Prototype Mack heavy-duty plug-in hybrid truck part of e-Highway demo near Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles

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The demo was conducted near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as part of a project with Siemens and sponsored by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

Los Angeles to lease 160 BEVs, 128 PHEVs as part of commitment to 50% EV purchases by 2017

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Friday announced a commitment to lease 160 pure battery EV vehicles, a move that will give Los Angeles the largest city-owned pure EV fleet in the US. The Los Angeles Police, Fire, General Services, and Water and Power departments will together lease the 160 BEVS.

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Port of Los Angeles to Evaluate Vision Industries Tyrano Fuel Cell Hybrid Class 8 Trucks

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Vision Industries Class 8 zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell hybrid-electric truck at the Port of Los Angeles. The Port of Los Angeles will be submitting a proposal for funding from the California Energy Commission to help support this project.

Los Angeles Building Out New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Key Transit Locations

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The California Energy Commission recently announced EV Connect, a provider of electric vehicle infrastructure solutions and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will be conducting a pilot program to assess the integration of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) into the transportation network and consumer behavior and ridership patterns.

@MayorOfLA Is Ready! Garcetti Comes Out Gunning For Gas – Scattergood, Haynes & Harbor Power Plants To Stop Shoving Pollution Down Citizens Throats, Calls For Shutdown Of Aliso Canyon. #MerchantsOfDoubt In Fossil Fuel Industry Argue For More Climate Destruction

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At 9am on Tuesday morning this week I stood with Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, members of the L.A. Only two days earlier I had been at a meeting to plan our response and action if Garcetti were to choose to repower the plants to burn more gas for the next 30-40 years.

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Los Angeles Harbor Commission Launches 2009 Alternative Fuel Truck Incentive Program with $44.2M

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The Los Angeles Harbor Commission recently approved up to $44.2 million in Port funding toward the 2009 Clean Truck Incentive Program at the Port of Los Angeles. The 2009 incentives will be used to help bring trucks into service at the Port that run on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), or lithium-ion battery electric power.

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Study estimates ~4M children worldwide develop asthma each year because of NO2 air pollution

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The study is the first to quantify the worldwide burden of new pediatric asthma cases linked to traffic-related nitrogen dioxide by using a method that takes into account high exposures to this pollutant that occur near busy roads, said Susan C.

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US MARAD study finds marine use of natural gas substantially reduces some air pollutants and slightly reduces GHG emissions

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A recently released total fuel cycle analysis for maritime case studies shows that natural gas fuels reduce some air quality pollutants substantially, and reduce major greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions slightly, when compared to conventional petroleum-based marine fuels (low-sulfur and high-sulfur). The OGV was modeled on two West Coast routes, one from Los Angeles/Long Beach (LA/LB) to Shanghai, China, and the other from LA/LB to Honolulu, HI.

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Greenius Drinks L.A. Times’ Milkshake On Global Warming

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“ Really, Los Angeles Times? It sounds like you’re saying that only “some&# scientists think weaning us off coal is the single most crucial thing we must do to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving us to a climate catastrophe. It sounds like the Los Angeles Times is telling us there is still a viable debate on this subject.

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CARB awards $20M in Cap-and-Trade funding to zero-emission transportation technology demos, H2 ferry, BEV locomotive

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The projects are part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities.

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Pollution plumes in Paris air are richer in gaseous aromatic compounds than in LA; gasoline engines main source of VOCs

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The study also shows that the proportion of gaseous aromatic compounds—apart from benzene—in hydrocarbon emissions is two to three times greater in pollution plumes in Paris than in Los Angeles, even though the total quantity of hydrocarbons emitted in Los Angeles remains considerably greater than in Paris. times greater than in Los Angeles due to the greater overall volatile hydrocarbon pollution in the latter city.

