bp & Ørsted to produce green H2 at Lingen refinery; industrial-scale electrolyzer powered by offshore wind

Green Car Congress

project for industrial-scale production of green hydrogen via the electrolysis of water using ?renewable renewable power, producing zero emissions. This will be powered by renewable energy generated by an Ørsted offshore ?wind When powered by renewable ?energy,

2020 341

The $32-Trillion Push To Disrupt The Entire Oil Industry

Green Car Congress

Global oil and gas companies are increasingly facing an uphill battle as global warming policies are taking their toll. Most analysts and market watchers are focusing on peak oil demand scenarios, but the reality could be much darker. International oil companies (IOCs) are likely to face a Black Swan scenario, which could end up being a boon for state-owned oil companies (NOCs). Lower oil supply will push up prices if demand continues to grow.

2019 202

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Samsung Heavy Industries and Bloom Energy sign joint development agreement for SOFC-powered ships

Green Car Congress

Solid-oxide fuel-cell manufacturer Bloom Energy and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), a part of Samsung Group, have signed a joint development agreement (JDA) to design and to develop fuel cell-powered ships.

2020 369

Researchers develop large-scale, economical method to extract hydrogen from oil sands and oil fields

Green Car Congress

Canadian researchers have developed a large-scale economical method to extract hydrogen from oil sands (natural bitumen) and oil fields. This can be used to power hydrogen-powered vehicles, which are already marketed in some countries, as well as to generate electricity. The process can extract hydrogen from existing oil sands reservoirs, with huge existing supplies found in Canada and Venezuela. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Oil Oil sands

3 Oil Majors That Bet Big On Renewables

Green Car Congress

Big Oil has frequently been chided for merely trying to burnish its green credentials, and so far, it has done little to convince us that it is truly moving forward to greenness. Let this sink in: In 2018, Big Oil spent less than 1% of its combined budget on green energy projects.

2020 341

Cummins high horsepower diesel generator sets now approved for use with hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel

Green Car Congress

announced approval of its entire line of diesel generator sets for use with paraffinic fuels (EN15940), including hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), when used in standby applications. This announcement comes as part of Cummins overall commitment to develop innovative solutions that enable decarbonization, and proactively advance the company’s current technology to achieve industry leading emissions. Bio-hydrocarbons Diesel Engines Fuels Power GenerationCummins Inc.

Diesel 239

Greenius Calls For Nationalizing Oil & Gas Industry & Seizing Their Assets As Sierra Club Applauds

Creative Greenius

A leader with South Bay 350, Joe formed South Bay Clean Power and created awareness of and enthusiasm for the process known as Community Choice Aggregation. This effort eventually led to the formation of the Los Angeles County Clean Power Alliance. Godfather of Community Choice In LA County Says Just Transition Means Repairing Damage To Frontline Communities First.

2019 150

VTT and partners to assess bio- and waste-based oils suitable for power plants and ships; BioFlex project

Green Car Congress

In a three-year Business Finland BioFlex project, VTT—the Finnish state-owned research agency—and partners are exploring how suitable fuel oils made from biomass and waste plastics are for power plants and ship diesel engines. We compare different methods of industrially producing fuel oils from, for example, waste plastics or biomass, such as harvest residues from forestry and agriculture.

2020 162

HydroWing, Tocardo partner on production of hydrogen from tidal power

Green Car Congress

Hydrogen is utilized for a wide range of current industrial processes from ammonia, methanol and metals production and refinery of oil. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Ports and Marine Power Generation Wave and Tidal

2020 361

Neste invests in Sunfire, developer of high-temperature electrolysis and Power-to-X solutions

Green Car Congress

Over the past decade, Neste has transformed itself from a regional oil refining company into a global leader in renewable and circular solutions through breakthrough innovation. One of these fields of innovation is Power-to-X.

2020 281

Volkswagen fueling car carriers with fuel derived from used cooking oil; GoodFuels BFO

Green Car Congress

The fuel is produced from materials such as used oil from restaurants and the food industry. The first car freighter was refueled for the first time with this oil in mid-November 2020 and a second ship is due to follow at the beginning of 2021.

2020 341

El Segundo’s @LATimes In Bed With Chevron Oil To Cover Up Oil Industry’s Deliberate Criminal Destruction Of Climate. Clueless Reporters See Nothing. Enjoy Today’s Food Section Ads #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

carbon producers Climate Emergency Collusion Community Activists corruption environment environmental justice, environmental racism fossil fuels Greed greenwashing News Ocean renewable energy sea-level rise solar power Truth & Reality chevron El Segundo Los Angeles Times

2019 163

Nidec to acquire Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool to support push into EV drives; E-Axle

Green Car Congress

Nidec Corporation’s Board of Directors approved a resolution to acquire the shares of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., After completion of the acquisition, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool will become Nidec-Shimpo’s third main business.

