resulting in severe impacts to plant reliability, efficiency and operating and maintenance costs.

2012 200

Showa Denko starts volume production of water-based anode binder for Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

SDK) has begun volume production of its “Polysol LB Series” water-based anode binder for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The product is a water-based emulsion containing acrylic synthetic resin particles, ensuring lower environmental impact at the time of production compared with solvent-based binders. Showa Denko K.K.

2013 238

Saft wins major primary lithium battery orders for smart gas and water meter projects in China

Green Car Congress

In its first smart gas meter contract in China, Saft will supply around 500,000 Li-SOCl 2 cells over the next four years to one of the country’s top five smart gas meter OEMs and around 500,000 Li-SOCl 2 cells to the leading water meter OEM in China over the next six months. China’s total demand for smart gas meters is estimated at 40-50 million units between 2011 and 2015, it is also estimated that shipment of smart water meters will reach more than 10 million units in 2015.

2013 207

Shanghai ISSON Power Quality Co. deploys Maxwell ultracaps to power deep-water port electric cranes

Green Car Congress

has installed 126 Maxwell Technologies 125V Heavy Transportation Modules in a power system that operates 26 ship-to-shore cranes for loading and unloading container ships at the Yangshan Deep-Water Port. The Shanghai Yangshan Deep-Water Port is a national-grade super harbor connected to the mainland by a 20-mile long bridge. Shanghai ISSON Power Quality Co.,

2013 183

ARPA-E to award $60M to 2 programs: enhancing biomass yield and dry-cooling for thermoelectric power

Green Car Congress

ARPA-E’s ARID program will focus on new power plant cooling technologies that could significantly improve the overall energy efficiency of thermoelectric power plants by enabling high thermal-to-electric energy conversion efficiency with zero net water dissipation into the atmosphere. The US electric power industry has relied primarily on water cooling technologies to remove low grade heat from thermoelectric power plants. ARPA-E Biomass Biotech Power Generation Water

2014 222

DOE to Support Research Associated with Water Issues for Shale Gas and Alaskan Oil and Natural Gas

Green Car Congress

Increasing population, heightened per capita water demands, regional droughts, and concerns over climate change have combined to make water issues even more pressing. As water supplies become scarcer, the protection of existing supplies becomes even more critical and water from oil and natural gas development is being viewed as a potential resource rather than a waste.

2009 150

bp investing $269M to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and grow renewable diesel production at Cherry Point Refinery

Green Car Congress

The $169-million Hydrocracker Improvement Project (HIP) will improve efficiency and reduce periods of planned maintenance, resulting in fewer unit shutdowns and associated flaring events. Cooling Water Infrastructure Project. Cooling water is vital to safe operations.

Diesel 212

Maersk selects Wärtsilä HY Module hybrid solution for AHTS vessel conversion

Green Car Congress

The hybrid power conversion will be carried out on the Maersk Minder , a deep-water anchor-handling tug-supply (AHTS) vessel during the early part of 2022. The conversion will also reduce the vessel’s maintenance requirements while increasing operational performance.

Study links deterioration of concrete and asphalt to trace quantities of organic matter; diesel exhaust, windshield washer fluids

Green Car Congress

These deteriorated structures are unsafe for their intended purposes; rapid deterioration reduces the expected lifespan of structures, thereby increasing the costs for maintenance or replacement. Organic matter in water accelerates deterioration of asphalt pavements.

Moscow to introduce electric ships for river public transport; solicitation to open in September

Green Car Congress

Water transport first appeared in the city in 1923. In 2006 regular water transport on the Moskva River stopped running—only leisure trips remained. The city of Moscow is planning to bring back river public transport after an absence of 16 years.

ARPA-E to award $27M for advanced nuclear reactor systems operational technology: GEMINA

Green Car Congress

GEMINA’s goal is to reduce fixed operations and maintenance (O&M) costs from ~13 $/MWh in the current fleet to ~2 $/MWh in the advanced fleet. GEMINA projects include: GE Research: AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance Digital Twins for Advanced Nuclear Reactors - $5,412,810.

