Kinetic Green & Tonino Lamborghini Spa JV unveil new electric golf cart range

Electric Vehicles India

Kinetic Green & Tonino Lamborghini Spa JV unveil new electric golf cart range. The Kinetic Green said in a release that the Iso Divo golf carts will be available in two versions such as Strada and Golf which will be designed in Italy and manufactured in India.

Golf Cart Batteries Drained Too Fast!

Electric Cars are for Girls

I am a courtesy cart driver with a GatorMoto 9 person shuttle. I go from the hotel to parking lot across the street, anywhere from


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Ford announces Smart Mobility plan; 25 initial projects

Green Car Congress

The 25 experiments address four global megatrends—explosive population growth; an expanding middle class; air quality and public health concerns; and changing customer attitudes and priorities—challenging today’s transportation model and limiting personal mobility, especially in urban areas. Ford engineers are working with HP to track the driving habits of 100 vehicles used nationwide by HP employees for work and personal commuting.

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Calif. Energy Commission approves energy efficiency rules for battery charger systems; automotive chargers exempted

Green Car Congress

This exception does not apply to autoettes, electric personal assistive mobility devices, golf carts, or low speed vehicles. Cell phones, digital cameras, cordless telephones, laptop and tablet computers, power tools, electric toothbrushes, electric razors, commercial barcode scanners, and larger items such as golf carts and forklifts all use battery charger systems.

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Why The Ford F-150 Lightning Is The Most Important EV Ever

EV Adoption

Wait, you might be thinking to yourself, what about the Tesla Model S which single-handedly changed the image of EVs from glorified golf carts into fast as all heck, 300+-mile range, aspirational computers on wheels?

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National Drive Electric Week 2021: Talk about great timing

Electric Auto Association

A Cars and Coffee event will be held in Clay, New York, while Avalon, an all-electric golf cart community on Catalina Island off the Southern California coast, will display three electric buses. National Drive Electric Week 2021 comes as the country turns toward EVs.

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Ford opens new Silicon Valley research center; focus on connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, big data

Green Car Congress

A person sitting in the Palo Alto laboratory can access real-time video streamed over existing 4G/LTE technology to drive golf carts thousands of miles away. Ford has opened its new Research and Innovation Center Palo Alto, growing its global research team and accelerating the company’s work in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data.

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Feature: Are Electric Fire Trucks in the Near Future?

Clean Fleet Report

Hybrid and fully electric vehicles are already available for a variety of commercial and personal uses. Various other companies are currently designing and developing fleets of fully electric emergency vehicles, including golf carts for police and ATVs for search-and-rescue operations.

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InDEED, a success

Electric Auto Association

Back to being there In-person events included an EV parade from Little Rock to a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new 6-unit EV charging station in Lonoke, Arkansas, as well as a second ribbon-cutting at a charging station in Walsenburg, Colorado.

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Electric Car Watch #9: Where is the Strom-R3 electric car?

Plug In India

Elon Musk personally met scores of customers at the time and assured them their concerns were being heard. We spoke to EV community member and friend of the channel Mr Zarryl Lobo, who has 30+ years of experience building custom electric golf carts and refurbishing old EVs.

An Easy EV Conversion Kit For People

Open Source Civic EV Kit

While people can purchase neighborhood electric vehicles today for about $10K, they only have a top speed of 35 miles an hour or so, essentially glorified golf-carts. What about the person who tinkers in their garage who drives like the typical person ( With that in mind, I sorted through the electric conversions over at EVAlbum and found several cars that you could purchase for under $2,000 on the local Craigslist classified listings.

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Talking with Mike at ElectroAuto

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

It seems that Mike is more of a mechanical person than an electronics person. Apparently I'm the only person with an operational AC kit currently, although several other people are hot on the trail to finishing theirs. Regarding the 8V golf-cart batteries, Mike also mentioned that they tended to either last 3-4 years or die right away (infant mortality). I just got off the phone with Mike at Electro Automotive.

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Proud of its roots

Electric Auto Association

I cut the frame and extended it, and then a guy from the DEVC donated a golf cart motor,” he explained. “I The Denver EAA chapter is still dedicated to its core mission nearly 50 years after its founding.

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EV Briefs, and Black Rock City & EVs

Plugs and Cars

Out in the desert as part of Burning Man , our encampment, Snow Koan Solar, is setting up a solar photovoltaic EV Charging Station (at 7:30 and Desert) for electric scooters, golf carts, sofas and barstools. The founders of Google have made personal investments in Tesla as befits dotcom billionaires, and they're converting Priuses to plug-in hybrids for the company fleet with battery maker A123. A few items before I head out to Black Rock City for two weeks.

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Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

A very low cost EV is taking a golf cart transaxle or whole GC rear/seat and weld, ect a MC front end, frame, title to it, change the batteries from 6vdc to 12vdc to double the voltage and use larger dia VW Rabbit tires and you can have a nice 1- 3 person MC trike that goes 45-55mph and 50+ mile range. Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Energy & Environment World U.S.

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

They are either glorified golf cart city cars like this one or they are only for the very wealthy like the Tesla. Apr 25 01:04 PM | Link | Reply HerrHansa 12 Comments A golf cart with a nice body, for more than the price of a decked out Mini. My personal criteria for an EV is 80/80 MPH/miles range, but thats because drivers either go 80 or stopped around here.

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