Explaining how Honda Accord Hybrid system works: video

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The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan returned last year, ending a one-year hiatus for the model. The new version uses an updated version of the two-motor hybrid powertrain fitted to earlier hybrid Accords, which were sold as 2014 and 2015 models.

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Honda Civic Hybrid, Natural-Gas Models Eliminated After 2015

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Honda surprised the industry when it pulled the wraps off a brand-new tenth generation of its Civic compact at April's New York Auto Show. But two members of today's Civic lineup won't survive into the new generation: the Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Honda Civic Natural Gas. Honda executive vice-president John Mendel revealed that both models would. Green CNG Civic GX Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid Honda Civic Natural Gas natural gas plug-in cars

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Honda introduces new Insight Hybrid

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Japanese carmaker Honda has announced the introduction of a refreshed Insight Hybrid model, which will be accompanied by an Insight Exclusive model with a 1.5litre engine. Both hybrid cars will go on sale at dealerships in Japan on November 11 with a combined sales target of 1,500units monthly. The Honda Insight Hybrid will start at [.].

Honda recalls hybrid cars

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Japanese carmaker Honda has announced it will carry out a voluntary recall of its new Fit Hybrid (pictured) and Vezel Hybrid vehicles that were produced in its home country from July 2013-February 2014. Honda

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Honda Clarity Electric, Plug-In Hybrid: first drives, impressions

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In March, we spent most of a day with the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, the first of three variants of the Clarity mid-size sedan to go on sale in the U.S. Japan Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars hydrogen fuel cell Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Leases of the hydrogen-powered Clarity will be limited for the foreseeable future to residents of those areas of California near to hydrogen fueling stations, but two more versions are on their way.

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Honda launches new Vezel compact SUV hybrid

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Honda is launching a new compact SUV called the Vezel which will include a hybrid model. Hybrid cars Honda

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Honda outlines hybrid car plans for China

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Japanese carmaker Honda has revealed its short-term plans for the automotive market in China: including plans to introduce 12 new models before the end of 2015. Among the highlights is that Honda will "strive to begin" local production of hybrid models in China by 2016.

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Honda releases new Jazz Hybrid in Japan

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Honda has released a new, third generation of its Fit model in Japan (sold as the Jazz over here) including a new hybrid version. Hybrid cars Honda

Honda reveals new Urban SUV hybrid

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First up is Honda, with its new Urban SUV model which will be named the Vezel when it launches in Japan next month (a name for the European model wil[.]. Hybrid cars Honda

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Honda Insight Hybrid: The Least-Wanted Car In America?

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So it appears to be with the Honda Insight, the subcompact mild hybrid hatchback that the company discontinued after the 2014 model year. DON''T MISS: Honda Ends 3. Green Honda Integrated Motor Assist New car sales mild hybrid sales subcompact Automakers and their dealers know that when a vehicle is updated, redesigned, or discontinued, the last lagging examples of the old model may sit on lots for months, perhaps even years.

10th Generation Honda Accord launching this year with advanced new powertrain lineup; next-gen two-motor hybrid

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Honda will launch the tenth-generation Accord ever later this year. Honda will release additional details on the all-new 2018 Accord design, technology and performance in the weeks ahead. Fuel Efficiency Hybrids

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Honda to bring Jazz Hybrid to Malaysia

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It is the largest market for hybrid cars in all of South East Asia: and now Malaysia will soon be welcoming a hybrid car production plant of its own. That’s because Honda has started to construct a second automobile production line at its plant in Malacca, Malaysia: this one will produce mostly small vehicles, including [.]. Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news green cars Honda Jazz hybrid cars Malaysia

Honda issues third recall for hybrid models

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Honda has issued a recall of two of its hybrid models which run on a new twin-clutch transmission, after a fault was found that could mean the cars struggle to start or fail to start altogether. Honda

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Honda introduces Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and Clarity Electric at New York show; targeting 75K Clarity vehicles in 4 years

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Honda revealed its all-new Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and Clarity Electric ( earlier post ) alongside the already available Clarity Fuel Cell ( earlier post ), saying it will target US sales of 75,000 Clarity vehicles in the first four model years. Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid.

