Los Angeles gains Ford CNG taxis

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Los Angeles now has a fleet of low emission, compressed natural gas (CNG) Ford Transit Connect taxis to help the city upheld its State’s reputation for environmental consideration. Ford CNG Connect taxi Los Angeles TransitThe first of ten yellow cabs have now been delivered to the Californian city, with a further 40 set to be put into service by 2012. Ordered [.].

Bosch developing sensor box for air taxis using production-tested components from automotive

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Bosch is working on sensor technology for air taxis. The first flying taxis are set to take off in major cities starting in 2023, at the latest. Conventional aerospace technology is too expensive, bulky, and heavy to be used in autonomous flying taxis.

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LPG Ford Transit Connect Taxis going into service in Hong Kong

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Ford Motor Company has added Hong Kong to the list of global cities served by its Transit Connect Taxi, among them New York City, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. In the US, Transit Connect will be the only taxi offered with a compressed natural gas and LPG engine prep package.

BYD Presents Happy Results From Chinese Electric-Taxi Test

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It launched its F3DM sedan, the world's first production plug-in hybrid, back in December 2008--sales have been poor--and has been testing its all-electric e6 crossover with both taxi fleets in Shenzhen, China, and the Housing Authority of Los Angeles. Automaker BYD is by far China's most aggressive when it comes to electric cars.

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City of Bogota, Columbia launches electric taxi pilot; part of C40-CCI EV Network

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The City of Bogota, Colombia, has launched a pilot project to spur the use of electric vehicles in Bogota’s center-city taxi fleet. The first taxis are expected to be operational in the city in the next few months. Bogota’s electric vehicle taxi project is a significant achievement, which demonstrates, once again, the city’s clear commitment to transform its transportation sector.

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40 BYD e6-Based Electric Taxis Enter Service in Shenzhen City

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Forty battery-electric taxis-based on BYD’s e6—officially entered service in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Shenzhen is the first city to officially put electric taxis in operation in China, according to Hu Jianping, president of Shenzhen Bus Group (SBG) at the launch ceremony. The electric taxis are being operated by Pengcheng Electric Taxi Co., BYD plans to have 100 E6 taxis on Shenzhen’s roads by the end of June. Xinhua.

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Transportation details of LA Mayor’s proposed Green New Deal

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On Monday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released his version of a Green New Deal (LAGND). The LA Green New Deal seeks to “zero out” Los Angeles’ main sources of harmful emissions: buildings, transportation, electricity, and trash.

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Report: BYD to test market e6 EV in US in 2011

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plans to start test-marketing the e6 battery-electric vehicle ( earlier post ) in the US next year after almost a year’s delay, and is in talks with officials in Los Angeles to supply e-buses that could eventually lead to a manufacturing plant in the city. BYD earlier this year began selling e6 cars to taxi operators in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen and is collecting field data to improve the car. The Wall Street Journal reports that China’s BYD Co.

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BYD reports plug-in fleet test results; rapid charging not diminishing capacity

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BYD all-electric e6 Taxi in service in Shenzhen. In conjunction with the one-year anniversary of its all-electric vehicle Taxi fleet test, BYD announced high-level results of several pilots of its plug-in electric vehicles—the F3DM, e6 and eBUS-12—in fleet testing across the world.

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Frost & Sullivan: carsharing membership to reach 9.8M in 2025; 19.9% CAGR

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Travel and expense management company Certify’s Q2 analysis on business expense trends found that Uber, the popular ridesharing service, continues to grow with business travelers, comprising 55% of ground transportation receipts compared with taxi services at 43%. In Q1, Uber had 46% of receipts compared with taxis at 53%. During that same 12-month period, taxi usage declined from 37% to 24%, while rental cars dropped from 55% to 45%.

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Top 15 Nissan LEAF markets in US in 2013

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Four of the top 15 markets are in California: San Francisco (1), Los Angeles (2), San Diego (7) and Sacramento (8). Los Angeles. High-visibility projects such as the LEAF taxi pilot have helped to raise consumer awareness. Top 15 LEAF market year-to-date in 2013.

