Golf Cart Battery Decision

Electric Cars are for Girls

We're considering the purchase of a used golf cart, primarily for getting around our gated community. Is there an advantage to a T-125, over the T-105

Did I Damage My Golf Cart Battery Pack?

Electric Cars are for Girls

When purchasing new batteries, the company installed 6V batteries into our 8V golf cart. We noticed it instantly as it would not charge on our charger


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Golf Cart Battery Post Burn Out

Electric Cars are for Girls

I purchased my used 2002 EZ-Go with new batteries three years ago with new (no visible name) batteries. The cart is used for

New Zealand Cherry Farm Goes Electric


There are many electrified upgrades available in agriculture, but the couple’s first purchase was to replace their diesel water pump with an 18.5

Tesla’s biggest rival in China: an in-depth look at the $4,200 Wuling HongGuang Mini EV


Although it doesn’t pack the punch or performance of the Model 3, people continue to purchase the car because of its impressive price tag. Many Tesla enthusiasts have called the Mini EV a “golf cart” because of its size and price point, and really that isn’t far off.

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Considering Different Batteries

Open Source Civic EV Kit

The original CivicWithACord design used 18 8-volt golf cart batteries. Here is a quote from Mark Freidberg from the OEVA: Hi Tim, I've been disappointed with the Dekas and won't be purchasing anymore. All the AGMs and Gels I've tried though are stinky on the discharge, if not as much as golf cart floodies. These are commonly used in the EV community since they are widely available and have been used for several years.

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Feature: Are Electric Fire Trucks in the Near Future?

Clean Fleet Report

The “Revolutionary Technology” (RT) concept fire truck first became a reality last year, when the LAFD purchased the truck for $1.2 Another Niche Filled by an Electric Version. Electric cars, trucks and buses are slowly making their way onto roads. There have been more than 7.2

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Embracing a century of EV history

Electric Auto Association

Partly in order to change this situation, Steiner purchased Waverley Electrics , a firm founded in 1896 by Albert Augustus Pope that manufactured the electric Waverley vehicle in Indianapolis from 1898 until 1916. “I

Auto 75

Ordering a Motor Adapter

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Here's a picture of the bolt pattern I scratched from a purchased Civic flywheel. After some significant debate at the Civic-EV Google Group on whether to use a clutched or clutch-less system, I'm going to pursue using a clutched system for the initial revision of this kit.

2008 100

Reducing Carbon Emissions Quickly Is the Goal – Not Quarter-Mile Times (Commentary)

EV Adoption

The way we get more mainstream households rather than early adopters in the US to purchase or lease electric vehicles is to convince them that EVs are better and more convenient than their counterpart internal combustion engine cars and trucks.

An Easy EV Conversion Kit For People

Open Source Civic EV Kit

While people can purchase neighborhood electric vehicles today for about $10K, they only have a top speed of 35 miles an hour or so, essentially glorified golf-carts. What about the person who tinkers in their garage who drives like the typical person ( With that in mind, I sorted through the electric conversions over at EVAlbum and found several cars that you could purchase for under $2,000 on the local Craigslist classified listings.

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ZENN Motor Increases Stake in EEStor to 10.7%; EESU Production Prototype Promised by End of 2009

Green Car Congress

Under its Technology Agreement with EEStor, ZMC holds the worldwide exclusive rights to incorporate EEStor’s energy storage technology (EESU) for new passenger vehicles up to 1,400 kilograms curb weight (net of batteries); golf carts, Low Speed Vehicles and certain utility vehicles; and the conversion of any class of used internal combustion 4-wheel vehicles to electric. Earlier in July, ZENN Motor Company Inc.

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Embracing a century of EV history

Electric Auto Association

Partly in order to change this situation, Steiner purchased Waverley Electrics , a firm founded in 1896 by Albert Augustus Pope that manufactured the electric Waverley vehicle in Indianapolis from 1898 until 1916. “I

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Proud of its roots

Electric Auto Association

I cut the frame and extended it, and then a guy from the DEVC donated a golf cart motor,” he explained. “I Subsequently, McNeil traveled to Seattle to purchase an already converted AMC Hornet 4-door sedan, and then towed the car back to Colorado. “I

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Potbox and Backup Switch

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

On a more dangerous note, I ordered my 18 USBatt 8-v golf-cart batteries from American Battery company in California. I plan to purchase several grounding straps to tie the batteries together while they sit on the floor and use welding cable to attach them to the motor controller until the battery boxes arrive from ElectroAuto. I went back to Parkrose hardware today to pick up stainless steel bolts to attach the motor cables to the controller.

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DOE to Award Up to $300M in Stimulus Bill Funding for Projects to Expand Use of Alt-Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Marine applications and locomotives are not eligible under this FOA, nor are prototype or novelty vehicles, golf carts, snowmobiles and other off-road recreational or sport vehicles. The DOE funds are to be used to pay for the incremental cost to purchase new OEM vehicles or the retrofit, conversion or repowering of new and/or used conventional vehicles. The purchase of equipment or to pay for specific turn-key fueling services by alternative fuel providers.

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China puts its electric vehicles on center stage - China automotive news

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Most Chinese buyers also are purchasing cars for the first time and have not developed particular preferences. " One key move GM is counting on to make the Volt more affordable in China is government incentives, whether they are cash incentives for customers or subsidies for fleet purchases by government agencies. and Korean golf cart maker CT&T Co. | ?? |

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Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Governor Kulongoski is currently pushing a plan before the state legislature to cut some hefty tax breaks for electric vehicle manufacturers who choose to come to Oregon, as well as provide huge tax credits to purchasers of electric cars. “My To convince me and the general public about purchasing an electric car, there are a lot of challenges to overcome. Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Energy & Environment World U.S.

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

market for sustainable “green” energy purchases. They are either glorified golf cart city cars like this one or they are only for the very wealthy like the Tesla. Apr 25 01:04 PM | Link | Reply HerrHansa 12 Comments A golf cart with a nice body, for more than the price of a decked out Mini. What are the chances that a $40K Chevy Volt would ever be purchased much less make $$.

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GM Says Chevrolet Volt Won't 'Pay the Rent' | Autopia from

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Ill never purchase one again, no matter what the mpgs. You guys go ahead and buy your 40 mile per charge GM golf cart. should be illegal for companies to purchase patents for the purpose of blocking technology. Wired Home Subscribe Sections Cars 2.0

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