How to Prevent a Power Outage From Becoming a Crisis

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On 4 August 2020, a tropical storm knocked out power in many parts of New York City as well as neighboring counties and states. For most people, a power outage is an inconvenience. The NYU Power Outage Dashboard helps visualize power outages in New York City.

Daimler & enercity storing new replacement EV batteries in working 15 MWh grid storage system; “living storage”

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Through the “living storage” of the replacement batteries, they are creating a business case that, in this form, can only be achieved together by an automotive manufacturer and a power supply company. By marketing the storage capacity on the German market for primary balancing power (PRL), the business model makes an important contribution to stabilization of the power grid and to the economic efficiency of electromobility. Batteries Electric (Battery) Smart Grid

2016 163

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PHEVLERs are the Zero CO2 Clean Green Machines of the Future

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These vehicles are the green machines that will provide a critical part of the renewable and sustainable society that we need for the future. [ PHEVLERs of the future should be made with flex-fuel engines that can use any blend of biofuel to serve all of their liquid fuel needs. PHEVLERs make our electric grid more efficient. [ 15 ] Electric power grids are designed with capacity to serve the highest power peaks demanded (e.g.

2016 163

Volkswagen Group Components and DU-POWER establish JV for flexible quick-charging stations in China

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Volkswagen Group Components and the start-up Shanghai DU-POWER New Energy Technical Co., The planned joint venture with DU-POWER therefore represents a significant milestone as we continue to make progress along the path to electric mobility.

2020 242

thyssenkrupp’s water electrolysis technology qualified as primary control reserve in Germany; hydrogen production for the electricity market

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In the future thyssenkrupp’s electrolysis plants will be able to act as large-scale buffers to stabilize the power grid and compensate fluctuations quickly and flexibly. s virtual power plant. Our plants are thus making a significant contribution to ensuring both a stable power supply and the cost-effectiveness of green hydrogen. Another central requirement is the need to stabilize the power grid against short-term fluctuations.

2020 273

NSF awards UCSD team $39M to improve integration of distributed energy resources into grid; EV batteries also

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The National Science Foundation has awarded $39 million to a team of engineers and computer scientists at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to build a first-of-its-kind testbed—DERConnect—to improve the understanding of how to integrate distributed energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, smart buildings and electric vehicle batteries into the power grid. We will be replicating the entire California power grid on one campus.

2020 162

Highview Power and Encore Renewable Energy to co-develop the first long-duration, liquid-air energy storage system in US

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Highview Power Storage, Inc., With Highview Power’s liquid air energy storage solution, excess or off-peak electricity is used to clean and compress air which is then stored in liquid form in insulated tanks at temperatures approaching -320 ?F

2019 307

INEES report shows intelligent integration of EVs reduces power fluctuations, but not currently economically viable

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Partners Volkswagen AG, Lichtblick SE, SMA Solar Technology AG and the Fraunhofer Institute Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) have submitted the final report from the INEES research project (Intelligent integration of electric vehicles into the power grid for the provision of system services). The findings of the report show that it is technically possible to absorb grid power fluctuations by connecting electric vehicles to the power supply.

2016 150

Honda, American Electric Power developing 2nd life applications for used EV batteries

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Honda is conducting research with Ohio-based electric utility American Electric Power to develop a network of used electric vehicle (EV) batteries that could be integrated into AEP’s electricity system. The increasing volume of EVs has the potential to strain the power grid, including spikes in demand during early evening hours when drivers plug in their EVs after work.

2019 238

ABB opens new plant for battery systems for mobility applications in Baden

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Energy storage systems are a key technology for the future of sustainable mobility and play an important role in the field of electrification and decarbonization of road and rail transport: Efficient energy stores are essential for the operation of electric buses and e-trucks and allow, for example, the braking energy generated by recuperation to be stored. ABB officially opened a new plant for energy storage systems for mobility applications today in Baden, Switzerland.

2019 174

Gravity Batteries, Green Hydrogen, and a Thorium Reactor for China

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2021 was a big year for energy-related news, what with the ongoing hunt for new forms of energy storage and cleaner if not carbon-free electricity and events and research that spotlighted the weak links in our power grid.

Tesla Megapack batteries activated for 100 MW battery project in CA—one of the largest in the country


Arevon Asset Management has activated a 100 MW/400 MWh Saticoy battery storage system, powered by Tesla Megapacks, in Ventura County, California. The 100 MW battery storage system will provide enough power to power the city of Oxnard for four hours or all of Ventura County for 30 minutes.