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When You See Something, Say Something: Climate Emergency Alarm Bells Ringing While Local Electeds Pretend Not To Hear

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Today, here in the South Bay of Los Angeles where I live, we have all the dots you’d ever need to connect the crisis level of global warming to the urgent action needed locally. Garcetti called for “a Green New Deal for Los Angeles.”.

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Maersk Line, Ports of LA & Long Beach in 3-year project to measure air pollution benefits from $125M eco-upgrade; real-time tracking 24x7

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Shipping company Maersk Line and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are partnering to measure the environmental benefits of a $125-million upgrade for 12 Maersk container ships. This advances our ability to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants on a global scale. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will split the $1 million cost under their joint Technology Advancement Program (TAP).

Trump Administration revocation of California waiver reprises US denial of California waiver in 2007

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However, the revocation—if it is legally possible, of which there is some question—reprises a conflict between California and the Bush Administration, which denied California a waiver in 2007 requested to regulate automotive greenhouse gas emissions ( earlier post ). In 1943, Los Angeles experienced its first major smog event. In 1945, the Los Angeles City Health Department established the Bureau of Smoke Control.

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Global Clean Energy buys Bakersfield refinery for $40M, converting to produce renewable diesel

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Fuels produced from the facility will result in significant reductions of both greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and local air pollutants such as particulate matter. Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc., through a subsidiary, has purchased Alon Bakersfield Properties, Inc.,

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Big Blue Bus receives nearly $900K to purchase 58 new Cummins-Westport Near-Zero NOx engines

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In California, Big Blue Bus (BBB) will receive $870,000 from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee’s (MSRC) Near Zero Engine Incentive Program. The ISL G NZ features the same Stoichiometric cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (SEGR) combustion technology, spark ignition, and simple TWC aftertreatment as the ISL G natural gas engine. The ISL G NZ can operate on compressed, liquid, or renewable natural gas (RNG).

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Heidi On The Hot Seat

Creative Greenius

The South Bay region I live and work in covers an area of 161 square miles and encompasses 15 cities plus portions of the City of Los Angeles and unincorporated portions of the County of Los Angeles. All Global Warming Is Local.

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Study finds hybrid tugboat delivers significant reduction in criteria pollutant emissions compared to conventional version

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Built by Seattle-based Foss Maritime, it began working the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in January 2009. criteria pollutants—nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter—and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide were measured based on the ISO 8178 protocols. The twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the largest contributors to air pollution in the South Coast Basin. Overall in-use emissions based on individual tug.

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24 states, LA and NYC file suit against Trump Administration over One National Program Rule

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today, with Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Air Resources Board, led a coalition of 24 state attorneys general and the cities of Los Angeles and New York in filing a lawsuit against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In its argument, the states conflate the multiple-decade history of state regulation of criteria pollutants with the more recent addition of greenhouse gas regulations and the ZEV mandate.

2019 74

Werner Enterprises testing Peterbilt 579 EV Class 8 electric truck; Meritor and Transpower

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The truck will operate in the Los Angeles metro area. The award is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities.

2020 76

US EPA awards $9.6M in DERA grants to reduce harmful diesel emissions in California

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The funds will be used to retrofit and replace old, polluting diesel vehicles and equipment, including school buses, heavy-duty trucks, tractors and port equipment. The DERA program is administered by the EPA’s West Coast Collaborative, a partnership comprised of EPA’s Pacific Southwest and Pacific Northwest Regions, which leverages public and private funds to reduce emissions from the most polluting diesel sources. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded $9.6

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Ballard fuel cell modules to power yard trucks at Port of LA in CARB-funded project

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The ZECAP Project is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities.

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First of 27 BYD electric trucks arriving in Southern California freight and rail yards; $19.2M project

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The State of California, San Bernardino Council of Governments (SBCOG) and partners Daylight Transport and BYD Motors celebrated the arrival of the first of 27 electric yard and service trucks for freight and rail yards in three disadvantaged communities in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Fontana. Three yard trucks and a service truck will operate at Daylight and the other 23 will operate at two BNSF Railway rail yards in San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.

