2012 Tesla Model S Drives From L.A. To Las Vegas On A Single Charge

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Not only did MotorTrend get to borrow the personal 2012 Tesla Model S Signature Sport belonging to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a few days to test the real-world range of the $100,000 luxury sedan, but it The MotorTrend editorial team must have spent more time behind the wheel of the 2012 Tesla Model S than any other automotive journalists to date.

More Electric Cars in Las Vegas with Stan Hanel's Story on the RAR'ster. with EVJerr Back to Webblogging, Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

In the background, are various EVs from the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association, along with the "Spirit" hanging out in the shade and away from the sunny background. chillin' in the Las Vegas warmth of 110-degrees day, 27 July 2009. Element Hotel General Manager, D Dave Smith, plugs in the RAR'ster.

Schaeffler startup to present near-production Bio-Hybrid at CES 2019; cargo and passenger versions

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Bio-Hybrid GmbH , a company belonging to the Schaeffler Group, will present the near-production Bio-Hybrid ( earlier post )—a new, modern form of personal urban mobility and means of transportation—at CES 2019. The vehicle to be showcased in Las Vegas is a kind of “pick-up.”.

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Tesla Hopes To Hire Hackers To Ensure Security Of Its Cars, Present And Future

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The term "hacker" conjures up images of shady individuals stealing your personal details through loop-holes in your internet security, but in the modern world a professional hacker can actually provide a valuable skill. Tesla Motors, for example, recently attended the Def Con security conference in Las Vegas in order to hire hackers to develop

Connecting home door to car: Volkswagen Car-Net App-Connect & the Door Bird app

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The driver can communicate with the person in question and in future will also be able to open the door, no matter where they happen to be, and without even needing to touch the phone.

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Audi unveils AI:ME self-driving EV concept at Shanghai

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Audi AI systems are capable of learning and thinking, while also being proactive and personal. Audi demonstrated the possibilities that await us in the future with the Holoride system at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

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BMW Connected integrates with Alexa in the UK and Germany; joins US

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The BMW Connected personal digital mobility assistant will be available via an Alexa skill on all Alexa-enabled devices when the service is available in the UK and Germany. The vision of BMW Connected integrated with Alexa was revealed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo, provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice.).

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BMW to show HoloActive Touch HMI system at CES 2017

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At the upcoming CES 2017 show in Las Vegas, the BMW Group will unveil the BMW HoloActive Touch system. The seamless integration of the personal digital mobility companion is highlighted even more vividly by the extremely intuitive interaction.

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Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover makes US debut at CES 2019

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The first Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle from the EQ brand made its US premiere at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. A special feature of Interior Assistant is the personal favorites function, which is initiated using a horizontally outstretched index and middle finger.

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Hyundai “Mobility Vision” concept for integration of car and home; Health + Mobility Cockpit

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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, Hyundai Motor revealed its Mobility Vision concept that, in the future, will connect autonomous cars to living and working environments.

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BMW Group launches high performance D3 platform: data-driven development for autonomous driving

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And as part of the CES in 2014, the BMW Group gave a demonstration of highly automated driving at the limits of performance on the Las Vegas Speedway. The BMW Group is convinced that autonomous driving will have a decisive impact on personal and sustainable mobility in the future.

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Chevrolet previews Spark EV Tech Performance concept, other performance concepts including Cruze Diesel for SEMA

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in Las Vegas. A Personalization Sonic concept puts a larger emphasis on personalization. All the SEMA concepts feature accessories designed to allow personalization while maintaining refinement and ride characteristics. Chevrolet Spark EV Tech Performance concept.

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CEVA partners with iOnRoad for camera-enabled driver-assistance systems

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The companies will demonstrate the technology at CES 2013 in Las Vegas from 8-11 January. The iOnRoad Android and iOS App provides a range of personal driving assistance functions including augmented driving, collision warning and “black-box”-like video recording and have generated close to a million downloads. CEVA, Inc.,

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Visteon to showcase e-Bee vehicle concept at 2013 International CES

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Visteon Corporation will showcase the e-Bee vehicle concept at the 2013 International CES show in Las Vegas next week. The e-Bee offers personalization on three levels: By region: Using a global base interior structure, the control architecture can be customized for each region.

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Kia to introduce 16 new advanced powertrain vehicles by 2025: 5 hybrids, 5 PHEVs, 5 BEVs, 1 FCV; Niro EV Concept

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Kia Motors presented its new “Boundless for All” future mobility vision at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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Horizon Unveiling Small Hydrogen Refueling and Storage System for the Home

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Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies will introduce a “personal hydrogen station”—HydroFill—at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. The device consumes 60W DC per hour to produce 10 liters of hydrogen (0.001 kg) per hour, enough to fill a HydroStik metal hydride storage cartridge. HydroFill plugs into an AC outlet (using an adapter), or to a 60W solar panel or small wind turbine. In 2006, Horizon introduced solar hydrogen powered toy cars.

