Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation expanding digital pilot throughout Port

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Less than one year since launching the first digital solution to keep cargo flowing efficiently through America’s largest container port, the Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation are expanding the program to include all container terminals and shipping lines at the Port. Because of the pilot’s success, the Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation have agreed to new commercial agreements worth up to nearly $12 million and extended their relationship for at least five years.

Trump Administration revocation of California waiver reprises US denial of California waiver in 2007

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In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, President Trump said that his administration “ is revoking California’s Federal Waiver on emissions ”—a reference to the waiver of preemption under the federal Clean Air Act granted California by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Obama Administration in 2012. In 1943, Los Angeles experienced its first major smog event. In 1945, the Los Angeles City Health Department established the Bureau of Smoke Control.

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UB study finds link between ambient ozone exposure, artery wall thickness

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Paul, Minnesota; Chicago; and Los Angeles. Atherosclerosis refers to the build-up of plaque, or fatty deposits, in the artery walls, which, over time, restricts blood flow through the arteries. Long-term exposure to ambient ozone appears to accelerate arterial conditions that progress into cardiovascular disease and stroke, according to a new University at Buffalo study.

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Headless Body In Topless Bar

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And that’s exactly the way I’m feeling about the Los Angeles Times this week after reading two separate articles in the space of four days claiming that solar panels may do more harm than good. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with newspapers.

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Singapore Airlines & CAAS partner on “Green Package” flights; biofuels, optimized operations and fuel-efficient A350-950

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User-Preferred Routes (UPRs) refer to flight routes during the oceanic phase of flight customized based on factors such as weather and aircraft performance. 30/30 Reduced Oceanic Separation refers to measures allowing for reduced separation distance between aircraft during the oceanic phase of flight. Time-Based Arrivals Management refers to traffic flow management procedures and automated decision support automation which reduce holding time in the air for arriving flights.

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ICL, CMU study associates PM2.5 air pollution in US with >30,000 deaths and reduced life expectancy

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The deaths were from cardiorespiratory conditions, which refers to heart and lung disorders (such as heart attack and various lung diseases including asthma). was largest around Los Angeles and in some southern states, such as Arkansas, Oklahoma and Alabama.

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BMW Group Leipzig plant launches series production of the BMW i8 Roadster PHEV

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The BMW Group Leipzig plant has started series production of the BMW i8 Roadster, unveiled at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show ( earlier post ). It will be launched parallel to the enhanced version of the BMW i8 Coupé.

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Heidi On The Hot Seat

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The South Bay region I live and work in covers an area of 161 square miles and encompasses 15 cities plus portions of the City of Los Angeles and unincorporated portions of the County of Los Angeles. All Global Warming Is Local.

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Calif. Energy Commission to award more than $44M for hydrogen refueling and alternative fuel vehicle projects

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With the exception of a station in Emeryville (Alameda County), the stations covered by this award agreement are within the South Coast Air Basin, which includes all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The fueling stations will be located in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles County) and Mission Viejo (Orange County).

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Toyota unveils RAV4 EV demonstration vehicle; targeting fully-engineered version in 2012 for market

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Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, unveiled the second-generation Toyota RAV4 EV demonstrator vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It acknowledges that no one technology will be the winner and that a mobility system in Los Angeles will probably look very different.

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Daimler joins with Google to research the application of quantum computing to mobility

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Routes require to be planned here and updated in real time by reference to numerous variables. Researchers from Google’s Quantum AI Lab previewed the new Bristlecone quantum processor at the annual Americal Physical Society meeting in Los Angeles earlier this month.

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Mercedes unveils electric all-wheel drive Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 show car; CCS charging up to 350 kW

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The classic circular instruments are combined with deep displays and act as a reference to the history of Mercedes-Benz. These include the Vision EnerG‑Force (Los Angeles, November 2012), AMG Vision Gran Turismo (Sunnyvale, 2013) and Vision Tokyo (Tokyo, 2015).

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Honda R&D installs hydrogen refueling station for field validation of new MC Fill dynamic fast-fill protocol

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Derived from two key values in a heat transfer equation—“M” for mass and “C” for specific heat—the MC Fill name refers to the heat capacity of the hydrogen storage system and represents the capability of the system to absorb the heat that is generated during fueling.

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SAE World Congress panel highlights progress on H2 infrastructure and fuel cell vehicle commercialization

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Honda also addressed its development of Solar Hydrogen refueling stations (SHS2)—integrated solar cell/electrolyzer units—currently being tested in Los Angeles and Saitama Pref.,

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Interview with Chris Paine in the Whole Life Times

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After all, it takes someone who refers to his Prius as “the gas guzzler&# and his Culver City, Calif., For his sequel, Paine’s been gauging the mood at the now-much-gloomier GM headquarters, visiting geothermal-powered and EV-friendly Iceland, and test driving his brand new Tesla in Los Angeles. After all, it takes someone who refers to his Prius as “the gas guzzler&# and his Culver City, Calif., Chris Paine in the Whole Life Times.