Bloom Energy and Samsung Heavy Industries team up to build ships powered by solid oxide fuel cells running on natural gas

Green Car Congress

Bloom Energy and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), a part of Samsung Group, today are collaborating to design and develop ships powered by Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cell technology. SHI aims to be the first shipbuilder to deliver a large cargo ship for ocean operation powered by fuel cells running on natural gas. The two companies have already taken an important first step towards commercializing the maritime use of fuel cells for propulsion and auxiliary power.

2019 236

Clueless El Segundo Newspaper @LATimes Continues To Ballwash Oil Industry By Deleting #ClimateEmergency From PR Piece For Chevron. @DrPatSoonShiong Desperately Needs A Climate Change Editor #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

#FridaysForFuture carbon producers climate change Climate Emergency Collusion corruption environment environmental justice, environmental racism Evil fossil fuels greenwashing News sea-level rise solar power Sustainability toxic chemicals Truth & Reality chevron Dr Pat Soon-Shiong El Segundo global warming Los Angeles Times

2019 150

Looking Ahead: What’s Coming in the EV Industry 2022 and Beyond


Looking forward, here is what we think the major developments in the EV Industry will be in 2022 and beyond. In 2022, the focus for utilities will include expanding the grid so it will be ready to produce the power needed to charge the explosion of EVs on the road over the next decade.

Liquid Robotics and Schlumberger form joint venture for wave-powered autonomous marine vehicles for oil and gas industry

Green Car Congress

and Schlumberger have created Liquid Robotics Oil & Gas , a joint venture to develop services for the oil and gas industry using Wave Gliders, the first wave-powered, autonomous marine vehicles. The joint venture will be the exclusive distributor of Wave Glider products and services to oil and gas customers worldwide. Liquid Robotics, Inc.

2012 188

Today’s Stunted Oil Prices Could Cause Oil Price Shock In 2020

Green Car Congress

As oil prices remain unsteady and OPEC continues to make headlines every hour, the world is focused on oil’s immediate future. As Saudi Arabia announces plans to slash production and move their economy away from oil dependency, many industry insiders are predicting that the now over-saturated market will reach an equilibrium with higher commodity prices by 2018 and U.S. oil may not be able to fill. Market Background Oilby Haley Zaremba for Oilprice.com.

2017 163

NuScale Power secures $40M, support for SMR deployment from JGC Holdings

Green Car Congress

NuScale Power has finalized an investment and strategic partnership agreement with JGC Holdings Corporation (JGC HD), a holding company of the world’s leading EPC contractor group companies headquartered in Japan. As part of a commercial relationship with Fluor Corporation—NuScale’s majority investor and EPC partner in the United States—JGC HD will provide a $40-0million cash investment in NuScale Power and partner with Fluor on the deployment of NuScale Power Plants.

Power 186

Johnson Matthey launches HyCOgen; converting CO2 and green hydrogen into sustainable aviation fuel

Green Car Congress

By combining HyCOgen with the award-winning FT CANS Fischer Tropsch technology (developed in collaboration with bp), Johnson Matthey offers an integrated, scalable solution for use in the efficient and cost-effective production of renewable-power-based SAF. The integration with the FT CANS technology provides an end-to-end, optimized and highly scalable process that turns more than 95% of the CO 2 into high quality synthetic crude oil.

IHS Markit: US oil producers to halt 1.75 MMb/d per day of production; Canada to cut 0.5 MMb/d

Green Car Congress

Due to the collapse in oil prices, IHS Markit expects US producers are in the process of curtailing about 1.75 The oil market fear that characterized March and the extreme price pressure that producers felt in April have galvanized producers across North America into unprecedented action. Negative oil prices and the collapse of WTI futures contracts were a potent signal that stronger measures, namely shut-ins, were needed to curb oversupply. Forecasts Market Background Oil

2020 172

GE, Rosneft to pursue opportunities in Russia’s oil and gas industry, including Arctic offshore

Green Car Congress

GE and OJSC Rosneft signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that lays the foundation for the two companies jointly to evaluate and develop commercial opportunities in oil and gas exploration and production in the Russian Federation. The agreement calls for a strategic, cooperative relationship that would: leverage GE Oil & Gas technologies to help Rosneft improve efficiency and yields in its oil and gas exploration and recovery operations, and.

