Hyundai Mobis develops on-board bi-directional charger for V2G applications

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Hyundai Mobis has developed an on-board, bi-directional charger for plug-in vehicles. The bi-directional onboard charger (OBC) allows the vehicle to supply electricity in its battery to the grid. —Ahn Byung-ki, executive director of Hyundai Mobis Eco-Design Department.

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Hyundai Motor Group and Wärtsilä partner on second-life electric vehicle batteries

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Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) has selected Wärtsilä for a technology and commercial partnership designed to utilize second-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries for the growing energy storage market. Wärtsilä through the capabilities and integration experience of Greensmith Energy, will develop a cleaner and more powerful approach to second-life battery applications for Hyundai Motor Group.

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Hyundai introduces 2018 Sonata Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models at Chicago Auto Show

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Hyundai unveiled the redesigned 2018 Sonata Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models at the Chicago Auto Show. The Sonata Plug-in Hybrid uses a six-speed automatic transmission with Hyundai’s Transmission-Mounted Electrical Device (TMED), a 50 kW electric motor, in place of a torque converter.

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Hyundai introduces US market version of Kona Electric at New York show; 250-mile range

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Hyundai introduced the US-market version of its Kona Electric crossover at the New York Auto Show. Kona Electric rides on an all-new CUV platform and is Hyundai’s first compact electric crossover for the US market. Access to the Hyundai accessories website.

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Hyundai delivers keys to first Tucson Fuel Cell customer; leasing for $499/mo, with unlimited free fueling; first drive

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First customer Tim Bush and family (center), with John Patterson (left) and Dave Zuchowski, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor America (right). Hyundai thus is first out the gate with the next wave of “mass-produced” fuel cell vehicles.

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Hyundai-Kia America and Mojo Mobility partnering on wireless fast-charging project

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Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc., During Phase One, the partnership developed a wireless power transfer system that has more than 85% grid-to-vehicle efficiency and is capable of transferring in excess of 10 kW to the vehicle for fast charging.

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Hyundai to offer Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle to LA-area retail customers in spring 2014; Honda, Toyota show latest FCV concepts targeting 2015 launch

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Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai announced plans to offer its next-generation Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle for the US market for $499 per month, including unlimited free hydrogen refueling and At Your Service Valet Maintenance at no extra cost.

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Ener1 To Supply Li-ion Packs to Hyundai Heavy for Electric Buses; Complete Turnkey Solutions Agreement with Toro

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Ener1 has signed up two new customers for its Li-ion batteries: Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Toro. Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea will receive Li-ion battery packs for electric buses; the packs are similar configurations as packs currently in operation in California with AC Transit. Grid Energy Storage. Gassenheimer said that Grid Energy Storage will be an increasing focus for Ener1.

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CSIRO fills fuel cell vehicles with H2 produced by novel membrane technology; H2 from NH3

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How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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Small long-term evaluation program, including modeling of vehicle-to-grid building benefits and economics, begun with Southern California Edison, joined by EPRI, other utilities, US DOE. Hyundai Partnering with Korean battery companies for hybrids.

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Greenlings: Benefits of charging stations vs. battery swaps vs. home charging

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Also, besides giving you the ability to charge at night when most utility rates are lower, future vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology may allow you to sell some of your stored energy back to the utilities.

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Kia Motors America providing 6 Soul EVs to UC Irvine for V2G and smart charging development

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Kia Motors America (KMA) and Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc. announced an expanded partnership with the Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) to help develop and demonstrate Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) advanced smart charging software algorithms. Kia will provide six Soul EVs with the shared goal of creating software algorithms for use in coordinating the charging of plug-in electric vehicles to support grid resource operation.

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ITM Power reports its estimated cost of producing hydrogen via electrolysis down significantly from last year

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The new estimated cost —US$4.13/kg after capital amortization—incorporates efficiency improvements, cost reduction of its HGas platform and data provided by Hyundai for the ix35 fuel cell electric vehicle ( earlier post ). The key to a low hydrogen price is a high utilization of assets combined with a low electricity price achieved by grid balancing payments, the company noted. The diesel version of the Hyundai ix35 (2.0

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Cal State LA hydrogen station becomes first in state certified to sell to the public by the kilogram

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The station is grid-tied. Audi, Honda, Hyundai, General Motors, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen have all fueled prototype hydrogen vehicles at the Cal State L.A. The Cal State L.A.

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GM, Segway partner on two-wheel city vehicle | Green Tech - CNET News

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Chamber wants Congress to limit legal challenges to energy projects Biden gives more smart-grid funding details London data center to power local community Green-jobs czar Van Jones plugs energy innovation Nissan expanding electric charging launch in Arizona A $5 solar stove for rural poor, paid for by polluters Spams carbon footprint: One e-mail is like driving three feet Add a Comment ( Log in or register ) 95 comments by ubnyan April 7, 2009 5:47 AM PDT Is the circus in town?

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EPA annual report finds automakers outperforming GHG emissions standards

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Nine of the 13 manufacturers with sales greater than 100,000 vehicles beat their standard, with margins of compliance ranging from 27 grams/mile (Hyundai) to 4 grams/mile (GM). Process for determining compliance status. Source: EPA. Click to enlarge.

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Pike ranks Volkswagen Group as the global leader in clean diesel vehicles

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Pike Pulse Grid for clean diesels. Hyundai Kia Automotive Group; Fiat-Chrysler; and the automotive partnership of RenaultNissan. Other OEMs that are focusing on India, including Hyundai and Honda, may be able to capture a. Click to enlarge.