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Study suggests high-mileage light-duty fleets contribute higher emissions and emissions share than expected

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One segment of the on-road fleet that is believed to drive more miles and consume more fuel than the average fleet vehicle is livery (for-hire) vehicles, such as taxis and limousines.

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Electrify America announces $200M Cycle 2 zero emission vehicle investment plan for California

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Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim. Electrify America also will invest in DCFC stations specifically targeting shared mobility drivers: car share, taxis and transportation networking company (TNC) drivers.

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CARB approves Electrify America’s second $200M investment in California

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Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim. Electrify America also will invest in DCFC stations specifically targeting shared mobility drivers: car share, taxis, and transportation networking company (TNC) drivers. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved Electrify America’s plan to invest its second $200 million in California Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and education programs.

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Clean Energy unveils LNG backbone network for America’s Natural Gas Highway; 150 LNG stations by end of 2013

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Major highway segments planned for early opening include, among others, those linking San Diego-Los Angeles-Riverside-Las Vegas; the Texas Triangle (Houston-San Antonio-Dallas/Ft. ANGH Route map shows initial phase of America‘s Natural Gas Highway. Click to enlarge.

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Calif. Energy Commission to award more than $44M for hydrogen refueling and alternative fuel vehicle projects

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With the exception of a station in Emeryville (Alameda County), the stations covered by this award agreement are within the South Coast Air Basin, which includes all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The fueling stations will be located in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles County) and Mission Viejo (Orange County).

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2010 Aptera 2e First Drive and Video on Inside Line

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Ride quality is about halfway between what youd expect from a decent small car and the bounce and jounce youd expect when taxiing a small plane on a dirt runway.

The Reality of Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles

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I like to use the example of someone driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. You could leave Los Angeles and drive to Baker, stop and have a meal while the car recharges, and have plenty of juice to make it to your hotel in Vegas. Join Matter Now!

California ARB receives VW’s 1st $200M, 30-month ZEV investment plan

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Electrify America has identified 5 metropolitan areas for the cycle 1 investment (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and Sacramento). Electrify America has identified three potential Green City initiatives on which to focus: ZEV car‐sharing, ZEV delivery fleet, and ZEV taxi fleet provider. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has received Volkswagen’s (VW) first 30-month Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Investment Plan.

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Successful Engineering Validation Flight of US Commercial Jet Using 40:60 Synthetic Jet Fuel Blend

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The aircraft departed Denver International Airport and climbed to an altitude of 39,000 feet where the onboard team collected data on the performance of the fuel during several maneuvers, including taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, auxiliary power unit start, descent and approach. United Airlines has conducted a successful engineering validation flight using Rentech’s certified synthetic jet fuel (RenJet).

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California Energy Commission approves more than $20M for clean transportation projects; Tesla, Quallion, other EV, battery and alt-fuel vehicles projects

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the air district will demonstrate specially designed battery electric taxis that can use switchable batteries to give the vehicles essentially unlimited range. Two battery switching stations, at the international airports in San Francisco and San Jose, and six taxis that use switchable batteries will be used. The company, based in Sylmar (Los Angeles County), has significant experience with BMS design and production.

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US DOE Awards $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Alternative Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development

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Vehicles to be deployed include 163 CNG, the vast majority for high mileage taxis and 18 heavy-duty LNG refuse trucks. In addition to the city fleets, high mileage and high visibility fleets are included, such as Coca-Cola, Sysco, Frito Lay, school districts, and taxis. The project will include the purchase and conversion of 283 alternative fuel vehicles for numerous fleets including taxis, cities, schools, and delivery vehicles.

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AECOM study finds EV adoption in Victoria can offer significant economic benefits by late 2020s; PHEVs initially lead uptake

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travelled (high, medium and low), and vehicle type (passenger, light commercial, or taxi). Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, AECOM is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. Modelled vehicle sales per year in Scenario 3. Source: AECOM. Click to enlarge.

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