Epsilor Li-ion 6T battery under evaluation and field testing in five NATO countries

Green Car Congress

Epsilor’s lithium-ion 6T NATO-standard battery is currently being evaluated and field tested by industrial clients and armed forces in five NATO countries. Epsilor showcased the Li-ion 6T product line at International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2019, which will took place in London last week.

2019 116

Li-ion maker Electrovaya receives $1.3M IESS award for Toronto and London Hydro; working with Walmart

Green Car Congress

Canada-based Li-ion battery maker Electrovaya Inc. has received a $1.3-million grant award to deliver multiple Intelligent Energy Storage Systems (IESS) at various locations for Toronto Hydro and London Hydro. Walmart had tested the Electrovaya lithium-ion 2.0 This project is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund.

2014 83

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UK researchers propose Cell Cooling Coefficient to quantify heat rejection from Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

In an open-access paper in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society, researchers from Imperial College London and the Faraday Institution propose a new metric—the Cell Cooling Coefficient (CCC)—to quantify the rate of heat rejection from Li-ion batteries. Thermal management is especially important for Li-ion batteries in demanding applications such as in hybrid and electric vehicles in which cells generate a considerable amount of heat in operation.

2019 70

Daimler Trucks & Buses and CATL enter global Li-ion battery cell modules supply agreement for electric trucks

Green Car Congress

CATL will supply lithium-ion battery cell modules for a wide range of Daimler Trucks & Buses’ global electric truck portfolio to be introduced in markets from 2021 onwards, including the Mercedes-Benz eActros, the Freightliner eCascadia and the Freightliner eM2. Around 150 units of the light-duty FUSO eCanter are already in customer operation in cities around the globe such as New York City, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon.

2019 73

Akasol manufacturing Li-ion systems for Daimler Citaro electric bus; Samsung cells

Green Car Congress

Germany-based Akasol is manufacturing lithium-ion battery systems for Daimler subsidiary EvoBus. Akasol believes that this is currently Europe’s largest production plant for commercial vehicle lithium-ion battery systems. Electric buses equipped with Akasol’s bat-tery technology operate successfully in London, Berlin, Braunschweig and Cologne among other places.

2018 73

KULR Technology exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Li-ion battery Internal Short Circuit (ISC) devices developed by NASA, NREL

Green Car Congress

Lithium-ion batteries provide power for everything from smart phones and laptops to electric cars and space craft. However, lithium-ion batteries fail, sometimes with catastrophic results.

2018 78

AKASOL developing second-generation Li-ion battery systems for Mercedes-Benz’ eCitaro; 35% more energy in 2020

Green Car Congress

AKASOL is also starting to develop second-generation lithium-ion battery systems in close cooperation with Daimler Buses. The lithium-ion battery systems of both generations are able to charge rapidly (at up to 300 kW) and supply energy to additional units such as air conditioning and electrical systems. Buses using AKASOL’s battery technology are in daily operation in London, Berlin, Cologne and Braunschweig, among others.

2018 65

Profile: Li-ion Battery and Pack Supplier Valence Technology

Green Car Congress

The polyhedra aid the eye in seeing the ions grouped as (green) Fe/Mg-enclosing octahedra and (yellow) phosphate tetrahedra. The (blue) oxygen ions are made very small to permit viewing of the arrangement of the other ions. a provider of lithium-ion batteries, modules and packs. Valence differentiates its lithium-ion products through its cathode (positive terminal in discharge) material, a lithium iron magnesium phosphate (LiFe 1-x Mg x PO 4 ). by Bill Cooke.

2009 60

Nexeon Readying to License Silicon Anode Technology for Li-ion Batteries

Green Car Congress

According to a report in EETimes , UK start-up Nexeon Limited , a spin-off from Imperial College London based on work done by Professor Mino Green, Emeritus Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering ( earlier post ), is getting ready to license its silicon anode technology for Li-ion batteries, and is in talks with battery makers. Nexeon silicon anode materials. Left: 1st generation, up to 1,000 mAh g -1. Right: 2nd generation, up to 3,600 mAh g -1.

2009 71

Tesla Powered Th!nks?

