Mitsubishi Motors, NewMotion, Nuvve in vehicle-to-grid pilot in Netherlands with Outlander PHEV

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has launched a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) pilot, with the first charge point already being utilized with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s in-vehicle storage batteries. There are more than 25,000 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs available in the Netherlands.

Waterloo power management strategy greatly enhances durability of on-board fuel cells in FC-PHEV

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Fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (FC-PHEVs) can have extended range while utilizing cheap grid electricity, but has poor durability of onboard fuel cells due to dynamic loading. Architecture of FC-PHEVs with three fuel cell stacks as considered in the Zhang et al.

2019 113

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UTokyo, Toyota, TRENDE to begin testing of blockchain-enabled P2P electricity system including PHEVs

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This is the world’s first test for electricity trading between individuals that incorporates PHEVs as a distributed power supply, in addition to solar panels and secondary batteries. Bidding information from each household, business, and PHEV is consolidated at the electricity exchange.

2019 90

PNNL study finds that PHEVs and BEVs could serve as feasible resource to offset grid imbalances caused by integration of large amounts of intermittent wind generation

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trafficThis scenario is highly desirable to automotive manufacturers, who harbor great concerns about battery warranty if vehicle-to-grid discharging is allowed. Infrastructure Plug-ins Power Generation Smart charging Smart Grid Wind

Wind 98

Excel PHEV Study

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With Smart Grid, Plug-In Hybrid Cars Could Have System Benefits Physorg Feb 28, 2007 Xcel Energy announced the results of a six-month study related to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and how an increase in their popularity may affect Colorado.

2007 130

Ford reveals production version of Transit Custom PHEV at IAA Commercial Vehicles

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Ford revealed the production version of the new Transit Custom plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) at IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hannover, Germany. Ford is the first volume manufacturer to offer PHEV technology in this segment of the van market.

2018 108

PHEV Energy Bill

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Here is the outline of what the bill intends to do: SECTION 131 TRANSPORTATION ELECTRIFICATION SEC 131 Transportation Electrification DOE to establish competitive grants for electric vehicles and PHEVs to encourage early widespread use and advance production of electric (And PHEV) vehicles in USA. $90

2008 130

New BMW 330e PHEV features 50% boost in all-electric range to 41 miles; XtraBoost debuts

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The electric energy channelled into the high-voltage battery either in this way or when plugged into the power grid also feeds the 12-volt on-board power supply. The new BMW 330e plug-in hybrid features the latest generation of BMW eDrive technology paired with a four-cylinder gasoline engine.

2019 103

Parker Project demonstrates cross-brand V2G in Denmark; more tests of grid services slated

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The Parker Project has used a fleet of four vehicles from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, PSA Groupe and Nissan to demonstrate that vehicles from different car brands can contribute to supporting the electricity grid with vehicle to grid (V2G) services.

Mitsubishi bringing 2018 Outlander PHEV to US in December

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Mitsubishi is bringing the plug-in hybrid crossover Outlander (the best-selling PHEV in Europe) to the US. The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) will arrive in dealerships in December 2017 with an MSRP of $34,595.

2017 85

Here Come the PHEVs

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His Project Better Place will install and operate an Electric Recharge Grid consisting of charging spots and battery exchange stations. Audi Metroproject Quattro T his has been a big week of announcements from car manufacturers. One is from the new auto start up Fisker.

2007 130

Toyota Testing Advanced Energy Management System to Integrate Plug-in Vehicles, Smart Homes and Grid; Possible Japan Market Launch with PHEVs in 2012

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The Toyota Smart Center is one of the company’s smart-grid initiatives. Under a smart-grid demonstration project that began on 16 September in Rokkasho Village, Toyota is conducting trials of the Toyota Smart Center in two houses constructed by Toyota Housing Corporation linked with eight plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). TMC says it hopes to market similar systems with PHEVs scheduled for launch in early 2012 and with some Toyota Housing homes.

2010 75

Updated Volkswagen Passat to offer upgraded PHEV version; partially automated driving at cruising speed

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The high-voltage battery in the Passat GTE models can be charged via the external electricity grid or via the internal TSI engine and recuperation during the journey. Charging via the electricity grid. When connected to a conventional electrical grid with 230 volts / 2.3

2019 103

Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

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The PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), a subset of the electric car, combines a primary electric motor with a much smaller back-up engine fueled with a hydrocarbon/biofuel mix. (In In this paper PHEV refers solely to the long-range PHEV of 60 miles (100 km) electric-only range.)

2015 156

Virtual power plant project starts in Toyota City; leveraging PHEVs

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In addition, electric power created by the virtual power plant will be provided to general electric power distributors to study the formation of new business that contributes to power-grid stabilization. Chubu Electric Power Co.,

2017 85

Study finds households manage charging of PHEVs without help from online tools

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Households with plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) and smart meters actively managed how, when and where they charged their cars based on electricity rates but rarely took advantage of online feedback, according to a two-year study by a team at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute ( RASEI ). The PHEVs averaged 68 mpg (3.46 Behavior Infrastructure Plug-ins Smart charging Smart Grid

2012 97

UCR team’s new evolutionary-algorithm-based EMS for PHEVs can deliver >30% fuel savings than conventional controls

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Engineers at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) have developed a new online energy management system (EMS) based on an evolutionary algorithm for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) that they say can improve PHEV fuel efficiency by more than 30%.

