Japan Green-Car Subsidy Boosts Vehicle Sales 12.9% In July

Green Car Congress

Sales of new vehicles in Japan climbed 12.9% sales volume increase in July thanks in part to the hot-selling Prius hybrid. s sales volume 25.3%. Nikkei. in July to 486,606 units, boosted by the government subsidy for environmentally friendly autos. The subsidies expire at the end of September.

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How often should Green Car Reports report plug-in sales numbers: Twitter poll results

Green Car Reports

Last week in our Twitter poll, we asked a different kind of question: how often Green Car Reports readers would like to follow the horse-race of plug-in car sales. Green Car Reports has been reporting the monthly data to see who's selling the most. sales PollsA surprisingly large 73 percent of of our Twitter followers said you would follow every month.

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July 4th green car deals you can still find

Green Car Reports

June wasn't a great month for green-car sales, and automakers are offering some bargains to keep them moving out the door. Green Car Reports partner site CarsDirect has listed several great green car deals among its July Fourth deals that continue through this weekend. For shoppers looking for a hybrid or even a plug-in hybrid, this could be a. deals

2018 60

China iCET releases 2014 Green Car China report ranking mainstream cars by green and health impacts

Green Car Congress

Only hybrids performed very well on both the green rating and the smog index. China’s Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (iCET) recently released its 2014 Green Car China Annual Report , an evaluation of mainstream vehicles on sale in China by their lifecycle impacts and their health impacts. Based on the lifecycle impact assessment, every vehicle obtains a green score (0-10). The higher the green score, the lower the environmental impact (i.e.,

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Sales of 'green' cars remain low; is it a problem of fear?

Green Car Reports

Despite a proliferation of new models and continuing pressure from stricter emissions standards, sales of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery-electric cars so far remain low. Even successful models can only muster a fraction of the sales volumes enjoyed by their internal-combustion counterparts. sales Plug-In Hybrids New car sales plug-in cars

2016 63

Tesla upgrades, Chevy Bolt EV sales, Kia green cars: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, Tesla upgrades sensors and hardware in an effort to equip its electric cars for autonomous driving, LG Chem makes a claim about Chevrolet Bolt EV sales, and a Kia executive says the automaker will launch its first hydrogen fuel-cell car around 2020. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

2016 80

Tesla Model 3 delays, plunging Prius sales, green-car deals, Sonata Hybrid video: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we look at plummeting Prius sales, our monthly roundup of best green-car deals, new Tesla Model 3 delivery delays, and a video preview of the 2018 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The company that makes more electric-car batteries in China than any other, known as CATL, has ambitious plans for expansion into. Today in Car News

2018 60

SEAT celebrates green car sales success

Green Cars News

It seems that drivers are becoming more and more eco-conscious – and rarely has this been more clearly illustrated than in SEAT’s sales this year. The Spanish carmaker has seen take-up of its cars featuring Ecomotive technology leap to 41.3 Green cars Latest news SEAT green cars SEAT Exeo Ecomotive UKper cent of all vehicles sold. That’s a 1.2 per cent increase compared to 2011 [.].

2012 42

Electric Pickup Truck, New Fiskers, Green-Car Sales, Diesel Hybrid Concept: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

We''ve got a whole host of green-car stories for Friday, including a startling one-off electric pickup truck, news on the latest relaunch plans for the Fisker Karma, and some analysis of green car sales--are they rising or falling? All this and more on Green Car Reports.

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This is the best week of the year to buy a green car

Green Car Reports

If you're thinking about buying a green car—or any car, for that matter—now is a good time. The week between the day after Christmas and the beginning of the new year is the busiest one for car sales, and a great time to find a deal. As automakers and dealers push to meet year-end sales quotas, they will often boost incentives to get. sales car buying New car sales deals Incentives and Rebates

2016 70

Why Green Car Reports Writes About Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars

Green Car Reports

It would seem pretty obvious that a site called Green Car Reports would cover zero-emission vehicles that will soon go on sale from major global automakers. But cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells turn out to be as controversial as plug-in electric cars, albeit for different reasons--and among different constituencies.

