Poor air quality to remain a problem in India despite pollution control policies

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in 2030 even if India were to comply with its existing pollution control policies and regulations. The study shows that only about 833 million citizens (about half of India’s estimated population in 2030) would be living in areas that meet India’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in 2030. concentrations that did not comply with India’s NAAQS for PM 2.5 (40 The program focuses on 102 polluted Indian cities and aims to reduce PM 2.5

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China's Air Pollution Is Bad, But India's Is Far, Far Worse

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Discuss countries with the worst air pollution, and China typically rises to the top of the list like smoke from a chimney. Maybe it's the high-profile coverage of Beijing's smog-choked air, or the fact that China is now the world's largest new-car market, but either way the country is a poster child for pollution. emissions China India air pollution

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India, EU ratify Paris climate agreement: takes effect next month

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The tipping point was reached when India and the 28 members of the European Union ratified. Europe emissions India EU climate change air pollutionLast December, representatives form 195 countries met in Paris to negotiate an agreement to address climate change on a global scale. Almost a year later, enough countries have now formally ratified that agreement in order that it can officially take effect.

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Study estimates ~4M children worldwide develop asthma each year because of NO2 air pollution

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The study is the first to quantify the worldwide burden of new pediatric asthma cases linked to traffic-related nitrogen dioxide by using a method that takes into account high exposures to this pollutant that occur near busy roads, said Susan C.

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First China, Now India, Commit To Reducing Carbon Emission Rates

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Environmental emissions China India air pollutionClimate change is a hotly-debated political issue in the United States, but truly addressing it will require an even bigger consensus. The world's nations will meet in Paris in December to discuss a global strategy for combating climate change. That will include plans from individual countries detailing how they expected to reduce their carbon.

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UMD-led study finds China’s SO2 emissions down 75% since 2007, India’s up 50%; India may now be the top SO2 emitter

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Although China and India remain the world’s largest consumers of coal, a new University of Maryland-led study found that China’s sulfur dioxide emissions fell by 75% since 2007, while India’s emissions increased by 50%. China Coal Emissions India Policy Regulations

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India plan for converting to electric cars by 2030 may get trimmed, a lot

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Two years ago, the government of India proposed a remarkable and ambitious goal: make every new vehicle coming onto its roads electric by 2030. The plan was largely a response to some of the world's highest levels of hazardous air pollution in its cities, higher in many cases than the legendary foul air in Chinese cities. zero emissions India incentives plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle regulation

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India's ambitious goal: all electric vehicles on roads by 2030

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Several countries have committed to putting more electric cars on their roads in the near future as a way to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. emissions India energy policy plug-in cars transportation policyBut what if one country—and a very large one at that—decided to make every car on its roads electric inside of 15 years? That's the incredibly ambitious goal now being proposed by.

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Berkeley Lab study finds hybrids more fuel efficient in India, China than in US

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Improvement in fuel consumption in India of a hybrid vehicle over a conventional vehicle. They found that driving a hybrid would achieve fuel savings of about 47 to 48% over a conventional car in India and about 53 to 55% in China. India study. EVs in India.

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EPIC index finds air pollution reduces global life expectancy by 1.8 years; single greatest threat to human health

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Fossil fuel-driven particulate air pollution cuts global average life expectancy by 1.8 years per person, according to a new pollution index and accompanying report produced by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC). On average, people in India would live 4.3

2018 130

Study links PM2.5 pollution with millions of preterm births globally

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Recent research has suggested that exposure to air pollution could also be a risk factor. exposures, inclusion of provider-initiated preterm births, and exposure to indoor air pollution. India alone accounted for about 1 million of the total 2.7

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PM2.5 pollution now associated with chronic kidney disease

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pollution, new open-access research published in PLOS ONE suggests that PM 2.5 Similar to smoking, air pollution contains harmful toxins that can directly affect the kidneys. High-risk patients who live in heavily populated or polluted areas should recognize the danger and take precautions, Bragg-Gresham says. If you look at areas that are heavily polluted versus areas that are less polluted, you will find more chronic kidney disease.

2018 81

Study: surface ozone in India in 2005 damaged 6M tonnes of crops, enough to feed 94M people in poverty

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Smog in India. Ozone, the main component of smog, is a plant-damaging pollutant formed by emissions from vehicles, cooking stoves and other sources. New research shows that ozone pollution damaged millions of tons of wheat, rice, soybean and cotton crops in India in 2005. Surface ozone pollution in India damaged 6 million metric tons (6.7 Rising emissions are causing severe ozone pollution in some of India’s most populated regions.

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Recent on-road real-world emission testing in India highlights disparity between cycles, gasoline and diesel

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The International Council on Clean Transportation ( ICCT ) recently contracted with the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) of India to conduct laboratory and on-road testing of three in-use passenger vehicles—two diesel and one gasoline—to investigate the real world emission performance of passenger vehicles in Indian roads. Emissions Engines India Regulations

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Intelligent Energy announces US$1.8B deal for ~27K telecom towers in India; fuel cell power for ~70%; landmark in fuel cell deployment

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Essential Energy , a subsidiary of Intelligent Energy in India, will assume the power management for the towers—a figure equivalent to 50% of the UK’s telecom towers and 13% of the US’. This deal sets a significant precedent for shaping India’s energy future.

