Researchers move closer to faster-charging Li-ion batteries; real-time tracking of Li ions in LTO

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A team of scientists led by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has captured in real time how lithium ions move in lithium titanate (LTO), a fast-charging battery electrode material made of lithium, titanium, and oxygen. Graphite is commonly employed as the anode in state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, but for fast-charging applications, LTO is an appealing alternative.

2020 103

Henkel and Covestro partner on assembly of Li-ion cells in carriers

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In their most recent collaboration, Henkel and Covestro have developed a solution enabling the efficient fixation of cylindrical li-ion battery cells inside a plastic cell holder.

2020 102

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ANL researchers report photo-excitation can speed up Li-ion charging by factor of two

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Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have reported that a new photo-excitation mechanism can speed up the charging of lithium-ion batteries by a factor of two or more. The principle of a photo-accelerated lithium-ion battery cell.

2019 131

Roskill: Niobium industry looking for a future beyond steel; Li-ion batteries a possibility

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The winner of the best paper in 2019 was an effort by researchers then at the University of Cambridge, Argonne National Laboratory and the Diamond Light Source, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, on the use of niobium tungsten oxides for high-rate lithium-ion battery storage.

2020 111

Novel solid-phase transformation enables high-energy Li-S batteries in conventional Li-ion electrolyte

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Researchers from Western University, Canadian Light Source, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have proposed a novel solid-phase Li-S transformation mechanism that enables high energy Li-S batteries in conventional Li-ion carbonate electrolytes. Li et al.

2018 110

Study sees gradual, focused replacement of lead-acid SLI batteries by Li-ion batteries over next couple of years

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A study by a team of researchers from Germany and South Africa forsees the gradual replacement of lead-acid SLI (starter, lighting and ignition) batteries with Li-ion batteries over the next couple of years. In the paper, the team reviewed a range of factors specific to the use of Li-ion as an SLI battery in light of some of the technology challenges and market opportunities.

2019 86

Hydro-Québec to commercialize patents co-invented by Goodenough and Braga for electrolyte for solid-state Li-ion batteries

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Lithium-ion batteries, an invention largely credited to the work of Dr. Goodenough, are the most common type of battery used in electronics and electric vehicles today. Solid-state batteries are considered a safer alternative to present-day lithium-ion batteries, as they do not use flammable liquid electrolytes. In addition, they have a high energy density and are long-lasting, light and much cheaper, making them ideal for the electric transportation market.

2020 92

Saft to provide Li-ion SLI batteries fo Hawkei tactical vehicles

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Saft was selected by Thales Australia to deliver Li-ion battery systems that have the potential to power up to 1,300 Hawkei military tactical vehicles. The system will power starting, lights, ignition and silent watch capabilities for the Hawkei vehicle.

2015 96

Porsche Offers Li-ion Starter Battery Option

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The new Li-ion starter battery. Porsche will offer a lithium-ion starter battery option—the first automaker to do so—as of January 2010 for the 911 GT3, 911 GT 3 RS, and Boxster Spyder. Click to enlarge.

Li-ion 115

Brookhaven team develops energy-dense sulfur-based organic cathode material for Li-ion batteries

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The results from NSLS-II and additional experiments at the Canadian Light Source enabled the scientists to successfully confirm the battery’s charge-discharge capacity provided by the sulfur atoms. Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have designed a new, sulfur-based organic cathode material for lithium batteries.

2019 77

Kreisel Electric introduces Li-ion home energy storage systems; 9.6 kW output for faster EV charging

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The Li-ion battery packs are available in four different sizes, with usable capacity ranging from 8 kWh to 22 kWh. An innovative lighting design (ambient interface LED) communicates the battery level and the charge and discharge activities.

2016 106

Saft Li-ion battery system to power ExoMars Rover; >€1M contract

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million) from Airbus Defence and Space Ltd (UK) to develop, to qualify and to test a specific lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery system to power the ExoMars Rover vehicle. Saft developed the xtd series to ensure reliable, high performance power for outdoor industrial equipment in demanding applications including oil and gas, utility management, industrial automation, lighting and signaling, tracking and automotive telematics. ExoMars Rover. Click to enlarge.