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DOE BESC engineered microbe improves biobutanol yield from cellulose by a factor of 10

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While the earlier work by BESC researchers at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of California at Los Angeles was important from a proof-of-principle perspective, this new result represents a significant gain. Consolidated bioprocessing refers to the bundling of several processes in a single microbe that can be used to extract sugar from a plant’s cellulose and convert those sugars into a biofuel.

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General Motors Kicks Off National Electric Vehicle Training Tour For First Responders

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Additional workshops are planned for cities including Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., by Jack Rosebro. A Chicago Fire Department firefighter using a hydraulic. cutter to remove the roof off of a pre-production Chevrolet Volt.

Kia Motors integrating Google Maps into 2nd-generation UVO eServices telematics system

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Kia Motors America (KMA) will work with Google to provide content and search-based solutions enabled by Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for the second-generation of the automaker’s UVO (“Your Voice”) eServices telematics system, introduced in November 2012 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. If preferred, the owner also can take pictures of the surrounding area for reference, write a reminder note, email his or her location and set an alarm if the car is parked at a meter.

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A Brief Look at Today's Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and the Companies That Are Revolutionizing an Old Industry - Yahoo! Finance

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Print LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 20, 2009 -- Floyd Associates, a privately heldconsulting firm with operations in strategic development,investmentbanking, and mergers & acquisitions, has published a researchreport briefly analyzing plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles thatare currentlyin development or being produced. Any forms of copying other than an individual users personal reference without express written permission is prohibited.

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Will CARB’s New Rules Damage EV Startups?

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That means you can drive around town as an electric car, and then jump on the freeway and head to Los Angeles, without having to recharge the battery. This high-pollution moment is referred to as a cold start. Paul Guzyk and Daniel Sherwood of 3Prong Power. Photograph by Chris Duffey. 3Prong Power converts existing Toyota Priuses into plug-in hybrids that can run entirely on electricity. The company launched last month at Green Motors in Berkeley, California.

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VW unveils Cross Coupe GTE plug-in hybrid concept SUV at Detroit show; 70 mpge; previewing 7-seater SUV in 2016

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As the power to drive the rear axle flows electronically, the all-wheel-drive system is referred to as an “electric driveshaft”. Cross Coupe GTE. Click to enlarge.

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BMW Group introduces MINI and Rolls Royce centenary concepts; individual mobility based on megatrends and projections

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A fourth Vision Vehicle, by BMW Motorrad, will make its premiere on 16 October in Los Angeles, completing the BMW Group’s brand quartet of far-forward looking concepts. The MINI designers refer to it as a “blank canvas”.

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How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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Some of our engineers think we must go beyond lithium-ion," said Katsuaki Watanabe, president of the Toyota Motor Corporation, referring to what is now the leading battery technology for electric vehicles. ( About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Carmakers Say.

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Rapid Charging Electric Cars: How Fast, How Soon?

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Last week, at the Model S unveiling in Los Angeles, Tesla revealed that an optional “ QuickCharg e &# battery would get a full charge in 45 minutes from a 480V outlet. That’s not too bad, if battery prices keep going down, then a BEV-100 of near cost parity (referring to same size of car) becomes possible.

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Toyota Previews Generation III 2010 Prius Hybrid

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In preparation for the global launch of the much-anticipated 2010 Prius hybrid, informally referred to as “Generation III” or “Gen III”, Toyota has been staging a series of media briefings, bringing in key engineers from Japan as well as its North American technical center in Southern California, to discuss technical improvements of the new hybrid over its immediate predecessor, the 2004-2009 Generation II Prius. by Mike Millikin and Jack Rosebro. The 2010 Prius. Click to enlarge.

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Perspective: A View Into the New GM

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Currently, they have a fleet of 116 vehicles spread throughout the world: Los Angeles, NYC, Washington, Berlin, Shanghai and Seoul. by Bill Cooke. The Saturn version of the two-mode plug-in hybrid at the Milford Proving Grounds. Click to enlarge.

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Devil in the Details: World Leaders Scramble To Salvage and Shape Copenhagens UNFCCC Climate Summit

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At issue is the 2012 expiration of the Kyoto Protocol, a binding but effectively unenforceable 1997 treaty that had set greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets for 40 industrialized countries, referred to as Annex 1 countries, yielding an average GHG reduction of 5.2% After Copenhagen, countries would then concentrate on “ two processes ”, now colloquially referred to as “two steps” in 2010. by Jack Rosebro.

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