Argonne study identifying fuel consumption penalties for CNG use in conventional light-duty vehicles; optimization pathways

Green Car Congress

Light-duty vehicle fuel economy penalties for CNG in conventional engines, with and without scaling for performance equivalence. Preliminary findings from a study by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) show that current compressed natural gas (CNG) technology applied in conventional light-duty vehicles leads to a 2% fuel consumption penalty when the engine is not resized (i.e., seconds 0-60 mph), resulting in 145 kW of output, fuel economy dropped to 32.1

2012 195

Magna to introduce lightweight natural gas vehicle concept at Geneva; less than 49 gCO2/km

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MILA Blue is a natural-gas powered, A-segment lightweight vehicle that produces less than 49g CO 2 /km. MILA Blue uses a compressed natural gas hybrid drive that achieves a carbon footprint of less than 49g CO 2 /km. Refueling with biogas instead of fossil-derived natural gas can bring about an additional improvement in the carbon footprint to 2 /km. Due to the vehicle''s comparatively light weight, crawling along in stop-and-go traffic and cruising up to 30 km/h (18.6

2014 243

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Audi introduces new CNG A3 Sportback

Green Car Congress

Audi is adding a new member to its A3 family: the A3 Sportback 30 g-tron natural gas vehicle. Operation with natural gas or biomethane makes the compact model economical and more climate-friendly with low emissions. mph) in 9.7 The inner layer is a gas-tight polyamide vessel.

2020 401

Audi launches next-gen A4 with new Millerized TFSI engine; g-tron model w/ Audi e-gas

Green Car Congress

The standard, start-stop system has also been further improved and comes with new features to reduce fuel consumption further: When the driver stops at a red light, the engine can already be deactivated below 7 kilometers an hour (4 mph); 3 km/h for the A4 3.0 In combination with the seven-speed S tronic transmission, it accelerates the A4 Sedan from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 210 km/h (131 mph). seconds and 210 km/h (131 mph).

2015 216

US DRIVE releases comprehensive cradle-to-grave analysis of light-duty vehicle GHGs, cost of driving and cost of avoided GHGs

Green Car Congress

The US DRIVE Cradle-to-Grave Working Group has published the “Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Analysis of US Light-Duty Vehicle-Fuel Pathways: A Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Economic Assessment of Current (2015) and Future (2025–2030) Technologies” Argonne National Lab Report. time to accelerate from 0–60 mph, maximum speed, etc.), Cost of avoided greenhouse gas emissions.

2016 230

Facelifted Mercedes-Benz B-Class with diesel, gasoline, natural gas and electric drives debuting at Paris show

Green Car Congress

mpg US); alternative drive systems (B 200 Natural Gas Drive and B-Class Electric Drive); as well as optional 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Both the B 200 Natural Gas Drive and the B-Class Electric Drive use the B-Class’s modular ENERGY SPACE body concept: The underbody houses one large and two smaller gas tanks and a 14-liter gasoline tank (B 200 Natural Gas Drive) or the lithium-ion battery (B-Class Electric Drive). B 200 Natural Gas.

2014 214

Opel introducing new CNG Zafira Tourer with 329-mile natural gas range, lower fuel consumption

Green Car Congress

Turbo ecoFLEX natural gas version has been fitted with gas tanks made of composite material including carbon fiber. The new tank system can now hold 25 kg of natural gas, increasing the range in the CNG mode by 25%. In January 2012, Opel will introduce a new natural gas ecoFLEX version of the Zafira Tourer—itself recently introduced at the 64 th Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The new natural gas Zafira Tourer will offer a range of up to 530 km (329 miles).

2011 207

Road Test: 2022 Kia Rio S 5-door Hatchback

Clean Fleet Report

As a test, part of those miles were driven with the cruise control set at 65 mph where we averaged 44 mpg, and at 60 mph resulting in 51.4 If the Rio is driven lightly, as intended, surpassing the EPA numbers is easy. Basic Transportation Kicked-up a Notch.

