Considering Different Batteries

Open Source Civic EV Kit

The original CivicWithACord design used 18 8-volt golf cart batteries. After some debate on the Google Group and dealing with clutch-link interference issues, I'm tending towards 12-volt group-31 AGM batteries for the initial design.

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Ordering a Motor Adapter

Open Source Civic EV Kit

After some significant debate at the Civic-EV Google Group on whether to use a clutched or clutch-less system, I'm going to pursue using a clutched system for the initial revision of this kit.

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Out in the desert as part of Burning Man , our encampment, Snow Koan Solar, is setting up a solar photovoltaic EV Charging Station (at 7:30 and Desert) for electric scooters, golf carts, sofas and barstools. Google Guys Th!nk The founders of Google have made personal investments in Tesla as befits dotcom billionaires, and they're converting Priuses to plug-in hybrids for the company fleet with battery maker A123. Google founder Sergey Brin drove one of the 2001 Th!nk

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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They are either glorified golf cart city cars like this one or they are only for the very wealthy like the Tesla. Apr 25 01:04 PM | Link | Reply HerrHansa 12 Comments A golf cart with a nice body, for more than the price of a decked out Mini.

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Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

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Many EV groups online for more info or google EV clubs or EV racing and follow the website’s links. Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Energy & Environment World U.S.