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Honda reveals new Jazz

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Another highlight of the fast-approaching Paris Motor Show will be the unveiling of the European version of the new Honda Jazz. Sadly, there is no word yet on whether there will be a hybrid version for Europe, even though there is one available in both Japan and the US. Honda

Honda adds new natural gas and hybrid Civic models

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Honda has released a new version of its popular Civic model in the US including a new hybrid and natural gas models. Hybrid cars Honda

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Honda To Cooperate With GM On Plug-In Hybrid Technology?

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Honda and General Motors may expand their cooperation on green cars, according to a report in the Japanese media. Now, it appears they may collaborate on plug-in hybrids as well. DON'T MISS: GM, Honda Latest. Green General Motors Partnership Plug-In Hybrids plug-in carsIn 2013 the two automakers signed a partnership to develop hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains, which remains in effect until at least 2020.

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Honda: hybrids, plug-ins, fuel cells to be two-thirds of Europe sales by 2025

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Honda's green-car strategy for the next decade or so appears to be coming into greater focus. In place of its previous mild hybrids, the Japanese automaker is planning to produce much higher volumes of its two-motor hybrid powertrain, as seen first in the Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan. Europe Geneva Motor Show Plug-In Hybrids Geneva Auto Show plug-in cars

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Honda Accord Hybrid Production Relocates From Ohio To Japan

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But buried in several paragraphs of detail from John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda, was one interesting detail: Assembly of the Honda Accord Hybrid. Japan Ohio hybrid sales assembly plants The topic of the press release issued late last Wednesday was not the sort of thing to set green-car fans'' hearts racing: "Statement.Re: North American Production Portfolio".

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2014 Honda Accord Hybrid: Video Road Test

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Honda was the first car company to sell a hybrid in the U.S. by a few months, but it hasn''t done nearly as well with its hybrids as Toyota has done with its Prius.

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2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Soldiers On With Minor Upgrades

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The Honda CR-Z hybrid was first introduced for the 2011 model year, and since then it's received relatively little in the way of updates. to use Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild-hybrid system, which is widely expected to be phased out soon. Honda Integrated Motor AssistIt's now the last production model in the U.S. But the CR-Z is hanging on for a little bit.

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Honda Clarity Electric, Plug-In Hybrid sedans revealed at NY auto show

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At the New York auto show this morning, Honda revealed the second and third powertrains for its Clarity mid-size sedan, now offered only in California with a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. The 2017 Honda Clarity Electric and 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid are powered by a battery pack and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, respectively. New York Auto Show Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

Honda Insight Hybrid Production To End

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The Honda Insight hybrid is no more. That''s the confirmation from Honda itself, as slow sales prompt the Japanese automaker to end production of its flagship hybrid.

New Honda Fit set for US debut

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A new Honda Fit (known as the Jazz over here) will be one of the stars of the upcoming Detroit Motor Show this month, following the launch of a new model in Japan. Hybrid cars Honda

Honda discontinuing Civic Hybrid, Civic natural gas model, Accord plug-in hybrid; new BEV, PHEV models coming

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Due in part to Honda’s ability to advance fuel economy through conventional engine technology, the Civic lineup will no longer include a hybrid or a natural gas model, according to John Mendel, Executive Vice President, Automobile Division American Honda Motor Co., Mendel also said said that Honda will not offer a plug-in version of Accord going forward as the company looks toward the scheduled launch of a new dedicated plug-in model.

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Assessing the Honda Clarity range: how electric cars fit in, and why

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The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is the only model presently on sale, though the all-electric version will arrive later this year. The hydrogen-powered mid-size sedan with a rated 366 miles of range is the one that's gotten by far the most publicity from Honda, as its technology halo vehicle. Last month, at the New York auto show, Honda unveiled. Plug-In Hybrids hydrogen plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

Honda CR-Z hybrid boosts power (not emissions)

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Honda has updated its sporty coupe hybrid, the CR-Z, with the new to go on sale from January 2013. Honda Honda CR-Z hybrid sporty coupeThe new version features increased power levels-now up to 137 PS-up 13 PS- along with subtle revisions to interior and exterior styling. Greater performance doesn’t come at the expense of higher emissions or poorer fuel economy [.].