Plugs and Cars

nk City would be a welcome entry into the growing London market for congestion charge avoiding electric cars, and capture attention in California and New York, where hundreds once roamed (gas) free. Tags: martin eberhard jan-olaf willums think global electric cars think city li-ion Lithium tesla motors tesla energy now

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BYD to supply 50 e6 BEVs to greentomatocars for minicabs in London

Green Car Congress

Under a newly signed a Memorandum of Understanding, BYD will supply greentomatocars with 50 of its battery-electric e6 models for trial use as minicabs in London. greentomatocars is London’s second largest quality minicab service, with a fleet of 300. It is my aim that London’s minicabs and taxis will be zero-emission by 2020, which will have a major impact on air quality. —Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

E6 80

Battery Electric London Taxi Ready for Trials

Green Car Congress

Part-funded by the UK Government’s Advantage Niche Vehicle Research & Development Programme, the prototype vehicle meets the requirements of the London Carriage Office and can carry up to six people more than 120 kilometers (75 miles) on a single six-hour charge. To maximize interior space, the vehicle has been converted to front wheel drive to allow a 35 kWh Valence Li-Ion battery pack to be installed beneath the vehicle floor.

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Mercedes Vito All-Electric Taxi Prototype Launches in London

Green Car Congress

Eco City Vehicles PLC (ECV), a developer and supplier of eco-friendly commercial vehicles and the London licensed taxi, launched an all-electric prototype of the London-licensed Mercedes Vito taxi, developed by a consortium of companies including ECV’s manufacturing partner Penso, Mercedes Benz UK and Zytek Automotive. Since then it has captured a more than 30% share of new “black cab” taxi sales in London.

Zytek 74

BMW unveils the production i3 in New York, London and Beijing; efficiency, dynamics and a supporting ecosystem of services

Green Car Congress

In a simultaneous—and video linked—unveil in New York, London and Beijing, BMW introduced the production version of its i3 battery-electric vehicle on Monday. The 22 kWh Li-ion pack is integrated below the floor—the i3 has no tunnel or center console.

2013 109

Zap&Go bringing C-Ion technology to Williams Advanced Engineering-led consortium as part of ?246M Faraday Battery Challenge

Green Car Congress

Zap&Go Ltd has been selected to contribute its unique Carbon-Ion (C-Ion) technology to a consortium led by Williams Advanced Engineering to develop next-generation battery systems for electric vehicles. range, which has the potential to improve the energy density of the C-Ion cells.

2018 106

€7.9M Lithium Sulfur for Safe Road Electrification project launches in Europe in January

Green Car Congress

Due to the fact that Li-ion batteries are still the limiting factor for mass scale adoption of electrified vehicles, there is a need for new batteries that enable EVs with higher driving range, higher safety and faster charging at lower cost. Li-Sulfur is a promising alternative to Li-ion—free of critical raw material (CRM) and non-limited in capacity and energy by material of intercalation. Batteries Electric (Battery) Europe Li-Sulfur

Si-anode company Nexeon secures strategic investment and partnership with German chemical company Wacker

Green Car Congress

Imperial Innovations Group plc announced that its portfolio company Nexeon, a developer of silicon anode materials for Li-ion batteries ( earlier post ), has signed a strategic partnership agreement with German chemical company Wacker Chemie AG , through which Wacker has taken a strategic stake in Nexeon.

2013 80

Faraday Institution to award up to £55M to five consortia for energy storage research

Green Car Congress

This expanded portfolio has the dual aims of improving current generation lithium ion batteries as well as longer horizon materials discovery and optimisation projects to support the commercialisation of next-generation batteries. The University of Oxford will lead a consortium of five other university and six industry partners to address the way electrodes for Li-ion batteries are manufactured. Next generation lithium ion cathode materials.

2019 78

UK Faraday Battery Challenge awards £23M to support development of electrified car batteries

Green Car Congress

Winners include: A Jaguar Land Rover-led project—LIBRIS (Lithium Ion Battery Research In Safety)—to maximize battery performance while maintaining safety. The team will use real vehicle and stationary Li-ion battery designs and applications to model theoretical work and will take forward the most effective innovations into newly designed packs which will be tested to make sure that the inventions actually work.