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Pike Research ranks Daimler and Honda highest in new assessment of light-duty fuel cell vehicle manufacturers

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the Pike Pulse grid. Hyundai-Kia. According to a new Pike Pulse report published by Pike Research, the two light-duty fuel cell vehicle (FCV) manufacturers who are best positioned in the formative stage of this market are Daimler and Honda. Click to enlarge.

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DOE awarding >$24M to 77 projects through Technology Commercialization Fund

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Remote Area Modular Monitoring for Critical Facilities, $300,000 Embedded Planet, Cleveland, Ohio Simulation Tool for Energy-Efficient Connected and Automated Vehicle Control Development, $600,000 Hyundai America Technical Center, Superior Township, Mich. Improved tools for consumer load profiling to build resilience into the electric grid, $150,000 Holy Cross Energy, Glenwood Springs, Colo.

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ACEA says that without improved conditions, unlikely full potential of e-mobility will be met; need for standards, coordinated approach to incentives, R&D support; 2–8% market penetration for next decade

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Standardizing the connection between the electricity grid and electrically-chargeable vehicles is one of the prerequisites to help e-mobility gain a viable market share, ACEA says. Ford of Europe, General Motors Europe, Hyundai Motor Europe, IVECO S.p.A., The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) is warning that under current conditions, it is unlikely that the full potential of e-mobility will be met.

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Next 10 report finds California will meet or exceed original target of 1.5M ZEVs by 2025

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Based on 12,330 miles driven per year, the pure battery electric Nissan Leaf has lower five-year and 10-year life cycle costs than the internal combustion Hyundai Elantra and the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, even without the federal government incentive. Grid overload is another concern. SoCal Edison and the Los Angeles Air Force Base are conducting a pilot program that allows electric vehicles to act as batteries and send power back to the grid.

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Opinion: Debunking the mythsWhy fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are viable for the mass market

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With global leading car OEMs such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai all recently announcing their intentions to make their FCEVs available to the consumer, there is no doubt that the OEMs have done their homework. A hydrogen-powered version of Hyundai’s Tucson sport utility vehicle has already appeared in southern California showrooms. This renewable production capacity is increasingly important to ensure the existing power grid can accept more renewable sources.

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AMSC Power Electronics Support Nearly 10% of Global Wind-Generated Electricity

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In addition, AMSC’s D-VAR grid interconnection technology, including our D-VAR RT low voltage ride through solution, is being utilized by more than 70 wind farms in seven countries worldwide to meet local grid interconnection requirements. With nations around the world seeking to derive a greater percentage of their energy needs from renewable energy sources, we believe we have only begun to scratch the surface of the renewable energy grid interconnection market’s potential.

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Navigant Research forecasts new EV global sales of > 346,000 units in 2014; 10 predictions for the year

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Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are all bringing fuel cell vehicles to market in the US in the 2014-2015 timeframe—Toyota perhaps the most enthusiastically ( earlier post ). Vehicle-to-grid pilot projects will expand and begin generating revenue across the US.

2014 145

Sandia Labs and NREL leading new DOE hydrogen infrastructure project; H2FIRST

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Integration of renewable hydrogen and the power grid through development, optimization and validation of technologies that enable distributed generation of renewable hydrogen in a broader energy ecosystem. Last year, General Motors and Honda announced plans to jointly develop hydrogen fuel cell cars, and Hyundai will lease its Tucson Fuel Cell hydrogen-powered vehicle in California this spring.

2014 101

Obama Administration launches series of actions to accelerate EV adoption; inc. $4.5B in loan guarantees, pursuing 350 kW fast charge

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Enable smart charging and vehicle grid integration through solutions such as demand response, and other energy storage and load management strategies. National Grid. The partnership will also work to enhance workplace charging efforts at public power utilities, study the impacts of EVs in public power communities, and share insights regarding infrastructure installation and EV interaction with the modern grid. Hyundai.

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Green concepts shape up for global challenge

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As long as the vehicles conform with the ADR81/01 rating they are eligible to compete in the challenge, which means the likes of Audi, BMW, Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki, Toyota and Volvo are among those to have registered interest in entering the challenge. Currently the specific models that will compete remain a secret, but you can expect to see a host of diesels from the European manufacturers, while Toyota’s new Prius hybrid should also line up on the grid.

APRA-E awards WUSTL $2M to develop predictive battery management system for plug-in vehicles; targeting more efficient use

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The project is one of 12 that won funding from the DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) under the new AMPED program that focuses on innovations in battery management and storage to advance electric vehicle technologies and to help improve the efficiency and reliability of the electrical grid. A team of engineers at Washington University in St.

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Pike Research makes 10 electric vehicle predictions for 2013

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Pike Research projects that 3,442 FCVs will ship in 2013 from vendors that include Toyota, Daimler, Hyundai, and Honda. Corporations are much better equipped to repurpose end-of-life EV batteries than individuals and will be able to sell into the growing market for grid energy storage.

2012 120

Major study concludes achieving EU 2050 transport decarbonization goals will require portfolio of advanced powertrains; fuel cells, battery-electric and plug-in hybrids

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Car manufacturers: BMW AG, Daimler AG, Ford, General Motors LLC, Honda R&D, Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, Nissan, Renault, Toyota Motor Corporation, Volkswagen.

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Profile: Li-ion Provider Compact Power, Inc. Focusing on the Automotive and Vehicle Markets

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LG Chem provides the Li-ion battery system for Hyundai’s Blue Gen System. LG Chem will be supplying a Lithium polymer pack for the Hyundai Blue Drive system expected to be released in 2009. by Bill Cooke.

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