Kia 65

Audi highlights its range of electrification efforts; Q7 diesel PHEV, A7 fuel cell PHEV, BEV, 48V and more; 750 Wh/l by 2025

Green Car Congress

mph) in 6.0 mph) as long as traffic is slow-moving. mph) in 4.6 mph) in 7.9 It follows the A3 Sportback g-tron as the brand’s second model to use natural gas or climate-friendly Audi e-gas. The pistons and valves have been specially modified for gas operation and allow for an optimal compression ratio. In the NEDC, the Audi A4 Avant g-tron consumes less than four kilograms CNG (compressed natural gas) per 100 kilometers (8.8 mph) in 4.0

2015 207

Huck Cycles electric motorbikes with 40-mile range hit new lows from $4,770 in New Green Deals


Are you ready to leave that gas-guzzling car behind and enjoy a greener ride? With all models featuring 40 miles of range and 30 MPH top speeds on the road, and 45 MPH off-road, today’s savings of up to $790 make now a compelling time to pick one up.

MPH 83

Nonthermal plasma torch reforming of exhaust gas for NOx trap regeneration

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the Center for Energy and Processes (CEP), MINES ParisTec, and Renault are exploring the non-catalytic reforming of diesel fuel with diesel engine exhaust gas (i.e. The classical way to regenerate NO x trap catalysts consists of operating the engine under rich combustion conditions for a short while in order to produce reducing species in the exhaust gas, which will convert NO x into N 2.

2011 183

Road Test: 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited

Clean Fleet Report

Hyundai can rightly claim the Sonata Hyundai Hybrid looks like no other sedan, highlighted by a distinctive LED headlight design, which is edged by a very unique and compelling daylight running light strip. The strip appears to be chrome during the day, but lights-up at night.

Clean 64

Road Test: 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage SE Hatchback

Clean Fleet Report

of torque deliver a 0-60 mph time of 12.6 The speedometer reads out to 140 mph, but at 70 I knew that was enough. Steering feel was light and road feel was light. We also feature those efficient gas-powered vehicles that are among the top mpg vehicles in their class.

Clean 52

Tips: 6 Ways to Increase Your Fuel Economy

Clean Fleet Report

Whether you are seeking to develop more eco-conscious driving habits or reduce gas expenditure, there are many benefits to reducing the miles you put on your vehicle. Here are some ways to reduce your mileage and gas usage. Saving Money on Your Way to Maximum MPG.

NREL analysis of Proterra electric bus demo finds average fuel economy nearly 4x that of CNG baseline buses

Green Car Congress

Accessory loads contribute to the overall range capability, as more than 50% of “system on” time is spent at a speed of 0 mph where lighting and HVAC loads are still required. Foothill does not operate conventional buses that are similar in size, weight, and year to the BEBs; for the primary baseline buses, NREL selected eight new NABI compressed natural gas (CNG) buses of the same model year as the BEBs. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty Natural Gas

2016 217

Ford Fusion Hybrid 1,000 Mile Challenge Car Sets Record with 1,445 Miles on Single Tank of Gas; Averages 81.5 mpg

Green Car Congress

Drivers trained in mileage-maximizing techniques such as smooth acceleration and coasting to red lights were able to wring 1,445.7 miles out of a single tank of gas during a fund-raising effort in Washington, DC that concluded today. In addition, it is important for Fusion Hybrid drivers to manage the battery system’s state of charge through the use of regenerative braking and coasting, and balancing the use of the electric motor and gas engine in city driving to avoid wasting fuel.

2009 204

Road Test: 2021 Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury AWD

Clean Fleet Report

mpg, but in a 180-mile all-freeway run with the cruise control set at 65 mph we averaged 32.9 Still “edgy” The front grille, with bright, distinctive hot foil stamping, is framed by the signature vertical LED lighting. Sharp Styling in a Compact Premium Sedan.

Road Test: 2021 Cadillac Escalade Duramax 4WD

Clean Fleet Report

But on a 180-mile all-freeway run with the adaptive cruise control set at 65 mph, we got an impressive 28.8 The statement-making grille is bold and powerful, but not overpowering as it is complemented by the vertical running lights and narrow, signature LED head lights.

Volkswagen premiers six New Small Family concepts at Frankfurt, at least two slated for production: CNG (2012) and battery electric (2013) versions

Green Car Congress

natural gas drive (due to be in production by next year’s Frankfurt show); the electric e-up! for natural gas. With its natural gas engine (EcoFuel) and BlueMotion Technology (Stop/Start system and battery regeneration), the eco up! emits 79 g/km CO 2 / So far, no one has documented such low emissions in a small car with CNG natural gas drive, Volkswagen says. The natural gas storage tanks are in the underbody. Electric (Battery) Engines Natural Gas

2011 214

Road Test: 2021 Hyundai Venue

Clean Fleet Report

In 514 miles of 75-percent highway/25-percent city driving, we averaged 38 mpg; on one highway run with the cruise control set at 65 mph and in the Normal drive mode, we achieved 42.9 In the Denim trim, the front end gets LED projector head and daytime running lights and LED taillights.