BMW Connected update adds new services and devices

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A new update to the BMW Connected adds new services and additional devices to the personal mobility companion. With the announcement of BMW Connected at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and its market launch earlier this year, BMW kicked off its vision of an intelligent, highly personalized network of digital services that integrate the vehicle seamlessly into the life of the consumer.

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Local Motors debuts first self-driving vehicle using IBM Watson Internet of Things for Automotive

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The vehicle, dubbed “Olli,” will be used on public roads locally in Washington DC, and late in 2016 in Miami-Dade County, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

2016 78

Volkswagen Group in strategic collaboration with self-driving technology startup Aurora Innovation; Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) fleets

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The Volkswagen Group and self-driving technology startup Aurora Innovation, founded by technology veterans from Google, Tesla and Uber, announced a strategic collaboration ahead of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Self-driving technology is set to become the centerpiece of future personal mobility.

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Are Autonomous Buses the Answer for Efficient Transportation and Reducing Emissions and Fuel Consumption?

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Driverless cars are poised to decongest personal car traffic, shrink our eco footprint, free up parking spaces and reduce the frequency of collisions by about 90%. Arizona-based startup Local Motors has unveiled Olli ( earlier post ), a 12-passenger minibus that may hit university campuses in Las Vegas and Miami later this year. As Walker notes, “Transit achieves high ridership by being useful and liberating to lots of people, not to any particular kind of person.

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Harris Interactive survey for Johnson Controls identifies consumer preferences for connected vehicles

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Safety is the single most important feature among a list of nine—also including: vehicle diagnostics; navigation; entertainment; communication/ connectivity; information apps; audio apps; concierge/ personal service; and social apps—in the selection of a vehicle (75%). At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Johnson Controls announced that it will expand its electronics product portfolio into full in-vehicle infotainment systems for automakers.

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Honda introduces “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem” at CES 2017; Honda Riding Assist, NeuV concept w/ AI emotion engine

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Honda unveiled its Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem concept at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, connecting artificial intelligence, robotics and big data to transform the mobility experience of the future.

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Volkswagen showcases inductive charging w/ “power lift”, autonomous and semi-autonomous capabilities & gesture control at CES

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This interval is now simultaneously shown on the exterior lights of an e-Golf via the Charge Check function that is being shown for the first time in Las Vegas. Touchscreen personalization. The display itself can be personalized. Personalized ambient lighting.

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Greenius & Obama Celebrate Our First 100 Days!

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I spent two hours on the phone with Dency while he was stage managing a show in Las Vegas to get the material I need to write Lillian’s 5 minutes of remarks. Answering the President’s Call To Serve A Higher Purpose.

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The Reality of Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles

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Personally I think that we don’t need to charge the car even in 10 minutes. I like to use the example of someone driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Join Matter Now! Newsletter LinkedIn Twitter Facebook News and ideas for a sustainable world Search 04.17.09

Ford, GM rolling out third-party developer programs for in-vehicle apps

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Reflecting the rapid evolution of the automobile as an application development platform, both Ford and GM announced programs to support third-party development of in-vehicle applications at CES in Las Vegas. Once these apps are created and have been approved by GM, future owners of certain GM models will be able to download them directly to the vehicle through the app catalog to to personalize and to update the apps in their vehicles.

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Mission Motors launches EV powertrain division targeting OEM sales across multiple vehicle platforms

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Mission Motors, developer of the high-performance Mission One PLE electric motorcycle, launched Mission Electric Vehicle Technology (MissionEVT), the company’s high-performance EV Powertrain Division, at the 2010 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Show (SEMA) in Las Vegas. The modular MissionEVT systems can be scaled up for use in large trucks or down for innovative personal transportation solutions as well as for motorcycles and light-duty vehicles, the company says.

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VW BUDD-e EV concept makes US auto show debut; 233-mile range based on EPA cycle; next-gen connectivity and HMI

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Building on its unveiling at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas ( earlier post ), the Volkswagen BUDD-e electric vehicle concept is making its US auto show debut at the New York International Auto Show. Personalized light.

2016 85

Audi showcases future piloted driving technologies at CES; initial focus on traffic jams and parking

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At the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Audi AG presented technologies for networking the car with its environment, with a particular focus on future piloted driving and mobile communications. The image processing software can detect persons up to a range of approximately 100 meters (328 ft) within the system constraints.

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