Toyota enters $82 million partnership to roll out hydrogen trucks in Los Angeles port

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After showing its second-generation fuel-cell semi-truck at the Port of Los Angeles in July, Toyota announced last week it will build 10 more fuel-cell trucks for the project. In addition to the trucks, the project will add two new heavy-duty hydrogen filling stations, two new hydrogen forklifts at Toyota's warehouse at the next-door Port of Long. hydrogen semis

Toyota introduces second hydrogen fuel-cell powered semi working in Los Angeles

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Its latest effort expands on the Mirai sedan by converting semitrucks to hydrogen fuel-cell power. Toyota is going big on fuel cells. The company has been testing a fuel-cell powered semi for more than a year at the Port of Long Beach, California, ferrying goods from the Toyota Logistics facility to distribution points headed for factories and. Trucks trucking

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle News From Los Angeles Auto Show

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The biggest news in zero-emission vehicles at last month''s Los Angeles Auto Show was the formal introduction of the 2016 Toyota Mirai. But several other companies made news in the hydrogen fuel-cell market as well. Here''s our brief roundup of the hydrogen stories we covered in LA. 2016 Toyota Mirai The maker of the world''s highest-volume hybrid

CARB preliminarily awards Port of Los Angeles $41M to launch zero-emissions hydrogen-fuel-cell-electric freight project; total cost $83M

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has preliminarily awarded $41 million to the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) for the Zero-Emission and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities (ZANZEFF) project. The Port of Los Angeles will develop the project in several phases, ultimately encompassing initiatives in Southern California, the Central Coast Area, and Merced County. Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Ports and Marine

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Car At Los Angeles Auto Show (Video)

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The 2016 Toyota Mirai, seen here in its production form, is the first-ever hydrogen fuel-cell car to be offered for sale by a major automaker. It goes on sale in Japan next month, and will arrive in North America in the second half of next year.

Toyota fuel-cell Class 8 prototype to start drayage routes at Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

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With testing and development miles completed, Project Portal will begin initial feasibility study routes, moving goods from select Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals to surrounding rail yards and warehouses for distribution. Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

Los Angeles commits to electric vehicle retrofits

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A contract up to $1,400,000 has been awarded by the Port of Los Angeles to Vision Motor Corporation to retrofit up to 15 of its electric trucks with a range extending hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid system. Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric vehicle retrofits electric vehicles Los Angeles Port of Los Angeles Vision Motor Corporation

Port of Los Angeles to Evaluate Vision Industries Tyrano Fuel Cell Hybrid Class 8 Trucks

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Vision Industries Class 8 zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell hybrid-electric truck at the Port of Los Angeles. The Port of Los Angeles will be submitting a proposal for funding from the California Energy Commission to help support this project.

Toyota to build megawatt electric and hydrogen plant fueled by California bio-waste

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Toyota today is the world's most ardent proponent of using hydrogen fuel cells for zero-emission vehicles rather than large battery packs. The huge Japanese carmaker, one of the world's four largest, now sells its Toyota Mirai fuel-cell sedan around the world, and has more hydrogen-powered vehicles in development. Los Angeles Auto Show hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell Fuel Cell Vehicles

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Cargotec and Vision Industries to demo hydrogen fuel cell hybrid terminal tractors in Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

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Vision Industries ( earlier post ) and Cargotec USA have agreed to cooperate to complete a zero-emission terminal tractor demonstration project for the Technology Advancement Program (TAP), a clean-air initiative sponsored by the twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The project calls for demonstrating the efficacy of deploying zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-electric hybrid terminal tractors to move containerized cargo within the Port facilities.

Honda unveils Fit EV concept and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle platform at Los Angeles Auto Show

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President and CEO Takanobu Ito unveiled the Fit EV Concept electric vehicle and the platform for a mid-size plug-in hybrid electric vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Fit EV concept. Click to enlarge. Honda Motor Co.

Port of Los Angeles awards $1.4M contract to Vision Motor to retrofit up to 15 electric trucks with hydrogen fuel cell system

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The Port of Los Angeles has awarded Vision Motor Corp a contract in an amount not to exceed $1,400,000 to retrofit up to 15 Port-owned electric trucks with Vision’s range-extending hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid system.

Port of Los Angeles to Work with Vision Industries

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to build a Zero Emissions Terminal Tractor (ZETT(TM)) built on Capacity's PHETT® platform and powered by the Vision plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell technology, they now announce a negotiation with the Port of Los When it rains, it pours for Vision Industries Corporation. Fresh on the heels of a partnership with Capacity of Texas, Inc.

Hydrogen supply shortage leaves fuel cell cars gasping in California (Updated)

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Automakers who sell fuel-cell models—Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai for now—have made progress in getting 33 hydrogen fueling stations built around Los Angeles and San Francisco. hydrogen Fuel Cell VehiclesThe biggest challenge to driving a fuel-cell car is finding fuel. It's not helping drivers this week though. According to a photo tweeted by user Paolo NonVTEC.