2019 82

Si-anode company Nexeon commissions new manufacturing facility; >20t per year of product

Green Car Congress

This first class facility puts us in a very strong position to produce new materials for Li-ion cells, and to optimize the production processes that will be necessary for their commercial adoption. Nexeon, a spin-off from Imperial College London, has patented a unique way of structuring silicon so that it delivers extended cycle life and significantly increases battery capacity. A commercial 2600 mAh 18650 Li-ion cell today uses around 10g of graphite anode material; 2.6g

2014 80

Samsung invests in graphene manufacturer XG Sciences; joint battery development initiative

Green Car Congress

In April 2013, the company launched graphene-stabilized silicon anode materials for Li-ion batteries. Samsung Venture Investment Corporation is the Venture Capital arm of the Samsung Group with offices in Seoul, Silicon Valley, Israel, London and Tokyo. Graphene manufacturer XG Sciences, Inc. XGS) closed on a strategic investment led by Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation (Samsung Ventures).

2014 71

Nexeon leading $13.6M project SUNRISE to advance silicon anode technology for higher capacity EV batteries

Green Car Congress

Nexeon, a UK-based developer of silicon anode materials for Li-ion batteries ( earlier post ), and its partners have been awarded £7 million (US$9.5 million) in Innovate UK funding toward a £10-million (US$13.6-million) project to develop significantly better materials for Li-ion batteries. Nexeon and University College London (UCL) will jointly lead the work on material characterization and cell performance.

2018 60

UK’s Faraday Institution awarding $58M to four battery research consortia to accelerate EV adoption

Green Car Congress

With Cambridge, university partners include University of Glasgow, University College London, Newcastle University, Imperial College London, University of Strathclyde, University of Manchester, University of Southampton, University of Liverpool and University of Warwick. With ICL, university partners include University of Southampton, University of Warwick, University of Oxford, Lancaster University, University of Bath, and University College London.

2018 69

Silicon anode company Nexeon closes 40M Series C investment; scaling up production

Green Car Congress

UK-based Nexeon, a spin-off from Imperial College London that is commercializing silicon anode technology for Li-ion batteries ( earlier post ),has closed a £40-million (US$66-million)Series C investment. The round was led by existing investor Imperial Innovations Group and included Invesco Perpetual; both organizations are existing investors.

2011 78

Volvo Receives Order for Twelve 7700 Hybrid Buses in Norway

Green Car Congress

Nettbuss has studied Volvo Buses’ field tests of hybrid buses in Göteborg and London, and has itself tested the hybrid buses in various cities across Norway. kWh Li-ion battery pack is roof-mounted and water-cooled. The operator company Nettbuss has ordered 12 hybrid buses from Volvo Buses for service in Norway, thereby becoming the first company in the Nordic region to implement the hybrid technology commercially. The hybrid buses reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30%.

EVO Electric to Demonstrate Plug-in Hybrid Black Cab at Bridgestone Eco-Rally 2010; DuoDrive System with Axial Flux Motor

Green Car Congress

Accumulated fuel consumption over Cenex drive cycle for standard London taxi (TX2) and DuoDrive-equipped TX2 (blue line). With the DuoDrive fitted the London taxi can operate in the following modes: Electric vehicle in urban areas.

2010 93

Silicon-Based Anode Start-up Nexeon Closes Additional £10M Funding Round

Green Car Congress

Nexeon Limited, a spin-off from Imperial College London which is developing silicon-based anodes for Li-ion batteries, closed an additional £10 million (US$14 million) investment round. Silicon is conceptually an attractive anode material for lithium-ion batteries because of its high theoretical charge capacity (4,200 mAh g -1 —more than 10 times that of graphite anodes and much larger than various nitride and oxide materials) and low discharge potential.

2009 60

Volvo Upgrades Hybrid System in Prototype Refuse Truck; Small-Scale Series Production Pushed Back to 2012 at the Earliest

Green Car Congress

Updated Volvo hybrid refuse truck in London. The new refuse truck will be tested by Veolia Environmental Services in central London. The refuse truck now being delivered to Veolia is not the first Volvo heavy-duty hybrid in London. Click to enlarge.

2009 93

Volvo Hybrid Bus In Field Test in Göteborg

Green Car Congress

kWh Li-ion battery pack is roof-mounted and water-cooled. In the near future, Volvo Buses will also start field tests with the first of six hybrid double-decker buses in London. The Göteborgs Spårvägar transit company is participating in a field test with Volvo’s hybrid bus—the first time the hybrid is carrying passengers. The 7700 Hybrid features a parallel hybrid system with the Volvo MD5 diesel engine and Integrated Starter Alternator Motor (I-SAM).