Clean 52

AYRO launches low-speed Electric Vaccine Vehicle

Green Car Congress

a designer and manufacturer of light-duty, short-haul, and last-mile delivery electric vehicles (EVs), has launched the Electric Vaccine Vehicle (EVV). Select EVV configurations can be registered and licensed to operate at 25 MPH on city streets with posted speeds up to 35 MPH.

Jaguar Land Rover providing I-PACE EVs for ground support for Rolls-Royce’s electric flight speed record attempt

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce’s all-electric aircraft the ‘Spirit of Innovation’ ( earlier post ) will take to the skies for the first time in the coming weeks as it works towards a world-record attempt with a target speed of 300+ mph (480+ km/h).

Bird unveils new consumer e-Bike for purchase: Bird Bike

Green Car Congress

Our e-bike is safe, durable and provides a stylish aesthetic and advanced technology that delivers a fun alternative to congestion inducing, gas-powered cars. Integrated, high-visibility LED Lights ensure 180° visibility any time of day or night.

Road Test: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy 2.5T AWD

Clean Fleet Report

We did a bit better on a 110-mile freeway run, with the adaptive cruise control set at 65 mph, achieving 30.7 The grille is bordered by LED head and daytime running lights that sit above operational air scoops. Calligraphy Trim Adds an Upscale Feel.

Clean 63

Road Test: 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks 4WD

Clean Fleet Report

A 100-mile piece of those miles was an all-freeway run with the adaptive cruise control set at 65 mph and in Eco mode, returning 32.1 The rear has bold Bronco lettering, dual exhaust and LED tail and license plate lights. Back To the Future. Story by John Faulkner.

2017 61

Review: Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD with bi-fuel CNG option

Green Car Congress

GM’s 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with the bi-fuel (natural gas) option ( earlier post ) offers buyers—primarily commercial and fleet buyers—a strong natural-gas option in the ¾-ton pickup market that combines the excellent qualities of the base Silverado 2500HD with the economic (lower cost) and environmental (lower emissions of GHGs and criteria pollutants) benefits of natural gas fuel and packages the two together seamlessly.

2014 214

Honda begins production of 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid in North America

Green Car Congress

The new hybrid-electric system also allows for a substantial increase in continuous maximum speed, which climbs from 86 mph to 115 mph. Mass production of the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V hybrid began at Honda of Canada Mfg.

Road Test: 2021 Mazda CX-5 Signature AWD

Clean Fleet Report

mpg on a 106-mile all-freeway run with the adaptive cruise control set at 65 mph. The narrow sleek headlights, daytime running lights and turn signals are made possible by LED technology that allows designers to take up as little real estate as possible on the fenders.

Mazda 58

Green Deals: Amazon best-selling electric leaf blower hits best price in years at $15.50, more


Offering up to 155 MPH wind speeds, this electric blower is a great way to clean up your yard after lawn work on the weekends. This leaf blower benefits from being electric over gas in many ways, with ditching oil and gas being only two of the main things there.

MPH 91

Toyota introduces 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup with new i-FORCE MAX hybrid option

Green Car Congress

Exhaust cooling starts with the computer-optimized exhaust valve shape and is further enhanced by the integrated exhaust manifold and cylinder head design that uses the same water jacket to lower exhaust gas temperature entering the turbochargers to further improve reliability and performance.

Tundra 344

Mercedes-AMG reveals performance hybrid and battery-electric AMG derivative strategy

Green Car Congress

87 mph, when the maximum speed of the electric motor would be reached at approx. Due to this individual solution, the battery system could be designed in a particularly light and compact manner. Depending on the future vehicle, this enables acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.0

Elon Musk: Tesla Semi deliveries to Pepsi Dec 1


The fully loaded Tesla Semi can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 20 seconds, has three independent motors on its rear axles and with remote diagnostics, over-the-air software updates and fewer moving parts enable operators to spend less time at service centers.