Toyota and Kenworth collaborate to develop 10 hydrogen fuel-cell T680 trucks as part of ZANZEFF grant

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Kenworth Truck Company and Toyota Motor North America are collaborating to develop 10 zero-emission Kenworth T680s powered by Toyota hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrains. To remove pollution and improve the air quality in and around the Port of Los Angeles.

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FirstElement Fuel’s California hydrogen network receives $24M from Mitsui and Air Liquide; quadrupling its retail capacity

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FirstElement Fuel has secured $24 million to help fund the growth of its True Zero Hydrogen Network of retail stations in California, and thereby quadruple the company’s capacity to dispense retail hydrogen to customers of fuel cell electric vehicles. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Infrastructur

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Volkswagen Passat HyMotion Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Prototype: Brief Drive

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The 2016 Toyota Mirai may have been the biggest news in hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles at last week''s Los Angeles Auto Show, but it wasn''t alone. DON''T MISS: Volkswagen Golf SportWagen HyMotion: Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Concept At VW Group brought two fuel-cell prototypes to the show''s green-car ride and drive program, and we spent 15 minutes driving one.

Nissan Leaf battery tech, hydrogen shortages, and Tesla Twitter wars get real: Today's Car News

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A hydrogen shortage strands fuel-cell drivers in Los Angeles, and a new study shows sales of electric cars surge when more models are available. Elon Musk hydrogen fuel cell Google Autonomous CarWe take a deep look into two phenomenon: new technology in the Nissan Leaf's 30-kwh battery, and the war of words online surrounding Tesla and its CEO.

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Questions: Toyota, Honda & Hyundai Respond (Part 1)

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Next week, the Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan will be introduced in detail at the Los Angeles Auto Show, possibly with a new model name (rumored to be Mirai). Small numbers of Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell crossovers are now on the road, and Honda will launch its next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell car within two years. DON''T MISS: 10 Questions On Hydrogen

Scenarios For 2030 Zero-Emissions Cars In CA: Hydrogen Or Not?

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With epic smog in the Los Angeles Basin, the state of California has led the nation''s charge to reduce emissions from road vehicles for more than half a century. Green CARB California California Air Resources Board hydrogen plug-in cars state laws zero emissions And it is now state policy to reduce emissions of climate-change gases, primarily carbon dioxide, from its 30 million-plus road vehicles by a whopping 80 percent by 2050. How the state.

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Another Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens In LA, With Fuel-Cell Cars On The Way

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Another hydrogen fueling station opened in southern California yesterday, this one at California State University, Los Angeles. The university''s Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility is a part of its program in sustainable energy and transportation technology, and is the largest hydrogen station operated by a university anywhere in the U.S.

Honda To Loan First Element $14 Million For Hydrogen Fueling Stations

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Honda announced today at the Los Angeles Auto Show that it will loan almost $14 million to hydrogen station provider First Element Fuels to help it build an additional 12 fueling stations in California for upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell cars.

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars To Come From Toyota, Hyundai, Honda

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Last week saw no fewer than three hydrogen fuel-cell cars appear at auto shows around the world. Meanwhile, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the wraps came off the Honda FCEV At the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota unveiled its FCV Concept, a somewhat-disguised version of a production car it''s expected to launch next year and offer for limited sale in 2015.

10 Questions On Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars To Ask Toyota, Honda & Hyundai

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Within the next two years, three different hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will be offered to California buyers in small numbers. The 2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell has been available to lease since June, and journalists will be able to drive the new Toyota fuel-cell vehicle in November, just before the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Toyota, Kenworth, POLA and CARB unveil next-gen heavy-duty fuel-cell truck; ZANZEFF

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Toyota, Kenworth, the Port of Los Angeles and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) unveiled the first of Toyota and Kenworth’s jointly developed fuel cell electric heavy-duty trucks during a special event held at the Port of Los Angeles.

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Honda FCEV hydrogen car debuts in Geneva

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First appearing at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November, the concept gives us a fascinating glimpse int[.]. Hydrogen fuel Honda Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Questions: Toyota, Honda & Hyundai Respond (Part 2)

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Questions around the prospects, desirability, technology, and practicality of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will likely get a lot of attention in coming months. At the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, more details on the Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan--which may gain a new model name (rumored to be Mirai)--will be released to the public, including its

2019 Nissan Leaf Plus, 2020 Mini Cooper S E, more fuel-cell semis: Today's Car News

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And Toyota will build 10 more hydrogen fuel-cell powered semi-trucks for Los Angeles. Mini plans to revive its electric hatchback as a sporty electric model for the 60th anniversary of the original. New charging agreements aim to make charging easier and greener. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Nissan plans to introduce the 2019 Nissan. Charging Networks

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Cal State LA hydrogen station becomes first in state certified to sell to the public by the kilogram

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CSULA) Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility has become the first hydrogen station in California to be certified to sell fuel to the public by the kilogram measure. Selling by the tank required a flat price be paid, irrespective of the actual amount of hydrogen dispensed.