Solar 111

Volkswagen Group sets up new group company for energy and charging: Elli

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Thorsten Nicklaß, formerly CEO of the Digital Energy Solutions joint venture and now designated CEO of Elli, announced that the new Volkswagen Group company would also offer to customers outside the Group green power from renewable sources that was 100% CO 2 -neutral. The company will gradually be building up a portfolio of intelligent power tariffs, Wallboxes and charging stations as well as an IT-based energy management system. “We

2019 254

BMW launches BMW i ChargeForward pilot in SF Bay Area

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Working with a group of nearly 100 BMW i3 drivers, selected from approximately 400 applicants, BMW i ChargeForward will demonstrate how intelligent management of electric vehicle charging can contribute to optimizing electric power grid efficiency while reducing total cost of electric vehicle ownership. The benefit to PG&E of more efficient use of existing power grid resources through EV charging management is passed on in the form of monetary incentives to program participants.

2015 279

The Benefits of Bidirectional Charging


Currently on a daily basis, terms like “bidirectional charging,” “vehicle to grid (V2G)” or “vehicle to home (V2H)” are constantly being used, but do you really know what they are talking about? Better management on local power needs. Future-proof your life. One big power cycle.

Grid 52

National Research Council Report on Americas Energy Future Highlights Vehicle Efficiency Technologies, Conversion of Biomass and Coal-to-Liquids Fuels, and Electrifying the Light Duty Fleet with PHEVs, BEVs and FCVs

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Source: America’s Energy Future, Fig. The report ( America’s Energy Future: Technology and Transformation ) of the Committee on America’s Energy Future addresses a potential new portfolio of energy-supply and end-use technologies—their states of development, costs, implementation barriers, and impacts—both at present and projected over the next two to three decades. from liquid-fuel production plants is captured and stored geologically.

2009 150

What Is Vehicle-to-Grid Technology and How Does It Work?

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Yet it places unprecedented demand on our electrical grid. Just to drive 100 miles, the average electric vehicle (EV) uses the same amount of electricity that it takes to power a typical U.S. What Is Vehicle-to-Grid Technology?

Volkswagen Group presents technology roadmap for batteries and charging

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The Volkswagen Group presented its technology roadmap for batteries and charging up to 2030 today on its first “Power Day”. Both gigafactories will be powered with electricity from renewable energy sources. Volkswagen intends to integrate the electric car in private, commercial and public energy systems in the future. This will allow green electricity from the solar energy system to be stored in the vehicle and fed back into the home network if needed.

Opinion: Reinventing fuel-based power for a more secure and resilient grid

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by Toby Gill, CEO, Intelligent Power Generation. We are transitioning from a demand-led energy system, where power generation can be easily turned on and off to match demand, to one that is led by supply from variable and inflexible sources. Intelligent Power Generation.

2020 284

Audi unveils e-gas project: synthetic methane from the methanation of green hydrogen; series production of CNG models in 2013 powered by e-gas

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Starting in 2013, Audi will begin series production of TCNG models whose engines—derived from TFSI units—will be powered by e-gas: synthetic methane produced via the methanation of hydrogen produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity. The e-gas project consists of two main components: Audi is contributing to the construction of offshore North Sea wind turbines which will generate clean power,that is then fed into the public power grid.

2011 296

What are Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles? Will They Replace BEVs?

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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) are similar to BEVs in that they have an electric-only powertrain, but they store energy differently. FCEVs store hydrogen gas in a tank rather than charging a battery.

SoCalGas & UC Irvine show power-to-gas technology able to boost use of intermittent renewable energy significantly

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SoCalGas) announced that new research on power-to-gas technology shows the technique holds the ability to significantly increase the use of intermittent renewable energy. to 35% by implementing a power-to-gas strategy. With power-to-gas technology, you don’t need to stop renewable power generation when demand is low. The hydrogen is mixed with natural gas and burned in the gas turbine power plant to generate electricity and heat for the campus.