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Honda Accord Hybrids Recalled For Software Fix

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Honda is recalling certain 2014 and 2015 Accord Hybrid sedans to address a software issue that may disable the cars' gasoline engines. The CVS "may not have sufficient electrical noise toughness," Honda says. A defect in the cell voltage sensors (CVS) may leave a car only able to travel on battery power and limiting top speed to 40 mph. DON'T. software

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Honda CR-Z hybrid sport coupe production to end, apparently

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The Honda CR-Z hybrid sport coupe appears to be nearing the end of its lifespan. It's the last Honda model still in production using the company's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild-hybrid system, which is being supplanted by more sophisticated two-motor hybrid systems for larger vehicles. mild hybrid Honda Integrated Motor Assist

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2018 Honda Plug-In Hybrid To Offer 40-Mile Range, Use Fuel-Cell Vehicle's Platform

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Later this week, Honda will unveil the production version of its hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. And roughly two years after that car goes on sale, Honda will also launch a dedicated plug-in hybrid car--which it has now confirmed will use underpinnings similar to those of the fuel-cell vehicle. Plug-In Hybrids Future Cars FCV plug-in cars

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End of the road for the Honda Insight?

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It was once seen as the prime competitor for the ultra-successful Toyota Prius: but now it appears that the Honda Insight has lost the hybrid car war. Honda

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Is Honda Accord Hybrid Gone? Yes, For A Year--But It'll Be Back

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The Honda Accord Hybrid has the highest fuel-economy rating of any mid-size hybrid sedan: 47 mpg combined. That's better than any other competitor now on sale, including hybrid models of the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, and Toyota Camry. But the hybrid Accord has quietly vanished from the carmaker's 2016 lineup. DON'T MISS: Honda

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Honda gives more MPG to 2014 Accord Hybrid and Accord Plug-in Hybrid

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On Wednesday and Thursday, Honda unveiled the updated 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid and Accord Plug-in Hybrid for both the U.S. and Japan. The new cars feature improved fuel efficiency, and improvements to driver assist features like the

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Honda reveals Tokyo Motor Show highlights

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First to reveal what it has planned for the show is Honda, which is set to display the new Accord Plug-in Hybrid-sadly it is likely it wil[.]. Honda

Hybrid Honda SUV? We Keep Hoping!

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Does Honda know that many thousands of people are patiently waiting for them to announce their first hybrid SUV? Most recently, Honda announced that they would re-introduce an all new, 2010 Insight. If we do someday get a Honda hybrid SUV, I hope the name is unique.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Gets Huge Sales Incentive

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Dealers are now apparently looking for way to purge substantial inventories of the Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe, leading to suspicions that the model may be starting to enter its death throes. Honda announced its July incentives this week, but the CR-Z turns out to receive a major discount that goes unadvertised.

Daido Steel & Honda develop neodymium magnet free of heavy rare earth elements; Honda Freed hybrid first to adopt resulting new motor

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and Honda Motor Co., have developed a practical hot deformed neodymium magnet containing no heavy rare earth elements (REE) that still delivers the high heat resistance properties and high magnetic performance required for the use in the driving motor of a hybrid vehicle.

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2014 Honda Accord Hybrid: First Drive Report

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Does the all-new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid really get 50 miles per gallon? And does it drive as well as a regular four-cylinder Honda Accord? For some shoppers who already know and like the Accord, that might honestly be enough—once they run the numbers and see that this is a car for which hybrid To cut right to the spoiler: yes and yes.

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Honda Civic Hybrid And Honda CR-Z: Sales Likely To End Soon?

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While sales of the 47-mpg Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan have ticked up as supply grows, the camaker''s two other hybrid offerings seem to be in limbo. The Honda Civic Hybrid, a compact four-door sedan, and the Honda CR-Z two-seat sport hatchback are still in the lineup--but their 2014 sales continued to fall. With a hybrid system that''s been

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Honda Accord Hybrid: Supply Now Sufficient To Meet Demand

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The Honda Accord Hybrid was launched as a 2014 model, and the first few were sold back in October 2013. But over the next year, despite favorable reviews and a handful of awards, the Accord Hybrid remained a rare beast indeed on dealership lots. Now, more than a year later, it appears that supply has finally caught up to demand for Honda''s 47-mpg

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