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2016 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car: First Photos From Test Drive

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The 2016 Toyota Mirai is getting a major launch just before this week''s Los Angeles Auto Show. It''s clear Toyota considers this a vehicle every bit as seminal as its very first Prius hybrid of 1997. The Prius comparisons came regularly during a day of presentations yesterday, and then again this morning during a one-hour test drive of the new

CARB awards $20M in Cap-and-Trade funding to zero-emission transportation technology demos, H2 ferry, BEV locomotive

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Three projects demonstrate zero-emission cargo-handling equipment: Fuel-cell powered top loader with wireless inductive charging at the Port of Los Angeles (Project cost: $8.8 Other projects include: Battery-electric switcher locomotive at the Port of Los Angeles (Cost: $3.8

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Air Liquide to build $150M liquid hydrogen plant in US; long-term agreement with, investment in FirstElement Fuel

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Air Liquide expects to invest more than US$150 million to build a liquid hydrogen plant in the western United States, with construction to begin in early 2019. Further, Air Liquide has signed a long-term agreement with FirstElement Fuel Inc (FEF), a leader in retail hydrogen infrastructure in the US, to supply renewable hydrogen to FEF’s retail liquid hydrogen fueling stations in California. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Infrastructure

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Honda reveals teaser of new hydrogen-powered car

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Honda will reveal a next generation fuel cell vehicle at Los Angeles Auto Show, the long-awaited next move from the firm which brought us the FCX Clarity; the world’s first series production hydrogen-powered car. Hydrogen fuel Honda Fuel Cells Hydrogen cars

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen HyMotion: Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Concept At LA Auto Show

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To reinforce the new wagon''s new model name, VW showed off two concept Golf wagons at last week''s Los Angeles Auto Show. Very few compact wagons remain on sale in North America, but this year, the car known to U.S. buyers for years as the Jetta SportWagen has a new name: the 2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen. The greener of the two was the

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell At LA Auto Show: Video

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The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell made its North American debut this month at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. Videos hydrogen hydrogen fuel cellIt will go on sale in Japan in early 2016, followed by a U.S. launch later in the year.

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Toyota North America unveils hydrogen-fuel-cell heavy-duty truck proof-of-concept; twin Mirai fuel cell stacks

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TMNA) revealed “Project Portal”—a hydrogen fuel cell system designed for heavy-duty trucks applied in a Class 8 truck for use at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA). Fuel Cells Heavy-duty HydrogenToyota Motor North America, Inc.

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Ongoing market rollout for SAE hydrogen fueling standards

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The event is the most recent example of a concerted effort to educate stakeholders and encourage the implementation of the SAE hydrogen fueling standards. In September, for example, DOE presented a live webinar titled “ Introduction to SAE Hydrogen Fueling Standardization ”.

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DOE’s HyStEP device will accelerate hydrogen refueling station commissioning

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The primary purpose of the HyStEP Device is to be used by a certification agency to measure the performance of hydrogen dispensers with respect to the required fueling protocol standard. HyStEP (Hydrogen Station Equipment Performance) Device. Hydrogen Infrastructure

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ISO 19880 – New technical ISO document for hydrogen fueling station standardization

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At the Fuel Cell Seminar in Los Angeles, California today, Jesse Schneider (BMW), the ANSI Convener of ISO Working Group 24 (from the Technical Committee on Fueling Stations) gave an overview presentation on the new ISO 19880 technical report for hydrogen fueling stations.

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Kenworth developing hydrogen fuel cell, Near Zero NOx CNG series hybrid Class 8 prototypes for SoCal ports; CNG hybrids

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Kenworth is developing a prototype Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell tractor, using the Ballard Power Systems fuel cell to recharge the battery pack. Kenworth’s hydrogen truck is expected to be ready for initial track and on-road testing in the fourth quarter of this year.

Toyota reveals second iteration of Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell truck: Project Portal 2.0; 300 miles per fill

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Toyota unveiled the second iteration of its hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 truck ( earlier post ) during the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Management Briefing Seminars in Northern Michigan. Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

2018 78

Toyota to build first MW-scale 100% renewable power and hydrogen generation station

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota Motor North America announced that it will build the world’s first megawatt-scale carbonate fuel cell power generation plant with a hydrogen fueling station to support its operations at the Port of Long Beach. The Tri-Gen facility will use bio-waste sourced from California agricultural waste to generate water, electricity and hydrogen. Tri-Gen is a key step forward in Toyota’s work to develop a hydrogen society.

2017 73

Air Products’ California fueling stations offering hydrogen below $10 per kg

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Air Products, a leader in hydrogen fueling and infrastructure worldwide, has achieved a pricing milestone at several California fueling stations, which are now offering hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicle customers at less than $10 per kilogram. Advancements in fueling technology and a greater volume of vehicles now using the stations were important factors in allowing the pricing move to less than $10 per hydrogen kilogram ($9.99/kg).

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