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Study: PM2.5 pollution reduces global life expectancy by more than one year

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pollution shortens human lives by more than a year, according to a new open-access study from a team of environmental engineers and public health researchers published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters. air pollution exposure and its consequences in 185 countries.

2018 104

Study attributes significant amount of kidney disease globally to PM2.5 pollution

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pollution is significant, according to an analysis presented at ASN (American Society of Nephrology) Kidney Week. Populations in Mexico, Central America, Southeast Asia, India, and Northern Africa were amongst those with highest DALYs.

2017 113

Tata Nano CNG Emax: India's Most Fuel-Efficient, Least-Polluting Car

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A new version of the Tata Nano--the world''s cheapest car--was recently unveiled in Ahmedabad, India. At 36km/kg of CNG, the Nano CNG emax is India''s most fuel-efficient car; its What is it they say about big things and small packages? The Tata Nano CNG emax is a bi-fuel vehicle, capable of running on both compressed natural gas (CNG) and gasoline.

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Study links PM2.5 pollution to increased risk of diabetes; even low levels pose risk

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The open-access findings, published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health , raise the possibility that reducing particulate pollution may lead to a drop in diabetes cases in heavily polluted countries such as India and less polluted ones such as the United States. The main drivers of diabetes include eating an unhealthy diet, having a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity, but the new research indicates the extent to which outdoor air pollution plays a role.

2018 84

Asian Development Bank providing $300M towards replacing 100K gasoline trikes with E-Trikes in the Philippines; $300M for major road upgrades in Chhattisgarh, India

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Based on an ADB study, gasoline-fueled tricycles are responsible for more than two-thirds of all air pollution generated by the country’s entire transport sector. 300M to India’s Chhattisgarh State for major road upgrades. Electric (Battery) India Other Asia Policy

Carnegie study finds climate impact of particulates varies greatly depending on where the pollution originated

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For example, their models show that aerosol emissions from Western Europe have 14 times the global cooling effect that aerosol emissions from India do. Yet, aerosol emissions from Europe, the United States, and China are declining, while aerosol emissions from India and Africa are increasing.

2018 85

Australia CSIRO and India CSIR launch A$6M partnership on dimethyl ether

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Australia’s CSIRO and its equivalent in India, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research ( CSIR ), have launched a three-year, A$6-million (US$5.6-million) collaboration focused on improving processes involved in the production of dimethyl ether (DME), a clean-burning synthetic liquid fuel. The project is being jointly funded by the Australian and Indian governments, through the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund ( AISRF ) as one of the latest Grand Challenge winners.

International study finds air pollution leads to millions of hospital visits for asthma attacks worldwide

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They used epidemiological health impact functions combined with data describing population, baseline asthma incidence and prevalence, and pollutant concentrations. The largest impacts were estimated in China and India. This is the first global study of the potential impacts of air pollution on serious asthma attacks that cause people to visit emergency rooms in hospitals around the world.

2018 73

UNICEF: 300M children worldwide breathing air exceeding WHO pollution guidelines by 6x or more

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The report, “ Clear the Air for Children ”, uses satellite imagery to show that some 2 billion children live in areas where outdoor air pollution, caused by factors such as vehicle emissions, heavy use of fossil fuels, dust and burning of waste, exceeds WHO minimum air quality guidelines.

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Researchers find magnetite nanoparticles similar to those from traffic pollution in brain; possible link with Alzheimer’s

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The particles we found are strikingly similar to the magnetite nanospheres that are abundant in the airborne pollution found in urban settings, especially next to busy roads, and which are formed by combustion or frictional heating from vehicle engines or brakes. Particles smaller than 200 nm are small enough to enter the brain directly through the olfactory nerve after breathing air pollution through the nose. India study. Emissions Engines Europe Health India Latin Americ

2016 60

Indias ARAI Develops New Hydrogen-CNG Engine

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Times of India. The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has developed a four-cylinder engine at their power train engineering (PTE) laboratory that will support an 18% blend of hydrogen and compressed natural gas (HCNG). Tata Motors has evinced interest in the technology for use in its light commercial vehicles.The HCNG engine developed by ARAI reduces nitrogen dioxide along with other pollutants.

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U.S. Grid May Handle Electric Cars, But India's Can't

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Rather than energy concerns, global warming and owning the latest technology, India's priority is reducing the air pollution responsible for millions of deaths a year. It goes without saying, but the Indian market for bikes and automobiles is very different to that in the U.S. Electric vehicles should be a way of mitigating that, but there's an

2013 60

WHO: 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air; 7M deaths per year

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New data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants. Updated estimations reveal a death toll of 7 million people every year caused by ambient (outdoor) and household air pollution. Air pollution threatens us all, but the poorest and most marginalized people bear the brunt of the burden. If we don’t take urgent action on air pollution, we will never come close to achieving sustainable development.

