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In the battle for best selling hybrid SUV of 2009 (U.S.), Lexus RX400h (10,089). The closer race is actually for worst selling hybrid SUV of 2009, with 3 sport utilities neck-and-neck (data from ). As has been the case since its arrival roughly ten years ago, the Toyota Prius is once again dominating all green contenders.

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General Motors: The company sold 1,534 units in April which consisted of: 523 two-mode SUVS (Tahoe, Yukon Escalade); 95 two-mode pick-ups (Silverado, Sierra); 547 Malibu hybrids; 338 Saturn VUE hybrids; 31 Saturn Aura hybrids. Sales of its RX400h Hybrid were down 59.7 Yesterday we told you how hybrid sales continued their downward trend in the US. Today we have more information with a breakdown of those sales. Overall, reported sales of hybrids dropped 45.5