2020 270

Dürr builds high automation paint shop for Ford in Mexico

Green Car Congress

As for the two main 3-wet topcoat painting booths, Ford opted for the proven EcoEnvirojet wet scrubber technology with its easy cleaning access and maintenance. The system allows for paint separation without the use of water or chemicals.

Mexico 343

Siemens Energy and Siemens Mobility to develop and offer hydrogen systems for trains

Green Car Congress

This can be achieved—completely CO 2 -free—with the electrolysis of water using. Siemens Energy and Siemens Mobility have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) jointly to develop and offer hydrogen systems for trains.

2020 364

Bird unveils new consumer e-Bike for purchase: Bird Bike

Green Car Congress

Gates Carbon Belt Drive simplifies maintenance and extends vehicle longevity. Safety certified and IP65+ water resistant battery increases security and safety. Bird, a leader in electric shared micromobility services, unveiled the Bird Bike, a new e-bike that you can own.

Neste invests in Sunfire, developer of high-temperature electrolysis and Power-to-X solutions

Green Car Congress

The company’s patented technology allows the production of renewable hydrogen as well as the direct conversion of water and CO 2 into raw material for petrochemical products.

2020 282

Partial suspension of two Nornickel mines to reduce 2021 production of nickel by 35 kt, copper by 65 kt and PGM by 22t

Green Car Congress

Due to the increased water inflow to the drainage systems of the mine and in accordance with safety procedures and applicable law, the company partially suspended operations at the mine. Once the backfill mix has hardened, the water inflow will be shut off by closing the valves.

Water 212

First Lexus EV to offer 10-year battery warranty

Green Car Congress

For the UX 300e, Lexus developed a battery cell air-cooling system which is safer and lighter than water-cooled systems. For a long, trouble-free service life, the battery pack is fitted with rubber seals to protect it from water and dust.

2020 355

BMW Group opens >$1B plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico; digitalization and new sustainability benchmarks

Green Car Congress

The new BMW Group plant is a pioneer in the field of intelligent maintenance. Smart Maintenance Assistant Software is being used for the first time, enabling proactive maintenance throughout the plant to be planned ahead of time, thereby increasing equipment availability. Service activities are based on current, intelligently organized system data instead of predefined maintenance intervals. Careful use of water resources is a primary sustainability objective.

2019 163

Dürr building smart and resource-efficient paint shop at San Luis Potosí in Mexico for BMW Group; Industry 4.0

Green Car Congress

Responsible use of water resources is a particular sustainability goal in San Luis Potosí. The facility will have the lowest water consumption per vehicle produced in the production network. The water needed for the painting process is reconditioned and recycled. The waste water treatment plant, the deionization system of the water (DI plant), and the shop ventilation are also included in the scope of services.

2018 219

King County Metro completes accelerated durability and reliability testing of Proterra electric bus

Green Car Congress

The bus was hauling 14,500 lbs (6,577 kg) of water ballast during the entire test period, which represents 125% of a normal full load of 77 passengers with standees. It was out of service for only 6 days, including 3 holidays, preventative maintenance checks summing to 1 day, and 2 days of quick maintenance to resolve minor issues. Total estimated cost of maintenance for this test, incl.

2016 204

Tesla Model 3 used by Police Department reveals massive financial savings


The ongoing cost of the Model 3 is comparatively less than that of the Ford Explorer based on routine maintenance and fuel costs. Reduced maintenance. It is one example of how an EV saves on maintenance.

Eni and RenOils to boost collection of used cooking oil for biofuel production

Green Car Congress

As well as clogging domestic drains and the network as a whole, increasing maintenance costs, disposal through the sewage network impairs the correct operation of the purification systems and increases those costs too. One liter of oil generates up to four kilograms of sewage sludge which then needs to be treated as waste, can arrive at aquifers and make the water undrinkable and pollute surface water, harming the ecosystem, flora and fauna.

2019 214

Dept of Interior approves plan for largest solar project in US; 690 MW Gemini Solar with 380 MW battery system

Green Car Congress

The Department of the Interior (Department) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have approved a proposal to construct and operate the largest solar project in United States history. US Secretary of the Interior David L.

2020 230

Tritium introduces scalable charging platform for EVs

Green Car Congress

The fully sealed enclosure significantly reduces wear and tear, decreasing the need for maintenance, and prolonging the life of the charger.