2017 83

Fisker unveils EMotion electric luxury sedan; prototype flexible solid-state battery cell; automotive-ready after 2020

Green Car Congress

Featuring automatic butterfly doors and five integrated Quanergy S3 LiDAR sensors ( earlier post ) for autonomous driving up to Level 4, the all-wheel drive EMotion has a projected range of 400 miles (644 km) and a top speed of 161 mph (259 km/h). The multiple electric motors deliver more than 575 KW, pushing the EMotion from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. Fisker unveiled the Emotion electric luxury sedan at CES 2018.

2018 163

Mercedes-AMG’s first performance hybrid entering series production

Green Car Congress

0 - 60 mph) takes 2.9 seconds, and 200 km/h (125 mph) is reached in less than ten seconds. Acceleration only ends at 316 km/h) (196 mph). Thanks to this individual solution, the battery system is particularly light and compact. 30 km/h (18 mph). 50 km/h (31 mph).

Toyota introduces second-generation Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle as design and technology flagship

Green Car Congress

Relocating the air intake manifold and optimizing the gas channel separator electrodes and seals has resulted in a 12% increase in power output over the first-gen stack (128 kW, up from 114 kW).

2020 364

Flash Drive: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Clean Fleet Report

Ford says the all-new, all-electric 2022 F-150 Lighting is “the truck of the future.” The push-button power operated frunk has a drain so it can be an ice chest, two 2.4kW 120V outlets, four 9.6kW 120V outlets, LED lights, and a 400-pound weight capacity. 0 – 60 mph: 4.5

F-150 80

Road Test: Ford F-150 Lightning

Clean Fleet Report

The Ford F-150 Lightning isn’t a replacement for any of the existing F-150s, it is a new family member with a smoother, more aerodynamic body and a new front fascia, lighting and wheels. Luckily top speed is limited to 120 mph. The EV Pickup Truck from Ford.

F-150 83

Event: City of Los Angeles Taking Green To the Streets

Clean Fleet Report

LA City Councilman Paul Krekorian and Congressman Tony Cardenas It uses a lithium-ion battery designed for long duty cycle operation and can charge using the same J1772 charging receptacle as found on most light-duty vehicles. Additionally, it has a maximum speed of 65 mph.

Daimler showcases semi-automated Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot; driving 20 km BRT route

Green Car Congress

The almost 20 km route is challenging for the semi-autonomous bus, as it has numerous bends and passes through tunnels and across junctions with traffic lights. Using vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications, the CityPilot is able to recognize traffic lights, communicate with them and safely negotiate junctions controlled by them. The traffic light tells the bus what color it is showing, while the bus reports its approach and adjusts its speed to the predictable color change.

2016 150

Road Test: 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited AWD

Clean Fleet Report

We did a bit better on a 120-mile freeway run with the adaptive cruise control set at 65 mph, achieving 28.1 Selecting the Sport mode for that extra oomph helped turn 0-60 mph in about 6.3 The light show. Would You Believe a “Sport Adventure Vehicle”?

Clean 71

Ford to drive 2010 Fusion Hybrid 1,000 miles on a single tank of gas

Green Cars News

A team of drivers, including NASCAR star Carl Edwards and world-record breaking hypermiler Wayne Gerdes, will attempt to drive more than 1,000 miles on a single tank of gas, raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in the process. The Fusion Hybrid being used in the challenge will be a factory produced model with no modifications or alterations and will run on regular 87 octane gas.

2009 37

Gov’t, industry, national labs collaborate on comprehensive cradle-to-grave LCA study and economic assessment of LDV GHG reductions

Green Car Congress

A cradle-to-grave (C2G) assessment of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and costs for current (2015) and future (2025–2030) light-duty vehicles by a team from US DOE and national laboratories, major automakers, EPRI and Chevron has found that currently, hybrid and plug-in hybrid petroleum-fueled vehicles provide the most attractive cost in terms of avoided carbon emissions—although they offer lower potential GHG reductions.

2018 199

HeatReCar project demonstrates technical feasibility of thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery; economic case more difficult

Green Car Congress

A recently completed European project coordinated by Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) demonstrated the technical feasibility of a Bi 2 Te 3 -based thermoelectric generator (TEG) for waste heat recovery for application to a diesel light-duty truck (LDT). The technology was implemented in a prototype TE generator (TEG) for a diesel IVECO Daily light-duty truck (LDT) in common use in the EU. mph) average city speed to 10 g CO 2 /km on the motorway at 130 km/h (81 mph).

2014 207