2017 163

DOE seeking feedback on regulatory barriers to hydrogen infrastructure

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greater than 1,000 kilograms stored or used per day. duty vehicles, marine or rail power, and information processing centers, including but not limited to the needs relating to large?scale Grid Support (H2@Scale). Hydrogen can be produced via water electrolysis or other hydrogen production methods for electric power grid support providing storage and/or ancillary services to grid operators (e.g.,

2018 187

Honda unveils Urban EV Concept, production version in 2019; electrified technology for every new model launched in Europe

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The Urban EV Concept is built on a completely new platform, and sets the direction for the technology and design that will appear on a future battery electric Honda production model. Honda also unveiled the Power Manager Concept. The system is designed to incorporate electric vehicles into a smart power grid. The introduction of our Power Manager system supports and reinforces our commitment. Honda Motor Co.

2017 206

California roadmap for grid-connected energy storage technology

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The California Independent System Operator (ISO), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) unveiled a comprehensive roadmap to assess the current market environment and regulatory policies for connecting new energy storage technology to the state’s power grid. Reducing costs of integrating and connecting to the grid. Since the discovery of electricity, inventors have looked for ways to store energy for use on demand.

2015 198

Bosch, BMW and Vattenfall launch Second Life Batteries alliance for reuse of EV batteries

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The energy will be fed into the energy balancing market to balance out short-term fluctuations in the power grid. It provides enough output in mathematical terms to supply 30 four-person households with power for seven days. The storage solution will become part of an already existing Vattenfall virtual power plant. This allows the partners to combine various small, decentralized power generating systems to market them as a shared power plant.

2015 225

Four Major Trends in the eMobility Industry in 2021


To meet future demand, EU regulations call for a ratio of 1 public charger per 10 EVs and will require member countries to install charging points every 60 kilometers on public highways. Smart energy management that balances the allocation of power between chargers is one alternative.

Duke Energy and ITOCHU to assess second-life applications for Li-ion automotive batteries

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Reuse possibilities for these batteries include providing a supplemental home energy supply, storing renewable power and providing a fast-charging power source for EVs. This pilot project will help Duke Energy and ITOCHU validate potential business models for future commercialization. Duke Energy and Tokyo-based ITOCHU Corp.

2010 239

Q&A with CharIN North America President: It’s all about interoperability

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Today, the organization has grown to include over 230 members around the world, and is working to establish ever-more-powerful charging standards. Charged : Is High Power Charging for Commercial Vehicles (HPCCV) the same as the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), or are those two separate things?

Mercedes-Benz Cars plants in Germany to be supplied with CO2-neutral energy from 2022

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In Germany, Mercedes-Benz Cars has eight vehicle and powertrain plants (Bremen, Rastatt, Sindelfingen, Berlin, Hamburg, Kamenz, Kölleda, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim), which either purchase electricity or operate their own power plants. In the future, 100% of additional purchased electricity will come from verifiable renewable sources, such as wind- and hydropower. Already existing highly efficient gas CHP systems additionally generate local heat and power at the factories.

2018 163

Volkswagen intends sales of 150K e-cars by 2020; 100K ID, ID SUV; >1M in 2025; more on MEB

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The zero-emissions drivetrain in the ID family primarily consists of an electric motor integrated into the rear axle with power electronics and a transmission, a high-voltage flat battery pack installed in the vehicle floor to save space, and auxiliary powertrains integrated into the front end of the vehicle. The power electronics are effectively a link that controls the flow of high-voltage energy between the motor and the battery.

2018 239

Shipping industry eyeing hydrogen fuel cells as possible pathway to emissions reduction; work by Germanischer Lloyd and DNV

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Although technical and operational efficiency improvements in conventional propulsion systems may lower CO 2 emissions from ships by as much as 20% across the global fleet, such marked gains in efficiency will not stop the steady increase of total emissions from shipping or meet the ambitious reduction targets of the future. The concept design, which targets Northern European feeder services, uses liquid hydrogen as fuel to generate power with a combined fuel cell and battery system.

2012 245

OSU team develops new aqueous lithium-iodine solar flow battery; 20% energy savings over Li-I batteries

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During the photo-assisted charging process, I − ions are photo-electrochemically oxidized to I 3 − , harvesting solar energy and storing it as chemical energy. Both the CE and PE are in contact with the flowing catholyte, which is stored in a reservoir connected to the catholyte chamber and pumped through the device using a peristaltic pump. The solar flow battery could thus bridge a gap between today’s energy grid and sources of renewable energy.

2015 195

Audi introducing Audi prologue Avant diesel plug-in hybrid show car at Geneva; 147 mpg, wireless charging

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speed tiptronic directs engine power to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The lithium-ion battery pack in the rear storing 14.1 AWC technology provides energy from a floor plate which is connected to the power grid and which can be embedded on or into the asphalt. kW of power as provided by a wall socket with a maximum of 16 amps of charging current. Within the driver’s field of view lies the Audi virtual cockpit future.