2018 60

Indian ride-sharing company Ola to put 10,000 EVs on the road in 12 months, 1M by 2021

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India-based Ola, one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies, launched “ Mission: Electric ”, with a commitment to place 10,000 E-rickshaws and Electric auto-rickshaws in its service in the next 12 months. Car Sharing Electric (Battery) Fleets India Mobility services

2018 106

Study finds pollution emitted near equator has biggest impact on global ozone

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Since the 1980s, air pollution has increased worldwide, but it has increased at a much faster pace in regions close to the equator. The work provides strategic insight on where in the world to reduce emissions of pollutants that form ozone. When present in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), ozone is one of the primary causes of air pollution-related respiratory problems and heart disease.

2016 79

Study finds power law scaling relationship between urban population and NO2 pollution

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The approximate linear relationship for each region is notable, suggesting that the dependence of urban NO 2 pollution upon population follows a power law scaling with population. for India to 0.66 ppb (India). ppb (India).

2013 115

Study finds farms a major source of fine-particulate air pollution

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Emissions from farms outweigh all other human sources of fine-particulate air pollution in much of the United States, Europe, Russia and China, according a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters , a journal of the American Geophysical Union. However, if combustion emissions decline in coming decades, as most projections indicate, fine-particle pollution will go down even if fertilizer use doubles as expected.

2016 84

Ford becomes first carmaker to report on emissions in India

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India has the worst air pollution problem in the entire world, and one of the key sources of its problem is the growing number of vehicles on its roads.

2013 69

Study finds black carbon pollution directly affects bacteria; altering effectiveness of antibiotics, increasing the potential for infection

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The interdisciplinary study, published in the journal Environmental Microbiology , has important implications for the treatment of infectious diseases, which are known to be increased in areas with high levels of air pollution.

2017 85

Lux: China, India lead Asian alternative fuels; targets likely will not be met

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India is betting on jatropha for biodiesel as it strives to meet a 20% biofuels mandate for 2017, but biofuels will account for less than 0.6% Among their other findings: India will outpace Asia’s growth in biodiesel. India’s growth, however, at an impressive 18.5% Cost, pollution are catalysts for NGVs. NGVs in China and India are driven by their lower cost—nearly half that of gasoline—and the need to cut air pollution.

2014 71

Air pollution could claim 6.6 million lives per year by 2050, double current rate; small domestic fires and ag the worst offenders

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If air pollution emissions continue to rise at the current rate, some 6.6 The largest sources of air pollution are not industry and transport but small domestic fires and agriculture. In many countries, air pollution accounts for roughly ten-times more deaths than road accidents.

2015 112

Indian capital to cancel registrations of diesel cars 10 years or older, immediately

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India's top environmental court is taking aggressive action to curb air pollution in the country's capital city. DON'T MISS: India's ambitious. emissions India transportation policyNew Delhi authorities were ordered by the courts on Monday to cancel the registrations of diesel cars produced 10 or more years ago. The order from the New Green Tribunal (NGT) takes effect immediately.

2016 61

Rice University study of lung cells suggests anthropogenic carbon nanotubes are common pollutants

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These nanostructures are similar to those present in dusts and vehicle exhausts collected in Paris, as well as to those previously observed in ambient air in the USA, in spider webs in India, and in ice cores, the researchers found.

2015 105

It’s Time To Go To The Mattresses

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“ So bada-bing, bada-boom now we gotta take on the Killer Coal Family in China too - and lest I forget, the Killer Coal Family in India as well.

2009 158

IEA: 7% increase in total energy investment could cut premature deaths from air pollution in half by 2040

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A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that energy policy choices backed by a 7% increase in total energy investment through 2040 could cut premature deaths from air pollution roughly in half by 2040.

2016 85

Study links air pollution and cyclone intensity in Arabian Sea; suggested solutions include diesel filters and two-stroke engines running on LPG fuel

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Pollution is making Arabian Sea cyclones more intense, according to a study in the journal Nature. Researchers note that weakening wind patterns during the last 30 years correspond with a buildup of aerosols in the atmosphere over India. We’re showing that pollution from human activities as simple as burning wood or driving a vehicle with a diesel engine can change these massive atmospheric phenomena in a significant way. Diesel Emissions Health India

2011 85

Ballard signs MOU with Delta to expand focus of clean energy fuel cell system sales in India

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Fuel cell maker Ballard Power Systems has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Delta Power Solutions (India) Pvt. Ballard and Delta recently announced their collaboration agreement in relation to sales of fuel cell-powered backup power systems in the India telecommunications market, under which an initial purchase order was issued by Delta earlier this month.

2011 89

Study finds household and outdoor air pollution contributes to more than 5.5 million premature deaths worldwide per year

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New research shows that household (indoor) and outdoor air pollution contribute to more than 5.5 More than half of deaths occur in two of the world’s fastest growing economies, China and India. In the context of the Global Burden of Disease 2013 study ( earlier post ), researchers from Canada, the United States, China and India quantified air pollution levels and attributable health impacts for 188 countries for the period 1990-2013.

2016 60