Dahn Lab at Dalhousie signs exclusive 5-year research partnership with Tesla, beginning in 2016

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Tesla Motor’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel signed a 5-year research agreement with Dalhousie University’s Jeff Dahn, Li-ion battery researcher with the Faculty of Science, and his group of students, postdoctoral researchers and technical staff. The new collaboration, a first between the leading American electric vehicle company and a Canadian university, will bring together the teams of Dahn and Tesla’s Director of Battery Technology, Kurt Kelty.

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Dalhousie team demonstrates stable cycling of anode-less Li-metal cell with liquid electrolytes; possible shift away from solid-state batteries

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A team at Dalhousie University led by Professor Jeff Dahn, with colleagues from Tesla Canada R&D and the University of Waterloo, has demonstrated stable cycling of an anode-less Li metal cell by using a dual-salt electrolyte (1 M lithium difluoro(oxalate)borate (LiDFOB) and 0.2 The researchers suggest that their results could shift research focus away from solid-state batteries (SSBs) as a rechargeable, high-energy-density solution.

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Tesla Unveils Model S Electric Sedan

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Tesla Motors Inc. The Tesla Model S. The base model of the Model S will feature a Li-ion pack supporting a 160-mile (257 km) range, with options under development for 220- (354 km) or 300-mile (483 km) range packs.

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IBM Almaden Lab Exploring Lithium-Air Batteries for Next-Generation Energy Storage

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The team plans to explore rechargeable Lithium-Air systems, which could offer 10 times the energy capacity of lithium-ion systems. Lithium-ion rechargeable (secondary) batteries are based on a pair of intercalation electrodes. not rechargeable.

BMW MINI E Powered by AC Propulsion?

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The battery pack is comprised of 5,088 lithium-ion cells for a cummulative 35kWhrs of energy storage. These specifications sound strikingly similar to the electric drive and energy storage system found in the very impressive AC Propulsion eBox electric vehicles which also sport a 5,088 lithium-ion cell battery with 35kWhrs of capacity. second li-ion powered tzero. The energy storage unit: cutting-edge lithium-ion technology engineered specifically for use in the MINI.

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Toyota Concerned About Market Viability of Plug-ins, Sees Clear Path to Commercialization of Fuel Cell Technology in 2015

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O’Brien and Toyota sounded a more cautious note than Brian Verprauskus from Nissan, who discussed Nissan’s LEAF vehicle and program; David Patterson from Mitsubishi on the i-MiEV; and JB Straubel from Tesla Motors. Tesla has its EVs in the market, Nissan and Mitsubishi are poised to enter their EVs in the US soon.

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