2014 94

Green-Car Decline: Combined Hybrid, Electric Sales Started Falling Last June

Green Car Reports

gas prices began falling last year, there's been much discussion about their effect on sales of hybrids and electric cars. sales plug-in carsSince U.S. The knee-jerk response of many analysts is to say that low gas prices have sent consumers fleeing from the greenest models. With less to gain from fuel savings, most people won't consider these models, they say.

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End Of Green-Car Subsidy in Japan Slows Sales in September

Green Car Congress

The expiration of a Japanese government subsidy program on 7 September for green vehicles slowed domestic sales in September. drop in new car sales, the first decrease in 14 months. Sales of subcompacts fell 12.2% Last-minute demand drove up overall sales between Sept. Sales for that period nearly tripled on the year to around 63,000. Nikkei.

2010 161

End of green car incentive hurts car sales

Green Cars News

The Japanese government’s subsidy programme for green vehicles came to its conclusion on September 07 – and immediately prompted a slowdown in domestic sales. per cent drop in new car sales – that’s the first decrease in 14 months. Sales of sub compacts were particularly hard hit, [.]. The Japan Automobile Dealers Association reported a 4.1

2010 40

Japan’s car sales jump for green car incentive

Green Cars News

Sales of cars made an impressive jump upwards in Japan last month and the credit for the increase is largely given to the introduction of new government subsidies for green cars worth just 100,000 yen to buyers (around £773!). According to the BBC, passenger car sales increase 33 per cent from a year ago, with [.]. Green credentials green car Japan Sales subsidy

BBC 43

Green car subsidies boost vehicle sales

Green Cars News

Japanese car buyers are reaping the rewards of government subsidies for environmentally friendly cars. The subsidies, which are due to expire at the end of September, helped sales of new vehicles in the country climb by 12.9 The Toyota Motor Corporation saw its sales shoot up by 19.1 [.]. Tags: Green cars Honda Latest news Mitsubishi Toyota mazda green car subsidies japan Japanese car sales

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BMW i8 beats Mercedes S 500 PHEV, Golf GTE to win World Green Car award in New York

Green Car Congress

The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid ( earlier post ) was named the World Green Car at the World Car Awards in New York. The BMW i8 was also one of the finalists in the category World Luxury Car at the World Car Awards. Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing BMW. It combines the performance of a sports car with the fuel consumption and emission figures of a subcompact vehicle.

2015 191

Advice To Dealers On Green-Car Sales: Focus On Cost Savings First

Green Car Reports

Green cars can''t help reduce emissions or save gasoline if no one buys them. sales of plug-in hybrids and electric cars have been strong in some areas, but weak in others--and it may be because dealers are emphasizing green too much. In the U.S., Lincoln Merrihew--vice president, transportation for market-research firm MillwardBrown Digital--told

2014 83

Chevy Volt Vs Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Audi 'e-Diesel,' Green Car Sales Misinterpreted: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, see how the Chevrolet Volt compares to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the synthetic diesel fuel Audi was able to make using renewable energy, and why it;s important to distinguish between hybrids and electric cars when analyzing sales. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Sales of Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell Nexo pass 1K unit mark in 2019

Green Car Congress

Business Korea reports that sales of Hyundai Motor’s Nexo hydrogen fuel cell vehicle this year reached 1,075 units on May 17, exceeding the 949 units sold for the whole of last year. This marks the first time Hyundai has sold more than 1,000 hydrogen cars annually since 2013. Domestic sales of the Nexo hit 363 units in April alone, a monthly sales record. The sales volume is expected to further rise thanks to the Korean government’s subsidiary program this year.

2019 228

Used Tesla prices, VW EV sales gains, Leaf and Ariya: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Today in Car NewsPrices on used Tesla vehicles have soared over the past year. VW is still trailing Tesla on EV deliveries.

Green-Car Buyers More Likely To Pay Cash For New Vehicles: Report

Green Car Reports

Turns out that buyers of green cars--whether they''re hybrids or plug-in electric cars--are somewhat more likely to pay cash for their cars than are buyers of all vehicles on average. DON''T MISS: Who Buys Plug-In Electric Cars, And Why? sales Financing experian plug-in cars We''re not entirely sure what it has to do with Earth Day, to be honest, but here''s an odd little statistic.

