U-M, Ford open robotics complex to accelerate future of advanced, more equitable robotics and mobility

Green Car Congress

We also will broaden our learning through daily exposure to many robotics activities, such as considering how our Digit robots not only technically can master delivering packages from autonomous vehicles but also become valued parts of our neighborhoods.

Future 346

Tesla Not Disruptive, Future Is Tiny Electric 'Golf Carts': Harvard Scholar

Green Car Reports

Future Cars research neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) Tesla Motors plug-in carsFriday's the day we use for the stranger and more oddball stories in our lineup, and one of the more unusual we've seen in a while comes from Harvard University. It's an article--actually a handful of articles--covering research by a scholar of "disruption" who argues that Silicon Valley startup carmaker Tesla Motors isn't disruptive. Instead, he.


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Toyota to build prototype city of the future, powered by hydrogen fuel cells

Green Car Congress

At CES, Toyota revealed plans to build a prototype “city” of the future on a 175-acre (0.71 Building a complete city from the ground up, even on a small scale like this, is a unique opportunity to develop future technologies, including a digital operating system for the city’s infrastructure.

2020 311

Is An Electric Scoot Quad (Nee Renault Twizy) Car-Sharing's Urban Future?

Green Car Reports

Car Sharing neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) san francisco plug-in cars Startups 2012 Renault TwizyIn San Francisco, driving a bight-red tandem two-seat electric Renault Twizy gets you noticed--by everyone from sweet little old ladies to skate punks. Even on Castro Street. On Halloween. We spent a weekend with the low-speed electric vehicle, which is just being added to the Scoot Networks fleet of electric scooters on a test basis. DON'T MISS.

2015 106

Wheego Electric Cars Fade From Market; China Is The Future, Company Says

Green Car Reports

Wheego Whip neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Wheego Electric Cars Wheego LiFeWith hundreds of thousands of plug-in electric cars from established automakers (and Tesla) on North American roads, most earlier startup carmakers have now largely faded away. One is Wheego Electric Cars, which took the same approach as Coda: Adapt a Chinese-built vehicle with a battery pack and electric running gear installed in the U.S. Wheego.

2015 96

Riding Into A Better Future @ South Bay Bike Night

Creative Greenius

Your friendly neighborhood Greenius has been a proud member of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition ever since there was one, and I’ve been on the Board of Directors just as long. I do it because I love to ride my bike and because here in the South Bay – which happens to be the best climate in the whole world in which to ride your bike – we need lots more zero emission people-powered bike trips to replace car trips, especially fossil fuel powered cars.

2015 197

We Don’t Need a Jetsons Future, Just a Sustainable One

Cars That Think

For decades, our vision of the future has been stuck in a 1960s-era dream of science fiction embodied by The Jetsons and space travel. In fact, what if our vision of that particular technologically advanced future is all wrong?

NYU-BMW i report explores future urban mobility; sustainability and resilience

Green Car Congress

The NYU-BMW i study— Urban Mobility in the 21 st Century —predicts a future where growing cities will be inhabited by populations that, although less likely to own cars, will increasingly utilize a new generation of smaller, more efficient, sustainable and networked vehicles to get around.

2012 294

Biden plots all-electric fleet, Shell drills into EV charging, electric pickups entice: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

An oil giant is getting in on EV charging at the neighborhood level. Biden is plotting an all-electric, American-made future for the federal government’s fleets. And many pickup shoppers say they’ll consider fully electric—if the price is right.

Forget light poles, British firm to build chargers from cable boxes

Green Car Reports

The future of electric-car charging may be down in the trenches. The company, which owns Virgin Media, plans to start a pilot project using Virgin Media's cables and trenches that run to thousands of neighborhoods around Britain. At least British broadband provider Liberty Global hopes so. Since they already have power, Liberty Global says they. charging

2019 98

International collaboration develops progressive vision for urban production at the BMW Group; OMA and 3XN

Green Car Congress

The aim is to realize outstanding, future-ready production in the urban setting of the company’s home plant in Munich. BMW Group Plant Munich future Vision Urban Production with neighborhood.