2012 202

Gulf Oil launches e-fluids for hybrid & electric cars in India

Electric Vehicles India

Gulf Oil launches e-fluids for hybrid & electric cars in India. Gulf Oil Lubricants India has announced the launch of its e-fluids for hybrid and electric passenger vehicles in India. Read further to know more about Gulf Oil launches e-fluids. .

India 52

Electric oil tankers: A slick use of renewable energy?

Green Car Reports

It seems even the oil industry is acknowledging that electric transportation is the future. An electric oil tanker. Expected to be the world's first zero-emission tanker, it will be powered by "large-capacity lithium ion batteries".

2020 132

Lux: Total is leading example of oil supermajor expanding into solar plus storage and distributed generation

Green Car Congress

France-based Total is the first oil supermajor aggressively to enter new areas of business including solar plus storage and distributed generation, notes Lux Research in a new report : “Superpower Darwinism: What Big Oil Can and Cannot Do About Total’s Billion-Dollar Battery Move.”. As Darwinism looms for the future of power, oil supermajors looking to evolve must choose among more expensive, broader battery players.

2016 163

DOE to issue $10M - $12M funding opportunity for next generation electric machines, targeting chemical, oil and gas industries

Green Car Congress

NGEMs combine high power density, high RPM motors with integrated power electronics. Motorization of large compressors in the chemical, oil and gas industries is now a necessity for energy savings and environmental sustainability. The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office intends to issue a new funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001208) for work to develop Next Generation of Electric Machines (NGEM).

2015 198

Siemens targeting Li-ion energy storage for marine and offshore oil and gas applications; 6MW system to West Mira rig

Green Car Congress

As part of a strategy to continue providing low-emissions solutions for harsh offshore operating environments, Siemens has opened a fully robotized and digitalized plant in Norway that will develop and manufacture energy storage technologies for both marine and offshore oil and gas applications. West Mira will be the world’s first drilling rig to operate a low-emission hybrid power plant using Siemens’ lithium-ion energy storage solution. Batteries Oil Ports and Marine

2019 208

Alphabet Energy closes $23.5M Series C; thermoelectric waste-heat-to-power for oil & gas and automotive

Green Car Congress

Alphabet Energy, a startup commercializing low-cost, efficient thermoelectric materials for power generation leveraging technology initially developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( earlier post , earlier post ), has closed a $23.5-million Series C round of financing. Schlumberger, a new investor from the oil and gas industry, led the round with participation from GM Ventures and Osceola Capital Management, LLC.

2016 150

Driving electric in an oil capital

Electric Auto Association

The outreach efforts of the Houston Electric Auto Association (HEAA), founded 34 years ago in the heart of American oil country, have not always been met with a positive response. “We They also like them because they’re fast and powerful.”.

Capstone Turbine seeing microturbine sales to oil and gas industry at record pace

Green Car Congress

Microturbine company Capstone Turbine’s ( earlier post ) sales to the oil and gas industry worldwide are at a record pace, according to Jim Crouse, Capstone’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. MW from multiple oil & gas producers operating in the Marcellus play, including a follow-on order from a large independent producer already operating a fleet of more than 50 Capstone microturbines. Tatneft is the sixth largest oil company in Russia.

2011 193

Opinion: Consumers winning with low oil prices, for now

Green Car Congress

Columbia and Associate Director of the Maguire Energy Institute at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas says it has: “No question we’re seeing the effects of lower oil prices throughout the economy.”. The usual beneficiaries of lower oil prices are still benefitting: Transportation, airlines, power generators, refiners and any business directly using oil or natural gas for fuel or feedstock. What is a reasonable price for oil?

2015 195

Opinion: Oil Market ShowdownCan Russia Outlast The Saudis?

Green Car Congress

November 27, oil consuming countries will celebrate the first anniversary of the Saudi decision to let market forces determine prices. Should crude prices decline from current levels, or even just stagnate, it is possible neither country will exit the CrudeDome under its own power. per barrel oil in 2015 and 2016 respectively, while the October projections are based $51.62 Market Background Oil Opinion Russiaby Dalan McEndree for Oilprice.com.

Russia 218

Wind-powered offshore enhanced oil recovery concept moves closer to implementation

Green Car Congress

The DNV GL-led joint industry project, WIN WIN (WINd powered Water INjection), has completed its first phase and determined that wind power could be used to power offshore water injection. This eliminates the need for long subsea pipelines and power cables. The project is currently moving into its second phase, which includes refining and testing the electrical systems, and investigating possibilities for broader applications.

