NTU Singapore team develops ultra-fast charging Li-ion battery with new TiO2 gel anode material

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Researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) led by Professor Xiaodong Chen have developed a new TiO 2 gel material for Li-ion battery anodes. Titanium dioxide (TiO 2 ) nanomaterials are of interest as Li-ion anode materials due to their advantages in terms of cost, safety, and rate capability.

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Morgan launches three-wheeled Morgan EV3 at Geneva

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Fitted with a 20 kWh Li-ion battery pack and a liquid-cooled 46 kW motor driving the rear wheel, and weighing less than 500 kg (1,100 lbs), the all-electric 3 Wheeler has a range of 150 miles (241 km).

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Volkswagen to offer 48V mild hybrid version of eighth-generation Golf in 2019

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The 48V Li-ion battery is supplied with energy during a number of operations, including recuperation—i.e. The basic interaction of different energy sources—electricity, petrol, diesel and natural gas—represents a paradigm shift at Volkswagen.

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Consortium successfully runs silicon carbide multiport DC-DC converter in EV

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The energy storage consists of a 320 V Li-ion battery and two super capacitor banks, all of which were built by Prodrive specifically for this project. Prodrive has worked on hybrid and electric vehicle programs for more than a decade, starting with a prototype four-wheel drive parallel petrol/electric hybrid built in 2001. Silicon Carbide multiport DC-DC converter fitted to the Tata Vista EV. Click to enlarge.

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Volvo Cars reveals new V90 wagon; PHEV model with ~31-mile electric range

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kWh (nominal) battery pack is built with Lithium Manganese Oxide – Nickel Manganese Cobalt/Graphite Li-ion cells. Volvo unveiled its new Volvo V90 wagon in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Volkswagen Marine Diesel Engines On Display at boot 2010; Greenline 33 Hybrid

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kW solar roof, and a 240 Ah Li-ion battery array. This, in combination with its performance, enables the engine to make previously used large capacity petrol engines redundant and to offer top performance combined with minimized specific fuel consumption, Volkswagen says. The Greenline 33. Click to enlarge. Volkswagen Marine will exhibit its marine diesel engine line-up at “ boot 2010 ” in Düsseldorf (23-31 January 2010).

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Study Finds Coordinated Off-peak Charging Can Support Large Scale Plug-in Use Without Additional Generation Capacity; TCO and GHG Abatement Costs for BEVs Projected to Remain High

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They used Li-ion batteries with a cost of €960/kWh in 2010, and assumed this reduces to €800 /kWh around 2015, and to €400/kWh in the more distant future. The Li-ion batteries have a specific energy of 86 Wh/kg, assumed to increase to 110 Wh/kg around 2015 and to 150 Wh/kg in the. and petrol cars and by more than 55% compared to other hybrids that use petrol.

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Volkswagen presents status of fleet study in electromobility; latest generation of twïnDRIVE plug-in hybrid

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In addition, a scenario is being tested in which some of the daily peak electrical demand might be buffered by the cars’ lithium-ion batteries in the future. In phases of battery regeneration (during braking) or coasting (with anticipatory deceleration), only the E-motor is active; drag torque losses are reduced by disengaging the petrol engine via a separation clutch. Li-ion packs. Volkswagen study Golf Variant twïnDRIVE. Click to enlarge.

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