2015 85

Strong US EV sales, curbside charging, BYD and $25,000 Tesla: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The electric car sales charts aren’t just pointing to a Tesla market anymore. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Today in Car NewsA curbside charging project in Kansas City shows what could be done in many U.S. cities.

British Columbia introduces green car rebates

Green Cars News

Residents of the Canadian province of British Columbia have a massive incentive to make their next vehicle purchase a green one. That’s because the province will introduce a point-of-sale incentive programme from December 1, which will provide between C$2,500 and C$5,000 off the sticker price for battery electric, fuel cell electric, plug-in hybrid electric and [.]. Green cars Latest news British Columbia Canada Environment Minister Terry Lake green car incentives green car rebate

2011 41

Have Green-Car Sales Dropped This Year? Depends How You Define Them

Green Car Reports

The rise of modern plug-in electric cars and more-efficient internal-combustion vehicles are two results of legislation aimed at limiting the environmental impact of transportation. More fuel-efficient gasoline cars help lower greenhouse-emissions, but are they also lowering the sales of plug-ins, hybrids, and other alternative-fuel vehicles

2014 78

Another Bolt EV road trip, best green-car deals, BMW electric-car sales, child seats: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, what lessons did a Chevy Bolt EV electric-car driver learn from his 1,300-mile road trip? Do you know what to do if your car seats are in a crash? And how many plug-in electric cars did BMW sell over six months? All this and more on Green Car Reports. You may recall some previous Chevy Bolt EV electric-car road trips we've covered: driving. Today in Car News

2017 60

2012 Detroit Auto Show: Green Car Preview--Production Models

Green Car Reports

With the auto industry continuing to recover slowly from its 2008 meltdown and Chinese sales rising, both U.S. and overseas automakers will launch new models and show off gleaming concept cars. And green cars will be right at the forefront. Next week's Detroit Auto Show promises to be the busiest and most influential in several years. The largest

2012 92

Pickup-truck politics, green-car deals, faster Model 3, grim climate-change report: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we've got an intriguing analysis of which makers would win big from rolling back fuel-economy rules, news on the future Tesla Model 3 "P" performance version of the electric car, a grim climate-change update, and great deals on green cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports. plug-in electric car sales report, we've. Today in Car News

2017 62

Energica Vs Tesla, 2015 Chevy Volt Deals, 2015 Shanghai Auto Show Green Cars: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we have a drag race between electric cars and an electric superbike, notable deals on the outgoing 2015 Chevrolet Volt, and a roundup of green-car debuts from the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. All this and more on Green Car Reports. As General Motors prepares to end production of the 2015 Chevrolet Volt, a major clearance sale is underway to. Today in Car News

2015 79

One of these 3 vehicles will be Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2018

Green Car Reports

Fans of green cars have spent much of the past year eagerly waiting for a pair of electric cars to be revealed to the public and then to go on sale. GCR Best Car to Buy Best Car To Buy Chrysler Pacifica HybridBy far the most attention and hype has been focused on the Tesla Model 3, the Silicon Valley carmaker's lower-priced and much higher-volume vehicle, with more than 200 miles of range for a starting.

2017 63

Used-car sales: Tesla Model 3, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid most affected into pandemic slowdown

Green Car Reports

The two top-selling green cars in the United States saw the greatest sales slowdown leading into the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study from iSeeCars. Car Sales

2020 84

Frost &: Sullivan: Three Phases for Green Cars in China

Green Car Congress

Frost & Sullivan, a global consultancy and market analysis firm, believes that there will three phases for the development of green cars in China: LPG/CNG and hybrids in the short term; electric vehicles in the middle stage; and fuel cell vehicles in the long run. Hybrids—especially plug-in hybrids—ill help the public to have confidence to transit from hybrids to completely battery powered cars in the future. Electric Cars, the Next Movement.