This Community-Run Internet is Bridging the Digital Divide

Cars That Think

Last year the IEEE Future Networks initiative ran the inaugural IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Challenge to seek out innovative projects and ideas aimed at increasing connectivity. Based on the strong response last year, IEEE Future Networks plans to make the challenge an annual program.

Study: Reducing Future Transportation CO2 Emissions to Kyoto Protocol Levels Will Require Combination of Vehicle Technology and Smart Growth

Green Car Congress

The BAU scenario assumes future population and land use trends throughout the study region will be consistent with historical change. The core of the study’s approach is a vehicle activity modeling framework for associating future land use and demographic characteristics, under BAU, SG1, and SG2 scenarios, with household vehicle travel. Percent change in median CO2 by scenario relative to 2000. Stone et al. 2009) Click to enlarge.

2009 150

US-based GreenTech Automotive unveils low-speed electric two-seater MyCar

Green Car Congress

GreenTech Automotive (GTA) unveiled its MyCar, a two-seat Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) with a range of up to 115 miles (185 km). In the US, MyCar has a top-speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) due to regulatory restrictions, classifying it as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). Future models, including the MyCar EV planned for early 2014, will also be competitively priced, according to the company.

2012 200

Ford, Bedrock and Bosch exploring highly automated vehicle technology in Detroit to help make parking easier

Green Car Congress

The research will take place in the Corktown neighborhood, the site of Ford’s new mobility innovation district, anchored by Michigan Central Station.

2020 209

Prototype PNNL, UW webapp predicts parking space availability for delivery drivers

Green Car Congress

The webapp combines curbside maps with data from nearly 300 sensors placed within 74 parking spaces in commercial and passenger loading zones from 1 st to 3 rd avenues and between Battery and Stewart streets in the Belltown neighborhood in downtown Seattle. They analyzed the combined data and fed it to a traffic model to provide real-time visibility of parking spaces occupancy and a glance into future occupancy.

IDTechEx: we need fast, reliable and ubiquitous public charging stations

Green Car Congress

These represent the future of EV charging, though the fastest technology is currently limited to the most expensive electric cars, such as the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-Tron GT, BMW iX, and Lucid Air.

BYD delivers first all-electric automated side loader refuse truck to city of Palo Alto

Green Car Congress

The truck will operate on a variety of service routes in the community from urban to residential neighborhoods including streets with steep inclines. This battery-electric refuse truck in Palo Alto will save GreenWaste tens of thousands of dollars annually in fuel costs while completely eliminating tailpipe emissions and operating quietly in residential neighborhoods.

2017 150

LADOT count shows a 22% increase in biking, 6% drop in walking in 2019 from 2017

Green Car Congress

Thanks to this report, LADOT gained valuable insights into how people move through Los Angeles neighborhoods so that our investments can deliver the most effective improvements for people walking and biking.

2019 232

Hey Google! Lets Reinvent Detroit Together Using Our Creative Greenius Before The Opportunivors Scavenge It

Creative Greenius

I went to Detroit last month and found myself in neighborhoods that looked like they had been attacked by enemy forces, had lost their battle and had now surrendered and in most part been abandoned. i have already seen the future of Detroit and the hope for its reboot and its a guy named Mitch Cope, a fellow creative greenius who lives, works and creates in the Hamtramck neighborhood. Nor will it’s future.

Google 237

American Honda Motor to pay $1.9M in penalties in California for small engine emissions violations

Green Car Congress

These credits can then be used for certification purposes to offset emissions on future products. The remaining funds, roughly $1 million, will go to the IQAir Foundation, a non-profit that seeks to promote environmental justice by helping to improve environmental health conditions in neighborhoods unfairly affected by pollution as a result of economic, ethnic, or racial factors. The California Air Resources Board has reached a settlement of $1,927,800 with American Honda Motor Co.,

2020 251

The Benefits of Bidirectional Charging


The possibility of using your electric motor vehicles as a power source for your home also presents huge benefits to your neighborhood. Future-proof your life.