2015 112

XALT Energy’s XPAND Li-ion battery system achieves 2018 DNV GL type approval for marine vessels; rack system

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US-based Li-ion battery manufacturer XALT Energy’s XPAND Battery system has been certified as acceptable for installation on all marine vessels classified by DNV GL.

2018 91

Li-ion battery maker CATL opens its first North American sales and service facility

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Ltd ( CATL ), a leading global supplier and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery products for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage facilities, is renewing its commitment to the US market by opening its first North American sales and service facility. The new CATL facility in Detroit will allow the company to improve the supply of lithium-ion batteries to the US auto market and to support the expansion of EV manufacturing. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.

2018 82

Navigant Research Leaderboard puts LG Chem as leader for Li-ion batteries for transportation

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In its latest Leaderboard report on what it sees as the top 8 automotive Li-ion battery companies, Navigant research has put LG Chem in first place, followed closely by Panasonic and Samsung SDI in the “Leaders” segment.

2015 78

AllCell and LG develop high-performance Li-ion battery for material handling market

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AllCell Technologies, LLC, a Chicago-based Lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer for smart-grid, autonomous and light electric vehicle applications, and LG Chem Ltd. have developed a high performance long lasting Li-ion battery for material handling applications. The battery is built with LG’s cylindrical 18650-format Li-ion batteries and AllCell’s proprietary passive thermal management technology with phase change composite (PCC) ( earlier post ).

2015 93

Saft Supplying Li-ion Storage for ABB SVC Light Grid System

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Saft is providing the Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery technology for ABB’s new SVC (Static Var Compensator) Light with Energy Storage—its latest development within the FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems) family.

2010 102

Li-ion Maker Ener1 Restructures

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Li-ion battery maker Ener1 has restructured, internally dividing into three segments that reflect the main directions of development in the rapidly devolving industry: transportation, utility grid and small format products. The transportation group will be subdivided into automotive and light-duty, and heavy-duty and military.

GS Yuasa develops 12V Li-ion battery for start/stop applications

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Engineers at GS Yuasa in Japan have developed a 12V lithium-ion battery targeting the start/stop systems market. The external configuration of the Li-ion battery is compatible with DIN LN5 12V lead-acid batteries, and the operational voltage range is almost the same as the lead-acid battery.

2014 102

NEC introduces 12V Li-ion battery line for stationary applications

Green Car Congress

NEC Energy Solutions, along with NEC Corporation, has announced production availability of the Li-ion ALM 12V35 product line of 12-Volt batteries utilizing Nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4 ) technology from A123 Systems. NEC says the ALM 12V35 is especially well-suited for deep cycling applications such as weak and off-grid power systems, including remote wireless base stations, oil and gas infrastructure, and portable lighting and signage systems.

2015 74

Navigant expects global market for automotive Li-ion batteries to hit $30.6 billion in 2024; almost 4x 2015 market

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In a new report, Navigant Research forecasts the global market for Li-ion batteries in light duty and medium/heavy duty vehicles will almost quadruple from $7.8 This figure could be higher if emerging 48V micro-hybrid technology delivers on its promise of fuel efficiency at a low cost increment and a significant number of OEMs choose to implement it with Li-ion battery packs, Navigant said.

2015 85

Grafoid introduces ion-selective graphene polymer membrane for Li-ion battery electrode protection

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a Canadian graphene R&D, investment and technology licensing company ( earlier post ) introduced its GPURE Graphene Polymer nano-porous membrane intended for next generation Li-Ion battery applications. Grafoid Inc.,

2017 78

High-energy density Li-ion company Enevate raises $30M; novel silicon-dominant anode

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Enevate Corporation, the developer of high energy density Li-ion batteries featuring a new Silicon-dominant composite anode material ( earlier post ) a technology leader in Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, has secured $30 million in extended Series-B funding. Enevate has developed advanced Li-ion batteries based on its new materials and cell designs with significantly higher volumetric and gravimetric energy density in thinner and lighter form factors.

