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After spending the past year and a half converting a Porsche 914 to an electric vehicle, I decided to expand my horizons by designing an open-source electric vehicle (EV) conversion kit for a commonly used car. In short, I came up with four options for a practical, economical EV conversion: Ford Escort 5th Gen Honda Civic ('92-'95) Geo Metro Saturn SL2 After talking with several people, I got the impression that the Honda Civic beat the other three vehicles hands-down in the selection.

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What would it take to convert a Saturn SC2 to electric? for a kit while anotherThe information on web sites is all over the place. Some want $5,000.00

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All the accessories were added too like a tow hitch, running boards, bike and ski attachments, iPod kit and many more.

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Saturn and a 200-horsepower electric motor. Coalition Turns On to 'Plug-In Hybrids' Utilities, Localities, DaimlerChrysler Give Traction to Professor's Drive For High Mileage By JOHN J.

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