Satellite altimeter data study finds global ship traffic up 4x over past 20 years

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Maritime traffic on the world’s oceans has increased four-fold over the past 20 years, likely causing more water, air and noise pollution on the open seas, according to a new study quantifying global ship traffic. Ships powered by fossil fuels dump oil, fuel and waste into the water and pump exhaust into the air. The new study is the first to track ship traffic on a global scale, Tournadre said.

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Exide and Leclanché launch Li-ion battery JV in India

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Exide Industries Ltd, India’s largest manufacturer of lead acid storage batteries and power storage solutions provider, and Switzerland-based Li-ion battery manufacturer Leclanché SA announced a joint venture to build lithium-ion batteries and provide energy storage systems for India’s electric vehicle market and grid-based applications. Exide Industries is India’s largest manufacturer of lead acid storage batteries and power storage solutions provider.

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Ford 2017 trends report: disruption the status quo, “never more difficult” to find objective information

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Sheryl Connelly, Ford global trend and futuring manager, says there is no escaping the fact that disruption is now the status quo. Globally, consumers are finding more joy in less, and taking advantage of access-over-ownership service models. The new Ford report notes that 80% of adults globally agree that social media is more about optics than substance, and the 65% agree that people today are less likely to consider opposing viewpoints.

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Urban transport | Two wheels good | The Economist

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Emissions, however, are produced elsewhere, when the electricity used to power the vehicles is generated. Green.view New on An altered political landscape in South Africa (EIU ViewsWire) Apr 28th 2009 Sri Lankas war is close to an end Apr 27th 2009 Does a new virus from Mexico threaten a global pandemic?