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Kinetic Green & Tonino Lamborghini Spa JV unveil new electric golf cart range

Electric Vehicles India

Kinetic Green & Tonino Lamborghini Spa JV unveil new electric golf cart range. Kinetic Green a Pune based electric vehicles company and an Italian luxury accessories maker Tonino Lamborghini Spa has unveiled a new range of electric golf carts under the Italian automotive brand Iso at the 6 days Milan Motorcycle Shows or EICMA.

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Squad solar electric city car is coming to the US for $6,250 


The Squad solar electric city car is launching in the US, and it starts at $6,250. Is it just a golf cart or actually a new and useful product? The post Squad solar electric city car is coming to the US for $6,250 appeared first on Electrek.

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DAIHEN leverages WiTricity wireless charging technology for solar-powered mobility demo in Japan

Green Car Congress

at Expo Park in Osaka, Japan, to showcase next-generation mobility services using a small electric vehicle, similar in size and functionality to a golf cart, and a solar-powered wireless charging system, provided by DAIHEN. DAIHEN recently launched a demonstration with Kansai Electric Power Co.

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New Zealand Cherry Farm Goes Electric


Instead, they chose to invest in a solar array with a battery system that could power the pump and some of their own home. The solar array was a great first step, but the couple stated that it was only capable of covering 80% of their needs. Electric (Grid, Solar/Battery) – $5,910. Electric (Grid) – $24,341.

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Solar Powered Battery Charger

Electric Cars are for Girls

Have you heard of SunGo's solar-powered battery charger for golf carts? Here are some of the benefits of SunGo's solar battery charging systems:

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Don’t stop the EV music

Electric Auto Association

Solar charging on the agenda Jackie joined her father’s company not long before he became ill. The only EV he was familiar with was a golf cart, so he tried playing around with that, and eventually converted a Beck into electric.” She’s doing a great job continuing his work.”

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Embracing a century of EV history

Electric Auto Association

It’s basically just a souped-up golf cart, but Ford wouldn’t allow them to import it into the US. To bolster advocacy efforts, Hoosier EVA is in very active association with Solar United Neighbors (SUN), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting rooftop solar energy. We still have a long way to go in this state.”