2017 174

Saft delivers first Intensium Flex Li-ion system to ECO-H Technologies for oil and gas industry

Green Car Congress

for the delivery of the first Intensium Flex Li-ion battery system to power and store energy for the ECO-H System. The ECO-H System is a patent-pending Hybrid Power Management System for the oil and gas industry developed by ECO-H Technologies and distributed by Tesco Corporation. Through its ability to provide power and store energy using Saft Li-ion batteries, the system allows for immediate on-demand power and the leveling of power usage peaks for rigs.

2014 193

State-owned Indonesia Battery Holding to help build integrated EV industry in Indonesia; role of nickel

Green Car Congress

In Indonesia, state miners MIND ID (Mining Industry Indonesia) and Aneka Tambang (ANTAM); state utility Perusahan Listrik Negara (PLN); and state oil company Pertamina have agreed to form a new venture: Indonesia Battery Holding. Aware of the growing importance of nickel in EV battery development, Indonesia is building up an EV battery industry as part of their national strategy, aiming to make cells for EVs by 2023, notes Roskill.

Snam and Saipem sign MoU to work together on green hydrogen development and CO2 capture

Green Car Congress

As one of the first companies in the world to experiment with introducing hydrogen into a gas transport network, Snam is highly committed to ensuring that its infrastructure is compatible with increasing hydrogen volumes and to supporting the growth of the Italian hydrogen value chain by developing technologies in order to promote its use in a variety of sectors, from industry to transport.

2020 263

OriginOil lands first order for industrial-scale algae oil extraction system; Bio-CCS

Green Car Congress

has received the first commercial order to deploy its algae oil extraction system in an industrial setting. MBD Energy (MBD) recently committed to purchase an initial OriginOil extraction unit for piloting at one of Australia’s three largest coal-fired power plants. MBD Energy expects OriginOil technology to support a pilot Bio-CCS (Bio-based Carbon Capture and Storage) algal synthesizer system at Queensland’s Tarong Power Station. OriginOil, Inc.

2011 206

CMA CGM partners with Energy Observer on hydrogen-powered shipping

Green Car Congress

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, is joining forces with Energy Observer , the first hydrogen-powered vessel to embark on a round-the-world voyage. It aims to experiment, test and develop energy solutions based on hydrogen, solar, tidal and wind power.

2020 267

2020 Electric Vehicle Industry Report Card and trends for the new year

Plug In India

The Indian electric vehicle industry too suffered a setback during the first six months of the year. Yet, by the end of the year, there is a huge wave of optimism in the industry for the coming year. This report logs the highs and lows of the Indian EV industry for 2020.

2020 56

Power-To-X: Sunfire reports successful test run of co-electrolysis system of >500 hours; e-Crude demo targeted

Green Car Congress

SUNFIRE-SYNLINK —a co-electrolyzer based on solid oxide cell (SOC) technology—enables the highly efficient production (a projected ~80% efficiency on an industrial scale) of synthesis gas in a single step using water, CO 2 and green electricity. Co-electrolysis reduces H 2 O and CO 2 simultaneously; this significantly reduces the investment and operating costs for Power-to-X projects such as e-Crude and e-fuels. Fuels Power-to-Gas Power-to-Liquids Solar fuels

2019 187

Foss Maritime to build first three of new Arctic Class of deep-sea tugs for oil and gas industry

Green Car Congress

Responding to new oil and gas industry opportunities, Foss Maritime Company will build the first three tugs in an. Foss says the new tugs will position it to compete for opportunities in the oil and gas industry. Several oil and gas customers are. it comes to the transportation of infrastructure needed for Arctic oil and. pull, a measure of pulling power. barges with oil field modules, rig topsides and project cargoes throughout.

2012 193

Indian Oil Corp exploring hydrogen to use as eco-friendly fuels 

Electric Vehicles India

Indian Oil Corp exploring hydrogen to use as eco-friendly fuels . Let us see further how Indian Oil Corp is making efforts to use eco-friendly fuels in vehicles. . The officials at the R&D facility of Indian Oil said it is the way to adopt hydrogen as a fuel. Indian Oil Corp.

Oil 72

EIA: natural gas use for power falls as industrial use continues to rise; higher prices, cooler summer

Green Car Congress

For the first eleven months of 2013, natural gas consumption in the electric power sector was below 2012 levels because of relatively higher natural gas prices compared with coal prices, and cooler summer weather compared with 2012, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). EIA estimates that electric power sector natural gas consumption was, on average, down by 13% so far in 2013 (through November), relative to the same time period in 2012.

2013 202