Grid 91

GM’s Maven car-sharing reaches 1M miles driven in <4 months; Boston, Chicago, and DC joining lineup

Green Car Congress

In addition to Maven City, Maven+ residential on-demand car sharing is available to residents of the Aqua luxury high-rise apartment community in the city’s Lakeshore East neighborhood. the Hepburn, a 195-unit luxury apartment community opening next month on the grounds of the Washington Hilton, located in the city’s exclusive Kalorama neighborhood. Maven is using GM campus car sharing locations as beta labs for testing future shared mobility services.

2016 150

Electrify America, Sacramento announce Green City investments: ZEV car-sharing, ZEV bus and shuttle routes, EV charging systems

Green Car Congress

Electrify America and the City of Sacramento announced new projects that will increase access to zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) in the Sacramento region, expand ZEV technology use, and prepare the City for future electric vehicle adoption. More than 90 percent of the micro-shuttle’s service territory is in a low-income or disadvantaged Sacramento neighborhood.

2018 210

Recap: Exhibiting at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo and Honoring Our Customers

EV Connect

Increased government funding and legislative support at both state and federal levels has large in part contributed to the surge in Expo attendance, along with a general interest in a cleaner and greener future. EV Connect’s Booth #1927 at the ACT Expo. EV Connect, Inc.

Mercedes-Benz and Bosch start San José pilot project for automated ride-hailing service; automated S-Class

Green Car Congress

It will also help us develop guidelines for dealing with new technologies and prepare for the traffic system of the future. Bosch and Mercedes-Benz’s joint project to develop urban automated driving has now entered a new stage.

2019 195

Study finds link between sleep apnea and increases in PM2.5, NO2

Green Car Congress

The researchers adjusted their findings for factors that may have biased their results, including body mass index, family income, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and the social economic status of the neighborhood in which participants lived. Future studies are needed to discern the effects of specific air pollutants from other neighborhood and regional features, to explore possible mechanisms, and to evaluate if improving air quality improves sleep health.

2019 219

Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

Green Car Congress

At launch, 200 connected eScooters will be available in the Berlin neighborhoods of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg. In the future, a second helmet will be provided. Bosch is launching its new Coup eScooter sharing service in Berlin. Coup, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch, now provides Berlin residents with a new mobility option featuring a simple pricing model. Customers can now find, reserve, and use their nearest eScooter at any time.

2016 239

NREL study finds that uncoordinated plug-in vehicle charging could prove challenging to the grid

Green Car Congress

Muratori found that as more PEVs are added to a neighborhood, and a higher charging power is adopted, the distribution infrastructure might no longer reliably support the local electricity demand. Muratori noted that might be true in the future, but not necessarily. Future research, Muratori said, should focus on understanding consumer behavior to determine charging requirements, and the choice between using Level 1 and Level 2 residential charging equipment.

2018 246

Retraining Electricians to Install EV Charging Stations – Verde Energy Efficiency Experts

EV Match

Instead of either of those, we decided to offer training and resources around new technologies that we can install in 2021 to help build our team’s technical knowledge and our future revenue opportunities. EVmatch charging station near Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood.

First EVs in new car-sharing program with Envoy to roll out in Sacramento; 142 e-Golfs by early 2019; Sac-to-Zero

Green Car Congress

The City plans to increase access to zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs), expand ZEV technology use, and prepare Sacramento for future electric vehicle adoption. The Sac-to-Zero initiative is a coordinated effort between Electrify America, the City of Sacramento and strategic e-transportation collaborators that include Envoy, GIG Car Share, Sacramento Regional Transit, Yolo County Transportation District, Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation and UC Davis.

2018 184

Tesla Model Y taxi fleet from Revel set for NYC launch after regulatory mix up


Revel told Teslarati that it will consider growing into other neighborhoods and boroughs once the company has more of an idea of where the fleet is being utilized most frequently.