2017 98

Coritech Services orders Ideal Power’s bi-directional battery converters for DoD vehicle-to-grid program

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Coritech intends to install the battery converters in its bi-directional electric vehicle charging system for use in Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) applications for the Department of Defense (DoD). Ideal Power Inc.,

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See also our EAA-PHEV:General disclaimer talk : Disclaimer edit Please visit the Conversion Interest page to help us gauge DIYers interest! charger is also required, though ideally the existing motor controllers might be used as grid chargers. Privacy policy About EAA-PHEV Disclaimers.


Pike Research forecasts worldwide grid energy storage spending to reach $22B by 2021, down from 2010 forecast of $35B

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In its new report Energy Storage on the Grid (ESG), Pike Research forecasts that global spending in the ESG market will reach a little over $22 billion over the next 10 years. Electric grids require balance in order to function properly. Energy storage technologies represent an alternative to traditional grid management using generation assets such as natural gas peakers to balance the grid by adding power to it. Energy storage on the grid is reaching a turning point.

2011 81

Survey: Norwegian PHEVs drive electrically 55% of time, BEVs driven more in total and in everyday traffic

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A recent survey of 8,000 vehicle owners in Norway by Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics found that plug-in hybrids there drive electrically with power from the grid 55% of the time (and 63% on work trips), while battery electric vehicles are driven more in total and in everyday traffic. Most BEV owners (71%) also own an ICEV, 4% a PHEV and 4% more than one BEV. 46% of PHEV owners and 48% of ICEV owners belong to single vehicle household.

2016 89

US DOE Awards More than $47M in Recovery Act Funding to Advance Smart Grid Development; New Smart Grid Report and Smart Grid Clearinghouse

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The US Department of Energy delivered more than $47 million in funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for eight projects to further smart grid demonstration projects in seven states. The $47 million in new Recovery Act awards will support existing projects that are advancing demonstration-scale smart grid technologies. Smart grid supports EV and PHEV deployment through real-time pricing structures and bi-directional metering.

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Mercedes-Benz introduces new E-Class with PHEV version coming

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That’s because this grid allows the light distribution of the left and right headlamps to be controlled separately and adapted to the changing situation on the road quickly and dynamically.

2016 90

Chrysler/DOE Ram PHEV project exploring battery life modeling

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Chrysler is showcasing its two-mode Ram Truck Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), equipped with a 12 kWh, 33 Ah cell, 355V Li-ion battery pack from Electrovaya, at the Washington DC Auto Show. grid storage and load balancing for the battery pack; and integration with renewable energy.

2011 110

BMW offering 3.2 kW wireless charging option for 530e PHEV; production starts in July

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BMW Wireless Charging enables electric energy from the grid supply to be transmitted to a vehicle’s high-voltage battery without any cables when the vehicle is positioned over a base pad, which can be installed in a garage, for example.

2018 78

Audi highlights its range of electrification efforts; Q7 diesel PHEV, A7 fuel cell PHEV, BEV, 48V and more; 750 Wh/l by 2025

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The Q7 PHEV will arrive in dealerships in Germany in 2016, and will likely come to the US, although perhaps with a gasoline-engine variant. Whether for a plug-in hybrid car (PHEV, plug-in-electric vehicle) or a purely electric car, the battery structure follows a uniform modular concept.

2015 108

Ford Testing Intelligent System for Plug-in Vehicle to Grid Communication to Manage Charging

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The Ford PHEV charge settings user interface. Ford Motor Company has developed an intelligent vehicle-to-grid communications and control system for its plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that communicates directly with the electric grid. Ford’s PHEV vehicle-to-grid communications.

2009 124

CMU researchers find controlled charging of PHEVs can cut cost of integration into electricity system by 54-73%; higher benefits with wind power

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In a new study published in the journal Applied Energy , Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers found that controlled charging of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) reduces the costs of integrating the vehicles into an electricity system by 54–73% depending on the scenario.

2014 125

Cummins working on two medium- and heavy-duty PHEV projects; Class 6 truck, Class 7 and 8 buses

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liter is the major engine in the space, Parker noted; Cummins is basically cutting the displacement requirement in half with the PHEV configuration. The combination of regeneration, grid charging and genset power will fulfill driver demand, Parker said. The PHEV range extender will be a robust solution in certain markets—we certainly see that in bus.

