New York City adding 70 electric vehicles to fleet; launches EV educational push

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The NYPD already uses electric scooters and electric powered golf carts on boardwalks, in parks and some transit hubs. The site also includes a map of public charging stations in the city, a cost calculator link to help potential owners understand the total cost of an electric vehicle versus a conventional vehicle—including fuel costs—and describes how electric cars work in everyday use. Mayor Bloomberg announces the addition of 70 new electric vehicles.

China puts its electric vehicles on center stage - China automotive news

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Some of the new and updated models, such as a battery-powered version of Geelys Panda hatchback, may hit the market as early as October, and in some cases they might carry price tags low enough for farmers and other rural residents with limited financial means. Another notable battery car, though its producer decided to skip the Shanghai show, is a super-low-cost, two-seat mini electric car that Chinese parts producer Wonder Auto Technology Inc. | ?? |

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Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

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Furthermore, changing the battery pack on say a Toyota Prius often costs a fortune, at least in most European countries, so such cars better be VERY cheap, but they’re not. And, if you consider lifetime costs of owning an EV versus owning a traditional internal combustion car, even if the initial purchase price of the EV is much more than your combustion car and you have to replace a battery for $4,000 after 7-10 years, the EV still costs less to operate.