Taxi 110

Surviving the Robocalypse

Cars That Think

Over the course of the pandemic, I saw a growing wave of mealtime deliveries: riders whizzing by silently on electric bicycles, ferrying takeout meals to folks in my urban neighborhood who don't want to venture out of their homes. Does the value of a job lie in how long it resists automation?

Lyft and nuTonomy form strategic R&D partnership to optimize passenger experience in self-driving cars

Green Car Congress

Both companies care immensely about solving urban transportation issues and the future of our cities, and we look forward to working with Lyft as we continue to improve our autonomous vehicle software system. Flynn Marine Park and the adjacent Seaport and Fort Point neighborhoods. Autonomous vehicle software developer nuTonomy and Lyft have formed a strategic R&D partnership focused on understanding and optimizing the end-to-end experience of autonomous vehicle (AV) passengers.

2017 150

How to Prevent a Power Outage From Becoming a Crisis

Cars That Think

There are technical reasons that contributed to faster repairs in Manhattan, but in general the neighborhoods that waited the longest to have their power restored tended to be poorer and less white. Poor neighborhoods are more likely to experience outages than wealthier areas are.

SEAT develops Parkfinder app leveraging Barcelona iCity platform

Green Car Congress

This challenge will be even greater in the future, as a UN report points to 66% of the world population living in urban areas by 2050, which will result in “more vehicles on city roads, more traffic congestion and ultimately, more parking problems”, says Jordi Ortuño, Barcelona Council Smart Cities project coordinator. In the near future we should be able to achieve much more efficient urban mobility.

2015 150

Enbridge to undertake $7B pipeline replacement program; from Alberta to Wisconsin

Green Car Congress

In general terms, the process of decommissioning a pipeline involves: removing the oil from the pipeline segment; flushing the line with cleaning agents; physically disconnecting the line; cutting and capping it where required; continuing to monitor it; and leaving it in place to avoid disturbing farmlands, neighborhoods, roadways, wetlands, and green spaces with major construction activities. Enbridge Inc.

2014 210

Siemens researching use of infrastructure radar sensor networks to support parking management

Green Car Congress

Because the new parking management system can integrate a variety of sensor types and technologies, it can adapt itself to the specific requirements of every neighborhood. In the future, the RFID solution might also enable people to pay for parking completely automatically and by the minute. Siemens is researching the use of infrastructure sensor networks in an advanced parking management solution intended to counter the increasing parking space crisis in cities.

2015 179

Columbus, Ohio wins $40M DOT Smart City Challenge; $10M more from Vulcan, $90M from private partners

Green Car Congress

Columbus also plans to use data analytics to improve health care access in a neighborhood that currently has an infant mortality rate four times that of the national average, allowing them to provide improved transportation options to those most in need of prenatal care. These partnerships illustrated the private-sector enthusiasm to help build an inclusive transportation system of the future.

Greenius Presents: Governor Schwarzenegger on What’s Coming Soon To California

Creative Greenius

As your friendly neighborhood Greenius continues with his efforts to help Hermosa Beach become the first carbon neutral city in the South Bay, it might help some of you to get up to speed on what we already know is coming our way here in California from climate change and global weirding. If we have any chance at all of stopping catastrophic climate change from making the future a moot point for your kids, the rest of the country is going to have to follow our lead.

2010 163

Tesla formally wins final environmental approval to open Gigafactory Berlin


In times of climate crisis, the availability of water will play an increasingly important role for future developments and settlements. The wait is finally over.

Tesla Gigafactory Texas catalyzes $500M, 2,500 home development project


The development will continue a partnership with Gehan Homes and Lennar Homes, add David Weekley Homes, Highland Homes, MHI Homes, and will bring on more builders to in the future.

Texas 83

President Obama, DOT Secretary Foxx announce $600M for 6th round of TIGER funding for transportation projects

Green Car Congress

DOT will prioritize applications for capital projects that better connect people to jobs, training and other opportunities, promote neighborhood redevelopment and reconnect neighborhoods divided by physical barriers, such as highways and railroads.

2014 210