2016 93

Obama orders GHG cuts for Federal Agencies; 50% of all new agency vehicles to be ZEV or PHEV by 2025

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Planning for agency fleet composition such that by 31 December 2020, zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) or plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) account for 20% of all new agency passenger vehicle acquisitions. By 31 December 2025, ZEVs and PHEVs should account for 50% of all new agency passenger vehicles. President Obama today signed a wide-ranging executive order mandating cuts in greenhouse gas emissions for Federal agencies.

2015 106

ORNL researcher explores impact of motor/generator and battery pack sizing on medium-duty PHEV; optimization framework

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GHG emissions in PHEV post-transmission configuration as an example of the optimization study output. Broadly, he found that for the PHEV pre-transmission configuration, there is a trade-off between fuel economy and GHG emissions when the motor/generator and battery size increases.

2013 113

Australia Begins PHEV Road Trials; Vehicle-to-Home Applications

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Australia’s CSIRO and Victorian energy distributor SP AusNet have begun a three-month road trial of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Staff from SP AusNet will use the PHEVs for their daily drive to work and for leisure as part of the trial. CSIRO - SP AusNet PHEV.

Hydro-Qubec Joins Ford-EPRI PHEV Program

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Hydro-Québec has joined a Ford-EPRI North America-wide demonstration and research program on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Ford, in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), is undertaking a three-year test program on the Ford Escape PHEV designed to develop and evaluate technical approaches for integrating PHEVs into the electric grid. Hydro-Québec is the only Canadian company participating in the North American Ford PHEV Program.


Mercedes-Benz fuel cell SUV PHEV in production; first units of GLC F-CELL to be delivered by end of October

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The climate comfort in the GLC F-CELL is on a par with conventional vehicles, and the pre-entry climate control based on grid charging current is an intelligent way of safeguarding the vehicle’s range. By 2022, Mercedes-Benz’ entire product range will be electrified.

2018 103

MIT Year End Energy Review touts PHEVs

Plugs and Cars

Meanwhile, researchers are beginning to anticipate benefits from plug-ins beyond gasoline conservation: millions of plug-in vehicles could serve as massive energy storage to stabilize the electric grid and make renewable energy sources more feasible. See "How Plug-In Hybrids Will Save the Grid." ) Battery costs still need to drop before such cars will approach the price of conventional hybrids or gas-only vehicles.

2006 100

XALT Energy to supply Li-ion packs to Efficient Drivetrains for PHEVs

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XALT Energy and Efficient Drivetrains (EDI) announced a tentative agreement through which XALT will supply EDI with its NMC graphite Lithium-ion battery energy storage packs for use in EDI’s PHEV PowerDrive and electric power export solutions. Initially, EDI will use the first generation XALT Energy battery system in a first-of-its-type commercial plug-in hybrid electric grid exportable power utility vehicle, built on a Peterbilt truck platform.

2015 60

Plug-in hybrids good for the grid, good for the driver, XCel Energy/NREL Study Finds

Plugs and Cars reports on Xcel Energy 's study (with the Dept of Energy NREL lab) on the potential effect of plug-in hybrids on the electrical grid and emissions. Xcel Energy announced the results of a six-month study related to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and how an increase in their popularity may affect Colorado.

2007 100

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid PHEV averages 4.4 l/100 km (53.4 mpg US) during test drives

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Panamera S E-Hybrid PHEV on the road. mpg US) for the PHEV, with accompanying CO 2 emissions (combined) of 71 g/km. kWh lithium-ion battery on the electrical grid, Porsche noted. Click to enlarge.

2013 120

Volvo’s new Electric Hybrid (PHEV) buses with overhead fast charging enter scheduled service in Hamburg for first time; Innovation Route 109

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The plug-in hybrids have been further developed, and enable rapid recharging from electricity grids via a pantograph on the roof. Video of the Volvo PHEV in Hamburg, including footage of the pantograph in operation.

2014 135

Modelling the Impact of PHEVs on Ozone in Denver

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Researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) modeled the emissions impact had plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) replaced light duty gasoline vehicles in the Denver, Colorado area in summer 2006. This study models a single urban area with a finer grid resolution (4 km) than has been considered in previous PHEV studies, and also incorporates plume-in-grid treatment for improved tracking of plume dispersion.

Chrysler Group withdraws test PHEV fleet to upgrade battery packs after overheating issues; to use a different chemistry

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On Friday, Chrysler Group LLC announced it was withdrawing from service its test fleet of plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles (PHEVs) to conduct a battery-pack upgrade. Chrysler said that a different battery chemistry will be used in the projects’ next phase, which will focus on grid interaction and improved safety. The PHEVs were being evaluated for durability and other attributes by 16 partner organizations—municipalities and utility companies across 20 states.

2012 91

Chubu Electric Power, Toyota partner on reuse and subsequent recycling of NiMH and Li-ion electrified vehicle batteries

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By around 2030, the plan is to include lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Batteries Smart GridChubu Electric Power Co.,

2018 103

CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

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About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Car-Makers Say. What Are Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs)? What do car companies say about PHEVs? Dont PHEVs just shift pollution from gasoline cars to power plants? So for now were sticking with PHEV.

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