2015 73

Daimler Trucks & Buses and CATL enter global Li-ion battery cell modules supply agreement for electric trucks

Green Car Congress

CATL will supply lithium-ion battery cell modules for a wide range of Daimler Trucks & Buses’ global electric truck portfolio to be introduced in markets from 2021 onwards, including the Mercedes-Benz eActros, the Freightliner eCascadia and the Freightliner eM2. Around 150 units of the light-duty FUSO eCanter are already in customer operation in cities around the globe such as New York City, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon.

2019 73

BNL team develops very high capacity ternary metal fluoride cathode material for Li-ion batteries

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A team led by researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) has found that adding copper atoms to iron fluoride—a member of the class of materials called transition metal fluorides that are potential extremely high-capacity cathodes for future Li-ion batteries—produces a group of new fluoride materials that can reversibly store three times as many Li ions as conventional cathode materials. The lithium ions then bond temporarily to the fluorine atoms.

2015 104

A123 Systems introduces Gen3 Li-ion 12V starter battery; 25% greater cold-cranking power

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12V Li-Start battery. Li-ion battery developer and manufacturer A123 Systems has introduced the third generation of its 12 Volt Starter Battery in its Li-Start product line. Click to enlarge.

2015 96

Maxwell Technologies delivers first commercial application of Li-ion capacitor technology with CRRC-SRI in China

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a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitor-based energy storage and power delivery solutions, announced the first commercial application of lithium-ion capacitors, developed in conjunction with China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC-SRI), China’s largest rail manufacturer. Maxwell’s lithium-ion capacitors deliver ultracapacitors’ high power density with lithium-ion batteries’ high energy density for onboard energy storage systems.

2016 82

Saft to deliver e6T Li-ion batteries to Lockheed Martin for Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program

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Saft has been awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin for delivery of e6T Li-ion battery systems for the engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) phase of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Program. The Saft e6T Li-ion battery system is designed as an auxiliary power source for military vehicles and features an advanced, lightweight design within the dimensions of a traditional lead-acid battery, enabling easy integration into the vehicle.

2013 71

Saft’s e6T Li-ion battery under testing for commercial applications

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Saft is working with CALSTART to test its e6T Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery ( earlier post ) for use in military and commercial applications. This development marks the first time the military e6T Li-ion battery configuration will be tested for commercial trucks and could result in the power supply’s wide-scale adoption beyond the military. The 69 Ah battery comprises VLP (nickel cobalt aluminum, NCA) Li-ion cells in a 3p7s configuration.

2014 71

Sanyo to Begin Mass Production of Li-ion Systems for Power Storage and Light Electric Vehicle Applications

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Sanyo Li-ion systems for power storage (left) and light electric vehicle (right) applications. has developed two new lithium-ion battery systems and will begin mass production of the new products in March 2010. Sanyo Li-ion Systems.

2009 116

Saft introduces Li-ion drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in military vehicles: XCELION 6T

Green Car Congress

The Xcelion 6T is a lithium-ion (Li-ion) drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries that provides equivalent power of two lead-acid batteries at a quarter of the weight and half the volume. The Saft Xcelion 6T is a 28V, 60Ah Li-ion battery system (1.6 The system provides power for starting, lights and ignition, as well as safety critical devices during silent watch missions, such as sensors, jammers, communication and control equipment. Saft Xcelion 6T.

Anderman: Li-ion capacity far outstripping demand as automakers focus more on hybrids, less on full EVs

Green Car Congress

Global automotive Li-Ion battery production capacity is outstripping demand five-to-one as automakers refocus on hybrids and away from full electric vehicles, according to Dr. Menahem Anderman’s recently released xEV Industry Insider Report. Roland Berger: the Li-ion bubble bursts.

2012 119

NEC develops prototype 4.5V, long-life manganese Li-ion battery; 30% more energy density, high capacity and light weight

Green Car Congress

High voltage lithium-ion battery prototype. NEC Corporation has developed a prototype next-generation manganese lithium-ion battery featuring cathodes that support higher voltage operations (4.5V Click to enlarge.