2009 150

Tesla Model S wins 2013 World Green Car award

Green Cars News

Tesla’s highly-anticipated second model has been named 2013 ‘World Green Car’ at the New York International Auto Show (NAIAS). The Model S-Tesla’s seven seat sedan model which went on sale late last year in the US-beat off competition from two other finalists; the Renault ZOE and the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid. Green credentials Tesla Motors Tesla Model S World Green Car Awards

2013 47

China to offer green car incentives

Green Cars News

As it bids to slash fuel emissions, China has announced that it will subsidise the sales of green vehicles in five cities as part of a pilot programme. A statement released on the main government website outlined that Beijing would hand out rebates to private car buyers for the first time although no other details were [.]. Tags: Green cars Latest news Beijing BYD Auto China green car incentives green car rebates

2009 43

Tesla Wins In NJ, 2025 Gas Mileage Rules, Green-Car Market Share Decline: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, new legislation allows Tesla to sell electric cars directly to customers in New Jersey, high SUV sales may affect 2025 gas-mileage rules, and a new report claims green "alternative-power" vehicles dropped out of the top 10 new-vehicle categories in 2014. All this and more on Green Car Reports. You can now get Green Car Reports on your. Today in Car News

2015 73

New York Auto Show: Green Cars And Concepts Roundup

Green Car Reports

The 2014 New York Auto Show is fast approaching, and as usual a small roster of green vehicles will be making their debuts. This year it''s mainly about production vehicles, with very few green concepts in attendance. That''s not such a bad thing though--while there''s little truly fuel efficient going on sale, plenty of high-selling models are

2014 76

Where Do Green Cars Really Live? California, Yeah, But Then.

Green Car Reports

One or two locations appear time and time again when it comes to electric or hybrid vehicle sales. If you didn''t think California was up there, then you''ve not been paying much attention. Oregon too--in Portland, the Nissan Leaf actually outsold other Nissan models last month. And of course Lima, Ohio. What was that last one again? Ah yes, Lima

2013 84

Nissan reports surge in green car orders

Green Cars News

The automotive industry may be in crisis but that hasn’t stopped green car orders rising steeply compared to the previous year for Nissan. The company has reported that orders for its eco-friendly cars have increased by 30 per cent compared to May in the previous year, thanks in part to the government’s new tax incentives. If sales continue at their present pace it could mark Nissan’s first domestic increase in sales in 10 months.

2009 39

When will plug-in electric car sales exceed hybrid sales? Poll results

Green Car Reports

The questions of whether and when sales of plug-in electric cars will resume their climb after a static 2015 are much on the minds of green-car advocates these days. It's taken as an article of faith that cars with plugs will grow as a proportion of the global market, ultimately supplanting large parts of the current gasoline fleet in decades to. sales Plug-In Hybrids New car sales plug-in cars Polls

2016 90

Toyota provides update on status of green car technology, future plans; 21 new hybrid models, new gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, EV and fuel cell stack

Green Car Congress

In Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) outlined the progress of development of its green technologies as well as its vehicle deployment plans through 2015. Toyota again noted that hybrid technology, capable of both high levels of fuel efficiency and driving performance, can be easily combined with various types of fuel and also includes core technologies necessary for developing many types of “eco-cars”. The new EQ EV offers power consumption of 104 Wh/km.

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Hyundai And Kia Green-Car Plans, Free IN Charging, Cheapest Electric Car: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

An Indiana utility lets electric-car owners charge at night for free, we explain why the country''s cheapest electric car is only available to a select few, and two brands known for sensibly-priced cars--Hyundai and Kia--take aim at the number two slot in green-car sales. All this and more on Green Car Reports Today''s news is all about thrift.

2014 69

Green Car Reports Scorecard: 3 Stories We Got Right In 2014, 3 We Didn't

Green Car Reports

We published roughly 1,800 stories on Green Car Reports this year, covering everything from fuel economy (it''s rising) to electric cars (there are more on sale than ever). Every news site strives for 100-percent accuracy, but very few reach that mark. That''s why there are Retractions sections in newspapers and magazines, and updates shown by using

2014 72

Natural-Gas Vehicles: Honda, Chevy Are 'Neglected Stepchild' Among Green Cars

Green Car Reports

market share in light trucks and SUVs, hybrids are at least holding their own, and of course sales of plug-in electric cars are rising steadily. Wait.are we missing a green-car technology? Diesels seem likely to gain U.S. As an article in The Los Angeles Times points out, natural-gas powered passenger vehicles remain the "neglected stepchild

2014 74