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California ARB awarding $1.6 million to LA for low-income EV carsharing pilot program

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million to the City of Los Angeles to set up a pilot carsharing program for electric vehicles in disadvantaged communities. These include electric vehicle carsharing programs in disadvantaged communities; financing options that would lower combined monthly car payments and fuel costs; and incentives for the replacement of gas-guzzling “clunkers” with new or used electric cars or vouchers for transit and car-sharing.

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Greyrock, Tsinhua U, DRI to assess potential of synthetic diesel to improve air quality in China

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Greyrock Energy, a developer of a gas-to-liquids (GTL) process that produces synthetic diesel, will participate with Tsinghua University of Beijing, China and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) of Reno, Nevada to quantify the positive impact on air quality from the use of synthetic diesel fuels as compared with petroleum derived diesel fuels. Diesel Emissions Fuels Gas-to-Liquids (GTL

2017 60

California Energy Commission awards more than $36M to clean transportation projects

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The California Energy Commission awarded more than $24 million in grants today for clean energy freight transportation projects in Los Angeles and Long Beach and more than $12 million for other clean transportation projects. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and Long Beach Harbor Department received $10 million each and the Los Angeles Harbor Department received $4.5

2017 64

California Energy Commission approves $8M grant for H2 fueling station at Port of Long Beach

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Promoting the use of zero-emission vehicles will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution at the nation?s The Energy Commission also approved a recommendation allowing the cities of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Riverside, and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, to enter a power sales contract to procure energy from an 840-megawatt natural gas facility called the Intermountain Power Project Repowering Project.

ICCT study finds noise and climate impacts of a new generation of supersonic aircraft could be significant

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Other airports that could see 100 or more daily SST LTOs include Los Angeles, Singapore, San Francisco, New York-JFK, Frankfurt, and Bangkok. Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from commercial aircraft are rapidly increasing, the ICCT noted.

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First US eHighway demonstration running in California; battery-electric, CNG-hybrid and diesel-hybrid trucks

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near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Developing a zero- or near-zero goods movement system in the ports will reduce smog-forming, toxic and greenhouse gas emissions in communities around the ports, which are some of the most heavily impacted by air pollution.

2017 110

CicLaVia is Back This Sunday & We’ll Be Rolling Against Coal!

Creative Greenius

Stroll, play, talk, celebrate -do whatever you want on the public street without sucking up gas fumes or fearing for your life from drunk drivers, texting drivers, drivers eating or putting on makeup or just plain dangerous behind the wheel lunatics.

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California Energy Commission adopts $100M investment plan for 2013-2014 for green vehicles and fuels

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The program funds projects to encourage the development and use of new technologies and alternative and renewable fuels, including electricity, natural gas, biomethane, hydrogen, and gasoline and diesel substitutes, such as cellulosic ethanol (derived from woody materials, including agricultural waste), and biodiesel from waste grease. 12 million for natural gas vehicle incentives. Electric (Battery) Fuels Infrastructure Natural Gas Policy

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UCLA Health Center receives electric Winnebago as mobile surgical instrument lab; MOTIV EPIC chassis

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delivered the first all-electric mobile surgical instrument lab (eMSIL) to University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Health Center. HVIP cuts air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while accelerating the development and commercialization of clean transportation technologies.

2019 83

CARB announces up to $205M in new funding for clean freight transportation; >$400M with partner match

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced up to $205 million in grants for projects designed to accelerate the adoption of clean freight technologies and reduce air pollution caused by the movement of goods throughout the state. All 11 projects are located within disadvantaged communities that are heavily impacted by air pollution from freight facilities. Zero-Emission Freight “Shore to Store” Project: The Port of Los Angeles (POLA) will receive $41.1

2018 70

NOAA, partners find about 98% decline in VOCs concentrations in LA Basin over last 50 years despite 3x increase in use of gasoline and diesel

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A scatter plot of CO, as a tracer for pollution, versus CO 2 , as a tracer for the amount of combustion, for 2002 and 2010. In California’s Los Angeles Basin, levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollutants have decreased by about 98% since the 1960s, even as area residents now burn approximately three times as much gasoline and diesel fuel.