2015 172

GE Energy launches fully networked Wattstation and Wattstation Connect software; pay by smartphone

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GE’s Immelt on EVs and the Smart Grid. I think every aspect of the electric vehicle can be done; every aspect of a smart grid can be done. In addition to global positioning systems (GPS), the GE WattStation Connect data will be available through the Internet, mobile app/device and future in-vehicle (built-in navigation) systems. The mobile app will be available at the Apple iTunes Store and Android Market. Smart grid demo.

2012 212

Opinion: Debunking the mythsWhy fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are viable for the mass market

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Public-private investment initiatives, government funding for infrastructure and consumer subsidies, falling production costs and notably, the commitment to future OEM launches of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)—all indicate a clear road to adoption. Despite the recent progress, a number of myths around the use, power efficiency and cost of fuel cells still exist. Myth #2: Hydrogen gas is dangerous to store and use. by Dr. Henri Winand, CEO of Intelligent Energy.

2014 236

Calif. Energy Commission to award more than $44M for hydrogen refueling and alternative fuel vehicle projects

Green Car Congress

Approved awards include funding for new compressed natural gas fueling infrastructure; electric vehicle charging stations at grocery stores in Southern California; buy-down reservations to offset the cost of purchasing propane and natural gas vehicles, including 97 school buses; a clean vehicle rebate program; a biofuel facility that will convert organic waste into natural gas; and a US Department of Defense vehicle-to-grid demonstration project.

2013 162

Three Battery-Electric Opel Merivas to Participate in MeRegioMobil Research Project; Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

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The research project has the goal of integrating electrical vehicles as mobile energy storage units in the future intelligent power grid (smart grid). The electric Meriva features electronic controls which permit high power electrical recharging using both a 230-volt single-phase household current as well as 400-volt three-phase AC. The electric Meriva has a 60 kW (82 hp) three-phase asynchronous motor with integrated power electronics and planetary gear.

2010 172

Babcock Wilcox Company Introduces Scalable Nuclear Energy Plant Concept; MoU with TVA

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The scalable nature of nuclear plants built around the B&W mPower reactor would provide customers with practical power increments of 125 MWe to meet local energy needs within power grid and plant site constraints. Used fuel is stored in the spent fuel pool for life of the reactor (60 years). The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W) plans to deploy a North American-manufactured, scalable nuclear reactor.

2009 150

The Cash Back Hybrid

Plug In Partners

Here's an example from Spectrum Online : Can plug-in hybrid electric vehicles keep the electric grid stable? The result of their meeting on September 19th (“ Plug-In Hybrids: Accelerating Progress ”) is an early glimpse at a future with vehicles powered by electricity, emitting far fewer greenhouse gases than those of the last century—and playing a key role in the very stability of the nation’s electric grid.

2007 100

California Energy Commission awards more than $1.8M additional funding to further UCSD microgrid project; energy storage, EV charging and V2G services are components

Green Car Congress

It provides a crucial real-life demonstration of technology that can help to provide California a future of clean, sustainable and reliable energy. Decrease the ancillary services cost per additional MW of solar power on the grid by 50%, if the proposed forecasting model was used operationally. This will reduce the indirect cost of solar power to California ratepayers. Electric (Battery) Plug-ins Power Generation Smart charging Smart Grid

2013 202

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

Green Car Congress

The new ARPA-E selections focus on accelerating innovations in clean technology while increasing US competitiveness in rare earth alternatives and breakthroughs in biofuels, thermal storage, grid controls, and solar power electronics. Solar ADEPT: Solar Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology ($14.7 production of oil, which is stored in seeds and is convertible to. is one of the most energy dense forms of stored energy in. QM Power. power grid.

2011 244

BMW to Premiere the Concept ActiveE at NAIAS 2010 in Detroit; Electric 1 Series Is The Second EV Project Under i Megacity Vehicle Initiative

Green Car Congress

The field tests with the MINI E as part of Project i in the US and Europe have already provided insights into the demands required of future production electric vehicles. The insights gathered in the process will be fed into the development of an electrically powered serial production vehicle which the BMW Group will put on the market under a sub-brand of BMW in the first half of the next decade. The BMW Concept ActiveE. Click to enlarge.

2009 198