2012 102

Updated Roland Berger Li-ion study forecasts auto Li-ion battery market of more than US$9B by 2015; massive overcapacity and market consolidation

Green Car Congress

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has updated its global Li-ion automotive battery study ( earlier post ). In light of recently presented or announced vehicle models with electric, hybrid or plug-in-hybrid drives (xEV), Roland Berger experts expect the global LiB market to grow from US$1.5 We still expect the global market for Li-ion batteries to reach US$9 billion by 2015. We are starting to see some signs of Li-ion batteries being used in start-stop systems.

2012 94

Organic cathode material for high-capacity Li-ion battery with fast charge and discharge

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Kyoto University and Panasonic have developed a rechargeable Li-ion battery using a new organic cathode material that exhibits “ remarkable ” charge–discharge properties with a high specific capacity of 231 mAh/g, excellent rechargeability (83% of the capacity retained after 500 cycles), and charge–discharge ability (90% of the capacity at 30 C as compared to 1 C). discharge properties as a cathode material in a Li-ion battery. Extended charge?discharge

2012 96

Li-ion maker Boston-Power launches module system for EV and ESS applications; no-weld integration

Green Car Congress

Li-ion battery maker Boston-Power Inc. Boston-Power’s battery technology platform is based on a flat, oval-shaped prismatic cell design with external dimensions equivalent to two conventional 18650 lithium-ion cells. The Swing 5300 cell is targeted at a wide range of applications including Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), and Stationary Energy Storage.

Walmart showcases WAVE tractor-trailer at MATS; micro-turbine range extended electric vehicle with 45.5 kWh Li-ion pack

Green Car Congress

Other special features of the trailer include special low-amperage LED lighting strips, composite trailer skirts, aerodynamic disc wheel coverings, a Posi-lift suspension, and a one-piece, fiberglass-reinforced floor panel with a 16,000 lb (7,257 kg) forklift rating.

2014 154

Researchers visualize lithiation of magnetite electrode in real time; hunting for new Li-ion electrode materials

Green Car Congress

The scientists used this advanced technique, described in an open-access paper in Nature Communications , to observe the discharge of a lithium-ion battery cell containing nanoparticles of magnetite—an inexpensive, nontoxic, high-conducting, high-energy-storage material.

2016 78

UMD researchers report solution to high interfacial impedance hampering developing of high-performance solid-state Li-ion batteries

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Garnet-type solid-state electrolytes (SSEs) for Li-ion batteries offer a range of attractive benefits, including high ionic conductivity (approaching 1 mS cm −1 at room temperature); excellent environmental stability with processing flexibility; and a wide electrochemical stability window.

2016 78

Pike Research forecasts automotive Li-ion battery market to grow to almost $22B in 2020; China to become global leader in production by 2015

Green Car Congress

Total lithium-ion transportation battery revenue by region, world markets: 2012-2020. In a new report , Pike Research forecasts that the overall market for Li-ion batteries in light duty transportation will grow from $1.6 Pike also expects additional applications of Li-ion batteries in hybrid vehicles as models go through their update cycles. Source: Pike Research. Click to enlarge.

2013 105

New high-performance silicon@graphitic nanowire array Li-ion anode shows excellent cycling stability

Green Car Congress

Silicon is targeted as one of the more promising anode materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries due to its relatively low working potential, abundance in nature, and theoretical gravimetric (specific) capacity of 3,579 mAh g ?1

2013 96

Team uses x-ray tomography to visualize and to quantify degradation of tin-oxide Li-ion electrode under operation

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Materials in certain high energy density lithium-ion battery electrodes—specifically, materials that undergo conversion and alloying reactions with lithium—expand and contract during charge and discharge; these volume changes drive particle fracture, which shortens battery lifetime.

2013 112

Suzuki, Toshiba and Denso to form JV to produce automotive Li-ion battery packs in India

Green Car Congress

Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, and Denso Corporation have reached basic agreement on establishing a joint venture company for production of automotive lithium-ion battery packs in India, and signed the agreement. The battery pack manufacturing joint venture by the three companies will provide a stable supply of lithium-ion battery packs in India.

2017 70