2012 95

Vision Industries Class 8 Fuel Cell Plug-in Hybrid Short-Haul Truck Debuts in Sacramento

Green Car Congress

less efficient and more polluting. Vision says that the Tyrano is 35% cheaper to operate than current diesel powered trucks and 50% cheaper than liquefied natural gas. Initial units will be used to complete testing and demonstration of the Tyrano the vehicles in and around the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. In September, Vision entered into a distribution agreement with Los Angeles Freightliner and Velocity Vehicle Group.

California Energy Commission awards more than $23M to encourage use of alternative transportation fuels

Green Car Congress

This will divert 100 tons per day of food waste from landfills and use that to produce enough renewable natural gas to replace 566,000 gallons of diesel fuel and generate 3.17 Organic waste, which accounts for an estimated 27% of all waste going to landfills, can be diverted to anaerobic digestion systems and used to create renewable natural gas and electricity, heat and fertilizer. The ethanol will be mixed with conventional gasoline for a lower-carbon, less-polluting fuel.

2012 83

Mayors of 12 major cities pledge to procure only zero-emission buses from 2025; major areas to be zero-emission by 2030

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The mayors of London, Paris, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Milan, Seattle, Auckland and Cape Town have pledged to procure only zero-emission buses from 2025 and ensure that a major area of their city is zero emission by 2030. Reduce the number of polluting vehicles on city streets. In London, the new T-Charge toll on the most polluting vehicles (pre-Euro 4 / IV) went into effect today.

2017 83

Study finds 55% of LA area commuters interested in ridesharing, but only 22% in Southland rideshare

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A study by the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) in California found 55% of Los Angeles-area commuters are interested in ridesharing, however only 22% of commuters in the Southland currently rideshare or use alternative forms of transportation. Ridesharing helps save commuters money on gas and car-related expenses, such as routine maintenance and repair, and insurance premiums.

2013 77

The Curious Case of Buying A New State Senator From The South Bay

Creative Greenius

But this election season in my own South Bay of Los Angeles just keeps getting curious and curiouser – and it’s impossible for your friendly neighborhood Greenius not to note and comment on these curiosities.

2014 211

Your Greenius Earth Day Reality Check: Waiting For The Magic Bullet

Creative Greenius

You can participate in beach cleanups, ride your bicycle with large groups in parades or march in protests against coal-fired power plants, polluters and planet-pummeling profiteers.

2012 190

California Environmental Justice Advisory Committee launches series of statewide meetings

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California’s Environmental Justice Advisory Committee ( EJAC ) is launching a series of statewide meetings to provide residents with the opportunity to meet with local advocates and state officials to share concerns and to provide input on addressing air pollution and how to help California meet its 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets. 2006, chapter 488) created a comprehensive, multi-year program to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in California.

2016 60

Aerial methane survey finds a fraction of point sources responsible for more than a third of California’s methane emissions

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Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and is 25 times more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat over a 100-year period. While it does occur naturally, major human-generated sources include landfills, refineries, oil and gas fields, natural gas infrastructure, dairies and wastewater treatment plants. Landfills accounted for 41% of point source emissions, manure management accounted for 26% and oil and gas accounted for 26%.

2019 83

CMU study finds SOA levels in cities like LA will remain high despite cleaner cars; nonlinear relationship between SOA and NOx

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The study, led by CMU Professor Allen Robinson ( earlier post ), found a strongly nonlinear relationship between SOA formation and the ratio of non-methane organic gas to oxides of nitrogen (NO x ) (NMOG:NO x ). This feedback illustrates the complex coupling between different pollutants, which must be accounted for in models used to develop control strategies.

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