2009 64

EDF and Toyota Expand Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Demonstration Efforts in Strasbourg, France

Green Car Congress

The current generation NiMH PHEV prototype in London. At this point, Toyota is not providing further details on the Li-ion pack as “development is ongoing”, nor is EDF providing more details on the charging system. Click to enlarge.

2009 78

Swedish researchers explore use of carbon fiber as active electrode in structural battery for electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

Woven carbon fiber can act as an electrode for lithium ion batteries. Researchers in Sweden are exploring the use of carbon fiber as an active electrode in a multifunctional structural Li-ion battery in an electric car; i.e., electrical storage is incorporated into the body of the car. Photo: Peter Larsson) Click to enlarge.

Gordon Murray T.27 unveiled; Zytek provides more details on 25 kW EV powertrain

Green Car Congress

At an event held at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London Gordon Murray Design unveiled its latest ultra-compact electric city vehicle, the T.27 ( earlier post ), along with the updated specification and performance targets for the car. Specs for the T.27.

Zytek 99

New Gen4 smart electric drive; electrification of all smart models

Green Car Congress

kWh Li-ion battery pack, the electric drive has a range (NEDC) of approximately 160 km (99 miles); maximum speed is electronically limited to 130 km/h (81 mph) to maximize the range. The smart is equipped with a lithium-ion battery from the Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE.

2017 78

Public Electric Car Trials in UK West Midlands Begins with 25 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs

Green Car Congress

300V, 16 kWh Li-ion pack. Less than 1% of the vehicles registered every year in the UK are electric and most of these are currently used in London. i-MiEVs for the CABLED trials. Click to enlarge.

FedEx Converts 92 Delivery Trucks to Hybrids, Expanding Hybrid-Electric Fleet by 50%

Green Car Congress

ISB EPA 07 200-hp (149 kW) EGR diesel engine and Eaton hybrid-electric system, with Li-ion batteries for energy storage. In London, FedEx operates liquid petroleum gas (LPG) sprinter vans, which reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12 percent. Couriers in New York City and London’s West End deliver many of their packages on foot and bicycle. FedEx Corp.

2009 65

Smith Electric Vehicles in 2.8M Project to Develop More Efficient Electric Driveline; Introduces Two New Passenger EVs at LCV2009

Green Car Congress

The vehicle features a 28 kWh Li-ion battery pack and a 50 kW permanent magnet motor. Smith also unveiled a new, nine or 11-seat battery electric minibus, called the Speedster, which will go into service with a major London retailer.

2009 71

UK Technology Strategy Board Awards More Than 12M to 22 Projects to Speed Up Development of Low-Carbon Technology for Vehicles; Includes Gas Turbine Range Extender and Li-S Battery Cells

Green Car Congress

Development of high energy Li-S prototype battery cells. Oxis Energy Ltd (lead) and ABSL Power Solutions will receive £235,000 from TSB in a £470,000 project focused on improving the durability and quality of Lithium-metal Sulphide (Li-S) 1Ah prototype pouch cells with specific energy of 220 - 250 Wh/Kg and combining these in series to create a 20-40 volt module. Ionotec Ltd (lead), Dynamic-Ceramic Ltd, Birmingham University, University College London, Aloxsys Inc.

2010 78

Third-generation smart fortwo electric drive to launch worldwide in spring 2012; first use of battery packs from Daimler JV Deutsche Accumotive and motor from JV EM-motive

Green Car Congress

The new generation marks the first application of battery packs from Deutsche Accumotive—the automotive lithium-ion battery joint venture formed in 2008 by Daimler AG and Evonik Industries AG ( earlier post ). The first generation of smart electric drive vehicles went into a test fleet deployed in London in 2007. Li-ion battery provider.

2011 68

Driving the VW e-Golf; strategy, assembly in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig battery plant

Green Car Congress

kWh, 323V Li-ion battery pack—318 kg (701 lbs), or 21% of the e-Golf’s DIN unladen body weight—with the component 25 Ah cells and modules (6-cell and 12-cell) provided by Panasonic. The e-Golf. Click to enlarge.

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