2020 324

DOE awards $10.5M for next-generation marine energy systems

Green Car Congress

Projects funded under these awards will improve the survivability characteristics and reduce uncertainty regarding installation, operations, and maintenance of MHK systems operating in potentially harsh marine conditions, thus extending their lifespans and ultimately leading to a reduction in the cost of MHK-derived energy. Oscilla Power is developing a WEC consisting of a surface float that is tethered to a base suspended in the water.

2015 150

AECOM awarded contract to build Faraday Future’s $1B N American EV manufacturing plant

Green Car Congress

Structural glass, a water feature and dark sky-compliant outdoor lighting fixtures will welcome visitors and thousands of production workers by connecting the plant with the landscape. The project will also feature extended life-cycle materials that require less maintenance. The current demolition work includes the digging of water retention pools to store water for compaction and use in the building’s cooling towers.

2016 207

Toshiba to partner with Kawasaki City on 5-year demo of independent energy supply system utilizing solar power and hydrogen

Green Car Congress

The independent energy supply system combines a 25 kW photovoltaic facility; a storage battery; hydrogen-producing water electrolysis equipment; hydrogen (275 Nm 3 ) and water tanks; and fuel cells. Electricity generated from the photovoltaic installations will be used to electrolyze water and produce hydrogen, which will then be stored in hydrogen tank and used in the fuel cells to provide electricity and hot water (60?/h).

2014 207

DNV GL researchers develop concept autonomous, battery-electric short-range shipping vessel; 3,000 kWh battery

Green Car Congress

This reduces operating costs by minimizing the number of high maintenance parts such as rotational components. The vessel has an average speed of 6 knots and faces less water resistance than other ships, which usually travel at about 8.7 The slight loss of speed allowed the engineers to fit a straight vertical bow, further reducing water resistance along the ship’s entire profile and ultimately saving energy.

2014 207

Hydrogenics and Alstom Transport to develop and commercialize H2 fuel-cell commuter trains in Europe; €50M, 10-year agreement

Green Car Congress

The agreement, valued at more than €50 million, includes the supply of at least 200 engine systems along with service and maintenance as necessary over a 10-year period. The power module does not require onboard water for humidification. kPa, including onboard parasitic loads, excluding radiator fan and water pump—is 55%.

2015 255

SoCalGas & California Energy Commission funding project to test hydrogen fuel cell technology for harbor craft; led by ZEI

Green Car Congress

The powertrain consists of a state-of-the-art hydrogen storage system, automotive-style fuel cell power system, safety system, control and automation system allowing for a powertrain with increased range, simple maintenance, and no emissions. The company received a $3-million grant in 2018 from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to build the first hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the United States, the Water-Go-Round.

Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist vessels going battery-electric; ABB power and propulsion

Green Car Congress

Cuomo announced that Maid of the Mist, which has been navigating the waters of the Lower Niagara River since 1846, will launch later this year two new all-electric, zero-emission passenger vessels constructed in the United States. In mid-May, the modules will be transported to Niagara Falls and lowered onto the Maid of the Mist dry dock and maintenance facility for assembly. The color scheme is environmentally-friendly green combined with the blue of the water.

2019 263

DOE awards up to $47M each to 3 offshore wind projects

Green Car Congress

The Energy Department selected three offshore wind demonstrations to receive up to $47 million each over the next four years to deploy innovative, grid-connected systems in federal and state waters by 2017. Dominion’s project will demonstrate installation, operation and maintenance methods for wind turbines located far from shore.

2014 190

Amazon India to deploy Mahindra Electric Treo Zor for its deliveries

Electric Vehicles India

It offers higher savings of more than Rs 60,000 every year compared to diesel cargo three-wheelers due to its low maintenance cost. The Treo Zor comes with an advanced IP67-rated motor that offers protection from dust and water.

India 83

Dürr delivers one of biggest paint shops in China to SAIC Volkswagen; AI and big data

Green Car Congress

For the first time, consumption data such as energy, water, or air usage can be evaluated historically over long periods. One piece of maintenance software for all components in a paint shop. For SVW, mobile versions also have the advantage that the employees can access maintenance data using tablets by scanning QR codes on plant components.

China 174